Rise of the Living Dead

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Chapter 2
Captain Josh called the meeting and waited for the others to arive. When they all arrived he started the meeting only to get a phone call from the same place who originally sent the request. The team got ready to head out immediately for the small town of Rika.
What was the phone call about?
Are they prepared for what's ahead?

Chapter 2 (v.1) - Preperations

Submitted: August 12, 2012

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Submitted: August 12, 2012



Chapter 2

Annette was the first one in, new kid right behind her. What was his name again? John I think. Josh was never good with remembering people's name. He looked down at the list of complaints he was sent from the nearby farm area called Rika Town. When he looked up again he seen Ron come in with Nate right behind him talking to Ron.

He looked at the time and figured that the others will have to miss out. Josh stood from his chair and looked at the papers one more time. Fights occurring, multiple injuries mainly gunshots and stuff of that sorts. As he scrolled down a line he noticed a part he didn't notice last time.Multiple bite wounds, unknown cause ; seems to be contagious, people who got bit seemed to get sick quickly . He was a bit startled from the message but he was ready to get the meeting started.

"Ok people get to your seats, it's time to start the meeting now," John commanded to the others. As they got seated he grabbed the copies of the report and handed it out while telling them the basics of the meeting. "We got a report from Rika town about fights occurring causing multiple injuries and deaths. They where mainly gun shots and stuff but there was a few people bitten and even eaten so we might be dealing with a group of carnivores." John was the first one Josh noticed reading the paper then looking up a bit startled.

"What's this about sickness?" He asked and everyone looked up also to see if Josh had any answers.Which I don't sadly.Josh was about to say something when his phone rang.


Josh sat down and picked up the phone. "Hello, This is the STARTs, may I ask who's calling? Ya. . . What?" John seen Josh shoot up from his chair with a worried look. He said that we were on are way and hanged up. "Um. . . What happened sir?" John asked worried. Today is my first day on the job and are Captain already looks freaked out. What the hell happened? John came back to reality when he hear what Josh said next.

"Nate go get the the guns now. Annette, you and Ron go get the safety gear, and John you come with me. We meet at the front ASAP." When he finished everyone went straight to it. John stood up and went to the captain.

"Yes sir?" John asked still wondering what the phone call was for. Josh gave him the sign to follow him.

As they walked down the hall Josh started briefing John on the details. "I know today is yourfirst day on the job and wasn't expecting to already get out there, but that phone call was from Rika town. The sick people has escaped and they said there biting and even eating the civilians. They said they started trying to bite them since yesterday but didn't get so serious until a few hours ago. So we are to go and try to capture them and get them under control." John could tell there was more but he kept to himself as they took a left down the hall and went to the last door on the left.

God this is a huge parking lot. . . What the hell is with all of these cars? John was so startled that he didn't notice that Josh was talking until he said John's name.

"Hey John you listening? I said for you to take the armored truck in the back and drive it up front. I'm going to go and help Nate with the guns. Just take it around front and wait for us ok." John nodded and Josh was on his way. "Oh and one more thing John, Your good with sniping from what I read so go to the gun case in the back. There's a gift for you." After he finished talking he was gone through the door.


Ron got the bullet proof vests and gloves while Annette got the helmets and walkie talkies. Ron grabbed the last one then looked at his watch. "You done yet Annette" He asked her from the other side of the room. She looked up and noded lifting the bag over her shoulder.

"You?" she asked him back. He nodded and they started heading out.

Ron was halfway around the turn when he heard Annette yelp behind him. He turned and see her on the ground holding her ankle. Ron jumped down next to her and seen that she has twisted her ankle maybe spraining it. "Are you ok Annette? What happened?" She looked at her ankle then at him.

"I'm sorry. I've always been a bit clumsy. I'm ok it's just a sprain." She flinched at the movement of her ankle. He grabbed the bag from her and lifted her up.

"Here I'll help you, think of it as me paying you back for that bet you won in Jack the first day you came." He was awarded with a chuckle and a nod. He started to walk her to the car happy that he made her laugh.


He was halfway through the handguns when Josh walked in. "You came to help me Captain?" Nate pleaded to Josh with a bit of humored voice. Josh looked at Nate and noded. He grabbed a bag and started packing up on the shotguns. "Should I get some of the bombs and maybe a few autos just in case?" Nate asked curious about what could make Josh seem so worried. I never see him this worried except for the time when that riot nearly killed all those civilians. Nate removed the thought from his head as Josh started to speak.

"Yes, because it's the infection. I think it got released somehow." Nate knew immediately what Josh was talking about. But how? It's been sealed for years, how could someone have found it? Nate was worried now and hoped it didn't get to serious. When they finished the last bag filled with clips they both grabbed one bag and headed out to meet the others.

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