Ghosts of the Windfarm

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Chapter 14 (v.1)

Submitted: July 21, 2011

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Submitted: July 21, 2011



“Argh!” Archa shouted out.  Jamie had never seen him so annoyed.

“What!?” Robert asked, worried.

“I’ve lost her!  She’s still alive… but… she’s still a prisoner.”

“We need to save her then,” Jamie said, stating the obvious.  But how?

“Well…” Henry said.  “When attached, ghosts are really powerful.  But we are also really weak, as we can be killed, and unattached, and we are sent back to our village.”

“Powerful?” Jamie asked.

“Yes.  We can attack people, hack into machinery and even destroy it!”

“We need more of a plan than that,” Mrs Cormier stated coldly.

“Yes… of course,” Henry replied, annoyed.  “Since you seem so confident, you tell me the plan then!”

“Well,” Mrs Cormier began, “first we’ll need a distraction.  Jamie can do that.  Then-”

“Hey!” Jamie interrupted.  “What if I don’t want to be the distraction!”


“Why should we be doing this alone anyway!?  Surely there are people better suited for doing this!  I mean I want to save Mary, and I’ll do everything I can to, but we cannot do it alone!  We’ll be killed!!”

“Dying isn’t that bad…” Henry tried to say.

“And you can shut up!” Jamie shouted.

Henry went quiet.  Robert was impressed.  Jamie had often seemed a bit of a softie to him.  Jamie turned to Archa.

“Is there anyone else who can help?” he said, calming down.

“Well…” Archa began.  “There is a reason they took my Granddaughter.”

“Hmm…” Jamie said.  “We looked in the safe, and we’d found out about them.”

“Yes, we saw that,” Henry said.  “Nosy-”

“I said shut up!” Jamie reminded him.  He went quiet again.

“Yes, that is why they took Mary in the first place,” Archa continued.  “But when they realised who she is, they didn’t kill her.”

“And… who is she?” Jamie asked.

“Yeah who?” Robert added.  They hadn’t told him either!

“A hostage.”

Robert and Jamie looked at each other.

“He always did talk in riddles…” Robert said, confused.

“Um… a hostage?” Jamie asked.

“Robert, do you know who your Dad really is?” Archa asked. 

“Um… no… ?” he replied, even more confused.

“My son also knew about the Windites.  He never told me though.”

“He did!  How!?” Robert cried.

“He was secretly apart of a group fighting them.  He never told anyone, and after you and Mary were born he stopped the job.  But once he had evidence of them working in Shetland, he contacted the group and told them about it.  He was put in charge of stopping them.  However, he noticed too late, and there was very little he could do.  He managed to delay the project by about a year, but that’s it.”

“He lied!” Robert stated.  “He told us he’d got a job as a wind turbine mechanic, and that is why he was away from home for longer!”

“So they’re keeping Mary as a hostage so Sam’ll be forced to stop the mission?” Jamie asked.

“Correct.” Archa answered.

“But why didn’t they just kill Dad?” Robert asked.

“They did try, but they failed.  This way is much more effective.”

“So, can’t we get them to help us?”

“Events are moving fast,” Mrs Cormier said, appearing out of nowhere.  “They may have completed their mission within 5 hours.”

“Right, so we need a plan…” Jamie said.

The red haired guard stirred.  Robert grabbed the gun and pointed it at her.

“Ugh… I feel bad enough without that being poked into my head!” she spat.

“What’s your name?” Archa asked.  She got a fright when looking at him, but continued anyway.

“Selena,” She said simply.

“Right Selena, you are going to tell us everything…”


Miss Manson slapped Mary, and threw her into her room, closing the metal door behind her.  Mary fell onto the floor, and didn’t have the strength to get up.

She would escape though.  Even if it took years, she would escape.

She pulled herself up, and listened at the door.  The machinery was louder.  People were running about.  This wasn’t a test.  This was their plan being put into work.  And nothing could stop it now.

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