Shu's Adventure (Demi-Elf)

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LEGEND: according to the Beldra world

Safrina - She is the God of Love to the werewolf clans, but is the god of hatred to the vampire clans. Comical huh? o.o

Soyari - The werewolf Shu just met. The name means 'velvet flower' in the Wolfen language.

Chapter 4 (v.1) - Back to the Meeting

Submitted: January 29, 2013

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Submitted: January 29, 2013



Chapter 4

It was late by the time Shu and Holly got back to Islem Village. They headed to the mercenary tent, hoping that it was still open. On there way there, a shadow appeared beside Shu, a huge one at that. Startled, Shu jumped and pulled out his blades.

"Hey hey take it easy, no need to be startled," A tall man in heavy clothingwas standing there with a smirk on his face, happy he scarred them. "My name is Joe Weinstein, may I ask what your name is young lady?" He bowed down and kissed Holly's hand.

Startled Holly jumped back, "Hey, you don't just go kissing people's hands like that," exclaimed Holly. Shu stared, amazed that someone actually kissed her hand.

Joe stood up and laughed. "Haha, well where I come from that's how you greet ladies, but I guess not here," Joe walked past them. "Anyways you heading to the mercenary tent?" He asked.

"Umm.. yea why?" Asked Shu curious.

Joe looked at him then said, "I need to go there to complete my mission. I had to go kill a Craflin and a Flinter, going to get 1025 yen for it," He replied satisfied.

Shu then said, "well we dealt with the Hugter demon so I guess we could walk there together. By the way I'm Shu and this is my sister Holly." Holly said hello.

Joe then asked, "Wait but your two different types of elves aren't you?" Startling both of them. "What you thought that since you had your heads covered, I couldn't tell you were elves? Don't worry, I won't tell anyone," He said half smiling.

"Well yea, we ain't really brother and sister, there family adopted me. I'm a light elf and she's a wood elf," replied Shu, wondering why he's telling a stranger these things. Shu of all people knew that elves, lights and darks in specific, were never liked in these parts of Beldra. Their was actually a group of humans in these parts that hanged elves like evil witches.

"Okay well enough talk, lets go to the tent now shall we?" Said Joe turning to start walking. "Sorry for bringing up a sore topic," he said walking ahead.

"I wonder who he is, Joe I mean. I mean come on, where do they actually kiss snot nosed girl's hand at? Just curious," said Shu, laughing as Holly chased him all the way the the tent.

"HEY SHU GET OVER HERE!" Yelled Holly from the other end of the tent. Shu looked up from the table full of mouth-watering foods and shook his head in despair. no way, I want my foood, but all she wants is for me to go over there to get the yen. That money can wait. And with that, Shu sat down at the table and started throwing mouth fulls of sweet, luscious deserts down his mouth. The menu varied from the little things like sweet balls to the almighty king cake, all in a matter of a few gulps. Everyone looked at him with appalled faces. Holly seen what was happening and got so embarrassed. "What do you think your doing Shu!? You are eating all the food, have some manners and save some for the others!"

Shu looked up at her and replied, "manners? you dumped my noodles, leaving me with nothing to eat, and you yell at me for manners? Hmm... I'll get one more Kings Cake."

"Oh my god, your still having a grudge about that, stop being a kid and come one," yelled Holly, starting to really get mad.

"Your just as much of a kid as me, all you are for is yen and more yen," replied Shu once again, grabbing the King cake he claimed as his just a second ago.

"Don't you dare bring me down to your level Shu, I at least go for the stuff we need!"

"Like that ribbon in your hair, I don't think 500 yen for that was necessary."

"YES it was, I'm a girl, we need things like this."

"AND I'm a guy, we eat more than sissy girls like yourself."

Shu and Holly started to state crude remarks to each other non-stop until Joe came up with his remark and said, "okay, okay, enough with the whinnying you two. We don't want to hear two love birds in battle now do we?" Everyone started laughing and Holly actually blushed. When she realized the eyes, shivers went all the way down her back as she slapped Shu in the face and ran out the tent. "Hmmm... I may have wenta bit to far. Sorry, must've hit another sore spot huh?" Asked Joe, feeling ashamed, yet chuckling at the same time.

"Na, she's just real soft when it comes to her emotions," replied Shu, rubbing his cheek where a red hand now rests. "Anyways, I should go on and get the money." As Shu walked over to Glandor, he seen that a beautiful young lady was standing by him.

"Good job Shu, here is the 10,000 yen for killing the demon. Oh, and before I forget, this young lady here wanted to talk to you," said Glandor. He then turned and went to were all the commotion he and Hollly caused was.

Shu turned to the lady and seen that she was a human. He backed up a few steps, remembering what he heard about the human race. They are all mostly barbaric and greedy, though not all. not going to risk it though. And is that adog I smell somewhere?"Hello ma'am, Glandor said you wanted to talk to me?" asked Shu.

"Yes I did, your name is Shu Rimm right?" asked the lady.

Taking another step back, preparing for some sort of attack, he replied, "yes, that is me, may I ask what your name is?"

Suddenly her chest flattened, as if she was holding her breath for dear life till the end. "Thank Soyari it was you, I've been trying to find you for about two years now. Hello, my name is Safina and I am a werewolf."

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