Ghosts of the Windfarm

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Chapter 16 (v.1)

Submitted: July 21, 2011

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Submitted: July 21, 2011



The two humans charged across the hills, with the three ghosts following behind.  They couldn’t go further than a few metres away from Robert.

Though he didn’t say anything, Robert was growing worried about attaching.  He felt the ghosts hadn’t told him everything about it.  He could feel into their minds, and he knew they were intentionally keeping something from him.  Mrs Cormier’s mind was impossible to get near to, and he struggled to get through Archa’s so he tried on Henry.

He relaxed, and peaked deep into Henry’s mind.  Henry noticed, and gave a slight jolt. 

“You alright Robert?” Archa asked him.  The connection broke.

“Argh!  Uh, yeah,” he replied quickly.  He’d almost had it!  He could just ask Archa…

Maybe later.

Jamie looked down from the hill.  It had been such a lovely morning, but the afternoon had turned to rain.  It wasn’t heavy rain, but enough to get them wet.  The wind turbines stood still.

He sighed.  Why him?  Why did any of them get involved?  He thought back to the point where he could have changed things.  The first moment he thought of was going to Len’s house, but it went further back than that. 

Was it when his Dad disappeared?  But Jamie couldn’t have stopped that.  Was the turning point even further back than that?  He remembered all those years ago, when he first moved to Shetland.  His parents asked him first if he was willing to, and he’d said yes.  If he’d have only said no…

If he had said no he never would have met Mary!  He’d never have met Robert either.  He hadn’t had many friends before he moved to Shetland.

If he could go back in time, to the moment where he said yes, would he change it?  Jamie thought for a while.  No, he wouldn’t.  It wasn’t worth it, but he wouldn’t change it.  But how different would his life be if he hadn’t said yes, all those years ago…

“Ready to continue moving, Jamie?” Archa called to him.

“Oh, yeah,” Jamie replied.

They walked through the eerily silent windfarm.  None of the blades were spinning, but that was probably due to the Windites.  It reminded Jamie of when Mary, Robert and him went on that walk, ages ago. Would they ever go on a walk like that again?

They passed numbers ninety-seven, then ninety-eight, and then ninety-nine…  After half an hour they found one hundred and thirty.

“It’s near here…” Henry stated.

Robert felt it was time.

“Archa…” he said slowly and carefully.

Robert felt the twang of guilt form Archa’s mind hit him.

“…Yes…?” he said, looking at him.

“There’s something you’re not telling me, isn’t there…”

Archa hesitated.

“What is it!?” Robert demanded.

Archa smiled, like he usually did.

“There’s nothing, honestly.”

“One hundred and Three is here,” Mrs Cormier said, pointing.

“We go in then!” Archa said quickly, and walked up to the wind turbine.  To it’s left was a badly covered hole, with steps leading down.

“We’ll go first,” Mrs Cormier stated, meaning Robert and the ghosts.  Robert didn’t have much choice, as Mrs Cormier stormed ahead, and he was forced to follow.  Jamie walked behind.

The corridor was quite dark, yet in a well-lit way.  Jamie noticed a blood stain by the entrance, and a bullet, but he tried to ignore it.

“Wait!” he said to them quietly.  “We don’t have a plan!”

“We storm in and take them by surprise!” Mrs Cormier said quickly.  “Henry and I will attack them, and Archa will hack into the machinery.  You and Robert will stay out of the way.”

“It’s not going to work, they’ve got guns!” Jamie cried.  “You said you could be killed while attached!  It would take 5 gun shots and the mission has failed!”

“We have to do it quickly then,” Archa said.  “It will work, trust me.”

“Fine, but I’m not just going to sit and watch, I’m going to find Mary,” Jamie said stubbornly.

“Very well then…” Archa sighed.

They continued down the corridor.  They could hear the machines buzzing.

“If we fail, how long will it be before they begin selling electricity to Europe?” Jamie asked Archa.

“A few months I’d guess…”

So if they failed and were killed, there was still a chance Sam and the anti-Windites could stop it.

They arrived at a corner and stopped.

“They are just around the corner…” Mrs Cormier said.

“You know, we could still turn back…” Henry said.  The coward!

Mrs Cormier gave him a dirty look.

“Yes… I can feel the machinery…” Archa said slowly.  Robert could feel it too.  Along with the deception…

Archa slowly faded away.  Then instantly, alarms started up.

“What the hell is that!?” Miss Manson cried.

Mrs Cormier glided through the guards, and punched them all so hard some of them probably died.  Guns began firing.  Jamie took advantage of the confusion and ran through to look for Mary.

“MARY!  WHERE ARE YOU!!” He shouted, but he wouldn’t be able to hear a reply.

Miss Manson pulled out a gun and pointed it at Mrs Cormier.

“I don’t know what, or who you are, but you are NOT going to stop us!!!”

She pulled the trigger, and Mrs Cormier faded away into silver smoke. 

Robert could feel her detaching.  It was more painful than the original attaching.  He cried out in pain.


Mrs Cormier appeared back at the croft house, cursing.  How could she have been so foolish!?

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