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Isabellle was always a bright girl. She had lots of friends, she had excelent grades, and her love of art had overwhelmed her school. But since the death of her father three years ago, her wole life has gone down hill. she barely talks anymore, her grades have dropped, and there hasn't been a single doodle in her notebooks in years. I seems like asically all is lost for poor Isabelle. That was until she met Exavier. What is with this strange guy? He shows up out of nowhere, he seemes to be everywhere Isabelle is, and e knows a lot about her as well. Isabelle must soon figure out what to do and who to trust if she wants to answer all of her questions.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - DayWolf

Submitted: December 05, 2012

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Submitted: December 05, 2012



I had just got done with a party at my best friend’s house. It was her sweet sixteen, so that meant that her parents had gone all out for it. Everyone that came had a lot of fun, and I admit that even though I’m not a party type of person, I had a great time also.
I was waiting for my dad to pick me up at the bus stop that’s a block away from my friend’s house. I would have stayed longer, but my parents had given me a curfew, and plus there was that art project I really wanted to finish. I was the best art student at my school and I did not want to look like a fool when I presented my work.
I stood there at the bus stop waiting, shivering a little bit because of a slight chill in the air. I thought this was kind of weird, since I live in Malibu and the weather is usually warm. I didn’t really think much of it though because it was August and people have been talking about a global climate change. I just shrugged it off and put on the wind breaker I had brought along with me.
I waited a few more minutes before I started worrying about my dad. I knew that we lived a little ways out of town, but I didn’t think we lived that far off. I started pacing back and forth underneath the street lamp. Surely my dad would have called and told me if he was going to be late. A sensation started to crawl up my spine, like something wasn’t right. It was like something was watching me. I shrugged it off thinking that all the craziness from the party was just getting to me. I figured that my dad had just got caught up talking to mom again.
I sat there on the bench. My leg was jumping up and down from how much I was worrying. The time on my phone had said fifteen after eleven. That was thirty minutes after my dad had said he was supposed to pick me up. This wasn’t good. I was getting really worried. I looked up and down the road to see if there was any sign of him. There was absolutely nothing. All I could see was darkness. That made me even more nervous.
A usual Saturday in Malibu would consist of several people walking the streets looking for places to party. Tonight, though, it was eerily quiet. My leg had started bouncing even more. I didn’t feel good. That creepy feeling had come back, along with the chill from earlier. This time I didn’t use the party excuse. I knew someone was watching me from somewhere in the darkness. I searched all over and ended up letting my eyes settle on the playground across the street. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary at first. I thought maybe I was imagining things, but then I looked closer.
Off in the trees on the other side of the swing set, I could see a set of eyes. They were a fierce golden color, surrounded by shadows. I almost didn’t seem them at first because they were so small. But then I started hearing growls coming from whatever it was. My heart started racing and I had stopped breathing. The yes grew bigger in front of me and the growling was getting louder. This thing was coming towards me.
I sat there motionless. I wanted to scream. I wanted to run, but every bone in my body seemed to be all of a sudden frozen in place, and my throat had tightened up from all of the fear that no sound could come out at all. I shut my eyes as the thing got closer to me. The next thing I know, I hear a horn honking in front of me. I looked up to see my dad sitting in his truck. He was looking at me like I had gone crazy. Then I noticed that I was sitting curled up on the bench with my hands over my head.
“Now what in the world are you doing sitting there like that Belle?” He asked me in his deep voice. I stared at him, a shocked daze on my face.
"I was sittign here waiting for you when that thing...." I looked around the truck for whatever I had seen. A shocked look crossed my face. There was nothing there! Not a single trace of the creature was left behind. Could it have run off? Wouldn't the bushes be laying flat from it standing there? Those questions were running across my head for a second, and then i thought about the time.
"What took you so long to get here? It's almost midnight!" I raised my voice at my dad. I never liked yelling at him, but he had worried me a lot from being so late. I stood up and walked over to the truck. I looked throught the window at my dad with an angry look on my face. he looked back at me with confusion.
"What in blue blazes are you talking about Belle. It's ten fourty-five. The exact time I said was goin to be here. You sure you didn't do nothing wrong at that party?" He had a curious look on his face.
What? I couldn't believe what he had just said. I looked inside the cab of the truck and looked at the clock on the radio. Ten fourty-five. But how? I could have sworn that it was almost midnight when I last checked my phone. Did I imagine everything that had just happened to me? I was the type of person to look at logical facts, but what I had just seen, in the back of my mind, I knew it was real.
