Alexandria Fortune: Neopolitan

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Out of the Strong Came the Sweet, Delilah

Submitted: February 29, 2008

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Submitted: February 29, 2008



Out of the Strong Came the Sweet, Delilah

“Please,” cried Alexandria Fortune, “What happened?”
“You murdered D.S. Johan Jyhan.” replied Bombolone.
“Yes, I know that much.”
“You saying you’re guilty?”
“No!” said Fortune, “I mean – I was just asleep… how… is he really dead?”
“As dead as the Furby, my friend,” said Bombolone sadly, “So, where were you at about two hours past midnight last night?”
“Asleep, in my bed, in this hotel, the hotel Paura.” replied Fortune.
“Are you sure?”
“Do you have an alibi?”
“What?!” said Fortune, “Do you think someone else was in my bed, in this hotel, in the hotel Paura.”

Bombolone raised his eyebrows, but grinned and said:

“No. Of course not. You have no alibi.”

Bombolone made some notes in his paper pad, then muttered something to his pocket, then looked at Fortune and sighed. Inspector Waffle murmured ‘Toaster’, ‘Wfle’ and ‘Annabella’.

Finally, the Chief Inspector said,

“Do you know why we four came to Napoli?”
"D.C Johan Jyhan was following up links on the horrible spate of murders in England. He says that the method of killing can be traced to the Mafia style routes of here-a-bouts.” replied Fortune confidently.
“Yes,” said Bombolnoe painfully, “Yes, it is turning into a tragedy back home. Do you know how to handle a gun?”
“Of course,” said Fortune carefully, “I’m a police officer.”
“What’s your favourite ice-cream flavour?”
“Chocolate. Like my hair, why?”
“Hmmm…” said Bombolone, “Mine’s Strawberry… I think Jyhan’s was Vanilla and Waffle’s was all of them. Curious.”
“Toaster.” said Inspector Waffle.
“Alexandria Fortune,” said Bombolone, “Last night you were seen by cameras and an eye witness breaking and entering into Jyhan’s room. They heard screams, Fortune. They saw you coming out. And… there’s blood on your hands, Fortune.”

Alexandria Fortune looked at her hands, and indeed saw the stains of dry blood nestled in the cracks of her palm.

She vomited.

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