Sparks McKlean

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Prologue: The Story Begins

Submitted: May 03, 2013

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Submitted: May 03, 2013




Prologue: The Story Begins

A dark and stormy night in the realm of NetherSpace; a cloaked figure rushes through the woods being pursued by flesh eating fire-demons, when the moonlight hits the figure just right it is revealed to be a cloaked woman, with ebony skin and raven colored hair. She is almost out of breath as she continues to outrun her pursuers.

Getting closer and closer she sees the place she was looking for, a little village named SweptCreek. She makes it to the front gate and scales it; looking over her shoulder she sees no sight of the fire-demons that were chasing her. She drops on the other side of the gate and heads for the orphanage, when she reaches the front steps she is struck in the back, a fiery-claw pierces through her chest, and she drops what she was carrying in her arms all along. The demon flips her over and grins at her, a portal of flames appears behind it, the demon drags the woman into the fiery portal, and she puts up no resistance

.The balled up blanket the cloaked woman dropped begins to move, a baby emerges from the blanket, and looks around. His skin dark-brown, eyes red as hell fire, all make him a unnatural looking baby to be in SweptCreek. The baby hiccups and flames come out of its mouth. The doors of the orphanage open and a nun grabs the baby, “Oh you poor thing, someone has abandoned you.”

For the next twenty plus years the nun took care of the demonic baby, much to the charging that everyone else wanted to drown it in holy water, she saw good within this spawn from hell. She called the baby by the name that was on a choker around his neck when she found him, “Sparks Aura McKlean”

Sparks at age Twenty-One saved a young teenager who was no more than eighteen from a pack of wild wolves in the woods outside the city, Sparks starting carrying around a blade that was considered to be the blade of the dark knight, because it was surrounded by shadow energy, he also was able to summon fire and use the shadows to his will, Eldwin Goosemonkey the boy he rescued was shown to have the ability to sew and also had superhuman strength. He sewed together two scarecrow children for Sparks and also let Sparks marry a sheep named Matilda who Eldwin also taught to dance.

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