Player's Game: Play or get Played

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Meet the Dealer: Quan T.

Submitted: May 01, 2013

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Submitted: May 01, 2013



Chapter Two: Quan Thompson

The smell of weed in the air, Guap by Big Sean playing on Pandora; Quan Thompson was one of the most known drug dealers on Fifth Street, Black and Rican mixed, curly-top, smooth sideburns and caramel skin, also tattoos on his defined arms, he has all the bitches lining up at his door.

Quan sat on his front steps about to spark a dutch with his boys Kevin Oscar Harris and Rell Winters, when one of the most hated people on the block walked up to Quan and his boys; Khali “Leek” Harper was known as the “No-Payback Boy” because he would borrow money from almost anyone and never pay them back.

“Yo Quan, what’s up my nigga?” Leek said waving as if they didn’t already see him.

Quan decided to be humble and respectful, “Sup Leek.”

Leek stuck his hands in his jacket pockets and sort of swayed in place, “So Quan, I was wondering…”

Quan immediately knew where this conversation was going and spoke out, “These lame ass Wilmington niggas might give you money when you come begging, but remember nigga I’m from West Philly.”

Leek quickly lied, “Nigga I wasn’t going to ask you for no money.”

Quan knew that Leek was lying, he could see it in his eyes, “Then what were you wondering nigga?”

Leek smiled and laughed, “I was just gonna ask you what time it was.”

“Whatever nigga, get the fuck off my steps.” Quan stood up which caused Leek to turn around and start walking down the street.

“I fucking hate that nigga.” Rell spoke out. Rell was dark-brown skinned, 6’3, with a thick beard and low-cut hair. He got into selling drugs and smoking when he started hanging with Quan and Kevin after graduation.

Kevin grabbed the blunt from Quan and sparked it, he took a deep inhale and then passed it to Rell who did the same and passed it to Quan. Quan checked the time on his phone and then realized he was late to hit the gym. He said peace to his boys, gave them both dap and walked inside to change into his workout clothes.

Quan arrived at the community gym on 12th and South Lincoln, he opened the door and bumped into one of his boys Joe Hall, he didn’t really fuck with Joe too much because he knew he ran around with one of the local gangs.

“What’s up nigga?” Quan said giving Joe dap.

“Nothing much, just got done working out.” He smiled, “About to go home and fuck this new bitch I met.”

“She bad ain’t she?”

“Fuck yeah, bad Rican girl with a fat ass.” Joe grinned, his teeth were crooked from some fights he had been in.

“Well Imma get in here and hit the weights.” Quan gave Joe dap again and walked into the community center.

Quan turns around because he felt like he dropped something and looked out the window after finding he hadn’t dropped anything. He sees Joe across the street talking to Khali and someone that Quan felt like he knew from somewhere. Joe and Khali give each other dap, the other boy walks off down an alley and the other two hop into Joe’s Mazda and drive off.

Quan decided to think nothing of Joe and Khali chilling. Walking downstairs to the locker room, he places his bag into the locker, takes out his Gatorade and heads into the weight room.

Quan begins lifting weights his muscles pulsating; a thick vein in his neck begins to show. Lifting always gave Quan a rush of adrenaline. He set the weights back on the rack and sat up, looking around the room he saw a bad light-skinned girl, with shoulder length black-hair and a juicy looking bubble butt, she had on a pair of sweats and a tight fitting shirt that said “Baddest Bitch Ever” on the front. Quan walked over to her and decided to spit some game;

“What’s up Shawty?” he licked his lips at her as she turned around.

She looked at Quan and smiled, she had the prettiest smile he had ever seen, and she had magnetic light-brown eyes. “Do you always flirt with pretty girls at this gym?”

“Damn shawty know how niggas work, I have to try something a little different.” He thought to himself and then about what he needed to do. “Yeah, you know a nigga need to spit game to every fine ass woman he sees.”

She looked at Quan with a little bit of shock on her face, but she seemed to like what she had heard from him because she smiled and sort of winked at him. After that Quan lead her into the janitor’s closet, she got down and took care of business for him, then she let him beat it up and release it.

When they were done she asked him, “Are we going to do this again sometime?”

He grinned and licked his lips, “Yeah Ma, cause that shit was tight as a motherfucker.”

“That’s good, and I love how you put it down and how big your mans is.” She walked away and made sure she poked her ass out for Quan to stare at.

Quan headed home from the gym, walked into his crib and flopped down onto the couch. He pulled out his phone and noticed he had a text from his homeboy Shaquan.

Shaquan: Yo dawg, I’m in love with Kiya, I want to be with her so fucking bad.

Quan: Then be with her.

Shaquan: You know I can’t come between her and Rell, you know I ain’t like you.

Quan: Hey ain’t nothing wrong with fucking multiple bitches.

Shaquan: But you doing them all raw dawg, you going to catch something.

Quan: Nigga I ain’t catching shit, I’m staying 100% clean.

Shaquan: Yo man just be careful and don’t say shit to Rell about me wanting Kiya.

Quan: Nigga you ain’t got to worry about me and aight I won’t say shit.

Quan set his phone down and rolled over, soon he was knocked out and drooling on his couch.


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