The Spears of Ngariman

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Three Treasure Hunter's must find the Spears of Ngariman before evil forces can use there power.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Spears of Ngariman

Submitted: July 05, 2007

Reads: 239

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Submitted: July 05, 2007




Outback Queensland



A dust cloud drifted in the air of Outback Queensland. It was quite a site but there was no one there to grasp and admire the moment. Well there was but they were too busy making it. Three adult's two male and one female were speeding around in a Toyota jeep. They laughed as the skidded in circles making a huge circular mark in the hot soil. They yelled out in a celebrating fashion as the jeep sped on, Crushing bushes as they ran over them they left them behind like rubbish in a bin. The three people were all born in Queensland and were all different. One of the only thing's they all had in common was they worked together and nothing else.

They worked as Treasure Hunters.

The job consisted of traveling to well known historical sites and robbing, or taking as they like to say, valuables to make money. It was a so and so job meaning one year they could make $500 and the next $500,000 or more.

The three Treasure Hunters had just found a hidden tomb in china belonging to an Ancient Emperor and become instant millionaires. They had returned to there Queensland house in the country over an hour ago with a large stock of champagne and Chinese Dim-Sim.

They were all a little light headed from the champagne but the desire to celebrate was too much.

The jeep sped left and then left again as the driver Keith Mathews manned the steering wheel.

Keith was a tall 29 year old who was very muscular. He was lean, had a beard and was extremely fit. Mathews was from a poor family and his goal in life,  since he was a little boy living on the streets ,was to have plenty of money. He was in the army for a couple of year's but quit after he got fed up off people trying to blow him to bit's. When he met the love of his life and found out she was a professional Treasure Hunter he couldn't help but follow her.

Then as the jeep raced strait ahead red soil became airborne and stained the bonnet of the car. The jeep passed a kangaroo gang and they jumped out of the way in protest to avoid the vehicle and rumbling of the engines. In the passengers seat Katie Morris smiled. Katie was a 26 year old beautiful brunette with tanned skin. She was strongly built for a female and pretty tall (187cm).  She had started treasure hunting with her father early in her life. They went to the Pyramids, Stone hedge and Rome. Her father was killed when he was shot by a guard trying to sneak into a dig site in Greece. She wasn't there to see but it still haunted her. When she was 16 her 21 year old brother took her away from the house she lived in to start treasure hunting again. When Keith joined Katie was very happy and after about a month they were married.

Keith's gaze turned to his wife and he was captivated by her beauty. He thought of how much he loved her.

"THUD!" the jeep hit a stray kangaroo dinting the front of the car and sending it flipping over on it side it skidded along the ground.

"SMASH!"  The jeeps hit a large rock and flipped onto its back nearly killing all the passengers. As the jeep flipped and flipped metal went flying then "CRACK!" it came to a group of boulders and Keith saw many  colours,  then as the ground seemed to vanish  the jeep fell down a huge hole, he saw nothing but darkness. His vision went fuzzy and then white around the edges he wobbled and then passed out into the world of unconsciousness.


The only one of the three people that wasn't unconscious was the man in the back of the jeep when it had crashed. He was much bruised and had a huge cut above his eye when glass had shattered and just missed his eye. His name Tom Morris the brother of Katie. He had just turned 31 and celebrated when the teams of three were in China. He was quite different to the other two. He wasn't married, liked being shot at, not active and loved Australian Aboriginal legends of the dreamtime.

He was almost an expert and could read any Aboriginal text. He was a chubby, bald man with a big black mustache. He would seem mean from his appearance but really he was a loveable gentleman as Katie would say.


As he struggled out of the jeep clutching his head trying to stop the bleeding he saw a light.

That's funny, where's the light coming from Tom thought. He went to investigate and to his horror found it was a little fire that had stared in the radio. Tom new what was going to happen it would spread up the wires into the engines and hit the oil or fuel tank and explode killing his sister and step-brother. He searched the wreaked jeep and then found Katie. She was covered in red soil but seemed to be ok except for a couple of scars on her face.  Tom used his strength to drag Katie down the dark tunnel that was only lit up by the tiny flame. He lay Katie 30 meters away and then went for Keith. When he got to the jeep the fire had spread through the whole car soon it would reach the fuel tank and explode. Tom found Keith and went to grab him and as he pulled he found that he was stuck, wedged between the door and the rock hard ground. Fire spread and burnt Tom's hands. "Arggh" Tom cried. He pulled more and Keith's body moved. Time was running out. Tom worked himself up "aaaarrrrggggghhhhh" he yelled and then Keith's body moved freely and they escaped the car. As Tom ran with Keith in his arms the flame went suddenly very hot and them "BOOOM!" the car exploded sending Tom and Keith flying over to where Katie lay.


