The Most Beautiful Nightmare

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James is stuck raising his two sisters, because of his mother's death, and just when he thinks everything will go downhill... a strange detective guides him on his way....

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Most Beautiful Nightmare

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The Most Beautiful Nightmare

Written By: MariahRose Nelson





























Beautiful Nightmare


“Hey James are you coming?” Marcello asked tugging his best friend’s jersey. “Marcello do you really think that coach will let me play?” James answered, starting to feel guilty about what had happened the week before. “Man c’mon you have to get over that, they pressured you too that if you didn’t they would of told the whole school you’re a wimp.” Marcello said. “But I barely did anything it was just instinct, when someone hits you, you go after them, and I wouldn’t have done it, especially on the field if it weren’t for all this dang stress, with family and everything, you know??” James said pounding the locker-room wall with his fist. “Well J I only got one thing to say, man, just see if coach will let you play. I mean really James you and I both know regardless of what you do, you are the only player that can win this game. Now c’mon it’s almost time for the kick-off and everyone outside is waiting for their quarter-back.” Marcello said grabbing his helmet and tossing James his. “Yeah I guess you’re right, let’s go.” James replied walking out of the locker-room.

So Marcello and James went out to the football field to win a game. At least that’s what they thought. As they walked onto the field they noticed bright lights. They were easy to notice because it was late at night. “What’s going on??” Marcello asked. There was a lot of commotion and chaos. “Are those squad cars??” James asked. “James, James!!” cried a high-pitch voice. “Who the heck is calling me?!” James said looking around. He spotted his baby sister being put into the back of a police car. “Sammy? What are you doing?” James said running toward the squad car. He was stopped by an officer. “Sir I’m going to have to ask you too back up.”  The officer said putting one hand to James’ chest and the other on his gun holster. “You don’t understand that’s my baby sister I have to get her. How…….” The officer interrupted him. “Sir, sir if you would like to get your uh, baby sister than you will have to come down town for questioning.” The officer said walking away.

James took one last look at his sister and saw someone else being put into the same car. He recognized her instantly it was his teenage sister, Dominic. “D, what did you do this time??” he asked himself, watching the patrol car drive away with his two younger siblings. He felt helpless as if there was nothing else he could do. So he turned and raced back to the locker-room so he could change back into his regular clothing. The three siblings’ mother passed away two years ago and now James was stuck caring for his two sisters, Dominic and Sammy. Sammy was four, Dominic had just turned fourteen, and James himself was only seventeen in his senior year of high-school. You are probably wondering why these three children aren’t in the states custody.

Well before James mother, Terri, passed away she had arranged a trust fund for James in case a situation like this had ever occurred. She also arranged a deal with the state. The deal was that James would become the legal guardian of his two younger sisters, and they could live in the house that they all grew up in. But a social worker had to stop in and check on them every month. The social worker’s name was Ericka; she acted as a godmother to the children and stopped by more times than she was scheduled to. She practically lived there. Ericka had a daughter named Alyson. And Alyson was the same age as James and they got along real well.

But now what James didn’t know was that Dominic was getting involved in street life. She had only done drugs once or twice in the past. But this time in the act of getting marijuana she was caught by a security guard under the bleachers. The two boys that had been with her had ran off she had gotten caught now she was being taken downtown. And James was about to find out some really disappointing news.

“Hey man I heard they did a drug bust.” Marcello said when he saw his friend walking out of the locker-room, “Fifteen pounds of heroin, and a whole lot of morphine. They said that two suspects got away but they got a girl that actually, looks just like Dominic.” Marcello said looking around the now, police covered, crime scene, football field. “You idiot that was Dominic, I have to go downtown and get her and Sammy out.” James said running out of the stadium to his SUV.

“C’mon you piece of crud, start.” At that moment his phone rang, “Oh not now, always at the worst time.” He picked up the cell phone and checked the caller I.D. it was Ericka, “Finally some good news. Hello Ericka?” James answered. “No J its Alyson my mom heard about what happened at the field with Dominic. She’s on her way downtown. I’m so sorry J, I know you’re going through tough times right now, with the incident that happened last week and now D is getting arrested. I just……..” Alyson couldn’t finish.

