Dead Zone 2011

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year 2011. I'm just waking up from a deep coma. I've just waken up from a deep coma. Join me on my quest to find my wife, kids and unravel many gruesome and deadly secrets and relive the thrills and horror of surviving the DEAD ZONE. my name Trans Martin.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Dead Zone 2011

Submitted: October 24, 2011

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Submitted: October 24, 2011




 Death Zone 2011

By Martinz

Chapter 1

Nightmare 1 Beginning


The year, 2011. It’s August 23rd. It’s my anniversary. I’ve been married for 2 years now. My wife, Allie is a sweet heart. She really is. She hates to see me get hurt. Well, that was a problem. You see I’m a cop.

It was a winter morning in New York. I was on a drive with my partner and best friend Mishigan. We were on patrol. We were just driving by and talking when there was a call. “Attention all units, we’ve a report of a robbery on the east of New York. The suspects are armed and dangerous. They’ve been seen going southbound. All units are ordered to respond.”-Rader. “Roger, that we’re on pursuit.”-Mishigan.

 “Negetive, we should setup a block. The suspect is heading our way.”-Me.

“Good call. Hurry up then stop the car so we can setup a blockade!”-Mishigan.

We got off and setup a spike for the suspects car to trip on. Afterwards we got back and armed ourselves. After a few minutes, I could see the suspects coming our way. So we got ready. The suspects car’s tiers got flattened when they tripped the spikes and the car crashed. We received back up. The suspects were dead. They got flattened. At least that’s what I hoped. When I turned my back, one of them shot me. My fellow officers shot him. But the damage was done. I was shot right to the heart. I became unconscious.


  They took me to the hospital. I was admitted for critical condition and was taken straight to ICU. And then… then … … …


 I was dreaming. Dreaming that Mishigan was talking to me. Comforting me. So’ just after I woke up I responded. But………

He wasn’t there. The flowers he left behind for me were dead, dry. The clock I looked at was stopped. It was stopped at the time 1:24:23. The room was lit with a small light. But it was coming on and off. My clothes were all bloody and old. Like I’ve worn them for a long time. I see the equipment……they stopped working. The floor was dirty and there were bullet holes on the wall with old blood stains. The place smelled like death. There was a bad smell. Like something dead was rotting. I was strapped to the bed. But the things were so old that it tore very easily. The patient’s alarm was not working and no one responded to my calls and crying. Like the whole place was deserted. I was still struggling. I was very injured and the old bandages were causing more pain. I got off bed and fell on the ground. It was painful. I could feel the bandages getting wet. I tried to get up on my feet. But the pain weighed me down. I was unbalanced and wasn’t stable on my feet. I was able to get to the door.


I opened the door and immediately was in shock. It’s like the place got hit by a F5 Tornado. The lights were coming on and off. And some were off completely. There were bullet holes everywhere. The holes were backed up with more and more old blood stains. Some stains suggests that bodies were dragged. I even saw a lot of blood in specific places. I tried to walk to the counter. It was dark and I couldn’t see. My mind was all confused and puzzled. I kept thinking about this more and more. I thought I was in a dream. Just then a tray fell to the ground making a very loud sound. I was star struck and immediately looked backwards. Voices were in my mind. But I couldn’t work out what they were saying. I was looking for a match. Matches will enable me to create a light in dark places. And I was able to find one. I couldn’t help but wonder around. The lifts won’t work. The telephones are dead. And people aren’t here. No one is here. I was alone. I took a pick out of the door to the other rooms and in one I saw a … a … body. At least it had a shape of the body, human body. It was decomposed and looked like it had been eaten. It had no legs and the face was half gone.


It scared the ***t out of me. I ran the opposite way and wanted to get out of this building. I wanted to get out of this nightmare. I wanted to wake up. At a place close to the stares I saw a hole on the ceiling. It was huge and in front was a door. Locked. I tried to read out the words written on the door. It said, “Oh ***k, ***t. Get me out of here, Don’t open.” Beside, the wall had “Cut there limbs of!” written on it. They were all written with blood.


  I searched for way out and wanted to get out of this *******g building. It scared the c*** out of me. Soon I found a way down and out. The fire exit. But it was rusty and cuts here could be lethal. But I took my chances any way. I started to get down and was feeling the pain. But I was worried even more when I saw outside. It was like the WW2. The place was torn apart. Tanks, helicopters, trucks, crater like holes, bodies and fire covered the once nice country like place. I slipped while getting down. I fell to the ground. I fell on the ground but something cushioned my fall. It was a corpse. And it was strapped to a stray jacket. I was scared. It took the life out of me. I crawled back and landed on another corpse. It was a land of the dead. There was corpses everywhere. And I was the only living among them. They were all lying faced up. Some didn’t have eyes, some didn’t have noses’ some didn’t have the lower jaw. Some didn’t have a head at all. At the entrance gate there was a body of a woman. Half a woman. She had no legs and her chest was completely bursted. Like something from inside made it burst.


The woman’s body began to move. It was going forward and when it saw me it came after me. Like it was …… seeing a ghost. I screamed. I couldn’t help it. But I did it anyway. I ran to the helicopter I saw. There were more of them. Then, I saw a bike. I took the bike and went towards home. My house was a few blocks ahead. I was riding through and I saw that there wasn’t any one on the street. I saw my house coming up and I was devastated. It was destroyed. Burnt to the ground. I got off the bike and walked towards it.

“Amy (My Wife) Bryan (My Son) where are you? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” –Me

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