Mario Brothers Show

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Each Chapter provides a Great Mario talk show Its Just Like a Q and A and there will be little storys being told by the charecters ENJOY :)

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Mario Brothers Show

Submitted: May 14, 2012

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Submitted: May 14, 2012



Koopa 1: Ladies and Gentletoads welcome to the - Super Mario Brothers Show. Croud:Yaaaaaaay Wooo yeah. Koopa 2: Ok please welcome to the show MARIO!!!. Croud:woooo yeah weeeyahay. Mario sits down. Koopa 1: So Mario we have some questions to ask you. Koopa 2: These are all from Friend,Family,Toads,And Enemys. Koopa 1: Ok this one is from Luigi,why do u call me laim when you cant beet me on Mario Kart?. The croud laughs. Mario: Well you cant tie your laces or kick Bowsers ass so chew on that. Luigi came on the stage crying. Luigi: Shut up you fat plumber or should i say plump - er. The croud is laughing with joy. Koopa 2: Ok Mario time to tell us a story. Mario:Ok then here goes nuthin.

I call it - Weegie lier. Ok one day i was just sat on the couch lying down now Luigi told me this story and hes the one who found out Weegie was lying so just listen. Luigi called Weegies name because someone had eat'n the fridge, well Weegie paused and said uhhhhh him out the window. Toad was sat outside.Luigi punched him round the face and Weegie giggled.A few minutes on I got a text from Luigi it said Toad ate the fridge and blamed Weegie so I killed Toad.The end

Koopa 1: Well that was a...a....entertaning...sort of.

Koopa 2: Ok bye bye Mario Mario: Bye Bye :)

Koopa 1: Thats all for tonight folks

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