James didn’t want Alyson to feel sorry for him. No. That was the last thing he wanted. But it was getting tough. It was like he couldn’t take it anymore he couldn’t see how his mom did it. His family had been discriminated against his whole life because they were black. And he thought that he couldn’t handle anymore of “life”.

 “Ally, listen I don’t need you to be sorry because none of this is your fault. I promise when I get enough money I will move, me, you, Ericka, Sammy, and Dominic, into the most beautiful house. Just please don’t be sorry, none of this has anything to do with you, these are tough times but these are my problems and I will take care of them. I promise you, we will get through this.” James said shifting into gear and pulling out of the parking lot.

“Hey Ally I’m about to go and pick up the girls and see if I can catch your mom there, okay? I’ll be home shortly.” He said slowly trying to get the truck to go into cruise control so he could hang up the phone and put it back on the dash. “Okay J, be careful will you please?” She asked hanging up the phone. James sat there listening to a dead line. Finally he put the phone on the dash-board and regained control of the truck.

Once he finally found a parking spot at the downtown police department. He walked into the building and was greeted by a series of questions. Such as, what his name was, his social security number, his driver license, and what his purpose for being there was. “I’m here to pick up my sisters. Or pick one up a bail the other out.” He said trying to get passed a guard that blocked his whole view of the front of the department. “Sir, right this way,” the guard led him into a small room with a desk and a chair on each side.

James sat there for a while wondering what would happen when whoever was dealing with his sisters came into that room. His thoughts were interrupted by a man wearing a tag that read “Detective” walked into the room. The man had a broad chest and a tight shirt that wrapped around his biceps. The man sat down across from James and said “I am Detective Jones and I am going to ask you a few questions.”

The man was not of James kind. He was a white man and he looked as if he was a well respected white man to James. “What is your name son?” he asked in a peculiar tone. “James Anthony Carter, sir” James responded trying to be as presentable as humanly possible. The detective glared at him with something that looked like suspicion but James couldn’t make it out. “Son I’m just going to cut right to the chase I know why you are here, because of your sisters Dominic and Sammy.” He stopped to see if James had became surprised by how well he knew his family. He had. “Now the charges against Dominic have already been dropped and you can go home with both of your sisters tonight, on one condition.” James saw that the suspicion in the man’s eyes had turned to concern.

“And what’s that Detective??” James finally asked trying to guess what this strange man’s condition may be. “Your sister, Dominic, I mean will have to be suspended for the rest of the school year starting Monday because of the incident.” The man said. James didn’t think that that was a severe enough punishment for his sister. But he was thankful because he would be able to take both of them home without trouble. “That sounds reasonable is that all Detective??” James asked getting out of his chair and pushing it into the desk. “Yes, son that is all thank you for your time.” He said escorting James out of the room.

The detective led James to a series of cells in the back of the building, and showed him the one his sister was in. James cringed at the sight of his teenage sister, a fourteen year old girl sitting in a cell for doing drugs. And the funny thing was that she didn’t even look like a drug addict, just a troubled teenage girl. As soon as Dominic saw James’ face she was ecstatic to see that her brother hadn’t given up on her yet.

“James I’m so sorry I won’t ever do it again please can we go home, please get me out of here.” She said so eager to leave that department. That for a moment she forgot she even had a baby sister. “I saw Ericka earlier J.” She said as the detective let her out of the cell. “She said that she would have Alyson call you and that she would meet us home for dinner.” Dominic saw on James face that he wasn’t very happy and that he just wanted to get Sam and go home.

“Oh yeah I almost forgot about Sammy, lets go and get her and get out of here. It scares me to know that I’m in here with criminals.” Dominic said walking past the detectives. “Here James,” the detective said stopping to pull something out of his pocket. It was a pistol. “You may need this sometime in the next few weeks, it might be sooner, but when the time comes you’ll know.” The detective put the semi automatic in James’ hand, told him to put it into his pocket and not to let anyone see it.

“I don’t know who you are Detective, but you obviously know my family and you’re letting my sister go on a clean slate, if you are who you say you are then, I guess I trust you. Now where’s Sam??” James said looking the detective in the eye for the first time since he met him. James wasn’t so sure about trusting this guy but he was kind of running out of options. What’s the worst that could happen?? But all he wanted to know was where Sam was.

