Ghosts of the Windfarm

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Chapter 17 (v.1)

Submitted: July 21, 2011

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Submitted: July 21, 2011



Mary sat in her room.  It felt more like a cell than a room.  Then the alarms went off, and the gunfire, and screaming.  She held her head to the door, trying to hear what was happening.  Then… she heard Jamie.

“Mary!” he shouted.

She paused, in shock.  How had he found her!?

“JAMIE!” she cried eventually.  “JAMIE I’M HERE!!”

He’d heard her.

“Mary!  You’re alive!”

“Can you open the door!” she shouted.  More gunshots, and she couldn’t hear his reply.

On the other side, Jamie was trying to find out how the door worked.  He pushed some random buttons, and it opened!  Mary was standing there, so happy to see him.  And he was happy to see her!

She ran into his arms, crying with happiness.

“I thought I’d never get out!”

“And I thought you were dead!”

“But… how did you find me?”

“Err… it’s a long story!”

The gunfire stopped.

“Wait, can you hear that?” Jamie said, looking around.


“Exactly.  Let’s go see what’s going on!”

They walked back towards the battle site.  Robert was standing in the middle of the room with his hands in the air.  The three guards who were still conscious were holding a gun towards Robert.  Archa was beside him.

  “Wait, this way!” Mary said, pulling Jamie in another direction.

“Where are we going?”

“They have other prisoners here, we need to free them!”

They went into a room, and inside it was a young woman unconscious.

“She’s drugged,” Mary said sadly.  “Is she Dale’s sister?”

“Dale?” Jamie asked.

“A guard that helped me try to escape.  He was… shot.”


They went into the next room, which had an old man, who was also drugged.  They opened up all the doors, so when they awoke (if they did) they could escape.  In the final room however, there was a young boy, who could only be 5, and he was conscious.

“Hey, who are you!?” he cried.

“Oh, um…” Mary said…

“Don’t mind us,” Jamie said to him.  “Stay in here, and we’ll come and find you later.”

The young boy nodded.  They went back out.  Mary was livid with anger.

“Kidnapping a boy that age!  How dare they!!”

They went back to the centre of the action.  Miss Manson was talking to Robert and Archa – gloating, most likely.  Henry had probably been shot as well.

Mary picked up a gun from a dead guard’s hand.  It had blood on it, but that didn’t bother Mary.  She aimed at one of the guards.

“Mary…” Jamie began to say, but didn’t finish.  She looked at him.  Her eyes were like fire.  Jamie was glad she was on his side.

She fired the gun, and it hit the guard’s foot.  He cried out in pain, and fell down to the ground.  She shot the other guard, also in the leg.  He was stronger though, and limped towards Jamie and her.

She fired again, and it hit the guard in the stomach.  It killed him.

“Oh no!” she cried, sobbing.  “I didn’t mean to kill him!”

The last guard rammed into her, and took the gun.  He gestured with it for them to join Robert and Archa, and they did so.  Mary suddenly realised it was her Grandfather, but she didn’t say anything.  She could ask later.

“Very good!” Miss Manson said, continuing to gloat.  Then she saw Jamie.

“No… it can’t be!” she said, looking at him.

“What?” he said angrily.

“You… look… just like your father…”

“What about him!?” Jamie cried.

“It… doesn’t matter!”

Robert turned to Archa.

“Did you finish hacking?” he asked.

“No… but Jamie is distracting her… so I could finish…”

Archa slowly and discreetly disappeared. 

Mary heard him, and helped Jamie distract her.

“What are you going to do with us?”

“You and your brother are far too valuable to kill-” she began.

“Why?” Mary demanded.

“Did you not know!?” exclaimed Miss Manson, laughing.  “Your father knew about us Windites, and was a part of a group trying to stop us!”

Mary was shocked.  So that was why she was a hostage!

“So he’ll be coming to rescue us!” she said happily.

“But he’ll be too late!  We’ll have sent all the electricity to Finland by then, and he’ll never do anything if we hold you hostage!”

She went to type something on the controller.  The other guard watched them.

“Wait!” Jamie cried.  “What were you gonna say about my father?”

She turned, and looked at him again.

“I assume it was you that took him,” Jamie said.  “What did you do with him!”

She grinned evilly.

“We killed him!”.

Hatred flooded into Jamie.  He could run up to her and kill her…

“He wasn’t as good as you think he was.” She said, tauntingly.

“What do you mean…?” Jamie asked.

Robert could feel Archa hacking.  He was almost done… Jamie just needed to stall a bit longer…

“The reason we killed him is because he knew about us,” she continued.  “I told him!”

“What!” Jamie and Mary said, at the same time.

“We… were having an affair.”

Jamie said nothing.  He couldn’t.  Robert even felt Archa stop for a second.

“I thought I could trust him… I was… wrong…” Miss Manson said, sadly.  “He realised you and your mother were more important, and left me!  After that, killing him was easy.  In fact, I ENJOYED IT!”

She was half mad!

Jamie wanted to kill her.  He could kill her.  He would kill her!

He dived towards the unsuspecting guard, and grabbed his gun.  The guard swung at him, but Mary leapt forward and pulled him to the ground.  As he fell Robert punched him on the nose.  Jamie held the gun at Miss Manson.  She turned quickly and typed on the keyboard.

Jamie hesitated.

“Shoot!” Robert shouted.

He tried.  He couldn’t.

“Jamie…” Mary said softly.  She didn’t finish.

Archa appeared next to Robert again.  Alarms went off.

“It is done!” he cried.

The computer screen went off.  Miss Manson escaped through the door.  Jamie did nothing.  He wasn’t a murderer.

“I’m glad you didn’t do it,” Mary said.  “You shouldn’t have to know what it feels like to kill…”

Suddenly Robert cried out in pain.  Archa had a flash of guilt on his face.  He turned to Jamie.

“I’m sorry, I lied!” he cried.  “Robert, I did keep something from you!  If someone attached completes their mission, the living person dies!”

Robert looked at him.  He couldn’t speak; he was in agony.

“But if I get shot, then I won’t be attached!” he shouted.  “SHOOT ME JAMIE!”



Mary grabbed the gun.

“You’re not a murderer!” she cried.  “I am!” She fired the gun at Archa.  But it was too late.  He disappeared into an explosion of silver smoke.  Along with Robert.

And it was over.

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