The Adventure's Opening (2014 EDITION) Series One Episode Two

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This part of the adventure opens with the Kettle family hosting a barbecue to all their new neighbors in the back garden of their house. There at the barbecue Lily takes to meeting another member of the Kevins family, she she continues to come to terms with the fact that she was mugged when she very first arrived in this village by a member of that family.
Soon Lily finds herself meeting up with Razz again where they take to sorting out their differences and begin to fall in love with one another.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Adventure's Opening (2014 EDITION) Series One Episode Two

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The Adventure Opens

(2014 edition)

Series One Episode Two

Introduction, a recap to what happened in episode one:

Both the young lady from the Dumping Ground, who is Lily Kettle and also her dad Steve moved away from where they lived in the North East of England to a small village by the seaside in the great city of Liverpool, because Lily’s family now owns a café’ there, thanks to Steve’s girlfriend Shannay’s sister Kerry Ravens.

The Kettle family made up out of father Steven, his daughter Lily, his girlfriend Shannay, his son Jonah and his dog Shadow managed to settle comfortably into their new home in which they are all more than happy with, delighted in fact they are all delighted with it.

There in their new house at dinner, Steve popped the question out proposing with a golden real diamond ring to marry his girlfriend Shannay, and luckily she agreed with this, furthermore Steve then went onto giving Shannay the golden ring by placing it on one of her fingers.

Lily Kettle herself took to meeting a young man about her own age who is called Razz Kevins, and who she began immediately to flirt with, but however soon Lily saw a much different light to Razz, and this happened after Razz’s big brother called Daniel took to mugging her on a street. Daniel managed to steal himself both Lily’s mobile phone and wallet from her, but when the police men arrested him they managed to safely return the stolen goods to Lily. Lily however now unfortunately doesn’t trust Razz, due to what his big brother did to her.

Steve Kettle took to deciding along with his new fiancée Shannay to hold an open garden barbeque, in order for them to introduce themselves to all their new neighbours who live in the same street as them in the village, and this is where our story shall continue!

Chapter one

The Kettle family today are holding an open garden barbeque in order  for them to introduce themselves to all their new neighbours, and so right now this very second Mr Steve Kettle is standing behind a barbeque in his back garden serving burgers to all his new friends, and neighbours, his eldest daughter Lily is sat very near to the barbeque in her back garden munching away on a rather tasty chicken burger, along with her little brother called Jonah who has sat himself down upon her knee. Naughty Jonah is cheekily but accidently slopping bits of his own chicken burger all over his big sister, but however luckily Lily doesn’t mind that in the slightest, because due to the fact that she just knows that young Jonah doesn’t mean to make a great deal of mess all over her, and that she can just wipe it all off her later on.

A man makes his way over to where Lily and Jonah are sat down together in their garden having sighted them both from a short distance away. There seems to be an empty chair beside Lily’s chair. Shannay was sitting on that chair earlier, but now she has gone off to serve out drinks to all her new neighbours. The man smiles down at Lily while he points at the seat beside her after making his way over to both her and Jonah. Jonah jumps down from where he has been sitting on Lily’s knee, and he rushes over across the busy garden to his family dog Shadow, ready to play with him.

“Excuse me I was wondering is anyone sitting there?” Lily’s new neighbour questions her in her new garden.

She then proceeds to shake her head in response to the man’s question to her; since Lily knows that Shannay won’t mind her giving up the chair that she had been sitting down on earlier for one of their new neighbour’s to take a seat down on. The man takes a seat down on the chair beside Lily’s chair, and he gives her a very warm hearted smile. Instant impressions Lily gets of this new neighbour of her’s is that he seems to be a kind hearted middle aged man.

“I just wanted to introduce myself to you darling; I’m Kyle Kevins Razz’s dad!” The man informs Lily introducing himself to her.

Lily is left really shocked by Razz’s dad’s information to her, and it changes the impressions at once that she has just got of him.

“He must be a bad man if he has raised a bad son!” A sharp voice appears inside Lily’s head warning her.

Suddenly she doesn’t want this man to be sitting next to her anymore. Lily smiles back at Kyle.

“Oh nice to meet you, but sorry though I’ve just remembered that seat that you’re sitting on belongs to my dad, and he’ll be coming over soon to sit there!” She tells him in response to his information rather hastily trying to urge him away from her, but however now the man ruses to budge from his chair.

Kyle continues to smile in response to Lily’s information that she has just given to him, and he shrugs his shoulders at her.

“Oh well your dad seems to be rather busy serving out burgers over there, but if he does come to sit back down here then I’d be very more than happy to give up my seat for him, since he is my host for the afternoon after all, but right now my dear I’d like to talk to you about both of my son’s who I believe you have come to know!” He says to her in response to what she has just told him.