 “Well, first of all just call me Travis, and second your sister is right down this hallway here.” Travis said leading James and Dominic down a hallway and to a door labeled “Juvenile Daycare- Authorized Personnel Only” and right below the door knob the was a type of scanner. That looked like from the slot, a card. Travis took a card from his pocket and put it into the scanner the door opened instantly. Wow, how secret could it really be?? James thought.

They walked through the door to see only one child in the asylum-like room, sitting on a chair crying. It was Samantha. Sam looked up to see who had come in and when she saw James’ face. A big smile came across hers, “JJ is that you??” she asked. “Yeah Sammy, ready to go home and see Ericka and Alyson?” he asked her with tear filled eyes. “Yeah JJ I’m ready.” She said running into James’ arms. James was about to pick her up when the pistol fell out of his pocket. There was a huge ‘Thump’ as it hit the ground but Sam, and Dominic weren't paying absolutely any attention. Travis quickly picked it up and handed it to James who then put it back into his pocket before his sisters’ could see.

Travis escorted them out to the parking lot where he gave James his number and had said, “Call me anytime if you need anything understand?” James replied with a simple “Yes sir”. And Travis went back into the building without any further conversation. James then walked to his truck which was on the other side of the lot but on his way he could hear very faint footsteps coming from behind him. It was very dark and there were no street lights to see where he was going. So James helped his two sisters get into the truck.

James made sure that Dominic got into the truck and then he put Samantha in the back seat and buckled her in and went to the driver’s side. Once he was on his side, the sound of the footsteps grew greater. And suddenly someone yelled, “Hey nigger what’s up?” The voice was followed by thousand of other remarks such as, “Who’s in the car Negro?” and “Hey Negro where you going so late at night?”.

But one of the voices stuck out to James. The voice belonged to one of his best friends. Marcello. As of now you could probably guess that Marcello isn’t African American, but he was white. James couldn’t believe that his best friend would do this to him. James wasn’t even in the car yet when he heard Dominic scream. He ran over to her side of the truck, the passenger door was open and Dominic was gone.

James had been used to this kind of discrimination as he was growing up. His mother would just tell him to ignore it, and to love the people who hurt them the most because they were all the same on the inside. Or in her words “They are just jealous because we are special.” But of course James couldn’t run on that theory anymore.

James did what he thought was best, but first he looked in to the backseat window to make sure that Sam was safely secured in her seatbelt. She was sound asleep, clueless about what was happening around her. He backed a few steps away from the window so he wouldn’t wake the snoozing toddler, took the pistol out of his pocket and shot it three times in the air.

Surprisingly no officers or security showed up with James at gun-point. But he did hear all of the boys run away screaming racial remarks, “Stupid Nigger” or “He probably doesn’t even know how to work that thing!” That remark belonged to Marcello and to prove to him that he did know what he was doing he shot it again. He heard a small scream, followed by a “thump”. It sounded like something, or someone had hit the ground………and hard.

There was a moan that James could barely make out. But someone was calling his name, “James, James are you there??” it was Dominic. He ran to where he had heard her voice. She was bleeding. He could tell because of the russet smell that he had noticed, and because the farthest light on the other side of the lot was shining off of her face.

He scooped her up in his arms and put her in the front seat of the truck. By this time it was 1:00 am from what the radio said and James had church tomorrow. Ericka and Alyson always brought James to church with them and they would drop the girls off at Sunday school. But if he didn’t get these girls home and Dominic cleaned up, they would have to skip it.

At that instance his cell phone rang. “Ugh I’m so sick of you.” He looked at the caller I.D it was either Ericka or Alyson. “Okay at least there’s some hope, finally. Hello?” James answered. “Hey J its Ericka, where are you, I went down to the police department but you weren’t there. Alyson is going crazy because you’re not here yet.” Ericka said in the tone of her voice James noticed that it wasn’t just curiosity but, suspicion and concern. Didn’t anyone trust him anymore??

“Well Ericka we kind of got held up over here and I………. I’ll just tell you when I get home, I can’t explain it now. We’ll be home shortly, don’t be worried and tell Alyson not to do anything rash she’s known for that. Well I’ll see you later Ericka, I appreciate you. Bye.”