I jumped in the cab of the truck and buckled myself into the seat. I looked over at my dad. He was still giving me a worried look. I put on my famous cutsie smile for him and then flipped the radio on the my favorite station. My dad was a big country music fan, but he could tolerate my kind of music as well. We rode a couple of miles down the road with the windows rolled down. We both sang to the top of our lungs to the song Feel Again by Onerepublic. We always had a blast together.
When the song was over, we both decided to settle down and catch our breath. I chatted with my dad for a little bit about how school was going.I told him that everything was great, the same as usual. He asked about my art project and I told him about what all I needed.
"Basically all I have to do is finish sculpting the wings and then I can start painting. I can't wait for you to see it when it's finished," I smiled at him, but that quickly went away when I saw a sick look on his face.
"Dad? Are you ok? Please tell me you remembered to take your medicine," I asked him, worried. My dad was a very smart man, but he had this rare disease where his brain would have random spasms and cause him to go a little loopy. It often made him dizzy and faint. His doctorss put him on a special medicine to help control the spasms, and according to his schedule, he was supposed to take it just a little while before he was supposed to pick me up.
"Actually, I don't think I....." His speach bacame garbled. his head started jerking and his eyes rolled backwards. My dad's hands dropped from the sterring wheel and fell to his sides. I tried to unbuckle and grab control as quickly as possible, but it was too late. The truck and started swurving in and out of the lanes. I praid to god that we would be ok, but the next thing I knew, I saw tp bright head lights of a semi truck coming right towards us. The impact was instant, my whole body was flung forward, and then everything went black.
I woke up with a throbbing pain in my stomach. Everything was blurry at first. I could somewhat see an orange light flickering. I focused on where it was coming from and saw that it was fire coming from both vehicles. I looked over the damage from the crash. The entire front end of my dad's truck was destroyed. The front end was so smashed that the seats were sitting where the engine would have been, and that was sitting underneath the front end of the semi truck. Chunks of tire and metal were scattered everywhere. I tried to sit up, but the pain in my side was too much to deal with. I looked down at myself and saw a big gash on the left side of my stomach. Tiny peices of glass were sticking to my skin were the blood was coming dripping down.
I was panacking really bad at that point. I searched all over for my dad. I spotted him on the other side of the damaged truck. He was lying on his side. His right arm had been bent out of place and there was a deep wound on his left temple. I couldn't tell if he was breathing. I tried screaming out to him, but somehow I had gagged on blood. I touched my face to figure out where it was coming from. I found a large cut on my forehead. It was leaking blood badly.
I tried to get up again, but my body wouldn't let me. I stumbled a lot, trying to use my arms as props to hold me up. I had to get over to my dad and see if he was ok. I could feel myself getting hotter. The fire coming from the semi was growing. This wasn't good. I struggled to get myself up again, and I managed to move a couple of inches, but the glass that was scattered around me had cut into my hands and my side so I fell back to the ground.
I looked up at my dad and tried calling out to him again, but my throat was filled with the blood from my head. In the next second, I heard a high pitched whistle coming from the truck, and then it happened. I sheilded my face from the blaze as the semi truck exploded infront of me, engulfing both of my dad and the truck. The blast from the truck had ended up sending a peice of metal directly at me, hitting the side of my head. The impact had caused my whole body to go numb and my vision to go blurry. I tried to focus on where my dad's body had been. I could barely see, but what I saw had startled and scared me. In my dad's place was a large figure. It was standing on all four legs and looking straihgt at me. I would have thought it was just another large chunk of metal, but from what I saw, I knew what it was instantly. Right in the center of what seemed to be this creatures head, there were two large, round spheres. I knew it was the same thing I had seen at the bus stop earlier.I told my body to run. I was scared to death of what this thing might do to me, but my body was unresponsive.

In the distance I could hear sirens getting closer. Someone must have spotted the crash and called for help. I looked back to wehere the thing had been standing and saw that it was gone. My sight was still blurry so I couldn't see if it had walked somehwere else. What was that thing? The sirens had gotten louder and I could here doors slaming on the vehicles. Several figures came running over to me. I tried to ask them if my dad was ok, but they had put an oxygen mask over my face before I could say anything.

"Everything will be alright ma'am. We're going to get you help as soon as possible." I heard a man say. I then felt something being put around my neck. The people hoisted me up onto the gurny and then wheeled me inside of theambulence. I was sp terrified at that moment. All I wanted to know was if my dad was ok. No one was saying anything. I felt something sharp poke into my arm and knew that I was being plugged up to an I.V. I could feel the liquid running through my veins, and then my eyes started getting heavy. I slowly drifted out of consciousness, and then it all went black.

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