Lily knows that there’s no way for her to avoid having this conversation with Kyle Kevins even if she wanted to, but something has suddenly made her wish to hear him out, and that is off course curiosity. Lily is curious to know what sort of a man her new found friend Razz really is, and she needs to know once and for all if he’s anything like what his big brother Daniel is, but however Lily wonders if she can really trust anything at all that Kyle is about to tell her? What if every member of this Kevins family that she has just met are bad people? Kyle coughs in order to clear his throat before continuing on to talk to Lily.

“Firstly I just wish to apologise for what my eldest son did to you!” He apologises to the young lady.

Lily shrugs her shoulders in response to Kyle’s apology.

“Shit happens!” She tells him in response to his apology to her.

Kyle nods his head in agreement to what Lily has just said to him.

“Well yeah unfortunately sometimes it does, but I want you to know that I no longer think of Daniel as my son, and likewise neither my son Razz or my daughter Hannah think of him as their big brother! We’ve disowned him Lily for what he did to both you and other people very much like you who have suffered by his hand!” He explains to her in agreement to her.

Kyle continues to give Lily a smile, luckily he seems to be on her side rather than on his own son’s side.

“The other thing I wanted to say is that my youngest son Razz is nothing like my eldest son Daniel! Razz was completely heartbroken the other day when you kicked him out of your house believing him to be just as bad a man as Daniel! Please apologise to Razz for him, me and yourself for what you did to him the other day!” Kyle takes to telling Lily in a truthful promise.

Lily however just doesn’t know now whether Kyle is lying to her or not. Mr Kevins takes a look beside him at Miss Kettle with mercy in his two green eyes.

“Please don’t ruin your new friendship with my son Razz for what my son Daniel did to you! Even though he has just met you twice Razz really likes you!” Kyle takes to begging Lily to trust his youngest son in a tone of mercy.

Lily then therefore decides there and then while sitting on her chair to make an apology to Razz for not trusting him, and to believe absolutely everything that Kyle has just told her. Lily takes a look back at Kyle in response to what he has just begged her about.

“Can you give me Razz’s number please?” Lily questions Kyle begging him now for his help.

Kyle takes to nodding his head in response to Lily’s question to him before looking up his youngest son’s mobile phone number on his own mobile phone before showing it to her, and so that she can put it into her own phone. Lily now has Razz’s number in her phone. Kyle rises to his feet up off the chair before taking one last look back at Lily.

“Come around to mine and see Razz sometime, I’m sure he’ll really like that!” He tells her before wandering away from her across the garden.

Lily takes now to searching through her mobile phone for Razz’s  number, and when she finds it she presses the green button on the phone, and she places her phone beside one of her ears.

Chapter two

Lily Kettle and Razz Kevins are making their way together now into Lily’s new bedroom in her new house in the small village by the seaside in Liverpool. Both Lily and Razz managed to make up with each other over their phone call, and so Lily invited Razz over to her house to enjoy the rest of the open garden barbeque. Razz is feeling quite impressed with Lily’s room now.

“Nice room, do you know that all the years I’ve been living next door to this house I’ve never once been inside this room before?” Razz tells Lily.

Lily gives Razz a warm hearted smile before taking a seat down facing him on her four poster bed.

“I’m not going to keep my room like this; no I’m going to decorate it soon. I’m not a fan off the colour black which is why I want to change the colour of my wallpaper to either pink or red,” she tells him.

When Lily’s friend Kerry owned this house before both she and her family moved into it, Kerry never once used this room, and so she didn’t bother painting it back when she moved into it, and so the colour of this room is still the same colour as to when Kerry first bought this house, the colour black that represents dull..

“Started working in your family café’ yet?” Razz questions Lily taking a seat down beside her on her bed.

Lily shakes her head in response to Razz’s question to her.

“No I start working there next week!” She informs him in response to his question to her.

Razz then takes to giving Lily a rather cheeky smile.

“I’ll declare that I told a lie to you when I told you that I’m not a fan of café’s, because I really love café’s, to be perfectly honest with you I really love absolutely anywhere that sells food,” he tells her.

Razz isn’t fat, he’s just like any young man off his age he likes a good meal. Lily hands a CD over to her new friend.

“Do you like the Wanted?” She questions him.

Lily herself is a great big huge fan of the wanted. She has been to many musical festivals and concerts in her time with her two old friends Tee Taylor and Carman Howle to watch them singing. Razz shrugs his shoulders in response to Lily’s question to him while taking a look down at the CD in his hand that she has just handed over to him.

