Emental: The Series

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Chapter 31 (v.1) - Four score and a long time ago

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Submitted: July 24, 2015



Danny continued sobbing on Ken, even after he had stood up from the floor and sat in one of the seats. He was now steaming due to his high body temperature evaporating Danny's tears. Ken placed his hand on Danny's head.

"Come on, you were perfectly fine 10 minutes ago." Ken said. Danny looked up from Ken's shirt, his eyes were red.

"You try to forget someone who you've known your entire life!" Danny exclaimed. Ken raised an eyebrow. Danny sighed. "Right, you knew her just as long as I did... but I'm more sensitive!" Ken slapped himself.

"Danny, for now, try to let her go. When we settle in Cryoria, you can cry until your tear ducts wear out."

Danny sniffed loudly and wiped his face.

"Okay, I'll try." He sat up and adjusted himself in a seat next to Ken.


Sui and Izzi sat in silence at the dinner table. Sui closed his eyes and held his breath, he blocked out outside sounds and an image began to appear in his head.


"Sui! Are you okay!?" A voice suddenly asked. Sui opened his eyes. In front of him was a middle aged person with black hair that tailed behind him like a serpents tail. Beside him was Aerometus with a worried expression on his face. Around him, a ruined village that appeared quite old fashioned. Everything was made of wood, but it was also on fire. He was lying face up on a sand padded path in the middle of a market place. Explosions rang out from the distance, making his ears ring.

"Come on, pick yourself up!" Aerometus exclaimed, pushing Sui around. Sui struggled to his feet. His protective barrier was borderline shattered and he was covered in dirt. Suddenly, an emental appeared over them. He was hovering 20 feet in the air and was glowing.

"I will not allow you to kill this world." He said in a monotonous voice. The black haired man pushed Sui and Aerometus away into an alleyway. Sui turned towards him.

"Vance don't be an idiot! You can't take him on!"

Vance looked at Sui and winked with a thumbs up. He then returned his view to the levitating emental and balled his hands into fists. Black flames began to dance off them. Aerometus grabbed Sui with his hooked tail and pulled him further into the alley, much to Sui's dismay. Vance threw two punches into the air, launching two black balls of fire the emental, which harmlessly dissipated upon hitting him. The emental swished his hands in the air; The space around them began to ripple as a white light glowed dimly in them. He then thrust his hands forward in a channeling manner. A large concussive explosion erupted from Vance and destroyed everything around him. The sound of the explosion echoed around the entire village, but it sounded as if it was underwater. It had a unique sound to it that made Sui's hair stand up.

"Come on, we need to get out of here!" Aerometus said. He was continuously  pulling on Sui with his tail wrapped around him.

"Aerometus, we can't just leave him!" Sui exclaimed, releasing himself from Aerometus's tail. Aerometus flew in front of him and extended his wings, revealing his massive eyes that glowed bright red.

"Unless you want to die, we're going to leave right now!" Aerometus fired a blast of red energy into Sui's eyes, shrouding them in darkness and turning his iris' red. Sui stepped away from Aerometus in fear from his magic. He then shut his eyes hard and then opened them, turning them back to normal.

"He's going to die!" Sui growled.

"He's dying to save us!" Aerometus exclaimed angrily. A suddenly explosion erupted from between them, knocking them both away from each other. The armored emental hovered down and looked at Sui. He raised his hand to Sui, a pale white ball appeared in his palm. Suddenly, Aerometus's hooked tail caught the armored ementals body and flung him into a building wrecked across the alley. Aerometus quickly glided over to Sui.

"Let's go!" He exclaimed. Sui sighed and nodded as they both ran. The armored emental then appeared in front of them. Sui and Aerometus screeched to a stop.

"You don't need to do this. He is only going to destroy this world." The emental said to Aerometus.

"The only person here who's going to destroy the world is you!" He exclaimed. The armored emental glowered at Sui."Exactly what a brainwashed emental would say." He said, pointing his hand at Sui. Aerometus jumped in front of Sui with his wings spread, showing the eyes."You are a thick headed emental." The armored emental said as he fired another blast at them.


