Emental: The Series

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Chapter 16 (v.1) - Necrosse gets his butt kicked with a side of ice cream

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Necrosse and Zaneth stood atop from the Hellific Dragon towards the mountainside of Cryoria. The air outside them was acumulating frost on their bodies, and snow was flying everywhere. Zaneth shivered and huddled next to Necrosse.

"Are you going to do this the entire flight?" Necrosse uttered annoyingly. Zaneth nodded. Necrosse let out a frustrated sigh. "You can't even feel cold, you're a Hellific!"

"That doesn't mean I have feelings!" Zaneth said in a shaky voice. Necrosse slapped himself.

"I don't even want to have this conversation."

"Hello." Sui suddenly said, cutting off Necrosse. Necrosse turned his head at Sui, who was standing on the dragon's head completely immune to the wind that was screaming around them. 

"How did you get up here? We're like, a mile from the ground." Sui looked off the Dragon's head towards the ground, then back at Necrosse and Zaneth.

"That's beside the point. I feel you two are going to be a problem." He stepped down from the Dragon's head and walked silently towards them. Necrosse clenched his teeth.

"What are you going to do?" Necrosse asked. Sui stopped and glared at him with his white eyes.

"This is just going to be your second warning. If you continue to attempt to wake Excalibur with the Emental stones, I will kill you." Necroose put his hands up in a sarcastic manner.

"Oooh, I'm so scared of you." He said tauntingly. Sui raised an eyebrow.

"Did you forget our last encounter?" Necrosse scoffed.

"You caught me off guard, that's all." Sui rolled his eyes as Necrosse put up a fighting stance. Zaneth backed away from Necrosse.

"I want no part of this." He said as he hid behind the Dragon's back scale. Sui grinned.

"If you really want to try again that's fine." Sui said. Necrosse held his palms towards the Dragon's back. Two balls of grey energy formed in them and extended out like swords. Necrosse grabbed them and swung them. From the energy materialized two silver long swords that radiated a pale glow. He pointed the long swords at Sui.

Silence fell around them, only the howling blizzard that raged past them could be heard. Necrosse made his first move by lunging at Sui with his blades ready to slice him. In the split second that seemed that Necrosse's attack would connect, Sui pulled his katana from it's sheath and blocked the attacked. The force of him pulling the katana at such speeds from it's sheath caused a thunderous below to echo around them. Sui then swiped his katana against Necrosse's two blades so quickly, the friction from it sent the two blades out of Necrosse's hands and off the Dragon into the unknown below.

"How!?" Necrosse exclaimed as Sui thrusted his elbow into his chest, throwing him back several feet before Sui reappeared behind him and kicked Necrosse off the Dragon at such speeds that made the wind around them split. Several seconds later with Sui hovering in place, a very loud crash of Necrosse hitting the ground could be heard. Sui looked at Zaneth.

"So we're both clear, you may join at any time." Sui said. Zaneth shook his head violently. Sui smiled, then disappeared.Necrosse staggered out of the massive crater his fall had made. Sui stood over him.

"Done?" He asked. Necrosse coughed loudly.

"What are you...?" He asked. Sui put his foot on Necrosse's hand and crouched down to him.

"I'm stronger than you. That's what I am. When I see you again, if you are still persisting with awakening Excalibur, I'll kill you." Necrosse lied on the ground that was quickly covering with snow from the blizzard in submission. Sui stood up and moved his foot off Necrosse's hand. After a few brief seconds, he vanished as fast as the fight ended.Several minutes later, the Hellific Dragon swooped down near the crater Necrosse lay barely conscious in. Zaneth hopped off the Dragon and ran towards Necrosse.

"Are you okay? Do you have frostbite anywhere?" Necrosse painfully shook his head.

"Get me on the dragon..." Necrosse said in a strained voice. Zaneth picked Necrosse up as if he were weightless and carried him.

"Well I guess you could say you got... ice creamed." Zaneth laughed.

"I hate you Zaneth." Necrosse groaned, and then fainted.

Danny, Ken and Izzi lay beneath a tree in the dead grass. They were still in Karic, just on the border and right next to the trail. A dusty gust blew past them.

"Did you feel that?" Danny suddenly asked. Izzi and Ken perked up and looked at him.

"Feel what?" Izzi asked.

"I felt someone tell a horrible pun." Ken rolled his eyes.

"Yeah sure whatever." Ken said, returning to his original position with his eyes closed. Izzi stood up and poked at Danny's arm as she held her arms up, urging him to pick her up. Danny let out a small laugh and cradled Izzi in his arms.

"So, Ken. What does the map say about the next town on the trail?" Ken opened his eyes a pulled out a map, which he had bought when they left the Inn.

"Oh boy, it's Vitiosis." Danny turned to Ken from the tree's trunk.

"What's wrong with Vitiosis?"

"Vitiosis is famous for having an extremely cruel and evil mayor. Some rumors say that their mayor has even committed murder." Danny and Izzi exchanged nervous glances.

"Can we go around it?" Ken shook his head solemnly.

"They built a wall so that the only way to get past it is to either swim down several miles in a massive river, or go straight through it." Danny slumped back on the tree trunk.

"Well it's infection or Vitiosis." Danny said.

"I'll take my chances with the infection." Ken said. Danny reached around the trunk and grabbed Ken's arm.

"Too bad, you're coming to protect me from the mayor." Danny laughed. Ken rolled his eyes and pulled his arm out of Danny's grasp.


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