“I don’t mind them,” Razz says to Lily truthfully in response to her question to him.

Lily gives Razz a loving smile.

“I could play some Wanted for us now on my CD player if you’d like,” she tells him sounding casual.

Razz then shakes his head however in response to what Lily has just said to him.

“Nar you’re alright thanks, I’d prefer to just talk to you if you don’t mind,” he says to her.

Lily then places her CD down upon the floor off her bedroom before taking a look back across her room at Razz.

“So what college are you applying for?” Lily questions her new mate.

Razz takes a look back across the room at his new friend in response to her question to him.

“The army college in Haraget!” He tells her in response to her question to him.

Lily’s suddenly left frightened by what Razz has just told her about what his intentions for the future are.

“You could get hurt!” She warns him sounding suddenly frightened for him, and this pleases the new Razz that his new friend is showing her concern for him.

Razz shakes his head in response to Lily’s warning to him however.

“Nar I’m a skilful warrior nothing harms me baby,” he tells her in response to her warning that she has just given to him.

Lily quite admires Razz’s use of words that he has just given to her, and she respects him for them saying them. Razz is troubled however.

“What about you Lily what college are you applying for?” He questions her out of curiosity.

Miss Kettle takes a look back at Mr Kevins in response to his question to her.

“I don’t really know, but however I want to learn a lot more about the subject of catering in order for me to start working in my Aunty’s cafe’!” She informs him in response to his question to her.

Lily wants to do a catering course at a college here in Liverpool, because pretty soon she’ll start to work in her family café’.

“I can see you as a chef, you’ll be absolutely fantastic working in that cafe’ of yours,” Razz tells Lily in a truthful tone.

Lily smiles in response to what Razz has just said to her, what she has just heard from him has really taken to making her day.

“Do you really think so?” She questions him longing for the correct answer from him.

Razz winks at Lily.

“I can see you being anything that you want yourself to be babe, because everything just fits so nicely with your name! Lily Kettle, that’s a great name” he tells her in response to her question to him.

Lily rises to her feet up from where she was sitting on her bed.

“Do you want to go out for a walk with me?” She questions Razz.

Kevins half nods his head and half shrugs his shoulders in response to Kettle’s question to him.

“Yeah alright I will do if you want me to,” he tells her in response to her question to him.

They are really falling in love with one another now. To fall in love with someone is a great honour, and a fantastic privilege. Razz and Lily then disappear out of Lily’s new bedroom together hand in hand.

Chapter three

They disappear away from their street now together both the new happy couple who are Lily Kettle and Razz Kevins. Razz suddenly has an idea of where they could both go together as he takes a look beside where he is wandering at Lily who is walking by his side.

“Want to come with me to my sister’s stable yard with me? You’ll love it there. The horses there are fantastic!” Razz questions Lily sounding troubled.

Actually funny enough Miss Kettle used to horse ride at a stable yard called Murton Equestrain centre, and she was there for about four years, and she really enjoyed it. Lily smiles back at Razz in response to his question.

“Yeah I would like that, I love horses,” she tells him in response to his question to her.

It takes them both about half an hour to walk to the stable yard in Living village together, and when they arrive there Lily discovers that the stable yard is actually much bigger than she can remember Murton Equestrian centre is, and Living Equestrian centre has a lot more lively horses than Murton does.

Both Razz and his new friend Lily head into a small hut in the Equestrian centre which is known as the classroom, and there they find Razz’s younger sister Hannah having her pony club lesson in the classroom along with some of her fellow stable yard friends. Hannah is actually the same age as both her big brother Razz and Lily are, but however Razz is actually slightly older than his younger sister Hannah is by just simply a month and a half.

Hannah heads over to see both her big brother and his new friend in the classroom after she has watched them enter into it together. Hannah gives Lily a little smile when she sees her standing before her in her classroom. Hannah knows who this is.

“You must be Lily, Razz has told me a lot about you,” Hannah says to Lily as she holds out her hand for her to take.

Lily takes hold of Hannah’s hand, and the two girls shake hands with each other. The leader of the pony club heads over to face the three of them Hannah, Lily and Razz in the room. There’s a badge on the leader’s jacket, and Lily learns from reading that badge that the leader’s name is Janet. Janet gives Lily a little smile.

“Janet Velvin,” she tells her as she introduces herself to her sounding both warm hearted and kind.

Lily then gives Janet a little smile in response to hearing her name from her.

“Lily Kettle,” Lily says to Janet after hearing her name introducing herself to her.

Janet then proceeds to give Lily a nice little friendly pat on the back.

