Ghosts of the Windfarm

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Chapter 13 (v.1)

Submitted: July 21, 2011

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Submitted: July 21, 2011



  “But, how!?” Jamie cried, exasperated. 

So Robert told him.  He told him everything. 

“But… ghosts!?  I don’t believe that!”

“I’ve got proof,” Robert replied.  Archa appeared, in a silver, opaque form, besides him.

“No… No way!” Jamie yelled.  “Archa!?”

“Hello Jamie,” Archa replied, smiling.  “You’ve grown a bit!” 

“Is that enough proof?” Robert asked.


So Robert explained the rest, apart from the attaching.  He was decidedly vague about that.

“So… we’re going to use ghosts to save Mary?” Jamie asked.

“Correct,” Robert replied.  “Although… I’m not entirely sure what the plan is.”

Mrs Cormier and Henry then also appeared.

“Yes, we need to devise one now,” Mrs Cormier said. 

“I fear we have little time,” Henry said.  “Now that the police are getting further, they are having to advance their plans.”

“Oh.” Archa said simply.  “I see.”

He almost sounded bored!

“So, what’s the plan?” Jamie asked.

“You tell me,” Archa said.

“Well, we don’t even know where their base is!”

“You can guess,” Mrs Cormier said patronisingly.

“Shut up, I can’t be bothered to!” Jamie said sternly.  “Is Mary still alive?”

“I should think so,” Archa said.  “But I can’t be sure.”

“But wait… who are these people?” Jamie asked.  He’d suddenly realised he had no idea who they were fighting. 

“They’re a now rather powerful group called Windites.  We don’t know their plans, but we do know they have a base near every wind farm-”

“Windfarm?  What in the world has that got to do with it!?” Jamie said, louder than he expected.  He didn’t like not knowing stuff.

“Ok, I’ll start at the beginning,” Archa said.  “There is a group called Windites.  They started up as one of these mad groups, talking of world domination, and of the “New European Empire”.  It was a load of rubbish of course, until recently.

“Recently, we have reason to think they’ve been operating in many windfarms around Europe.  We think they’re stealing energy from the windfarms, and using it for something evil.”

“That is why the windfarm kept randomly stopping,” Robert explained.  “It was them, stealing energy from it!  Eejits…”

“Yes…” Archa continued, unhappy about being interrupted.  “The Shetland windfarm is among the most efficient windfarms in the world, so it was only natural they based all their operations here.  This has been going on for at least a decade.  And since they’ve been stealing the energy, none of it has been able to be sold and the project is a failure.  That is why Shetland is in the bad state it is now.”

“It was them!” Jamie spat.

“Yes.  I’m sorry.” Henry replied.

“Anyway…” Archa continued.  “People have been finding out about this.  If it happened somewhere else they’d just say they were acting alone and the power harnesser would come to an end.  But since Shetland is the main harnesser, it is vital nobody finds out.  Those that do are killed.  Like me…”

“And our Grandmother,” Robert stated sadly.

“Yes.  I really miss her,” Archa mumbled.  “That is why I must complete this mission.  So I can pass on… and see her.”

“You don’t know that is what happens,” Mrs Cormier said loudly.  Jamie had forgotten she was there.  “It could just be darkness.  Forever.”

“Well, I’ve died now so there’s no turning back!” Archa said, smiling, though Jamie could tell he’d wondered what happened too.

“So,” Archa continued.  “We don’t know what they’re planning, but it can’t be good.  And they need to be stopped!

“Right!” Jamie shouted.  “So… what’s the plan?”



Mary charged through the corridor, until she got to the end.  Dale was standing there, over two unconscious bodies.  Mary sped out the door, and looked back at him.

“Come with me!” she yelled to him.

Alarms started up.  They’d noticed!

“I can’t, my sister…”

There was gunfire, and Dale fell to the ground, dead.

“DIE YOU WEAK TRAITOR!!!” another guard roared.

“DALE!!!” Mary cried. 

The man raised the gun to her.

“Catch her alive!!” she heard Mrs Manson cry.  The man charged towards her, and Mary ran.  She ran as fast as she could.


Robert had some scraps of food for them to eat.  They had just begun eating it when Archa jumped up suddenly.

“Mary!” Archa shouted.  “I sense her presence!  She is near!”

“How near!” Jamie cried, looking around.  The fog was coming in again, and he knew how dangerous being near a windfarm could be.”

“She’s in grave danger!!”


More gunfire.  The guard obviously has ignored Miss Manson, and was trying to kill her anyway.

It’s the worst feeling in the world, to know someone is trying to kill you.  It is made substantially worse when someone faster than you is chasing you with a gun.

He fired, and it just missed Mary, but she could hear it wiz past her head.

“Stop!” she shouted back at him.  “Please!!”

He stopped.

“Come back then.  Make one more move to escape, and you’re dead.  Understand?”


Mary would never escape.  She’d be trapped forever.  Nobody was coming to save her.  Ever.

She couldn’t even save herself.

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