He hung up the phone, without even checking if she had heard everything that he had said. He was so stressed out right now, he couldn’t even think straight. Yeah Ericka had been a big help and he didn’t mean to be disrespectful in any way, shape, or form. Because he did respect Ericka, she had helped out a whole lot.

If it wasn’t for her and Terri, he and his sisters would be in protective services, Ericka was like a god-mother to James and his sisters. The girls loved to hang out with her. But now all he was worried about was getting home, helping Dominic and putting small Samantha to bed.

The ride home wasn’t too bad. Dominic would moan once in a while complaining about the pain. James would tell her that it was alright and she would be okay. James kept his eyes on the road just thinking about what it would be like if Terri wouldn’t have passed away or what would have happened if Travis wouldn’t have given him that pistol.

Travis Jones. Did he know this was going to happen?? Did he know that these white boys were going to go after James and his sisters?? What exactly did this man know?? James decided that when he got home he was going to call this man to find out all that he knew. James glanced over at Dominic, the damage wasn’t bad but of course wasn’t good either. Dominic had a busted nose, a busted lip, and both of her eyes were swollen shut.

James didn’t know what was going to happen next. What exactly was the next chapter in his life?? But what about Alyson? He adored her but wouldn’t let her know that, because he had no idea what she thought of him. James pictures his life as a beautiful nightmare.

His life was nice at home, but then at high school and work it’s like the part of the dream that everyone dreads. But for him it’s just a living nightmare. He never really paid any attention to Dominic’s life; but he didn’t know he that was his responsibility. But she was being bailed out of jail for doing drugs.

Now James knows for a fact that he doesn’t have to watch over Sammy’s life because her whole life, all four years, he has been nothing but a big brother to her. And now she was growing up and hopefully, she wouldn’t grow away from him as Dominic had. But at least they all lived together in the house that they grew up in; they also have Ericka and Alyson.

The first time James had met Ericka, he didn’t think much of her, the same goes with Alyson. But as they kept coming over and having dinner and connecting. They became closer and closer, especially the girls and Alyson. Dominic and Alyson hang out whenever they can possibly get the chance. But the two that clicked instantly, in fact, were Ericka and Samantha.

Ericka always wants to take Sam shopping or out to eat, and Sam is always happy to go and spend time with the only woman that acted as a mother to her, Sam was always advanced for a four year old. But now the toddler was fast asleep, not knowing anything that had happened to Dominic. James pulled into the driveway of his deceased mother’s, five bedrooms, three baths home. James shifted the truck into park and walked over to Dominic’s side, opened the door and scooped her up in his arms to take her into the house.

He heard the voice of someone that he didn’t want to hear out of until dinner. “Oh my goodness, what happened to her??!!” Ericka screamed, running to Dominic’s aid. “I’ll tell you later.” James said walking passed her to put Dominic safely on the sofa. “No, J tell me now, no, tell me at dinner, no tell me after the girls are put to bed. I have to go and get Sammy out of the truck” She said walking back out to the car. 

James went to the kitchen to get an ice-pack for Dominic to find, Alyson setting the table. “Hey Ally do we got any ice-packs??” he asked hoping that she wouldn’t get curious. “It’s about time you got home, I was about to come looking for you, and, yeah, J I think in the freezer, why do you need one??” Of course. “Well I’m not going to explain it, Ally, why don’t you go in the living room and see for yourself?” James said making a sarcastic hand gesture to the living room then walking upstairs to change.

Once his was in his room he could hear Alyson exaggerating over Dominic’s minor injuries. She started to come upstairs, and before he knew it Alyson stood at his door, knocking on the wooden archway. And he wasn’t even dressed all the way. Shirtless that is. “What happened out there J, what happened to her?” she asked.

James was getting kind of angry he didn’t like it when he had to repeat himself. “Ally, I told your mom, that I’d tell her at dinnertime or after she put the girls to bed,” he said putting on a t-shirt. As he put on the shirt, the pistol fell to the ground with a “thump”. Man, why is this thing so heavy?? He asked himself. He saw the fear in Alyson’s eyes grow. She was stunned. “James? What’s going on??” she asked. Trying her hardest not to stutter.