“Very nice to meet you Lily, actually Razz has told me all about you, because as well as being Hannah’s riding instructor I’m a friend of their family,” she tells her.

Janet continues to give Lily a warm hearted smile.

“Welcome to Living Equestrain centre,” she says kindly to her welcoming her into the stable yard.

Hannah then links arms with Lily.

“Come now I’ll show you properly round the yard,” she tells her sounding excited for her to be here with her.

Hannah and Lily who seem to be the two new very best of friends then disappear out of the classroom into the yard outside together to take a look around the yard. Janet then winks at Razz after Lily and Hannah have left the room together.

“You’re doing well for yourself there my son, asked her out yet?” She cries out at him sounding excited for him.

Razz wishes in response to what Janet has just said to him that Lily actually becomes his new girlfriend. Razz would much rather have Lily in his life than Daniel.

Chapter three

Hannah Kevins takes to showing her new friend all around the riding school, and they stop for a little friendly chat together inside the indoor riding school.

“We’re using the indoor arena at the moment, because it’s too cold with it being winter for us to use the outdoor arena,” Hannah explains to her new friend about her stable yard.

Both the indoor and the outdoor arena seem to be more or less the same in size, and Lily knows that this is very unlike the old stable yard that she used to ride at back at Murton. Lily gives Hannah a sweet little smile in response to what she has just explained to her.

“I used to go horse riding myself back in this place near to where I lived before back in Newcastle called Murton Equestrian centre,” she tells her.

Hannah smiles in great excitement at Lily having been really interested in response to what she has just been told by her.

“Learn to horse ride again! I’m riding without a friend here at the moment, because my boyfriend Lewis Briggs who used to horse ride here along with me moved down to Newcastle more or less about the same time as you yourself moved up here,” she says to her begging her to start horse riding at Living Equestrain centre.

Lily is ready to take Hannah’s words into consideration. A big fat man then comes stumbling into the indoor riding school while leading a horse by a rope roughly behind him. This man Hannah knows is called Mr Allen Longdale, and he turns sharply to face the two girls in the indoor arena when he has made his way into it.

“What are you two doing in here? Up to no good are you? Well Hannah if you’re not doing anything then Beth’s stable could really do with a good cleanout!” Allen snaps sharply out at the two teenage girls really taking to scaring them both silly.

Hannah then gives Lily an apologetic smile.

“Sorry mate I must return to work! Duty calls so it seems,” she says in an apologetic tone to her as she turns to disappear out of the riding school.

Lily then follows Hannah out of the indoor riding school.

“No worries my friend you really must return to work, I don’t want you to get into trouble because of me, and if I were you then I wouldn’t get on the wrong side of him.” She tells her following her in her path.

Hannah then races off in a direction of a stable where there’s a horse leaning out of the stable taking a good look at both her and Lily. This horse so it seems is trying his very best to escape himself from his stable which has been locked up tight. Lily herself also heads over to the stable intending to give Hannah a hand. Hannah has now made her way into the stable, and there she’s started to clean the horse Beth with a brush, and she’ll do this before she cleans all the dirty hay out of his stable. Lily stands just outside Beth’s stable taking a look inside the stable at Hannah.

“So you work here then what’s the pay like?” Miss Kettle questions Miss Kevins sounding both curious and rather interested.

Lily knows that if the pay working here turns out to be good then there’s no reason why she herself can’t start working here. Hannah then takes a look out of the stable at Lily while continuing to brush Beth with a firm brush, and she shakes her head at her.

“I won’t work here and I don’t get paid anything from helping out here, I work here for free, helping out is what I do here in this stable yard, but I don’t mind doing that, because I love the horses,” Hannah tells Lily in response to her question to her.

Lily shakes her head at Hannah.

“If you don’t get paid anything and you offer up your own free time to help out at this stable yard then that riding instructor should treat you a little better in my opinion! He seems to be very nasty towards you!” She snaps out at her feeling kind of sorry for the way by which she is treated towards here.

Hannah’s suddenly troubled by what Lily has just snapped out at her.

“Which riding instructor?” She questions her new friend in response to her words.

Lily takes a look back at her new friend Hannah in response to her question to her.

“That man we just met back in the indoor arena,” she tells her in response to her question to her.

Hannah suddenly remembers meeting the man she really doesn’t like Allen just a couple of minutes ago.

“Oh Lily that’s Allen Longdale! Both he and Janet Velvin are the joint owners of this very place that we’re in Living Equestrain centre,” Hannah says to Lily.

There’s a moment of silence while Lily starts having doubts on wishing to start horse riding here.

