Birds at Dawn

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Maybe it might been fate, that going to a summer program design for kids to excel at life was a good thing. But to me I found it hard to comprehend, and with a little twist of luck, I had wound up in another place, another time compares to mine...

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Birds at Dawn

Submitted: September 23, 2013

Reads: 104

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Submitted: September 23, 2013



It was the start of summer, the smell of lavender fill the air as I walked down the stone path down hill towards my mother’s cottage. It was a small, cute and cozy home. I made my way up to the door, I stood there a moment then knocked.

My brother Victor open the door and smirked at me. “Hey little sis,” he said and I walked in after he move over. I look around and the fresh smell of cookies got my stomach growling.

“How’s Mama?” I asked and walked into the small kitchen seeing the cookies lay out on a sheet of baking paper on a plate. I pick one up then someone slap it out of my hands.

“She’s fine,” he said then left.

I watch him leave, and couldn’t help but notice the worry in his eyes. He was trying to be strong for me, I can tell.

“Now, now child,” I knew that voice and turn around and hugged my grandmother.

“Grandma,” I said and smiled.

She smiled back, “Those are for your friends at the summer school,” she said and then picked up a cookied herself and munch on it.

I rolled my eyes and chuckled, “I don’t know anyone yet grandma.”

My grandmother laughed, “I remember that program, I love going there as a child everyone was so nice, it was my second family, even today I’m still together with some of those old friends.”

I smiled, “I don’t know if it’s going to be the same, but I’m going because you say it’ll help me with public speaking.” I went off after that and walked into my mother’s room. She lay on the bed, her face a light pale, and she seem to be dozing off. I swallowed and went over to her side. “Mama?” she slowly open her eyes and smiled at me.

“Sweetie did you came to visit?” She try to sit up but I insisted her to rest instead.

“I came to see you before I spend the summer over at the dorms,” I never been away from home before, and I wasn’t really sure I’m going to enjoy it yet.

“I know you’re going to enjoy it,” she said and touch my cheek with her palm, “I know you will.”


“I’ll come pick you up at the end of the month,” my brother said. He left me at the sign in, and then went back to his green jeep. I watch him drive away.

I pull my suitcase with me as I walked into the lobby of the girl’s dorm. The boy’s were on the other side. I look around, it was very nice, clean and reminds me of flowers on a spring day instead of summer. A girl, a S.H., or student helper walked over to me and smile. I saw her name tag, it was Kendra, her red hair had beautiful curls she looked young, but I knew she was much older than me, by ten years at most.

“Hi,” she said, “I’m Kendra, do you need help carrying your things up stairs?”

Stairs? I have to walk up stairs? “I’m Olivia sure,” I said then remember the papers they had sent me before hand. I open a pocket of my suitcase then pull out a folder. I then open it and there on a slip of paper was my room number and keys.

“Room 255,” I read, and Kendra nodded.

“That’s on the second floor,” she said, “come on, I’ll carry your guitar for you.” My grandmother had suggest for me to bring everything that would keep me busy, including my guitar, my music sheets, and song lyrics.

“So how does this, summer school, you know, like work?” I asked still unsure about this, if Grandmama let me, I wouldn’t mind staying with mama all summer.

“Think of it as a fun summer program,” Kendra said, then right as we walked past two doors, there was a glass wall between the lobby and this room, and right as I peek in, a ping pong ball hit against the glass. I jump and Kendra giggled, “Those boys,” she said stopping to look into the other room, “this is the game room,” she said, “those boys are always so rowdy.” Boys, I thought.

“They’re allow in the girl’s dorm?” I asked as one of them, a black haired boy jogged over and retrieve the ping pong ball.

“Just the lobby and they are usually around during studying hours, in the rooms down the hall over there,” she pointed, “but they can’t pass this red line,” she stomped and I looked down at the imprinted red line against the rug. “Only girls are.”

“Oh,” I said, “rules.”

“Yeah,” she said smiling and then help me get my stuff up the stairs. There was about fifteen flights of steps, then a solid square ground, from there you turn and three more steps up to the second floor. I pull my suitcase along, but I felt as though something broken along the way. “Umm,” she said as she looked from side to side, “here we go.” She set my guitar on the ground, “Your keys,” I fumble and pull them out. “Here,” she said and pull out a lanyard with the name of the summer program printed on it.

 “A-avis ad auro-ram,” I read, “what does that mean anyways?”

 “It’s pronoun Avis Ad Auroram. Oh you don’t know the story behind the program, it been on for ages, past my great great grandmother’s time. I know, since most of the students are new, some of your don’t know much about our history, I’ll suggest to the grand chief, Mrs. Amber that we should tell the story.”

“Thanks,” I said and look up at my room door, my name and someone else’s name was on it. “M-Mitela Roselane?”

“That’s your roommate, although I don’t know her since it’s my first time being a SH.”

“Oh,” I said and Kendra turn as her name was called down stairs. “Thanks a lot,” I said and Kendra nodded.

“If you need help anytime my room is in the hallway to the left on this floor, also at the end of the hallway. Also come down and find your SH that’s in your group at 3:30, we keep time tightly around here, it’s better if you get there five minutes before 3:30.”

“Okay.” Kendra walked off and I turn to face my future. I took a deep breath and then proceed to open the door.

The room smell fresh, the window was open, but there was no one beside me in there. There was two bunk beds, but instead of one and the other on top, at the bottom was a desk, drawers, and a backpack pack with everything you need. I drag my suitcase in and saw that the wheel had been broken on the way up the stairs. I let it drop and went back out to carrying in my guitar in.

