Ghosts of the Windfarm

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Chapter 11 (v.1)

Submitted: July 21, 2011

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Submitted: July 21, 2011



The pain went away immediately when the attaching finished.  Robert fell to the ground, light headed, and feeling as if he’d be sick.  But then came the wonder; the wonder of having ghosts attached.  He could feel Archa beside him, hear what he heard and smell what he smelled.

The same applied to Henry, who appeared at his left.  And yet, if he reached far enough, he could think what Henry thought.  Memories from a life he hadn’t led appeared in Robert’s mind.  And he hated it.  It was as if his brain had tripled in size.

“How does it feel?” Archa said.  It appeared to have affected him too, but not as much.

“…Awful…” Robert managed to say.  He saw Miss Cormier in front of him.  He mentally reached out to her, trying to get into her mind like with Archa and Henry.  But, as if he’d been slapped, he was unable to.  She gave him a dirty look.

“Thank you,” Archa said.  “I’m so sorry we put you through that.”

Robert didn’t have the strength to reply.  So he rested.


Jamie ran towards his house bit was stopped by a policeman. 

“Hey, get away from here, it’s not safe!” he shouted.

“No!  I know who started this fire and they’ll be around here somewhere!”  It had to have been them that started it. It was too big a coincidence.  Who was “them”, anyway?

An explosion from the house behind them echoed though the air.

“I’d strongly suggest you go back!” the policeman said sternly, looking at Clarice, who was shouting at Jamie.  Jamie however was distracted.  Wilson was behind him.

“Jamie!” he cried.  “Leave!  Now!”

But Jamie stood where he was.

“Who started the fire!” he shouted at Wilson.  “Did you see anything!!”


Jamie turned to the other policeman.

“He’s not a proper police officer,” Jamie said quickly.  “He pretty much told me so himself.”

The other policeman looked at Wilson.  Jamie could tell he had thought so too.

“This is no place for teenagers,” he said finally.  “Officer Wilson is right, you should leave!”

Jamie turned, and walked back to his mother.  He looked back, and Wilson was glaring at him.

“What were you thinking!?” Clarice shouted at him.  He ignored her, because he could see some figures running though a field.

He quickly got his breath back, and picked up a metal pole that was conveniently left at the side of the toilets, and then chased after them, leaving his Mum Clarice in shock.


“It was a success!” Mary heard Miss Manson shout.  “That boy should be too scared to meddle now!”

“Was he really a threat anyway?” a supervisor asked.

“Well… not exactly.  But this project is so vulnerable at the moment, and if he’s anything like his Dad-”

“You knew his-” but then they moved and Mary couldn’t hear any more.  What were they planning?  And why were they keeping her?

She needed to escape.  That was obvious.  But how?  Surely there’ would be a search for her, but she thought it unlikely that the police would find her.  She didn’t even know where she was!

She had a theory though… She’d heard Miss Manson talking about “vast amounts of energy at our disposal,” which didn’t sound that good, but from that Mary gathered this whole project was for the purpose of gathering energy.  And if she were still in Shetland, there’d be one obvious place to be if you wanted to get energy…

But what were they planning to do with the energy?  Whatever it was, it couldn’t be good.


Sam arrived at Aith just as the fire was being put out.  He ran along the edge of the safe zone and saw Clarice standing alongside it, looking very troubled.  It was hardly surprising.  She saw him.

“Has Robert come home yet?” She asked him, walking up to him.

“No,” Sam replied sadly.  “He’s wandered off before, but it’s too big to be coincidence.  He’s been kidnapped as well.”

Sam tried hard to stop himself crying.  But he couldn’t, and the tears dripped down his cheek.

Clarice looked distraught too.

“Where’s Jamie?” Sam asked.

“I… I don’t know!” she howled.  “First he ran towards the fire and almost got killed, then he ran off.  I don’t know where he’s gone!!”

This was the second worst day of Sam’s life.  He remembered the feelings of despair; the feeling that everything after that moment would just end.  Only this time, he really had lost everything he had.

Clarice had only recently lost her husband too.  She must be feeling the same as he did.

But Sam had to complete his purpose.  He couldn’t give up now.  But how long would he have to wait!?

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