The Tale of Neyunn

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Layower, or anyone connected to him, must suffer. It is the rules.

I wrote this a few years ago (I'd have been about 12), so not my best work.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Tale of Neyunn

Submitted: July 22, 2011

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Submitted: July 22, 2011



Layower Autumnfield liked New Zealand.  It was better than his old home, in Mexico.  His family was from England however, so people sometimes got confused when he told them.

His parents were called Valerie and William.  He didn’t have any brothers or sisters.  He used to have an older sister, but not any more.  She’d died in Mexico.  They didn’t talk about it.

He had recently celebrated his 13th birthday.  It was hardly a celebration though, only 2 of the 18 people he invited bothered to arrive.  He wasn’t very popular at his school.

He had brown hair and blue eyes, small ears and a long nose.  And he had freckles.  He hated it when he was bullied for that.  It wasn’t as if he even had that many.

Layower spent his weekends at his Aunt and Uncle’s farm.  He liked it there, he enjoyed helping out.  He normally lived in small town, called Neyunn which seemed to him very isolated from the world.  Tourists never came, he rarely met anyone new and a worrying amount of people kept moving away.  Layower would be joining them in just 1 year, when he’d be moving back to England where he’d been born.

It was a bad place to found a town, Layower thought.  It was in the middle of a clump of hills, with only one road joining up to a big motorway.  He didn’t know why his parents had chosen Neyunn to more to.  It was such a boring place that even they didn’t like it much.  His Dad’s company were planning to set up a branch nearby but it never happened.  They paid him 30,000 New Zealand dollars for the inconvenience and given him a place in a branch in England, which was why he was moving.

Another reason he hated Neyunn was because he was lonely there.  He had no friends and rarely spoke to anyone besides his parents.  Everyone though him strange.

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