Shu's Adventure (Demi-Elf)

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Shu and Holly was going to attend a meeting for mercenaries. Holly and Shu has been out there for three long years and was about to go to what was Shu's second meeting and Holly's sixth.

Chapter 2 (v.1) - The Beggining (Updated)

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Submitted: January 06, 2012



Chapter 1

"Hey Shu!"

Shu looked up to see Holly's eyes beaming at him like lasers from across the table. He took another bite of his noodles and took a slight gulp then replied, "Um. . . Yea what is it Holly?"

Shu knew better then to tick Holly off but he tended to do it from time to time. But what exactly is she so whacked out about now? I didn't do nothing. . . unless.

Suddenly, like Satan coming to Beldra from Hell, Holly bawled at him like never before. "We got only thirty minute until the meeting for the competition and I don't plan on missing it so you can finish your noodles!" With that a smack on the face, and a clunk fromShu's rear end hitting the floor, she turned and walked off.

"Damn it,"Shu mumbled. "How did I know it was going to about some tournament that I of course did not know about."Shu looked to his left on the floor and seen that his noodles were dumped. "Aw come on! I just bought that and she wasted it! And for what? A damn competition! God this is a pain!" With that he cleaned up the mess, got dressed, then headed out to meet Holly and head to the meeting.

"You better hope this is something good Holy. You know I hate doing these tournaments since we are usually up against other people. So if someone else joins the competition, I quite," moaned Shu, still mad about the noodles.

Holly looked shocked, "wha-what! What do you mean you'll quite. We need that yen, I mean come on, it's 10,000 yen total... that is a lot." Pleaded Holly. She kept this up till Shu finally gave in. There has never been a single argument where Shu has won. The las argument they had ended with Shu buying Holly a bow that cost 2,500 yen.

When theyfinally got to the front of the office Holly turned and looked at Shu.She stood there for a second then said in a stern voice, "Ok Shu, I don't know what we have to do but if we succeed we get 10,000 yen and I want that yen, so do not mess up." With that all said and done she turned and walked in.

Shuglared at her entering the building.He didn't feel like doing this but what has to be done,has to be done. Helooked to his right to look at the mercenary buildboard."A craflin on the loose...350 yen... a flinter in the city...675 yen...hey what is a hugter?" Shul ooked at the bottom and noticed a picture of what looked like a over-sized cat at least weighing a ton (not really but still) and it had what looked like swords as claws. "Damn, the person is willing to give up 2,500 yen to whoever kills that thing, must be a strong buster."He turned his head to the door of the Guild hall. "This better be worth the 10,000 yen," mumbled Shu as he walked into the building.

It wasn't hard to pin out his sister in there since she was the only one at the front talking to the maids. Huh, she always so nice to the other people but never me, she turned as if hearing his thoughts andmotioned for Shu to come over there . He just shook his head and went to the captain of the guild hall. Sir Glandor was at the far end of the room in a corner talking to some of his assistants. He saw Shu then yelped, running toward him.

"Well well, if it isn't Shu the light elf. Why are you here? Competing in the match perhaps?"Shu could tell he was happy about it sinceShu usually tries not to attend these things and go for the bounties instead.Shu node and Glandorsmiled so widely thatShu swore his cheeks were going to split. "Well about time, what is this your second time I think? Well trust me bud, you will love this one." He leaned in to whisper in Shu's ear."It is known as a hugter, the same one on the bulletin outside in fact. But the thing is that thisone actually has a demon named Frit stuck in it. He has the power to control a bit of fire, but... he ain't that strong and only controls low level fire spells from what I hear."

"Great so it ain't just some over-sized cat, but a demon that looks like one,"Shu replied with a grin.

With a smirk he snapped his fingers and yelled for everyone to take a seat. It was time for the meeting to began.

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