Sui's eyes jolted open when he felt Izzi tapping his face.

"Are you still alive?" Izzi asked sarcastically. Sui shook his head and rubbed his eyes.

"Just... thinking." he replied solemnly. Izzi's ears drooped slightly. Sui looked out his window and noticed it was dark outside.

"It's time to go to bed. See you in the morning." He said. His voice was low and broken. Sui stood up and left the dining room leaving Izzi alone, standing on the table.


Ken stood up from his seat and stretched. Him and Danny had been sitting in the same spot for several hours and it was just starting to get dark out.

"Remind me, how far away is Cryoria?" Danny asked, as he too stood up and stretched his stiff body. The sound of his joints cracking rang Ken's ears.

"It's on the other side of the continent. Though, considering we've been on this train a majority of the day, we should be pretty close by now."Danny looked out the window.

"Hey, it's snowing outside!" He exclaimed joyfully. Ken looked out the same window and scowled.

"A pyro's bane." He muttered. A sudden chill brushed over them. Goosebumps appeared all over Danny's arms, Ken on the other hand was shivering violently. Danny walked over to Ken's seat and picked up Ken's bag. He rummaged around and pulled out both his and Ken's jackets. He put on his own jacket and then threw the other in Ken's face.

"Well it's safe to say we are at least at the base of the mountain." Danny said. The train suddenly started to slow. Ken put his jacket on and scrunched himself in it, holding in his heat.

After a minute, the train suddenly stopped and went quiet. The sound of snow lightly landing on the roof was the only sound to be heard. The lights above them turned off and everything seemed to power down. The doors didn't open however. Ken tapped at the sliding glass doors.

"Well, this sucks." Ken said.

"Can't you just... explode them?" Danny asked. Ken looked at Danny and raised an eyebrow.

"Well I can do that, but I would like to find a way out that doesn't cause something to explode."

A sudden gust of wind blew over the train cart, filling the room with frigid air. Danny and Ken shivered and huddled together.

"So, you want to bust it open now?" Danny asked. Ken nodded.

"Yeah sure." He replied. Ken stepped back and thrust his fists forward, delivering a flaming punch that erupted a massive explosion, throwing the doors into the snow covered ground. The two of them stepped out into the snow. It was snowing lightly, but the wind was starting to pick up. Nowhere in sight were there any lights or pretty much any civilization. Danny and Ken walked down the side of the train until they reached the end. It was a dead end with a tiny platform that was barely visible under the snow.

"So now what?" Danny asked. Ken thought for a while and then looked up the mountain side that stretched behind the platform.

"Cryoria is known for behind high up. Best we can do right now is start climbing." Ken replied. Danny frowned.

"And what if it's not there?"

"Better hope it is..."


Danny and Ken started tromping through the snow up the mountain side. It wasn't that steep, but the constant beating from the cold air and the high elevation took a toll on them. It was about an hour before they had to stop. Danny bent down with his hands on his knees. He inhaled deeply.

"The air is so thin up here." He gasped. A sudden gust caused them to brace themselves.

"How about we dig a small trench to escape this wind." Ken suggested. The two of them knelt into the snow and started digging. The snow was fresh and soft, so it didn't take them long to have a deep hole in the side of the mountain. Danny fell into the hole and lied down. Ken quickly followed him, escaping the wind.

"Danny, don't fall asleep here." Ken said, sitting in an upright position against the snow. Danny rolled over towards him.


"Because--" Ken yawned "Bad things will happen." Danny's eyes started slowly shutting. Their trek through the punishing snow and wind had drained them both of their energy.

"Danny, we need to get moving. I can see your eyes starting to shut." Ken said, his voice was trailing off. Danny's arms fell onto the ground as he fell asleep. Ken went to shake him awake, but found himself succumbing to his lack of energy. He then collapsed onto Danny and blacked out.

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