Rise of the Living Dead

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Intrance To Rika

Submitted: August 12, 2012

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Submitted: August 12, 2012



chapter 4

We was jogging down the highway, not a single person in sight. It's only been about 45 minutes since the phone call. Did something happen already? John noticed a few dead animals across the roads but still no humans. He did not see Ron yet and hoped nothing happened to him. John and everyone else was holding there handguns and was watching every corner. God this is creepy. . . Where is everyone? Josh slowed down a slight bit, then stopped completely.

We stopped in front of what looks like a small police building. "Okay people, we are going to wait here for Ron," Josh said walking toward the building suspiciously. We followed him in a line, Nate in the back, then Annette, Then me. When we got to the front door I seen movement on the side of the building.

"Hello, who's there?," John asked carefully. What's the chances of seeing a person after being 30 minutes through this damn ghost town? John thought this as he left the safety of his comrades.


"Hey John, where are you going?" Annette asked John following him. Nate looked at Josh with a worried look and followed them, Josh behind him, gun pointing at the corner.

"Hey, sir are you ok? Josh we got an injured man over here!" Nate heard John and felt his stomach knot up. Josh walked around the corner and Nate followed hoping against the worse. When he got around the corner he thought he was about to be force to shoot the guy when he talked.

"Ha-ha, people are actually alive. What-what are you doing in this horrid place, your all just going to die," the guy said wincing from what seemed like a bite mark on his left hip. God, it really did get loose. What now?Nate was real worried now. He looked at Josh and knew immediately what he was thinking from the look in his eyes.

"Hey sir, may I ask you exactly what happened around here?" Josh asked the poor man. The man looked at them with a look of horror in his eyes.

"Huh, like you would even believe me. Just leave if you know what is best for you." The man replied. Josh didn't except the answer.


"I asked you politely, sir please tell me what happened. . . we might be able to help," He said with a bit of his patience slipping.

The man slowly stood up and looked at Josh dead in the eyes. "You know what, fine I will tell you. The walking damn dead is in the city gates and if you don't believe me then go in there your damn self and check." Josh seen Nate's eyes widen and knew that it was truly released. But by who and when? Josh didn't know the answer but was willing to go and find out.

"Ok sure just sit here and rest okay. Nate get him bandaged up. . ." Josh walked up to him and then whispered 'Make sure to keep your distance, if he tries to bite you know what to do." With that Josh went to go see if Ron caught up yet.

As Josh got to the road he seen movement further ahead, what looked like drunk people. "Hey captain where are the others?" Josh turned to see Ron jogging up to him. Josh pointed to the side of the police building.

"Ron I want you to go back there and stay there until I get back. Tell Nate to let Annette treat the man's wounds and to come here," Josh commanded Ron while looking back down the road. The drunks was slowly going into the alleys of the buildings and was hard to see. God damn, this is going suck.

Ron looked down the road and seen them to. "Okay sir," started Ron, "he will be here in a minute." With that Ron headed to the side of the building.

"I hope Nate is ready for this," Josh whispered as he slowly walked down he road.


Ron got around the corner to see a wounded man being treated by Nate. "Hey Nate, Josh wants you, he said to let Annette finish this guys..." Nate looked up at him as if he just said something insane. "He said to let Annette finish patching him up," Ron finished.

Nate looked down at the ground as Annette bent down to finish the bandage. "Ok where is he at?" Asked Nate as he grabbed his gun. Ron pointed to the front of the building. Nate nodded and headed to the commander.

"Hey Ron what did he say for us to do?" Ron looked to his right to see that John was the one asking. Annette finished the bandage, then looked up to hear the answer.

"Well all he told me was for us to stay here for now," answered Ron. The three looked at each other for a moment then John bent down to the wounded man and seen that he was getting more and more sick.

John lifted up the man's head and told him to open his eye. "Are you ok? What exactly was your name?" John asked telling the man to follow his finger. The man tried to follow the finger but seemed extremely dizzy and ill.

"M-my name is Cody... Cody Lurtin. Yo-you should get out of here and do so quick. I don't care ho-how strong you are, you will not survive this horrid place," with that Cody just collapsed suddenly.

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