Chapter 1: The Anomalies: Part 1

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

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The bottom of the hovercar was smelly. The magnetic pads on the palms of Ax’s gloves held securely even as the car wobbled down the streets of Mag-Town.

“Mag-Town belongs to the Anoms!”

Ax screamed as he dropped toward the street below.

“Aw, del it Ax.” J’s voice interrupted over Ax’s intercom system in his suit. Ax’s troop, the Anoms, made a point of making jumps like this, even if the city made sure they wouldn’t fall. The magnets underneath the streets were the inspiration for its name, Mag-Town, after all.

“What is it J?” Ax asked.

“We’ve got something more important to discuss. The feeds gone live, and we have viewers to target." The troops in Mag-Town each had a feed on the Outernet, and being the newest, the Anom’s had just gone live a few hours before. Before the Anom’s Ax had still been in his Old Man’s troop, but now that he’d turned sixteen, he’d chosen a new troop, the Anoms. Ax made his way toward J and Cyber who were standing on the street corner in the rainy twilight. They were huddled over Cyber’s Hologram, watching the new feed. J was a tall, lanky boy with large features and copper skin. Cyber was almost his polar opposite, a girl with large glasses and a pasty complexion, although her computer skills made up for her short and skinny stature.

“Hey guys. How’s the feed?” Ax asked.

“It’s live all right.” J replied.

“Great how many viewers do we have?”


“What? Only two?”

"Yeah. But we can target them anyway.” Targeting viewers meant cataloging their info, and putting ads on the feeds they visited most, hopefully this would lead them back to the Anoms again and again. The Anoms were special, a totally no-bore troop. Most troops just dealt with people’s jobs, like mechanics, or teachers, librarians, mathematicians, or cops. Most kids Ax’s age joined a real adventure troop, like the Skyfins or Divers, until they turned twenty-four, the required working age, then they joined a real troop. Not the Anom’s though. They’d all gotten Epi-Scars, small white lines permanently etched into the bone, so even a New Skin couldn’t get rid of them, to remind them they were Anoms for life. As the trio walked in the rain, Ax found himself staring at the feed, and felt the tell-tale DizzyNis that came with watching famous feeds, only the Anom’s was defiantly not famous.

“How’d you do that? The DizzyNis?” Ax asked Cyber.

“Just a few simple codes. It’ll make people think we’re famous.” She replied. Ax felt unsteady and jumpy. He never liked being Dizzynis, even on big feeds, it made him feel trapped, not being able to pull his eyes away.

“I’ll catch up with you guys later.” Ax said.

“You won’t help us target?” J replied, taking his eyes off the feed for just a second.

“Three’s a crowd.” Ax said distractedly. His grip suit kicked into action as the magnets under the city pushed him into the sky. The sided of a skyscraper caught him in mid-air, and he ran up the wall, vertical to the ground. Wind whipped past Ax’s ears, turning the world into a blustering vortex of chill and cold air. Ax drew himself toward the top of the building, and he could feel the vibration his feet made on the glass building. This is why I’m an Anom, not the feeds, not the fame, Ax thought. He reached the top of the building, and started up his own hologram display, turning the repulsers in his suit up to one hundred. He shot up even higher and fell the DizzyNis, real natural DizzyNis that came with it. “WOOHOO!” He screamed at the top of his ark. A window ledge caught his fall as he descended, and he scrambled catch on. Sliding down the side of another building he felt the friction catch him. Ax looked down at the city below and felt really, actually good. This was totally no-boring!

“Ax!” A message came in.

“What?” Ax replied, annoyed. “Get down here!” Ax recognized the voice now. Mr. Charger, his dorm supervisor. Ax pulled up his Holo, hanging only to the building with his toes. He pushed his repulsors to zero, and the street pulled him with the force of a hurricane. The minuscule hovercars drew toward him with an incredible speed, and the DizzyNis returned. He checked his Holo again.

35 feet until impact.

25 feet.


Impact in 5 seconds.




Ax’s suite pulled up again, enough to jerk him backwards, but not hard enough to break a bone. His feet grazed the street, and then he was on the ground. He called his hoverboard, and hopping on it, sped towards his dorm.

Ax let himself in the door of his Dorm, his hoverboard returning to the Dorm parking garage. The soft padded against his footfalls, like fresh fallen snow. The door at the end of the long hallway held what he knew to be Mr. Charger's office.

Mr. Charger was not very for a Dorm Officer, only about twenty-five or so, although with the pills you never knew what age people were.

Mr. Charger was always fun on Dorm Trips, and Ax liked him, not once in four years had he requested to be moved.

Ax opened the door to Mr. Charger's office, expecting his smiling face. Instead he was greeted by the spitting image ofdesparation. Mr. Charger was undone,unbathed, and sweat matted his hair to his face.

J and Cyber sat in chairs in front of Mr. Charger's desk, and as they turned toward Ax, Mr. Charger resumed what Ax could tell had already been a long speech.

"What were you kids thinking!Anoms? Do you understand? You call yourselfAnoms, what, short for Anomalies? Do you have any idea how much trouble you've gotten in since your feed went live? Your Dorm is reeling? I could be fired! One trip to the Observatorium!Tommorow! Now, Go!" Ax was stunned, his feet seemed tethered to the ground.

"LEAVE!" Mr. Charger finished. Ax, J and Cyber tumbled over themselves to leave the office. Ax lead the way, his feet pounding towards the elevator.

J and Cyber were quick to follow, and before he knew hit, Ax was standing in the elevator'shovertube. The Plasma that always came with a unaided anti-gravity trip. It wrapped around his body like jelly, cushioning him against the unlikely fall. TheAnomsshot up towards floor eleven.

At their stop, Ax jumped out of the elevator, and felt the Plasma separate from his body leaving him cold, and feeling like something was missing, like pulling a hoodie off after wearing it all day. Ax fumbled with the retina scanner on his door, and once inside, he collapsed in his recliner.

"Not the Observatorium again!" J exclaimed from his position on the couch.'not the Observatorium again!'? What was J talking about? It was like he was watching a rerun feed, not going to a place of....cruelty,? Ax thought.

Ax had joined theAnoms, the Anomalies, to protect therealAnomalies. In Mag-Town criminals, cripples, and anyonedifferent sentenced to life in the Observatorium. Some were lab rats, constantly in an experiment, hooked up to a chemical or drug, others were the ones you saw...the ones you mocked, and threw things at, the ones used to brainstorm kids into believingthat Anomalies weresecond to human,nothing butanimals.

Ax had always feltbad about the way people treated theAnomalies, butnot until recently, not until the Anoms, had he made ithis mission to freethem, and nowJ was treating them like the second class citizens hehad sworn to protect.He was alwaysmost reasonable after a big jump, and all thattime watchingthe feedscould mess with a person's head, make themrevert back to the programming the city had installed in them.

"C'mon.Let's have some fun before lights out.One last jump." Ax said. Maybe ifhecould get J and Cyber thinking again, they couldturn this into a good thing.

J, Cyber and Axpulled on their suits, and opened the window.Turning their repulsorsup toone-hundred, they jumped, andAx could feel the DizzyNis building.

Submitted: April 09, 2012

© Copyright 2020 Mark Clemens . All rights reserved.


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