Emental: The Series

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Chapter 34 (v.1) - The Hellific's New Groove

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Submitted: July 24, 2015



"What do you mean we can't stay!?" Danny exclaimed in the courthouse. Him and the others were in Cryoria begging the mayor to allow them to stay in Cryoria. The courtroom looked very old and chilly. The wood had a stale color to it and was cracked in some areas. However, it was still quite warm in the building.

"I mean, you cannot stay in our town. We're already low on resources as is. We can't feed 3 additional mouths, including 2 growing boys, one of which being an electromancer." Danny let out a loud groan and turned to Sui, who was standing behind them innocently.

"Sui, can't you say anything!?" Danny asked. Sui shook his head.

"He gives a very strong point." Danny's jaw dropped agape. The mayor suddenly interjected between Sui and Danny.

"We can allow you to stay a day to gather your supplies for your descent." Static crackled in Danny's hands in anger.

"You're just going to send us back down into that hell!?" The mayor raised and eyebrow and looked over to Sui.

"What's he talking about?" Danny opened his mouth to answer him, but Sui clamped his lips shut and froze them. Danny covered his mouth and screamed in agony from the ice that had fused his lips. Ken held his hand up to Danny's face, warming him from Sui's attack.

"I'll tell you later. First we need to address this problem here." Sui replied. The mayor nodded and faced Danny, Ken and Izzi.

"I expect you 3 to be gone by tomorrow noon. If you aren't..." The mayor turned to Sui with a cold stare. To which Sui nodded solemnly.

"I'll get rid of them myself." Sui said. Danny stared at him with a stunned expression.

"You guys are insane..." Danny muttered.


"So, Zaneth. Take your pick." Necrosse said, presenting Zaneth to a clothing store. In front of them was a large display with manikins wearing fancy looking clothes. Zaneth examined the clothing and looked back at Necrosse.

"Shouldn't we get a new body for me first?" He asked. Necrosse smiled sheepishly.

"You'll get to try several different bodies on while you're picking out your new style." Zaneth's dark face lit of with joy.

"You're an amazing captain." He said as he ran towards Necrosse to hug him. Necrosse immediately thrust his fist into Zaneth's face, stopping him dead in his tracks.

"None of that!" He exclaimed.


Necrosse and Zaneth casually strolled through the glass doors and into the clothing store. The inside had white tiles and was brightly lit, giving off a white contrast that slightly strained their eyes. Dotting the entire store were lines of various types of clothing as well as several models wearing different outfits. Zaneth immediately picked up several black, Gothic looking clothing and rushed to the fitting rooms. Meanwhile, Necrosse scanned the store for a new body. In the back corner was a boy around his late teens or early twenties. He was wearing pants with various torn holes and had long black hair. His face looked soft, despite his tall stature. His body was quite slim and tall. Necrosse grinned and approached the boy.

"Hello there, can I help you with anything?" Necrosse asked, trying to act like an employee. The boy turned to Necrosse, his eyes were black and shone slightly in the light.

"Oh, uh no thanks. I'm okay right now." He replied. His voice was smooth and had a slight metallic sound to it. If anything, he sounded like he could woo a pack of women by singing. Necrosse clapped his hands together.

"Well, if you don't mind, you've been selected for a special promo." Necrosse said. The boys face lit up.

"Oh? What did I win?" He asked excitedly. Necrosse pointed to the fitting rooms.

"Go over there and find out." Necrosse said, to which he immediatly ran towards the room that Zaneth was in.

"Hey, take off your mask. I got someone." He whispered into the room. A older aged man peeked his head out from the room and stared at him.

"Take off my what!?" He exclaimed. Necrosse cringed.

"Sorry, wrong room." He scuttled towards the next room. "Zaneth?"

"Yeah?" Zaneth replied from inside.

"I got you someone. Here he comes." Necrosse whispered, which he immediately stood up straight when the teenage boy approached him.

"So what did I win?" He asked. Zaneth suddenly stepped out wearing nothing but bright pink boxers, showing off his immensely muscly body.