Man you half scared her to death, you’re such an idiot. He told himself.  He knew what he had to do. “Here come sit down” he said patting the empty space on the bed next to him. She hesitated for a moment, but knew in her heart that this man couldn’t……. wouldn’t do anything to hurt her. So she decided to take the chance and walked over to sit with him. “James why?” she asked holding up the firearm and then throwing it on his bed.

“Well I’m going to tell it from beginning to end and I’m not going to lie because I’m talking to you Ally”. Alyson loved it when he called her Ally, only he was allowed to call her that, not even her mom could, only James. She let him continue on with his story, searching for a reason on why he would be in possession of a gun, and where he had got it from. “So it all started when…….. Wait, I can’t do this, give me until tomorrow and I’ll tell you the whole thing, I just got to get a grip right now. But I will tell you what happened to D.” he said waiting for her response.

All she gave was a nod. So he started to tell her about the most terrifying night of his life. “The girls and I were walking back to the truck which was on the other side of the parking lot and where there were no lights. And as we were getting further into the darkness, I started to hear footsteps behind us, I didn’t know if the girls heard them to, or I was just having a really stressful day,

“But the footsteps turned into voices and at that time I knew that they were real they started yelling ‘Hey nigger where you going?’ and all that other stuff and when they were the closest I was then walking back to my side of the truck when I heard Dominic scream, I ran back over to her side……….. Her door was open and she was gone….” He stopped to remember the horrible event that happened just hours earlier. He shuttered. Alyson told him that everything was going to be alright but that she couldn’t help unless she knew what had happen.

“Okay, I looked into the backseat to see if Sam was alright and she was asleep, so I took a few steps back from the car pulled out the pistol and shot it the air. They started to back up but one of the voices I…………” he knew he had to pull himself together. “One of the voices I recognized.” He paused to think about what his “best friend” had done to him.

This was the first and, only time that Alyson had spoken. “Who was the person that you recognized??” she asked. “It was Marcello.” And that was it he couldn’t continue it was like everything froze for that second. He knew that his school would be over and that he should just drop out it wasn’t like he was going to get a scholarship anywhere. He wondered if Marcello knew that it was him that he had harassed.

He also wondered if it was Marcello who put his sister in such a condition. But one thing was for sure on Alyson’s face, he knew that this was too painful for him to talk about so she did not push him to speak of the matter anymore. She leaned her head up against him and rested there for a few moments.

“Alyson, James, dinner is getting cold and we would like to eat tonight,” Ericka said waiting for a response. James was the first “Okay here we come.” They were so lost in thought that they didn’t even realized that dinner was almost half over and that they were so close to one another. Practically in each others arms.

“C’mon we shouldn’t keep them waiting D probably just wants to go to bed.” Alyson said standing up from James’ bed. “Yeah you’re probably right, hey you want to watch a movie later??” James asked. He knew that it wouldn’t mean anything. He and Alyson would watch movies almost every night when everyone went to bed just to be alone.

Because it seemed like they were always on the run and the only time they could physically get away was when they were together by themselves. “Yeah sure but I got stuck with dishes so maybe after that.” Alyson said leading the way down stairs.

“Finally we’ve been waiting forever for you two.” said Dominic, who was now looking a lot better than when they had first arrived at the house. Both of her eyes were black, although one of them was open. And her lip was looking better, her nose had stopped bleeding and she looked and acted as if nothing had happened

Alyson ran up to her and gave her a hug, James heard her mumble something but he couldn’t make it out it sounded something along the lines of “I’m so glad you’re okay.” James was happy to he walked up to Dominic. They stared at each other for a moment.

Then Dominic surprised James when she was the one to give him a hug instead of vice versa. She said “Thank you J, you’re the best brother a girl could ever wish for and you saved my life. I promise I’ll be different you’ll see,” so Alyson and James sat down for dinner and James said grace.

They didn’t talk much during dinner. They never had. And probably never will. When dinner was finished all was well, James helped Dominic upstairs into her room so that she could get some rest. And then he came downstairs and told everyone that they could go to bed, except Alyson because she had to do the dishes and he offered to help. But of course Alyson knew what James meant by “help” He meant that he was going to clear the table, load all the dishes into the sink and fill it with soapy water, then dry the dishes and put them up. She knew him better then he knew himself. He just didn’t know it yet.

