The Book of Platitudes Volume 1: The Years 1998 - 2001

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The following are extracts from a big blue folder full of poems and writings collated over the years 1998 - 2007, which at some time I had christened “The Book of Platitudes”. I have been digging through them in spare moments and typing them up. I hope there are one or two of some value, or at least worth a thought, amongst the collection presented to you here.


Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Book of Platitudes Volume 1: The Years 1998 - 2001

Submitted: March 29, 2013

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Submitted: March 29, 2013





after all

the alcohol

the tears of hate,

the jeers, the falls,

and all the hope that never came

those leering phantoms of your brain.

And even after all the love,

the smiling eyes, the warmth, the hugs.

When never-ending romance speaks

and spins inside your mind for weeks.

You know we came to take it all -

“It wasn’t there!”

She heard you call.

The melancholy boils in shame,

and even though we’ve reached the day

the end’s in sight now we can say,

it’s over.

Now, let’s start again.


Following Venus around

Trying not to get drowned by her sound

Getting sweet with the feeling

But she won’t believe it

Following Venus around

There’s a soul growing over my skin

and it’s trying to swallow me in

we could be flying for days

in this acidly bitter-sweet craze

We’re defeated they’re firing goals in

and it seems like being kind is a sin

we could sing songs in your home

but you wanna be magic alone

Suddenly interface stopped

and the magic is tied in a knot

well, you wouldn’t believe that it’s right

since it’s trying to touch me with sight

No, it isn’t a feeling

It’s a case of believing

Following Venus around


DATE:  6 June 2001STATION: Talk radioListening: Mark and Penguin

“I wonder if the woman was listening last night when we were talking about lesbian pornography?”, said the presenter. He was alleging that the woman had been planted on the show by his guest in order to make him look respectable.

Note: The woman was blind, she thought she could cure herself by following the guest’s method. Note: the man was an alien expert in UFOs.

Something came out of a 747 size tanker that was the size of the moon.

People who were blind from birth would be more pissed off than people who became blind mid-life. Therefore the blind woman would be less interested in lesbian pornography.


She’s sweetly arranged, tarnished with a hint of pragmatic fury - a romantic and a dreamer trapped in a social situation that leaves no room for flights of whimsy. You have to say it’s a nightmare watching Don Quixote’s starchild following someone else’s dream, taking care of where her feline form is seen, making sure that order lies pristine. She didn’t cry, she said to me, though it’s clear she did since no-one told her not to leave. And even though our paths won’t melt, while over twenty-one they dealt, and lies they built a wall around, in that smile my soul was found.


Where did all the stories come from?

These things never seem to happen to me.

“Put you ear against the shell

and the world will treat you well”

Look where it gets you.


Offside position when the ball is played BUT Vieri was behind the ball! THEREFORE onside. The  goal should stand.


This is the battle line - choose your side

You may be undecided, I’ve already chosen mine


Trying to guess what a new song by Oasis would sound like, upon the theory that their songs are relatively simple and therefore there is some chance that one might guess the tune correctly, or possibly get the words right:

Will you please

stop crying your heart out for me

and don’t be lonely in the night

you’re quite the sweetest soul that I have ever met

you know you make the whole world bright

Will you please

stop feeling so scared now for me

and don’t you ever hang your head

you’re quite the sweetest soul that I have ever met

you know you saved me with the things you said


Two-faced paper chasers

Dreaming they’ll be money makers

Mercedes, or Ferrari racers

Competition is for places

in a room of soul erasers

they seem to want a life in stasis

This is the battle line, choose your side

You may be undecided, I’ve already chosen mine

By what philosophy

Can people make a mockery

Of freedom by a lottery

That puts them at the top

by being excellent at falsity?

they seem to want a life of paucity

This is the battle line, choose your side

You may be undecided, I’ve already chosen mine


Perusing a corporate website will contemplating the prospect of respectable employment.

after all the dreaming

they’re sweeping it clean

this is a super human team

they can’t be stopped now

every one a genius

and we won’t figure out how

like Nebachudnezzar

they do it better

like Alexander the Great

they do it first rate

they keep a steady state

of excellence

they’ll sweep your remnants

away like feathers in oceans

they’re turning water into love potion

I see you got your brain in motion

trying to keep pace with the scale of this emotion

like Tutankhamun

they rule the tomb

like Napoleon Bonapart

they take your soul apart

and you can try to start our hearts

or make us better

but in the end when all is said

We are the living dead

ignore us at your peril

© Copyright 2017 Mark Manchester. All rights reserved.


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