Ghosts of the Windfarm

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Chapter 15 (v.1)

Submitted: July 21, 2011

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Submitted: July 21, 2011



“What are the Windites planning!!” Mrs Cormier shouted at Selena.  Jamie could see why Archa had told her to do the interrogation.

“Before I tell you anything, I want to know what you are.”

“A ghost.  Now, tell me everything or you die!” Mrs Cormier roared.

“Define everything,” Selena said, glaring.

“What are you planning!?”

“Well…” Selena began.  “How much do you know?”

“Tell us everything!”

“Ok… I am a part of a group called Windites.  We plan to take electricity from every major windfarm in Europe.  Wind power is the source of power for 75% of Europe; without it Europe will descend into chaos.  Then the Windites will create a company that will sell the electricity cheap to the countries that need it.  They will be so dependant on it no questions will be asked.

“We shall then use that money to expand our industry all over the world, and not just for windfarms, but for every other energy source!  In a decade’s time, we will take all the electricity being produced, and keep it for another few years.  The world will fall into ruin, and the major countries will fall.  Then, we shall take over the world slowly, offering free electricity to the groups of people that are left.  And slowly, the whole world shall be under our control.  If they resist, we take away the electricity.”

“That’s awful; evil!!” Archa exclaimed.

“That’s what the Windites are doing,” Selena explained.

“And what about you?” Jamie asked her.  “Why are you working for them?”

“They pay me,” she said simply.  “I’ve lost my job by telling you this, but I don’t care for them enough to die for them!”

“So you work for them, but you’re not actually a part of their operations?” Archa asked.


The other guard stirred.  Mrs Cormier kicked him unconscious again.

“But you killed people!” Jamie yelled at her.  “How could you live with that!?”

“To be successful in life, you need to remove your conscience.  Once you’ve done that, NOTHING holds you back!”

“In our day you’d have been executed!” Henry shouted at her!

“And you’re lucky we don’t kill you here and now,” Robert threatened her.

“We’ll leave you here tied up.  When your friend wakes up, he can untie you,” Archa said. 

“What will you do?” Jamie asked her.  He didn’t care about her – she had almost killed him – but she had just helped them after all.

“Escape prison.  I have committed many other crimes, the police will be looking for me.”

“I see” Henry said.  “Robert, you have some rope in your backpack, don’t you?”

“Yes,” Robert replied.  After the cliff incident he carried rope everywhere.

“Tie her up then.”

“Wait, one more thing!” said Archa.  “Where is the Windite base?  Where can we get into it?”

“There is only one entrance,” explained Selena.

Mrs Cormier kicked the other guard again so hard it almost killed him.

“Where?” Archa asked.

“It’s up in the hills, nearby a wind turbine with the number 130 on it.  You’ll find it easy.”

“Thank you Selena,” Archa said.  “Ok Robert, tie her up.  Then we’ll save Mary!”


Mary continued to listen at the door.  Lots of people were talking at once.  Then one voice dominated over them all.

“Fellow Windites!” Miss Manson shouted over the noise.  “We have all been working hard for this day!  And it has finally come!  In just 2 minutes, the whole of Europe will plunge into disaster!”

Mary could hear cheers coming from everyone else.

And then she’d realised, whatever they were planning; they had won.

Sam and Clarice were sitting in the shop.  Sam couldn’t stand waiting.  His kids could be dying and he was just sitting there!  But what else could he do?  He couldn’t stop the Windites on his own.  He had to wait for backup.

“I’m sure they’ll be found,” Clarice said to him comfortingly.

“What about Jamie?  Where will he go?” he asked.

“I… I don’t know!” she cried.  “I think he’ll look for Mary.  He really cares about her.”

Sam knew where Mary was, so Jamie shouldn’t be hard to find, but Robert?  He didn’t have a clue where he’d be.  With Mary, if there was any justice in the world.  If not then he’d probably be dead.

Suddenly, without warning, he lights went off.

“A power cut?” Clarice asked.

“I shouldn’t think so!” Sam said, worried.  He pulled out his mobile phone, and dialled some very important numbers.

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