“So Dominic looked alright, huh?” James asked breaking the silence that had come over them. “Yeah I’m so happy for her she looks so much better than when she did earlier,” Alyson replied letting the rest of the soapy water flow through the drain. “So what movie do you want to watch tonight?” James asked exquisitely.

“Hmm I don’t know, surprise me I’ll get the popcorn and meet you up there.” She said turning her attention back to the kitchen. That was one of the thousands of things that James loved about Alyson she was so independent. And always like to do things her way. It was either her way or no way at all.

James looked at her for a minute and then proceeded upstairs. Once he was in his room he had just enough time to get everything ready for him and Alyson to enjoy the movie. He pulled his futon bed out so it could resemble something of a couch; he pulled out the secret stash of candy he had hidden for him and Alyson only. Hooked up the D.V.D player and put in some random movie and just in time, Alyson was walking up the stairs.

“Hey we all set?” she asked handing him a bowl of popcorn and taking her place on the futon-like couch. “All set indeed.” He replied handing her the bag of candy. “So what movie did you put in J??” Alyson asked getting comfortable. “I don’t have a clue but do you know what time it is??” he replied “No, that’s a good question, what time is it??” she answered.

It was four in the morning and they had to get up for church at six. “Wow it’s been a long night; I guess we aren’t going to church tomorrow.” He said grabbing the DVD remote and fast-forwarding through the previews. “No, I think my mom and Sam are going tomorrow, but I’ll check in the morning but I know that I don’t have the energy to go I’m so tired,” she said resting her head on his shoulder

The movie was okay they watched the movie “Cinderella” Alyson liked it but James…… not so much. But she fell asleep in the middle of it. She must have been tired, James thought. When she had first fell asleep she was laying on him. And then he started to doze off, they were both asleep by the time the movie was over.

The next morning, James woke up and Alyson was gone, he walked down stairs to find her making breakfast, “Good morning, feel any better??” she asked, “Yea, did they go to church??” James asked looking around to find no signs of his sisters, or Erika.

 “Yes, and after they get out of church, my mom is going to take them shopping. So we have the whole house to ourselves today.” She replied setting a plate of bacon and toast on the kitchen table.

“Is this just for us?” James asked confused of why she would go through all the trouble of making a huge breakfast, when it was just the two of them.

“Yeah, I thought you would want something to eat before you got your day started, why is it too much?” she asked pausing to make sure she hadn’t gone over board.

“Uh, no I was just wondering what the big occasion was.” He answered taking his place at the head of the table. “I just thought you would like to have a good breakfast, that’s all, after all you have had one stressful week.” She said placing his plate in front of him. He looked at the plate, content with all the work she put in to it.

“Yeah, I guess your right, thanks,” he said grabbing silverware and sitting down too his breakfast heap. She sat down with him, and he prayed.

The rest of the day went by rather slowly, the girls got back from church, at around 1:30, talking about how they loved the praise team, and love to see the young ones participating, all three of them went upstairs, changed their clothes, and were out the door as fast as they had come in, to go shopping. Alyson was cleaning up the kitchen from her and James’s late breakfast.

And James was upstairs in his room, contemplating whether or not he wanted to call the detective. He held the card in his hand, and thought about the pistol, that was underneath his futon in a locked, metal box. He pulled out his cell phone; too notice that he had 7 missed calls from the same number. He looked at the card. They were all from the detective.

The detective didn’t seem to leave a message for any of his calls. And so James found no reason to return them, if he didn’t know why he had them in the first place. I’m so pathetic he thought, knowing that he was just making excuses for himself. He stared down at the phone for a long moment, until the backlight dimmed.

Finally, he dialed the number and hit the send button. It rang twice, before someone picked it up, “Hello?” a husky, anxious voice said. It didn’t sound like the same Detective Jones. “Yes Travis Jones, please,” James said in a low voice into the receiver. “Speaking,” Why did the detective sound as if he was about to have a nervous break-down?? “Oh, hello Travis, it’s James,” James replied, he heard a heavy sigh, and the voice on the other end clear his throat.

