Ghosts of the Windfarm

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Chapter 12 (v.1)

Submitted: July 21, 2011

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Submitted: July 21, 2011



Jamie darted through the weeds.  He was wearing the same clothes he’d been wearing the day before, but now with many rips and bloodstains.  This didn’t bother Jamie; there may be many more to come.

He was sure it was them that had burned the house.  And he was also sure they were the same people that had kidnapped Mary, and tried to kidnap him.  He recognised the woman’s long red hair, curling down her back.

She turned, and saw him.  She beckoned to the other two, who were surprised.  They turned around and walked towards Jamie.But he was ready.  Armed with a metal pole, he walked towards them slowly, swinging it behind his head, so he could quickly lash out.

One of the men whispered something to the other.  Two of them were the ones that had kidnapped him before, but the other guy was different.  Jamie thought he could vaguely remember the sadistic man with a scar being shot, just before he passed out.

“Don’t go any further!” the woman shouted, and Jamie realised with a jolt that she was carrying a gun.  But that didn’t stop him.  Nothing would.  If he was to die, the least he could do was do as much damage to Mary’s captors as possible.

“No!” Jamie shouted at her.  “Don’t you go any further!”

“Oh!” the woman cried nastily.  “Feeling tough?  Think you can fight us?  Well you’re nothing!  And you will die!”

She raised the gun, but Jamie didn’t waste any time.  He raised the pole and charged at her.  She fired the gun, but Jamie ignored whatever pain he may be feeling and slashed the pole at her, knocking her to the ground instantly, and the gun went flying and landed a few metres away.  Enraged, Jamie swung the pole at one of the men, who didn’t see it coming and was also knocked unconscious. 

It all happened too fast to know if he’d been shot.  He stopped for a split second, but it was clear he hadn’t been.  She must have missed!  He then swung the pole to attack the last man, but he was backing away, with the gun being held to his head. 

“Hey Jamie,” Robert said.


The policeman turned to Wilson.

“That boy had a point.  You barely know how to operate a radio.  You didn’t even know what a grade 9 emergency is!”

Wilson said nothing.

“So…” the policeman began.  “I’m arresting you for suspicion of impersonating a policeman.”

Wilson glared at him.  But he didn’t resist.  The charges for that are worse.  And he was guilty after all. 

He wasn’t meant to get found out.  But he’d known the risks.  But now he’d never know the truth.  Now he’d never know who murdered his brother.


Mary had formulated a plan to escape.  It wasn’t very good, but it was all she had.

She was allowed out of her room every 3 hours to get exercise.  She’d only been there about a day, but she knew the system well.  At the moment everyone was busy with whatever they were doing, so might not notice her escaping.

She’d noticed a door in the laboratory that looked like an exit.  It did help there was a sign saying exit above it.  If she could somehow get rid of her guard and escape through the door, then she’d be free.  It would take at least 10 seconds for anyone to notice she’d escaped but by then she would have got way ahead.

But how to get rid of her guard?  She could always bash him over the head with something, but people would notice.  It would need to be subtler than that.

The guard came in to take her out.  She was usually taken to a bigger room where she could walk about, and get exercise. 

“Come.” He said.  She would have to improvise.  They went through the main laboratory, where machines buzzed, and cogs whirred.  Miss Manson was sitting in a chair, typing rapidly at several keyboards.

They went into the bigger room, but Mary decided to speak to the guard.

“Do you really agree with what they’re doing?” She asked.  “Stealing energy from something… important, and kidnapping and killing innocent people!”

He grunted.

“And… I don’t know what they’re planning, but it sounds really bad!”

Not even a grunt this time.

“Surely you must be smart enough to have a will of your own!  They may be paying you a lot, but-”

“They don’t pay me.”

“They… don’t?”


She looked at him.  He wasn’t the typical thug.  Behind those tough eyes, she could see layers and layers of complexity.

“Why do you work for them then?” she asked.


“They have my sister.” He said slowly.  “That’s how they make most of the guards work; by taking their family members and threatening their family.”

“Can’t you try to rescue her?” Mary asked.

“I could…” the man said.  “But I’d get nowhere.  They’re all drugged, and are hardly ever conscious.  When they’re away it must seem like a dream.”

“Listen, I can help stop this,” Mary said, surprising herself.  She didn’t have a clue how, but she felt she could help.

“YES!” the man roared, giving Mary a massive fright.

“Why should I have to do this!!!  It’s not fair, and it’s nor right! I will help you!!!”

“Ok, good, but keep your voice down!” Mary whispered.

“Oh yes, of course.”

“So…” Mary said.  “If you distract Miss Manson I’ll escape through the doors.”

“No good, there are more guards.” The man said.  “I’ll go through the door and knock out the guards, then you can run through quickly, and hopefully nobody will notice.”

“Ok!  Thank you so much!” Mary exclaimed.  “Oh, by the way, what’s your name?”

“Dale,” he replied.

“Thank you Dale!”


Wilson sat in the police car, deep in thought.  It would never have worked, he told himself.  He was too slow.  He should have tried to find the information as soon as he could, and not waited.

But his brother’s murderer was out there somewhere, and Wilson would find him.  Even if it took years, he would find out who it was.  This was only the beginning.

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