The Moriantes Boy

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: The Team Players

Chapter 20 (v.1) - The Moriantes Boy And The Sky Battle

Submitted: March 15, 2016

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Submitted: March 15, 2016



Chapter-20-the moriantes boy And the sky battle


I am become death, the destroyer of worlds

-. J. Robert Oppenheimer 


They stood in silence as the lights came on.

They were in a hallway, next to flight of stairs that led up to a door

“What the hell” Cameron began

“You should’ve left him out there” Jake said starting down the hallway “where we could just say we forgot about him”

Zaura looked at Cameron then burst out laughing

“You should see your face!” she blurted out

“Whats going on up there?” he asked Carissa

“Were flying,” she said while Zaura and Michael walked down the hallway “it’s dangerous to be above deck during take-off

“Why are we flying?” Cameron asked, “I thought this was like a fishing boat”

“That’s a boon,” she said shifting uncomfortably “it’s a disguise”

Michael walked out of a door down the hall “how much longer do we have to stay below deck?” he asked

“It should be safe now,” Carissa said

Michael headed up the stairs

“Just um pick out a room” Carissa said “that hasn’t been claimed yet”

She headed down the hall and entered one of the last rooms

-How many times am I going to have to go through this pick a room thing- he wondered?

He walked down the hall and picked a door


After a while, Jake joined Michael above deck they were soaring over the ocean

“Those three down there” Jake said “aren’t ready for this kind of assignment, you know that don’t you?”

“I'm aware of that,” Michael said

“What are you going to do?” he asked

“I don’t know”

Zaura came out of the cabin door

“Hey guys, I'm hungry lets stop somewhere to eat”

The two boys turned to look at her

“Especially her” Michael muttered, “they aren’t ready for this”

“Does that mean ‘okay Zaura we`ll get you burger king or something’” Zaura asked sarcastically

“Were flying, in case you didn’t notice” Jake said, “Do you see a flying burger king?”

“No, but there is that” she pointed beyond the starboard side of the ship

“What is that?” Jake asked

At first they looked like birds then they slowly grew in size and their roar grew louder as they approached

“Jets” Michael said “the Shinzen air force”

“This is why I hate flying,” Jake said “were so easy to detect”

Michael was already taking off


He went right through the first jet like a sword cutting it in two then he banked right and shot through the second one`s wing sending it sprawling sea bound


Jake watched as Michael bounced around taking out jets he hated being useless

Some jets were getting through; they flew at the revenator their roar was deafening

“Zaura! Get Carissa!” Jake shouted

Zaura ran for the cabin door, but Jake was not sure if she heard him

Then the jets fired, all of the rockets seemed to be directed at Jakes general location



The blast practically threw Cameron out of his bed his face landed on the floor but his legs stayed on the bed

“What the hell?” he got to his feet and headed into the hallway, Zaura was panting doubled over

“Whats going on?” he asked

“Shinzen” she said as she doubled over “jets”

Cameron flew up the stairs when he opened the door he saw smoke, the entire mast had been blown off taking about twenty feet of ship with it

A roar drowned out his thoughts

The jets were coming back

Cameron’s hands grew warm as the source of the roaring became clear

He fired twin beams of blue light cutting through a few of the jets

Suddenly Carissa stood beside him

The remaining jets banked right

“They’re going to fire,” Carissa said calmly

“Where the hell did they come from?” he demanded

“How am I supposed to know?”

The jets came in for another attack Cameron fired again but he missed

They released a barrage of missiles

Carissa shoved Cameron aside and raised her arms into the air

The missiles exploded mid-air, well most of them, two of them continued forward right at Cameron and Carissa

“Get down!” Cameron tackled Carissa, and then the missiles exploded

The blast sent the duo flying, sprawling toward the ocean



Michael threw the jet into the cluster that just attacked the ship the explosion took out the remaining jets

Michael had taken heavy damage, his right arm was dust, and he was covered in burns it hurt like hell

Then he saw them falling Cameron and Carissa sprawling toward the ocean

“Damnit” he flew toward them as fast as he could, but how could he save both of them with one arm?

He gained on the two fast

Cameron saw him and pushed Carissa upward toward Michael he wrapped his one arm around her waist

Seconds until impact

Michael pulled back and launched himself and Carissa skyward



Zaura walked on deck, there was a single jet left, before she knew it a missile exploded in her face, it didn’t hurt it never did.

As the smoke cleared she kept her eye on the jet as it retreated, suddenly it just dropped as if the driver just stopped breathing and it fell harmlessly into the ocean

Zaura smiled as Michael landed on deck behind her

“What about Cameron?” Carissa shouted at him

Zaura noticed Michael only had one arm

“If you two would’ve stuck together I could’ve carried both of you!” Michael said “but he shoved you at me and I had no arm to grab him with”

“Hey where is Jake?” Zaura asked

“He’s gone, theyre both gone ” Michael said

“No!” Carissa screamed, “It’s your fault, you could’ve saved him!”

“we need to get this thing fixed” Michael said ignoring Carissa`s screaming “where are we?” he asked

Zaura looked around

“Were near Fereth city,” Zaura said

“We should be able to make it,” Michael said

“What about Cameron and Jake?” Carissa demanded, “We just desert them?”

“We have a job to do!” Michael yelled, “We can’t let our emotions cloud our judgment!”

Carissa was crying

She did not hear Michael and Zaura planning how they plan to reach Fereth city she watched his arm regenerate, first the bone slowly came together from dust, and then muscles bloomed, finally skin stretched over it.



© Copyright 2020 Matthew Hair. All rights reserved.


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