Emental: The Series

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Chapter 11 (v.1) - Karic, the world's #1 producer of homeless people

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Submitted: July 24, 2015



"Hey, Necrosse?" Zaneth abruptly asked. He leaned against the Hellific Dragon's back scale as the two of them glided through the clouds. Necrosse turned slightly to Zaneth.


"I have an idea." Necrosse faced Zaneth fully.

"I'm all six ears." Zaneth pulled a mask from his pocket, it's appearance was much more sinister that the regular Hellific mask. Rather than just a plain woman-like face, the mask had glowing red eyes and blood red fangs.

"I made a new Hellific." Necrosse cocked his head.


"I need to unleash it in a museum."


"That's how it works." Necrosse exhaled deeply.

"Care to explain?"

"No." Necrosse rolled his eyes from under his mask.

"Well, I guess, since we're going there anyway." Necrosse tapped his foot on the Dragon and the two of them flew off into the distance.


Danny, Ken and Izzi staggered down the dirt trail leading into a small town. Completely exhausted and out of breath, the three found a nearby tree and sat down against it.

"Ken, where are we?" Danny said, breathing heavily. Ken looked around. Very little trees, lots of dead grass and slum-like houses. The town was quite dusty and in poor condition.

"Karic. I'd recognize it's horrid appearance anywhere. I feel sorry for the people here." Ken replied. Izzi turned towards him.

"Why can't they leave?" She asked. Ken made a sad face.

"Everyone here is in poverty or doesn't have magic abilities like us. They don't have the money to move, nor do they have anywhere to go. The museum here sucks all the cash out of them." Danny perked up.

"Museum?" Danny repeated. Ken nodded.


Necrosse and Zaneth stood near a musty wall of a building, staring at Ken from their tuxedo-like disguises.

"Hey, Zaneth, look over there." Necrosse uttered. Zaneth let out a low growl.

"I saw you plant the mask on his face, how is he not infected?" Necrosse gripped Zaneth's shoulder, as if to hold him back. "This is what happens when you don't do what I say." Zaneth growled. Danny suddenly called over from his tree.

"I know it's you,Necrosse and Zaneth." Necrosse gasped and turned his back towards Danny and them.

"How could he possibly know who we are through these disguises?" He whispered.

"Because you two are the only idiots in this dump who dress nicely." Danny called over again. Necrosse let out a frustrated growl and turned back to Danny.

"Also, how did you know Zaneth's name? I didn't introduce you two!" Necrosse yelled back. Danny pulled a piece of paper out of his pocket and held it, as if presenting it.

"Doesn't anyone here read the script?" Ken, Izzi, Necrosse, and Zaneth all gave him a confused expression.

"What!?" Necrosse called back. Danny shook his head and put the paper back into his pocket.


"Also, how can you hear us from all the way over there!?" Necrosse called over. Danny pointed to Izzi.

"Izzi has big ears for a reason, E.T." He said, standing up with Izzi sitting on his shoulder. Necrosse let go of Zaneth and stomped towards Danny and Ken, however Zaneth ironically pulled him back.

"You know, sometimes it's best to avoid conflict, I'll have the hellific inside do a little looking around, okay?" Zaneth whispered to the point where he was nearly inaudible. Necrosse let out a sigh and turned away from Danny.

"Before I leave you humans behind, tell me, why isn't your ginger friend infected?" Danny smirked smugly.

"Because he's not human. Pyros and pyromancer humans are not the same thing." Necrosse turned towards Ken.

"You mean there's a difference?" Zaneth cut him off and pulled him away from Danny, Ken and Izzi, and out of sight.

Danny looked over to Ken.

"What a nice guy." Danny remarked. Ken gave Danny a blank stare. "So what's the plan, ginger?" Ken slapped Danny across the face.

"We'll stay here for the night and then leave first thing in the morning."

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