Player's Game: Play or get Played

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Double Plans

Submitted: May 01, 2013

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Chapter Three: Kiya Watson

Kiya woke up in her bed, with Rell lying next to her, naked and snoring. She remembered how comfortable she was lying on Shaquan’s arm, she always felt so secure with him around. She looked at her sleeping boyfriend and kissed him on the cheek, climbing out of bed, she threw on a tank-top, jeans and a pair of sneaks.

Kiya went downstairs and began cooking breakfast for her and Rell, she loved cooking for her man, because he always cleaned his plate. She took a look at her phone and saw that Shaquan had texted her.

Shaquan: Morning baby girl

Kiya: Morning Bestie

Shaquan: I see you’re up early and cooking

Kiya: Yeah, making Rell some breakfast.

Shaquan: You going to cook me something later (;

Kiya: Boy shut up!

Shaquan: Just playing Ma.

Kiya: But do you want to go to the mall with me later?

Shaquan: Sure you gonna buy me a pair of Jordans?

Kiya: Sure, but you owe me a pretzel.

Shaquan: Gotchu Ma

Rell rolled out of bed, pulled out his phone and checked it. He had gotten some more pictures from this girl he met on an app called Tagged, she sent him some pictures of her boobs, and some shots of the sweetest looking pussy Rell had ever seen. He saved the pictures onto his phone and texted the girl back;

Rell: Yo homegirl them pictures got my dick rock fucking hard.

Bad Chick: I was hoping they would, you going to swing by and tap this?

Rell: Fuck yeah, I just gotta eat some breakfast first.

Bad Chick: Aight, see you soon sexy.

Rell grabbed a pair of boxers out of the dresser, slid on his jeans, and put on a beater. He went into the bathroom and swished mouthwash around his mouth, then headed downstairs to the kitchen. Kiya had set the kitchen table and had two plates on, both plates had sausage, eggs and fried potatoes on them. Rell sat at the table, picked up a fork and dug into his food.

Kiya sat down across from him and started eating her food as well. She looked over at her boyfriend admiring how fine he looked in a beater.

“So baby girl, what do doing today?” Rell asked her.

“I’m going to the mall with Shaquan, what are you doing today daddy?”

Rell quickly thought up a lie, “Me, Quan and Kevin are going to chill today.”

“Oh, are you guys getting into anything?”

“Nah baby, we just chilling at Quan’s crib.” Rell picked up his empty plate and walked it over to the sink, “I’m out shawty.” Rell walked out the door and hopped into his car, he texted Quan and told him if Kiya called or texted him say “I am with you.” He pulled out of his parking space and drove off to homegurls crib.

Kiya texted Shaquan and told him that she would be ready in an hour. She washed the dishes, mopped the kitchen floor and then headed upstairs to take a shower. Kiya strips down and tosses her clothes on the floor, she slowly steps into the shower and lets the hot water fall all over her body. After her shower Kiya gets dressed and sits in front of her mirror and starts brushing her hair. She puts on some lipstick and sprays herself with a bit of perfume that she got at the mall a month ago.

Kiya checks her phone she has a text from Shaquan;

Shaquan: I’m on my way, be outside.

Kiya: Okay boy, I’ll be there.

Shaquan: Better be looking sexy for me.

Kiya: Boy you know your bestie always looks good.

Shaquan: Damn right you do (;




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