Ghosts of the Windfarm

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Chapter 9 (v.1)

Submitted: July 21, 2011

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Submitted: July 21, 2011



Jamie next woke up in a room that could only be the hospital.  He recognised the smell immediately, and he hardly ever went in!

He was the only person in the room, though a nurse couldn’t be far away.  There were flowers on the windowsill, which cast a shadow over half the room.  It was only dawn outside, and most of the world would still be asleep. 

Jamie suddenly sat up in the bed.  Mary was still missing!  He was about to get out when the nurse came.

“Ah, Jamie, you’re awake,” he said happily. 

“Yes, good, where’s Mary!”



“Who’s Mary?”

“My friend!  She went missing!”

“I don’t know.  But you’d better lie down, you are in hospital after all.”

“Why!!” Jamie half shouted.  “Why should I stay here when Mary could be dead!”

“I’m sure the police are looking for her,” The nurse said, trying to calm him down.

“Not if that Wilson guy has anything to do with it…”

A doctor came in.

“Oh, it was you I heard shouting…” he said, but not nastily.  “You escaped quite luckily; you only had mild hypothermia.  You have some pretty bad bruises though.”

Jamie suddenly realised he was covered in them.  He laid back down.

“Speaking of which, there’s a police officer wanting to speak to you when you’re able to.”

Jamie groaned.  Not another inept policeman…

“I’ll show him in then,” the doctor said, leaving the room, with the nurse following him.  After a minute, a young policeman came in.

“Er… Hi,” He said nervously.  Jamie rolled his eyes.  Was there a minimum IQ needed to become a police officer?

“I’ll need to ask you some questions…” he said quietly.

Jamie sighed.  He didn’t have time for this.

“Where… um… were you when… no, that’s not right,” he said, looking at the paper like he’d never seen it before.”

“You new?” Jamie asked.

“Oh, its that obvious huh?”

“Yep.”  Jamie then decided this wasn’t the time to be formal.

“Look, unless you can tell me any clues about where Mary is then I’m not interested.”

“That’s confidential!” The policeman cried.

Jamie got up.

“I’ll let myself out then,” he said to him, sighing again.  He half limped towards the door. He discharged himself and left, half disappointed nobody tried to stop him.  The NHS were getting worse than he thought.

As he was limping out of the hospital, a police-car drove into the car park.  Jamie looked in, and angrily saw that it was Wilson inside.  He got out of the car and walked towards Jamie, angry.  Jamie was strong enough to run away, but there was little point.

“Jamie!” he shouted.  “How dare you just run off like that?  You could have died!  You almost did!”

Jamie said nothing.

“It’s not funny, and it’s not smart!  Get into the police car, your mother is on her way!”

Jamie suddenly thought of her.  She must have been worried sick.  He felt a bit guilty.

They sat in the police car.  Wilson was reading a newspaper.  The radio beeped.  Wilson fumbled with some buttons, before getting the right one.  Jamie watched curiously.

“Err, yes, hello?” he said into it.

“There’s a grade 9 issue in the Westside area, you’re needed there as soon as possible!”

“Oh, yeah, grade 9… that’s…bad…” Wilson said slowly.  Jamie almost laughed.

“Get there as soon as possible,” the chief inspector said angrily, and the radio turned off.  Wilson sighed.

“You’re not a real policeman, are you?” Jamie asked.

Wilson looked at him angrily.

“Shut up!” he shouted.  “Do not mention this to anyone, or I’ll… I’ll kill you!” he shouted.  Jamie opened the door and darted out the car.  Wilson drove off.

Jamie waited in the car park for 5 minutes, then his Mum drove up towards him and got out.

“I though you’d died!” she exclaimed, running up and hugging him.

“I’m fine…” Jamie tried to say, but she wasn’t listening.

“Did they let you out?  Are you ok?” She asked.

“Yeah,” Jamie lied, ignoring how much pain he was in.  Still, it was only a…few… bruises.  “I just want to go home now.” So he could look for Mary.

“Alright.  But I want you to tell me everything on the way back alright?”



“We have to save her!” cried Robert.

“Excellent!” Henry said, delighted.

“What can I do to help?” Robert asked.

“Well…” Archa began.  Robert didn’t like the sound of that.

“We ghosts are restricted to the village we died in.  It’s a strange and complicated law that binds us here, but it’s a law nonetheless.  However… we can attach ourselves onto someone living, and go wherever they go.”

“And you want to attach to me?” Robert asked.

“Exactly!” Archa said.  “But only three ghosts can attach to one living person.  We’ve decided it’ll be Henry, myself a woman called Miss Cormier and myself.  Don’t ask her for her first name though, she can be funny sometimes.”

“But what if I don’t want you to “attach” yourselves to me.”

“Then we won’t.  But you do, you asked how you can help and that is how.”

“Although…” Archa said slowly.  “Ghosts attaching themselves to a human can be dodgy.  Not only is it painful, but we cannot leave you until either we are killed or we succeed in our mission.  Or if you die of course.”

“And we’d rather you didn’t,” Henry added.

“But wait, you’re ghosts, you can’t die!” Robert said.  This attaching didn’t sound good.

“We can when attached,” Archa said.  “But we don’t really die, we are sent back here, but it would be nice to avoid that.”

“So the plan is,” Henry explained, “we attach ourselves to you, then you go to the base, and we’ll help you fight them.  We’ll break their machines, make them collapse, or anything else which involves “haunting”.”

“I see.  How painful is it?”

“Um…well, er…”

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