I look over, my roommate was already here, and she had fix everything up, she had perfume in a pink spray bottle, will flowery smelling lotions, sparkling objects, her bath materials in a small green shower basket, and from what I can see, she hadn’t done her bed yet, but even without that, she already pick her side and her bed. I look over to mine, and then found a ladder going up, I only got to the second step when the bed started shaking like crazy. I jump off and notice where was bed was put up. I walked under and push up, the side I was on, lifted and I level it back down.

“Are they trying to kill me?” I mutter, the bed wasn’t even bolted in. I turn around and walked to my roommate’s bed and did the same to her bed, but it was bolted. “Smart girl,” I mutter. I check my watch, and almost gasp. It was 3:25, I didn’t have time to unpack or do anything other then drop off my things. I put the lanyard around my neck, then rush out as I try to attach the keys and my ID card.

“Whoa there,” someone called behind me but I didn’t stop, I stumble on the small steps and ran into a wall. “Careful will ya?” I turn around, a very pretty blonde girl stare at me. She smiled and help me up.

“Ouch,” I mutter quietly, but she heard and chuckled.

“Calm down, you’re not going to be late, you still have seven minutes.” She look at her watch.

“The last I checked,” I said, “we only have five.”

“The time they use here is different, I got the official time.” I nodded disbelieving this. “I’m Brenda by the way,” she said, “what about you?”

“I’m Olivia,” I said.

“Nice to meet you,” she said and walked down stairs. I followed her. Once we walked out the lobby doors, I was amazed at how many students there were. Grandma told me back in her days it was around fifty, but here it was more than a hundred students.

I stood there for a moment, unsure where to go next.

“Who’s your SH?” Samantha asked.

“I don’t know,” I answered, I knew I should had read the papers that had instruction in it.

“Don’t worry, your SH will call your name out.” With that Samantha left.

Five minutes later, searching for my group, I found my SH, Lilith Reads.

“Alright,” Lilith said, “I’m your SH, for today, before we head off to see your classrooms, I want you guys to attend a meeting."

 Between the two dorms was an area of nicely cut grasses, not wet or soggy, but cold and mild. Everyone even the boys gather in that area and started sitting down. A beautiful, older woman, with short black curly hair stood in front of everyone. I watch as more people join in, some stood however, and wore a black shirt with the name, Avis Ad Auroram, across it with a white bird in flight printed in the middle. Those must be the veterans, I thought.

 "Hello ladies and gentleman's, I'm the grand chief of this summer program, you can call me Amber," the beautiful woman started talking into a microphone, I was drawn back to the front. "I like to welcome everyone new here today, it's so nice to see so many new faces, and even the old ones." She looked over at the students wearing the black shirts. I also looked and then revert back to the chief. "I thought of making this meeting short so that everyone can see their classes soon,  but I got a request about the meaning behind our slogan, Avis Ad Auroram. Any veterans want to tell the story?" Everyone turn to see who would stand out but no veteran volunteer. Amber chuckled, "I wasn't expecting anyone."

 So instead, Amber told the story. Avis Ad Auroram, was form to begin with by three people who save the world from a devious dictator. The Avis Ad Auroram, translated Birds of Dawn, meant, we'll take flight to our future, and dawn will destroy the night before. The three heroes,  who, one was a woman knight, descended from this very place, and brought up a plan to destroy the evil, Gilbert.

 I was interested, that would be something I can cope with finely. After that short brief story the chief had all the new student approach, what she called a magic well. "Magic?" I mutter disbelieving but as I stood and got in line, a lot of kids seems to thought the same thing. A girl wearing big glasses stood behind me.

 "Magic? Really?" I turn around and laughed.

 "I know right," I replied back and the girl smiled.

 "I'm Mitela, you can call me Mimi," I thought about that name for a moment.

Then a thought hit me, "You're Mitela? I'm Olivia, I think we're roommates."

 "Oh, so you're my mysterious roommate Olivia, after I walked around asking for you, everyone can't stop talking about you ," she said and beamed, "did you know you have the same exact name as the woman Knight of Avis Ad Auroram."

 "Amber didn't mention the hero's name, and no I didn't know." I said amused.

 "Yeah," Mimi said, "Olivia the knight."

 Some of the other kids heard it and started talking to me about it. They followed by many questions: "How do you like having the name of a knight?" "Did your mother call you that?" "Lucky you," "aw I want my name to be that too."

 I was bugged by many questions. "Miss Olivia? I presume?" I turn around and Amber smiled at me. I was stunned by her beautiful face, her brown eyes seems to sparkle with the summer sun.

 "Y-yes?" I asked.

 "You're holding up the line."

I blushed and notice I was next to this "magic well". "I'm sorry," I said quickly and rush up ahead. Kendra and a few other SH stood in two lines, the males were on the right, and female on left.

 "Just walk up to the well," Kendra said, "it's a quick process."

 "What is suppose to happen?" I asked sarcastically.

 Kendra heard my tone but went on to explain, "It's foretells your life ahead. Many kids often comes back and look inside often."

 "Yeah right," I said and walked up to the well, I looked down. "I see nothing!"

 "Look harder," A male SH said and I found his hair very cool looking. I look back. A fog? Through the fog, I was entrance at what I saw. I saw myself, only wearing armor?

 "I-I don't get it," I said.

 "What do you see?" Kendra said.

 "Me," I said.

 Kendra laughed, "Of course, and what are you doing?"

 I stare longer, then the mirror image stare right up at me. She reach up, and then before long I felt a tight grip against my shirt collar, and she drag me down. I scream as darkness enveloped around me. I press my hands against the stone walls, but they were slippery and my hands slide right off. I was doomed!


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