"Me." He announced. He flexed his toned abs as darkness started to emanate from his body. The boy's face turned bright red as Zaneth converted to a mask and launched himself onto the boy's face, infecting him as the base Hellific.


Zaneth's mask enveloped the boy's entire body, turning his skin grey and his eyes black and red. After his mask had completely fused with his face, he looked over his new body.

"I like it." Necrosse said. Zaneth pulled up his new shirt and looked at his chest.

"Skinny, but also younger. It looks pretty good. Also the body is quite comfortable." He said, his voice now matching the boys original voice. Necrosse then turned around and noticed the security guard from when they first started this whole ordeal.

"No hard feelings?" Necrosse asked. The security guard was still in a complete daze. Zaneth walked past Necrosse, up to the guard.

"I got this." He said, putting a mask on the guard's face and turning him back into a Hellific.The Hellific guard groaned from behind his mask. Zaneth suddenly handed the Hellific his clothing, which it obediently held like his butler. The Hellific was still only wearing pink boxers.

"Alright, now let's get a new look going." Zaneth said.


Danny and Sui sat at the edge of an icy cliff. Both were staring at the view of the sun setting behind the horizon. A sudden moaning sound startled them both. A Hellific staggered from the snow covered bushes behind them and rushed towards Danny. Sui immediately jumped up and thrust his fingers forward. A plume of water shot from the ground and froze the Hellific in place waist down. It continued to snarl at them in a scratchy tone. Sui turned to Danny with a monotonous expression.

"Danny, I need a favor."

"What is it?" Danny asked. Sui pointed to the Hellific.

"With the Hellific finally venturing towards our location, I need you to go down and find the rest of the Emental Stones." Danny cocked his head.

"Can't you find the Emental Stones yourself?"

"Believe me, I would do it myself. But I need to stay here and keep the people here calm. Also, I'm still at risk of getting infected, whereas you are immune to it."

Danny's eyes shot wide open.

"Wait, I'm immune? How can you tell!?"

"It's the same situation as Izzi. You 3 ingested... black honey right? That must have acted like a vaccination for your body, allowing you to fight off the mind control."

"Then why don't you go down into the mainland and find some black honey yourself?"

"Because that would mean taking a risk that I could get infected. You've already taken the risk and are completely capable to survive down there."

"Okay, last question. Why do you need the Emental Stones?"

Sui closed his eyes and looked towards the sunset.

"My gut is telling me we have a bigger problem coming towards us."

Danny frowned and looked at Sui with an annoyed look.

"That doesn't answer anything." He muttered. Sui looked at Danny and grasped his shoulders.

"Danny if you help me with this, I will tell you everything. But first, I need you to retrieve these stones for me. When you have them all, just go and faint into the mountain like you did before. I'll come and pick you up when you're unconscious."

"That makes me feel so appreciated." He scoffed. Sui rolled his eyes and then turned towards the Hellific that was still growling at them.

"Now to deal with this guy." Sui said as he made a pulling motion with his hands. The block of ice that was holding the Hellific jerked towards them and fell off the cliff into the abyss below.


Ken and Izzi sat at the table in Sui's house in complete silence. Suddenly Sui's door shot open with Danny and Sui walking inside.

"Alright guys, we have a plan." Danny said. Ken stood up with a worried look.

"What is it?" He asked.

"Sui is going to take us to the base of the mountain tonight while we're asleep. He'll create an icy shell around us so nothing can get us until we wake up. Our job after that is to gather the Emental Stones. Sound good?"

Izzi and Ken both stared at Danny in confusion.

"None of that stuck with me." Izzi replied. Danny groaned.

"Good night, sleep tight, don't let the Hellific bite."

Danny, Ken and Izzi all left the dining room, leaving Sui alone. He sat on the table and glared at the picture of the armored Emental.

"Aerometus!?" Sui exclaimed. He ran around the town in ruins. He could suddenly see souls floating everywhere. The people who died in the attack. Sui dug through the wooden ruins of a shop, but Aerometus's body was nowhere in sight.

"Where did you go!?" He exclaimed again.

A tear fell down Sui's face.

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