The Moriantes Boy

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: The Team Players

Chapter 11 (v.1) - The Moriantes Boy Rides A Bus

Submitted: February 16, 2016

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Submitted: February 16, 2016




Chapter-11- The Moriantes Boy Rides A Bus


“Can’t you see I'm busy?” Cameron said to Michael “I'm in the middle of my tour, hell I still don’t even know where anything is!”

“I don’t care,” Michael said, “You are coming with us.”

Cameron looked at the others.

Jade shrugged her shoulders

“Sorry samurai, I can always give you your tour, after whatever you guys are going to do,” she said

 “At that” Michael proclaimed, “let’s go.”

Jade watch them walk off, they, no one knew what they did when they weren't out fighting.

“Well he was cool,” Radish said

“Sure” Pico said “this whole waste of my time was very enlightening” at that she walked off as well

Radish and Jade stood there silent for a few seconds

“Wanna play catch?” Radish asked tossing a baseball in the air

Then she disappeared just like that

“Come on!” Radish complained, “Doesn’t anyone like me?”

The three walked on the sidewalk heading to the meeting area

“Where are we going?” Cameron asked

“The old basketball court” Michael said, “Jake and Zaura should already be there”

“How many people are there on this team anyways?” Cameron asked

“Five” Carissa said

“What do you guys do?” Cameron went on “do you like get cats out of trees or what?-”

“Shut up!” Michael cut him off “you are annoying me”

“I can tell” Cameron said

“There’s a bus station up ahead,” Carissa stated gesturing to a parked bus a ways down the street

“Alright well take that one” Michael said grouchily “come on”

While they began to walk faster to make the bus, Cameron went on

“You guys have buses here?” He asked, “Just how big is this place?”

“Twenty mile radius with the office as an epicenter” Carissa blurted as if shed been waiting to say that all day

They made it to the bus just in time

“The old courts” Michael said

“Alright hop in” the driver said

“Wait we don’t have to pay?” Cameron asked as he climbed the steps

“Do yeh want to pay?” the driver asked giving Cameron a strange grin

Cameron followed Carissa and Michael to the back of the bus; most of the rest were taken

Carissa and Cameron sat on both sides of Michael, Cameron getting the window

“Were going to be late,” Carissa said

“Yeah” Michael agreed

Cameron stuck his sword between the seat and the window then asked

“How do you know?”

“The driver is going to go to all of those peoples stops first” Michael made a quick gesture to everyone in front of them

“Why?” Cameron asked, “don’t buses go on like fixed routes or something?”

“Apparently not here,” Carissa said

“Oh I get it, “Cameron said, “You people just want to be different from everybody else.”

“Put it how you like,” Michael said

“How does the driver even remember everybody`s stop?” Cameron asked

“Why don’t you ask him?” Michael said then closed his eyes

Cameron took one look at the driver –he looked like a rapist who just busted out of prison-

“I'm good,” he said


-Three hours later-

Cameron watched the houses go by, they all looked the same, he looked at the sword, he`d seen on some cartoons that a guy would name his sword or something like that

“Name the sword?” he whispered “I am nuts.”

He glanced at the seats in front of them; there were only about four people left –why hasn't anyon else gotten on?-

He glanced at Michael and Carissa, Michael was staring at his wrist (he had three bracelets)

Carissa was sleeping with her head on Michael`s lap

Michael noticed Cameron staring and said, “Is something wrong?”

“You guys are like together?” Cameron asked cautiously

“These people are like family to me,” Michael said calmly “stop being naïve”

Cameron stared at him for a few seconds then said “sure”

The bus stopped again, letting the last four people off

“The ride is almost over” Michael said

“Finally” Cameron said stretching “that took forever, I think I died a few times”

“It wasn’t that bad,” Michael said

Cameron watched as Michael gently nudged Carissa

“Were almost there,” he whispered in her ear

-Family? - Cameron thought as Carissa sat up stretching –yeah, right-

“This is yer stop!” the driver shouted

The bus stopped and the three stood up

Cameron grabbed his sword and followed the other two off the bus

“Here we are” Michael said

“It’s been so long,” Carissa said still partially asleep,

The bus drove off

“What is this place?” Cameron asked

“The old courts”

Laid out in front of them were three full-sized basketball courts and on the other side of them a cliff, and beyond that: the ocean

“holy-” Cameron began

“Guys!” another girl came running over from the courts her long black hair practically floating behind her

“Who’s that?” Cameron asked 

“Zaura” Michael said as the girl got up to them

“What took you two so long?” Zaura asked placing her hands on her hips

“Bus” Michael said, “Where is Jake?”

“Who is this guy?” she asked

“I'm Cameron,” Cameron said leaning on his sword “the new dude on team 37.”

“Why do you have a sword?” she asked reaching for it

“Zaura!” Michael shouted, “Where is Jake?”

“Geez man chill,” Cameron said

“He went swimming in the ocean, again,” Zaura said innocently

Carissa put her glasses back on “seriously?”

“Yeah,” Zaura said

Michael stormed past her, heading down to the courts. Once he hit concrete, he broke into a run, straight toward the cliff,

“Hey, Michael Stop!” Cameron yelled, but it was too late

Michael jumped off the cliff









© Copyright 2020 Matthew Hair. All rights reserved.


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