Shu's Adventure (Demi-Elf)

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Rrufeja plagë- is Albanian for 'lightning slash'

Tempesta De Neu- is Catalan for 'ice storm'

Chapter 3 (v.1) - Frit the Demon (Updated)

Submitted: July 27, 2012

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Submitted: July 27, 2012



Chapter 2

"So what we are after is about two miles do west right?" Asked Holly

"Yea, that's what Sir Glandor said at the meeting isn't it?" Replied Shu, a bit confused.

After the meeting Shu and Holly went home to get there gear. Glandor told them that the payment was increased by four folds (from 2500 to 10,000). Also no one was willing to fight a fire demon, no matter what level. Demons are demons, powerful to the core. So in the end,Shu and Hollyaccepted and went to the Wiflor plainsto find him.

"Ugh, aren't you supposed to remember these kind of things Shu, really you are so useless," whined Holly.

Shu looked at her annoyed and replied, "well I don't see why you can't remember and yes, it's west of here in the Wiflor plains. He said that the Frit should be on the east side of the plains, meaning we should be there in a few minutes."

As they walked, Holly was in awe to the scenery they were able to witness. There was so many wonderful plants and animals. The plants ranged everwhere to the soft grazed grass to the beautiful dandalions lining the side of the trails.

"Feels like back in the village with all these cute little flowers huh?" Asked Holly, crouching to pluck one.

"....Yea, lets keep moving," replied Shu, keeping at a steady pase.

A few minutes later they finally made it to the plains. Holly pulled out her canister of water and took a sip. "Man it feels like a desert here, I don't even want to see what a desert feels like." Said Holly exhausted. She looked around then seen what looked like a cave several feet to their right. "You think that could be..." Shu stopped Holly before she could walk even a step forward. "Hey what you grabbing me for Shu?" Holly asked getting annoyed.

"Well, if you wish to become demon food then go right ahead," said Shu turning around and looking up. Holly turned and screamed jumping behind Shu. A hugter was right behind them and was about to attack when it realized they noticed. "So your the demon Frit huh?" asked Shu, looking behindhima bit curious as to why Holly ran there. Oh yea, she's not a fighter, I need to train her more when we get back to the village.

The demon looked down at them with a grin and replied, "Yea, that's me and I'll proudly kill you just like I killed the others," and with that he charged at Shu. Knowing this would most likely happen, Shu grabbed Holly and jumped out of the way. Frit crushed the cave entranceinto pieces.

"Itseems I need to be careful so I won't die," Said Shu with a smirk. Frit yelled and charged again, and again missing Shu and Holly. Shu turned and slashed Frit's right arm, completely severing it. Frit jumped back screaming. "I'd say it's about time you lear..." The demon charged straight at Holly instead of Shu. "Damn it, of course why did I leave her there." said Shu charging to stop the demon. Holly shot an arrow and grazed Frit's brow, then barely jumped out the way and got her arm slashed open. She fell to the ground immediately in pain. Shu charged up just before Frit stroke the final blow, knocking the demon to the ground. "Holly you alright?" asked Shu worried.

"Ye, yea I'm fine, I should be able to heal this wound, but I think he had some sort of poison on those claws which might take time to cure," said Holly wincing at the touch of her wound and seeing the green liquid starting to oze out.

Shu nodded and got back up, and turned back to Frit. "I hope you know that your going to pay for that and all the others you have killed," said Shu clearly pissed.

"HAHAHA! Don't make me laugh boy. Just cause you chopped my arm off don't mean a..."

"Rrufeja plagë!" Yelled Shu as lightning fired from his blade. His blade cut straight through Frit upper chest, meaning tokill him on the spot. "Don't no one ever hurt my family," said Shu, lightning still radiating off his blade. He turned and ran over toHolly,"Here let me help you," offered Shu to Holly.

"No I got it, just hurry and finish him off, 'cause it looks like he ain't ready to give in yet," replied Holly, with blue aura radiating out of her palm onto her wound.

Shu turned to see that indeed Frit was still getting back up. "I... I won't die to a mere elf, not when I'm so close to evolving. IT WON'T HAPPEN!" Screamed Frit as he charged at Shu, fire radiating of his skin.

With a sigh, Shu slowly raise one of his blades. "Man, why can't you just die when your meant to," asked Shu as he slowly got into a stance. Right before Frit was on top of him, Shu jumped, literally shooting above the demon. As he began to fall he said, "God of ice arise... tempesta de neu," and without warning, a hail of ice pierced Frit from all directions as Shu, with a blade of ice, severed his head from above.

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