When everyone had woken from there unconscious state Tom explained what happened. The tunnel was lit up thanks to the explosion they could all see it to the end. They noticed crates with French text on them. They also found weapons, a desert eagle pistol, shot gun and M7 machine gun. Keith picked up the desert eagle, Tom the shot gun and Katie the M7. "These could come in handy." Keith said. "Why" Katie asked

"You see all this junk" Keith looked around looking at the mini skips, crates, bullets, cigar remains and  last week's newspaper that lay across the ground like they were nothing. "This junk belongs to the just remade French terrorist group the Action Directe. Action Directe was a French terrorist group that committed a series of assassinations and violent attacks in France between 1979 and 1987. In late 2007 it was remade thanks to a mad French Archeologist known only as Le Grand Chien or in English the Large dog."

"Why are they here then" Asked Katie looking concerned. "Don't know, maybe a secret hide out or something" Replied Keith. "No!" Tom Exclaimed. Tom had snuck down to the end of the cave and was staring at what looked like an ancient scroll. Keith and Katie ran 15 meters towards him. As they ran they past many Aboriginal paintings, some of animals, some of hunters and one very strange one that Tom was looking at of two dingo men, a strange goddess, a cat man and three Shining golden spears.


"Oh my" Tom whispered to himself. "What is it" Keith Questioned intrigued by the discovery. Tom read the painting and Aboriginal writing on the dirt above the scroll using all his learning of Aboriginal writing and legends to find out what it said.

"It, it... talks about Ngariman and his three spears."

"Ngari who!" Keith shouted "Ngariman, He was a cat man in the Aboriginal myths and legends" Tom explained "what was said to happen was two dingo gods were born there mother was the earth goddess Dilga. The dingo gods one day became gigantic men reaching up to the sky, and traveled throughout the land, they got into a dispute with a cat man called Ngariman, whom they had annoyed. Ngariman killed the two Sons of Dilga with 3 spears. So enraged was Dilga, that milk came out of her breasts and flowed the underground cavern were Ngariman hid. There it flooded in a torrent, drowning Ngariman and reviving the victims. After a time the reborn Gods decided to pass away; their corpses turned into water snakes and their spirits rose into the sky as great clouds and that is basically it". "So why are the spears so important ?" Katie Asked. "Because they killed gods, to kill gods they have got to be really powerful, they can be used to destroy a city, a nation, a country." "What happened to the spears After Ngariman was killed ?" Keith questioned Tom " it is said another man tried to use them but three Aboriginal chiefs killed him before he could use there power. They then hid all three spears in different places around Australia. Two remember where they put them they put clues in certain places and they also set up traps that only they knew how to get past."  "So how did the terrorist find out about the Spears?" Katie thought out loud "Well a man said to be one of the relatives of the three men that hid the spears went on the News around the world gas bagging about it a couple of times It was on Sunrise a couple of weeks ago. He got millions of dollars for doing it too. Don't you see this scroll is one of the clues." "Then read the damn thing" Keith mumbled

"No don't, this is sounding too much like Indiana Jones for me." Katie protested "Oh come on, think of it, how many Indiana Jones movie are in Australia, we could become rich, more rich, we wouldn't have to go treasure hunting again in our..Our lives." Keith argued

"Oh, argh ok" Katie sighed

"Yes, read it Tom"

"Ok it says,


The Scroll and Clue to first spear.


Go to the land of the Bunyip

Go to the river big water

Go to the sacred sight

On the sacred Night

When the Moon is full

And in on the banks

Between the ranks

Of blue and gold

You will find the 1st spears

Glorified gate

To the cave of Dilga

Where the first spear will be found


"What does it all mean ?" Keith asked

" Go to the land of the Bunyip, the Bunyip was said to have been sited in NSW,  to the river big water, in NSW there is a river called Murrumbidgee and in the local aboriginal language it means big water"

" So basically we need to go too NSW then to Murrumbidgee River when it is a full moon, well lets get cracking." Keith said and the three treasure hunters walked out of the under ground cave and made there way back to their hut unaware of what lie ahead of them. Well let me tell you one thing terrorists aren't that nice.

They made it to their hut on foot.

They packed their bags with anything that could help them on their journey food, water, digging equipment, clothes, tools and explosives. The only thing that the three kept close to them was the weapons they had found left behind by Action Directe, and weirdly they somehow new they would be using them.


They made there way to their private Bell 206 Jetranger Helicopter at the back of their small hut.

 When everything had be packed and everyone was on board the Helicopter Keith started the engines and the blade on top of the craft started spinning in no time they were off the ground flying at 500 meters above the hut.

"BOOM!" everyone looked down at the ground to see a massive explosion a fire ball flew up from the ground sending debris everywhere. Their hut had been destroyed, smashed, it was there and now the whole house had vanished in a fire ball of flames and smoke.

"Who did that" cried Tom

"Look" Tom said and everyone looked at the long line of USAM (United States Archeological Marines). They consisted of more then 500 marines 50 Archeologist 10 Commer Q4 AFS trucks, 5 Abbott spg tanks and a 1963 Auto Union Munga car with a female commando in it. Little did they know that she was the meanest most brutal female Commando on the face of the earth Sasha Endwick call sign Moses.


Back up in the Helicopter Keith swore and thought to him self as the craft flew through the darkening sky

Great now we have the Americans after these damn spears as well

He pushed the helicopter high into the sky and it sped towards NSW.

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