“I may not wish to return to this place if this place is ran by a man like him, because he really seems to be one of those men who just wants other people to look up to him and to respect him, because he owns an Equestrain centre, and he gets a lot of money from people who come here to horse ride,” Lily tells Hannah.

Kevins then takes a look back at Kettle with mercy in her two eyes.

“Please come back here to Living Equestrian centre Lily! I really want us to start horse riding together! You and me could become the very best of friends!” She begs her in a tone of mercy in response to her words that she has just shared out with her.

Razz then appears by Lily’s side just outside Beth’s stable. Razz smiles into the stable at his younger sister.

“Spoken to Dan since he’s been inside?” He questions her sounding troubled.

Hannah shakes her head in response to Razz’s question that he has just given to her.

“No, I want nothing more to do with him!” She tells him in response to his question.

It appears that just like both her dad Kyle and her older brother Razz Hannah is not yet ready to forgive Daniel for how he attacked Lily. Lily then looks from Razz to Hannah.

“Daniel’s your brother you shouldn’t turn your backs on him! Redemption’s maybe still possible for him,” she says to them both trying to persuade them to forgive their big brother for what he did to herself.

Lily then gives Razz a little smile.

“If I can find it in myself to forgive Dan then so can you!” She tells him.

Lily then rounds on Hannah.

“And so can you!” She informs her.

Lily knows that family’s need one another, and so therefore Daniel needs Kyle, Razz and Hannah to love him and to offer their supports to him, on him hopefully becoming a much better and braver man. Razz knows deep down in his heart that his new friend Lily’s right, and so does Hannah. With being the youngest member of her family Hannah just looks up to both her dad Kyle and her brother’s Daniel and Razz for both help and support. Razz then takes a look back into the stable at Hannah.

“I’m going to walk Lily home now!” He informs her.

Hannah nods her head in response to what her big brother has just informed her about before giving Lily a little smile in response to her brother’s information.

“See you again Lily, please come back here to horse ride!” She begs her trying to plead with her.

Lily then waves goodbye to Hannah, and she promises her that she will come back here to horse ride, because Lily realises that it doesn’t matter if she doesn’t like Allen, because Hannah’s her mate, and it’s going to be really fun for her learning to ride with her, and Lily’s sure that Janet’s going to make her feel really welcome here in Living Equestrain centre.

Chapter four

Both Lily Kettle and Razz Kevins make their way into the Kettle family’s café’ together which remains just by the seaside in Living village. Steve Kettle and his future sister in law Kerry Ravens are taking to serving out drinks behind the counter in their café’. Lily and Razz make their way over to the counter together, and there Steve takes a look across the counter at his young daughter and her new young friend. Steve gives Razz a little smile.

“You alright there mate, feeling hungry?” He questions him sounding troubled.

Razz takes to nodding his head in response to Steve’s question to him.

Yeah I am Mr Kettle to be rather honest, he tells him in response to his question.

Steve then fetches Razz a big slice off chocolate cake, and he hands it over to him across the counter. Razz takes a look down at the cake which is now in his hand appearing to be rather

“How much do I need to pay you for this sir?” Razz questions Steve.

Mr Kettle then shakes his head in response to Mr Kevins’ question to him.

“Nothing my good man on the house, all to do with the curtsy that your dad’s a new mate of mine,” he tells him in response to his question.

Razz then smiles back at Steve in response to his words to him.

“Thanks Mr Kettle, you’re alright,” he says to him in response to his words to him.

Steve then shakes his head at Razz.

“You don’t have to call me Mr Kettle it’s Steve,” he tells him.

Lily gives Steve a smile.

“Thanks dad,” She says to him.

Steve then pulls a face at Lily.

“I don’t know why you’re looking so pleased with yourself Miss you’re not getting one,” he tells her.

Steve gins happily at his daughter, and Lily smiles delightfully up at her dad who she is just about taller than now. Lily and Razz then disappear out of the café’ together. Razz turns to face Lily just outside the café’.

“Your dad’s well sound,” he says to her.

Lily smiles back at Razz.

“My dad’s just doing a favour for me by impressing you,” she tells him in an honest tone.

Razz is troubled by what Lily has just told him.

“Are you saying that you want to impress me?” He questions her sounding troubled in response to what she has just told him.

Lily then nods her head in response to Razz’s question to her. Razz then winks lovingly at Lily.

“You already do impress me believe it or not!” He informs her in a truthful tone.

Lily then grabs Razz, and she roughly pulls him towards her. Lily kisses Razz lovingly on his lips. Razz off course immediately returns the kiss just as soon as Lily’s stopped kissing him. Mr Kevins and Miss Kettle have now realised their love for each other.

The end


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