Scarlett's Revenge

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Scarlett is a 24 year old girl that although may be pretty young has gone trough many things people her age shouldn't have to. Since she was a child she has had people she loved taken away from her to only result in others taking advantage and using her to later throw her out like a piece of trash.

But not everyone has let her down Scarlett finally got the brake she needed when she met Sam and Dylan. thanks to their help she was able to rebuild her entire life and become something some people would kill to be. now she has the power to return the favor on all the people that did her wrong and one by one she will seek them just to see their Life's fall apart right in front of her.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Scarlett's Revenge

Submitted: December 01, 2011

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Submitted: December 01, 2011



My name is Scarlett and not long ago I turned 24, I may be young but don’t let my age fool you.  I am capable of doing many things people my age wouldn’t even think of. I have learned everything I know from past experiences in life. Some of the experiences were the best any one could dream of and some were pretty horrible. Even though not all my experience's where great I still manage to learn from them, I’ve gathered what I learned and hope to use it to my advantage.

The things I’ve seen and been trough have had a huge impact on the person I am today. Some may say I am bitch, or a terrible person but I don’t let that bother me I know what I did and why I did it. No matter what people say or do I will always be proud of who I am. Not only am I proud of my self, I am also very thankful for all the opportunities I’ve been given. Because without them I wouldn’t be lucky enough to have the things I have today.

Those opportunities I speak of have given me the chance to do many wonderful things for my self, I’ve been granted the opportunity to travel to places I only dreamed off when I was a child, and even to have such beautiful things as diamonds. But I am not a shallow person I just don’t think about my self. I have also done many great things for wonderful people I’ve meet through out my life and been with me in the good and bad times.

Because I think my story deserves to be told I have decided to write it all down. Every single detail  and moment that deserves to be told is in here. I will also explain why I did the things I thought where fair.

Now I live my life on the principal of “an eye for an eye”. I believe that any one that hurts or damages someone else or their property should have the right to get back at the person. I mean its only fair. But enough about this let me tell you the rest of the story.

I was born in sunny San Diego, California to Danielle and Danny Sceptre. I hardly remember anything about my parents. All I could really remember about them is that they meet in high school and ended up being high school sweethearts. Later on they would both go off to college were my mom would end up pregnant with me, after that they would both have to end up dropping out of school. Which I can picture must have been a very hard decision. 

When my Dad dropped out of school he immediately began looking for a job to support his new  family, he would be lucky enough to get a good paying job at a local company. Where he was capable of providing more than enough for us. But that is all I remember about them, take note I was 6 or 7 when I would lose them both.

I lost them both when they where at the wrong place at the wrong time. They where enjoying a dinner  at a local restaurant where sadly 2 gunmen walked in robbed the place and shot them and 7 other innocent people. When I think back and remember them it makes me sad that because of someone else's greed I had to lose them at such a young age and would basically change the rest of my life.

Since I was pretty young when that happened, I am  not going to deny I am kinda glad I was still a child and wasn’t capable of realizing the actual drastic damage that was taking place . Because if this happened right now In my 20's I don’t think I would have the strength inside off me  to cope with such a devastating loss as that one.

After the accident I would later find out I wouldn’t have a home or a place to go. They notified both sides of my family if any one was capable of taking me in, my mother's side of the family was either to old or wasn’t capable of taking in a child my age. Even if any one of them stood up to the plate I would have had to move out of state. So since my mom's side of the family was out they asked my Dads side.

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