Rise of the Living Dead

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Trip To Rika

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Submitted: August 12, 2012



Chapter 3

As they finished packing up Annette looked up just in time for the captain and Nathan walk out the front door. She threw her jacket in the front passenger seat and got in to check the gas for the third time now. When she was sure she was ready she heard the captain holler a command, "People get into the armored truck." She looked at her phone and seen she had a message. She started to read it when she heard movement to her left.

She looked up and saw the Ron leaning against her car door. "You heard the captain, lets get to the truck or he might send big ole' Nate on us,"he said with a slight smirk on his face. She started to chuckle when she heard Nate shout over the motor of the truck,

"Hey lovebirds, stop flirting and get your horny asses over here," He said with mirthful voice. We both looked at each other and I seen that he was blushing, I'm pretty sure I am to, no time get up and go you lazy ass. She turned behind her and grabbed her jacket and gun out of the clubox.

"You ready Ron?", She asked sure he was ready to go. He nodded his head and they both headed for the truck hoping for the best. The message said to be prepared for the worst? She thought as she looked at the others waiting for them.


We where just leaving the dirt road when John remembered that he forgot his vest in the car. "Damn it," he whispered to himself. He didn't really care for it but he DID care about surviving a gun shot if someone was stupid enough to shoot him . . . or bite me. He shivered at the thought. The paper giving the details said something about cannibalism and he did not want to become some sycho's meal.

John remembered about the 'gift' he got from the captain. It was a damn Barrett M82. Those things are powerful, and not only that he had ten, ten clips equaling up to 50 rounds for it in there. He was great with snipers but he only seen others use the M82. He was hoping it was as good as it seemed and didn't have to hard of a recoil.

He looked up and seen everyone else was getting there gear on including there helmets and suits. "You gonna put your safety gear on John?" John looked to his left to see Annette looking at him with a adorable face. Wow being able to actually look at her now, she is beautiful. He started to flush a slight bit since she was so close. She gave him a smile then said in a friendly voice, "Haha no need to be shy John. But seriously are you getting them on or not?"

John shook his head and showed her that he was empty handed."I forgot my equipment in my car except for my gun, a few clips, and a my gloves." Annette looked at him for a second then shook her head chuckling a little.

"I'm so clumsy and your forgetful. We need to help each other out eh," Annette said with a smirk.

He could tell she was being sarcastic and started laughing a little. "Haha ya we should huh." He said as he got his hip pack on with his clips in it ready to go.

As Nate was helping with passing out extra clips to the others he looked up at John and seen that he was using the Colt Python. "Huh nice gun John. I think I had a few extra clips for that gun somewhere in here. . . Ah here they are" John saw Nate pull out five fully loaded clips for the Python. John nodded his appreciation and accepted the clips. When John grabbed them Nate got right back to passing out the rest. They was using the Beretta 92FS. Nice gun but it's just the basic gun for most police. He got to putting his extra clips in his hip pack.


Nate was amazed by John's taste in guns. He remembered that he had a Colt Python before so he gave John his clips for them. Cylinder chambered bullets, great accuracy, and easy to use. Just the type of gun I like, He thought passing Annette a pack of five clips for the Beretta. She noded her thanks and put them in her side pack. When Nate got the last five clips for himself he looked up and seen the captain come in from the front.

"Ok people we have fifteen minutes left till we reach are destination. Make sure your all prepared. John where is you vest and helmet?" Nate looked over and seen that John was only wearing his safety gloves, uniform, a hip pack, and his two guns, python in his holster and. .. Well damn, a Barrett M82. Talking about high powered.

He seen John shake his head, "Sorry sir I kind of forgot to bring it. It was in my car. " Nate shook his head in disbelief as Josh nodded his ok and headed back to the front passenger seat with Ron. "Hey Nate go ahead and get your helmet on." John looked over to see Annette was fully dressed and ready to go. Damn she always prepare ahead of time huh. He nodded again and slid on his helmet.

"Hey Annette you know you look rather fine with the suit on. How about we go one a date while wearing it?" She looked at him an laughed a little.

"You know what maybe I would go as long as you keep yours on as well" He knew immediately that she just made a joke of him.

"Haha ok you got me Annette, nice one."She has a smirk on her face that meant victory. Oh don't worry hunny I'll get you back. With that thought he sat in his spot of the van and was ready to go.


It's time, I hope it ain't as bad as I think. Josh looked behind him to see that everyone was ready to go. Except for John who forgot his gear. He shook his head then nodded at Ron that they was ready. Ron nodded back and slightly pressed the breaks. Josh than stood up then went back to the team. "Ok people we are at are stop. We are ahundred yards or so from the town and are walking the rest of the way." Everyone looked like they was ready. Except Nathan, god I hope everyone else is ready for this. Josh nodded then pointed to the door. "Ok lets go, Ron I want you to park the car in that parking lot there then catch up with us." With that Ron nodded and Josh and the others headed out.

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