Blood Lust-The Vampire Diaries

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Chapter 21 (v.1) - Games

Submitted: May 12, 2013

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Submitted: May 12, 2013



Charlotte jumped up, bored of Alex's story, and bored of the six boys already.

"Let's play a game!" She suggested, they boys looked around, uneasy.

"What do you have in mind, Charlotte?" Tanner asked.

"How about," Charlotte paused, thinking. Her eyes lit up as the idea came to her. "What time is it, Mrs. Wolf?" Charlotte smiled, her eyes sparkling with excitment.

"What are you, seven?" Alex scoffed, the others joined in. Charlotte lost her smile, her hand snatching out and gripping Alex's neck, she pushes him down, getting on top of him, fangs extended.

"I can always make you." Charlotte reminded him, hissing in his face. "I'll make you."

"No need." Winston said, putting a hand on Charlotte's arm. "Alex would love to play your game with us, right, Alex?"

Alex, still shaking under Charlotte's grip, nodded quickly.

"Great!" Charlotte clapped, releasing him and standing back up. "I'm going to make a few amends though, instead of saying Mrs. Wolf, you'll say Mrs. Vampire. And if I catch you, I'll kill you." She yanked Alex to his feet and looked around at the six boys. "Understand?"

They all nodded, terrified.

Charlotte clapped her hands again, her face lighting up with happiness. "Great, let's get started then."


What time is it, Mrs. Vampire?" Blake asked, his voice shaking.

Charlotte smiled, feeling her canine teeth lengthen and sharpen, pressing into her bottom lip. "Four o clock!" She called back, listening as they count out their four steps. She could smell Henry right behind her, hear him shivering.

"What time is it, Mrs. Vampire?" Tanner asked.

Charlotte whipped around, fangs extended, eyes silver. "Lunchtime!" She hissed, pouncing on Henry and knocking him down, sinking her teeth into his flesh, while his friends all ran back to the edge of the clearing, watching another friend die. By the time she lifted her head, Henry was drained. She grabbed his ankle and dropped him onto the pile of bodies. Only two boys left, and she was getting full.

She returned to her place at the opposite end of the clearing and, taking a deep breath, she retracted her fangs.

Tanner and Blake were still standing at the end of the clearing, compelled to not scream, or run until she told them too. They knew they were never going home.

"What time is it, Mrs. Vampire?" Tanner asked.

"Eight o clock!" Charlotte called back to them, wiping Henry's blood off her chin and licking her fingers clean. She listened to them as they counted their steps, coming closer to her. When they stopped, Charlotte could hear them shaking, she could smell their fear.

"What time is it, Mrs. Vampire?" Tanner asked again.

"Six o clock." Charlotte answered, twirling a lock of her chestnut hair around a finger.

They counted their steps, every movement strained with fear.

"What time is, Mrs. Vampire?" Blake asked, his voice barely audible.

Charlotte smiled maliciously. "Four o clock."

They came closer. Close enough for her to catch one. She held still.

"What time is it, Mrs. Vampire?" Tanner asked.

"Two o clock." Charlotte replied.

"One, two." They counted together, coming to a stop not an inch away from Charlotte.

"What time is it, Mrs. Vampire?" Blake squeaked. Charlotte held back a smirk.

"Two o clock." She giggled. They passed her.

"What time is it, Mrs. Vampire?" Tanner asked.

"Lunchtime!" She yelled, reaching forward and snapping Blake's neck with one hand. He dropped to the ground like a rag doll. Charlotte paid him no attention, she dove for Tanner.

She pulled him down to the ground, getting on top of him, sinking her teeth into his hot flesh. She held him to her, drinking deeply.

Her phone buzzed.

She rolled her eyes and leaned away, Tanner's eyes were open, swiveling around, trying to get away from her. She stood her ground, holding him down.

"This better be important, you're interupting my dinner." Charlotte growled into the phone as she answered it.

"Help me!" Tanner yelled from below her. "She killed my friends, and she'll kill me too." 

"Oh, Charlotte." Damon sighed. "Didn't your father ever tell you to never play with your food?" Damon asked. Charlotte held Tanner down, who continued to beg for help.

"I don't know, I guess I killed him before he could." Charlotte shrugged. 

"Help me!" Tanner begged.

"Shut up!" Charlotte growled. He fell under her compulsion and leaned away, closing his mouth.

There was shuffling on the other end of the phone.


"Sefan?" Charlotte panted into the phone, pressing her knee into Tanner's chest, listening to the sound of his ribs breaking. She watched as a tear slipped out of his eye. "What's wrong?' She asked Stefan.

"You need to come home, now."


"To Mystic Falls." He corrected himself.

"Why?" She asked, thinking of Mayflower's ring.

"We're all in trouble, Char. We need your help." 

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