“Hello James, how are you?? He asked with a bit of a stutter in his voice. “I’m fine, but I need to ask you a few questions, now,” James said, he knew that this man had to know something about what had happened last night. But he didn’t know how to approach him.

“Do you know what happened last night??” James asked, he was trying to make his voice sound as convincing as possible, but he was sure that the detective had heard the cringed in his voice when he spoke about it. “Yes son, I do,” his answered surprised him. If he knew that this had happened why didn’t he do something?? Why didn’t the boys get arrested?? Did they plan this?? Was the detective in on it?? James didn’t know what to think, he was speechless.

After a long moment of silence, James finally spoke, “So, you know what happened to Dominic,” the detective instantly realized that it wasn’t a question, but James didn’t mean it to be. “Yes,” was all he answered, James almost heard a twinge of guilt in his voice.

“And I know, you were inside of that building when it happened, and I know that you had something to do with it, because after I--” James stumbled to find the right words, “I Did what I had to do, no officers came and had me a gunpoint, there is obviously a reason for that,” James was becoming more and more furious by the second, if there was anyway that this could have been prevented, why wasn’t it?? “James, son, I—”

James cut him off mid-sentence, “Stop calling me son, you have no right too,” James didn’t notice that his voice was inclining, “Because of you, my 14 year old sister was practically beat to death, outside of a police department,” he spat the word into the receiver, hoping it would offend the detective, “And not one officer shows up, why would you let that happ—” he had to stop.

Alyson was standing against his doorpost just as she was the night before. She didn’t look concerned, James noticed, she looked rather expectant. “Hold on,” James said in a voice that even he thought was too sharp. He waved Alyson over, and patted to seat on the bed next to him as he did the night before.

Alyson, still with the expectant look on her face, sat down without a word. She started mouthing questions to James. He just waved his hand at her, not to be rude, and he hoped that he wasn’t but this just wasn’t the time nor was it the place.

He put his phone on speaker and started to speak, “Okay, so explain to me why I shouldn’t track you down,” James said, he didn’t know what to do, he was trying his hardest to stop shaking because he was about to throw his phone into a wall. His temper never did do him any good……. “Son—James, you obviously know that I played a role in this incident, but that—,” James cut him off, “I’m sure you played a very big role,” he said, still despising the tone of his voice, what was wrong with him??

He didn’t even know. “Yes, but that doesn’t mean that I am the reason for all the bad things happened, does it??” he asked, from the other end of the line, James had sensed a twinge of doubt inside of his question, as if he was doubting the fact that none of this was his fault.

“Well, I really don’t know who you are, so I can’t say anything about you, until I can sit down and have a normal conversation with you.” James was finally starting to calm down now, but the reason was strange, he hadn’t noticed Alyson get up and stand behind him, now she had her arms wrapped around him and he felt good, whole, he felt like himself.

“Okay, that sounds…. Good, how about this evening, six o’ clock??” James was suspicious about this man, but as of right now, he had no other options. “Yeah, I guess, where??” He asked, he really didn’t feel like going out tonight but this was important. “How about your place?” he said with a little doubt in his voice.

“What, are you crazy?! You actually think that I would let some random guy, who claims to be a detective walk into my house, and have dinner with my family?? I mean really.” James said, he thought about it for a moment.

“No, I’m sorry, yes I think it would be a good idea to have you over, I think Dominic wants an explanation for what happened last night. You can see the damage from the beating that she took, and I’m sure Alyson and Erika want an explanation as well, see you at six.” He said hanging up the phone.

He turned to look at Alyson, “Hey, sorry about that,” he said, “Don’t worry about it, you’re under a lot of stress right now, you just need to relax, so that detective is coming over tonight, what do you think I should cook??” she asked. “Whatever you want to cook, I mean it’s not like it’s anyone important, right??” he asked, “Well J I don’t know about that, but I think this guy could have some information,” she said, “What kind of information could he possibly have Alyson??” he said, he noticed that he had the hateful tone in his voice again. He saw the hurt in her eyes. He sighed, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to yell it's just that—” she held one finger up to stop him. “Its okay, I understand.” He hated it whenever he snapped at one of the girls, but it was cool because Alyson always understood the situation, even when she had nothing to do with it.

They both went downstairs to start dinner; James couldn’t really focus on anything right now.

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