Ghosts of the Windfarm

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Chapter 4 (v.1)

Submitted: July 21, 2011

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Submitted: July 21, 2011



Robert was walking past the abandoned Leisure Centre.  After being hit by lightning, nobody was allowed inside.  Robert never did have much time for rules, so climbed the fence and entered through the hole in the wall.

It wasn’t his first time in there.  He could vaguely remember being in there before it got hit by lightning.  He couldn’t remember it actually being used however.

He walked around what was once the swimming pool.  He liked walking through Aith’s abandoned buildings.  It had a sense of history.

He heard something metal fall to the ground with a clang, which almost made him slip into the deep end.  Then the whispering started.


He span around, almost falling in again, and looked up.  There was nobody there.  Maybe he’d imagined it.


Obviously not.  He walked through the changing rooms, which was now a corridor of rubble.


It was getting louder.

“Who are you!” he shouted, starting to give in to fear.

“What is left…” The voice was slow and raspy. 

“L, Left of what!”


Robert, beginning to panic, headed for the door.  On his way he tripped over some fallen bricks and fell to the ground, grazing his arm. 

A bright light shone over him.  He looked up into it.  A figure came flying through the white light and gracefully landed on the ground.  It resembled an old man, yet with youth.

The old man walked towards him, the light dying down.  Robert just stared at him, in shock.

“Am I going mad…?” Robert asked himself.


“Oh… wait, what?” Robert said; not the reply he was expecting.

“Though I do hope not, it will affect the mission if you are” 


The man sighed.

“They’re always like this… follow!”

Robert then found himself in an old croft-house.

“That was a waste of time,” Mary said, annoyed.

“He must have emptied it,” Jamie said, also annoyed, yet slightly relieved.  “Is there a secret compartment or something?”

“You’ve been watching too many movies!”

Jamie kicked the safe hoping something would happen.  It did; a small sheet of paper fell out of it.  It had been stuck at the top!

Mary opened it.  It read:

“If you are reading this then I am dead.  But this information has to be told.

On February 16th, 2022, I discovered a secret organisation associated with the Viking Energy Wind Farm.  I shall not go into how I found them, but I did.  They have an underground base where something is being planned, but I do not know what.


“Quiet Jamie”

-They are also dangerous.  On discovering I was there they attempted to kill me, but I escaped.  I know they are looking for me, and I found a note in the shop addressed to me, which included many death threats and threats to kill my family, which is why I told nobody.

But I am dead now, so the secret can be revealed.  If you are reading this then please do something about it, do not give into fear like me!


Archa Smith.

“That’s how they went missing,” Jamie gasped.

“So… they were murdered!” Mary cried, looking upset.

“Oh.  Yes…”

Her face went red in anger.

“Should we phone the police or something?” Jamie asked. 

The doorbell rang, as Mary was about to answer.

“Oh I’ll get it…” she said angrily.  Jamie stayed in the room and re-read the letter.  Why did they take Mary’s grandmother?  She isn’t mentioned in the whole letter.  Unless… Jamie had a horrible thought.

What if Archa had told his Dad, and that’s how his Dad went missing?  But his Dad rarely spoke to Archa, why would he tell him?  And that would mean that his Dad was dead… which of course he wasn’t.  Jamie knew he wasn’t.  He’d turn up…eventually…

Mary screamed, and Jamie jumped up and ran downstairs to see what was going on.  But she had gone.  He ran out the door and looked around.  She was nowhere!

“Mary!” he called out.  “Where are you!!”

Jamie circled the house, looking in all directions.  Where could she have gone?  Had she been taken as well?

Panicking, he ran inside and dialled 999. 

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