Emental: The Series

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Chapter 8 (v.1) - THEY ARE AMONG US!

Submitted: July 24, 2015

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Submitted: July 24, 2015



Danny, Ken and Izzi backed against each other as the Hellific surrounded them. The dark monsters glowered at them with mouths agape letting out a dull hissing sound. A black gas leaked from their mouths and the three suddenly fainted onto the ground.

Danny's eyes slowly opened as he sat up from the concrete ground. He looked around his surroundings, a jail cell. Ken and Izzi were still on the ground unconscious. Danny suddenly noticed Necrosse standing behind the bars, staring at him through his mask.

"Good morning, sunshine." He said. Danny jumped to his feet.

"You know something is wrong with your day when someone says that, twice." He remarked. Necrosse laughed.

"Someones mad." Necrosse paused and placed his hands on the cell bars. "But you do have something that I require." Danny approached Necrosse and stared him right in his mask.

"So what's on the menu?" He asked, puzzled. Necrosse smiled.

"I want to know the location of the Emental Stones." Danny narrowed his eyes.

"And what do I get?" Necrosse thought for a while.

"Tell you what, if you answer my questions, I'll tell you what I know." Necrosse put his hand between the bars. Danny shook it.

"Ask away human." Danny thought for a few seconds.

"Who are you?"Necrosse adjusted his mask.

"My name is Necrosse."

"What did you do back at the arena?"

"I used a bio weapon called Hellific. It possessed people and makes them mindless." Danny went silent for several seconds. "Is that all?" Necrosse asked.

"No, I have some more questions, alien." Necrosse frowned.

"What makes you think--"

"You called me a human, you're wearing a stupid looking suit that no one here would willingly wear in public, and no human or emental can do what you and your friend did at the arena. Now, can you tell me about yourself?" Necrosse opened his mouth to speak but Danny interupted him. 

"If you lie I won't tell you squat." Necrosse growled at him.

"I'm a Vularkian." Danny's face lit up.

"What makes you different from humans?" Necrosse cocked his head.

"You don't care about the Hellific?"

"Answer the question, Martian!" Danny demanded.

"I am not a 'Martian'! I am the second in command of the Vularkian Elite Team in the Vularkian military!" Necrosse pulled his lips apart, revealing his needle like teeth. "I am a Vularkian, we have needle like teeth and live upwards of 2000 years. We also have large brains compared to yours. Anything else you want to know, human?" Danny thought for several seconds again. He then pointed at Necrosse's mask.

"Can I see your eyes?" Necrosse's mouth opened at the question.

"A-are you coming onto me?" Danny slapped himself.

"No! I just want to see what alien eyes look like!" Necrosse shook his head.

"Sorry, you'll have to see some other alien eyes. Mine are off limits!" He exclaimed.

"Come on! Let me see what you look like you handsome thing!" Necrosse growled in a low tone at Danny.

"Flattery won't get you anywhere, and you know what? I think it's time I get my info." He grabbed Danny's arms and pulled him against the bars. 

"Now tell me where they are." He whispered.

"Here's the truth. I don't know anything about those stones." Necrosse snarled at Danny, his needle teeth spreading outside his mouth.

"Don't you lie to me after all that info I gave you!"

"Honestly, no one knows where they are. They have been scattered around the continent." Necrosse's teeth retracted into his gums as his mouth dropped agape.

"You little con artist..." Necrosse threw Danny with enough force to make him slam against the wall on the other side of the cell. "You will rot in this cell..." Necrosse brushed his hands on his suit, and then left.

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