The First Part of the Adventure (2014 EDITION) series one episode seven

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

Tracy Beaker sets out determined to track down her dear friend Lily Kettle just wherever she may be. It would seem that Tracy's able to both enter into and to explore other people's dreams.
Cora seems to have been kidnapped by someone who's unlucky enough to be in grave danger now.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The First Part of the Adventure (2014 EDITION) series one episode seven

Submitted: July 27, 2015

Reads: 270

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Submitted: July 27, 2015



The First Part of the Adventure

Series One Episode Seven

(2014 edition)

Chapter one

Michael Byrne unfortunately wasn’t able to catch up with Tracy Beaker after she ran away from Saint Michael’s RC primary school. Tracy is now sat on a coach heading down to Liverpool city. Tracy is determined to both search and find Lily Kettle in Liverpool. Every night Tracy makes her way into Lily’s dreams to protect her from any harm that she may be facing in her dreams, and for Tracy to guide Lily safely through the nights, and last night Beaker failed to protect Kettle in her dream, because Lily was placed under a sleeping curse, and trapped inside her own mind by an evil wicked witch known as Cora.

Cora the wicked witch struggles to open her eyes. Cora is aware that some strange man has been both brave and stupid enough to abduct her. Cora finds that she standing on her feet with her back tied to a metal pole. There is a man stood directly before the wicked witch with a gun held firmly in his hand. The man aims the trigger of his gun directly at the wicked witch, and he prepares himself to pull his trigger. Cora recognises this strange man as the mad hatter Jefferson. Jefferson used to live in her realm Wonderland. Cora was the Queen of Wonderland for a short time, she was known as the Queen of hearts there. Jefferson smiles coldly at the wicked witch.

“Hello Cora!” He snaps out at her in a sharp tone.

Cora smiles back coldly at the mad hatter.

“Well! Well! Well! Jefferson you haven’t changed at all, but where is your daughter may I ask? I know that my great Grandson Henry helped to reunite her with you!” She informs him in a cry of thunder.

Jefferson clears his throat in response to Cora’s information to him.

“I left my daughter back at our new home! My daughter and I had to move down here once Stroybrooke was destroyed! My Grace and I managed to escape the new curse that hit the town, but others weren’t so lucky, like your daughter! Regina was sent back to the enchanted forest after the new curse hit Storybrooke! My daughter’s at home! I don’t take her out on business! You’re here your majesty, because I want you to tell me how you were able to return to life from the dead? I know all about Snow White using the evil Queen to kill you!” He tells her in response to her information.

Cora remains silent, for she is determined never to reveal to anyone the truth about how she was able to return to life from the dead.

Chapter two

The bus that Tracy Beaker has been riding in pulls up at long last at a bus station in Liverpool city, and Tracy departs from the coach there. Tracy looks round at the big city that lies before her. Beaker has just arrived in the very heart of Liverpool city. Tracy wanders for many miles passing house after house moving down street after street. Tracy is determined to find her way to Living village. Finally at long last Tracy makes her way to Living village. Tracy knows that Lily moved down to Living village in Liverpool city after leaving Ashdene Ridge house, because she has stayed in touch with her since her herself stopped working at the carehome. Tracy knows that young Lily is living on Elmtree lane in the village. All of a sudden just as she makes her way into the village two men hurry up to face her, a young man and a middle aged man. The young man appears to be Lily’s age. Tracy smiles at both men.

“Oh hello there I’m wondering if either of you lovely gentlemen can tell me very kindly how to get to Elmtree lane from here?” She questions them both.

The middle age man smiles back at Tracy in response to her question.

“You’re here on Elmtree lane right now!” He informs her in response to her question.

Tracy then feels herself literally kicking herself when she notices the street sign in response to Kyle Kevins information to her. Young Razz Kevins appears to be rather troubled, and he rounds on Tracy.

“Why have you come here to Elmtree lane in Living village?” Young Kevins questions Beaker.

Tracy smiles back at Razz in response to his question.

“I’m searching for someone, because I want to make sure for myself if she’s alright, she goes by the name of Lily Kettle!” She informs him in response to his question.

Razz nods his head in response to Tracy’s information to him.

“Yeah I know Lily, because she’s my girlfriend, and no she isn’t alright, because she’s gone missing, and I believe it to have something to do with Cora the wicked witch!” He tells her in a clear tone of explanation in response to her information.

Tracy’s left horrified by Razz’s words to her. Kyle rounds on Tracy.

“Don’t believe anything my sixteen year old son tells you about wicked witches,” he says to her.

Tracy Beaker ignores what Kyle Kevins has just said to her, because she has chosen to believe Razz Kevins, because Tracy has met Cora herself in person, and she knows now that magic exists. Tracy smiles at Razz.

“I believe you about Cora! Your father may not believe you young man, but I do! Me and you must now find Lily!” She informs him.

Kyle is left shocked to discover that this strange lady actually believes his son, but Razz on the other hand is left happy to discover that Tracy actually believes him. Razz is troubled.

“How do you propose to find Lily?” He questions Tracy.

Beaker turns back to face young Kevins in response to his question.

“Firstly I’d like you to take me to Steve Kettle!” She informs him in response to his question.

Razz nods his head in response to Tracy’s information to him, he’s now ready to take her too Steve (Lily’s dad). Tracy now follows Razz down the street; Kyle hurries to catch up with his son and the stranger. Razz, Tracy and Kyle all turn in the direction of Steve Kettle’s house at the bottom of the street, and they make their way into his garden together. Tracy heads over to the front door of Steve’s house, and she knocks loudly on it. Seconds later the door opens to reveal Shannay Ravens standing directly facing them from the hallway in her house. Tracy gives Shannay a happy smile.

“Remember me?” She questions her.

There’s a moment of silence before Shannay nods her head in response to Tracy’s question. Shannay is still feeling devastated after the after of her sister. Tracy clears her throat.

“Where’s Steve?” She questions Shannay.

Ravens smiles in response to Beaker’s question to her.

“Come in I’ll go and tell him you’re here,” she says to her in response to her question.

Shannay then proceeds to invite Tracy, Kyle and Razz into her home. Shannay turns to face young Razz in the hallway of her home.

“Have you found Lily yet?” She questions him in a tone of concern.

Razz shakes his head in response to Shannay’s question.

“No that’s why I’ve come here and brought Tracy here with me, because we need Steve’s help to find his daughter!” He informs her in response to her question.

Shannay smiles in response to Razz’s information to her.

“I’ll just go and get him!” She tells him in response to his information.

Shannay then disappears into the kitchen of her home to fetch her soon to be husband. Shannay returns to the hallway in her home moments later with her soon to be husband Steve. Steve smiles from Razz to Tracy in the hallway of his home.

“Hello there,” he says to them both.

Steve then manages to give Tracy a happy smile.

“It’s good to see you again!” He informs her.

Steve then turns to round on Razz.

“Have you found my daughter yet?” He demands an answer from him.

Razz shakes his head in response to Steve’s question to him.

“No I need your help to find her!” He informs him in response to his question.

Tracy rounds on Steve.

“Please you have to try and think just where your daughter could possibly be!” She tells him.

Steve smiles back at Tracy in response to her words to him.

“Don’t worry I’m sure between the two of us we can find my Lily!” He promises her.

Tracy quite agrees with Steve’s promise to her, but she’s fully aware that it’s not just going to be the two of them, because Tracy knows that Razz will join both herself and Steve on their search for Lily. Kyle turns to face Shannay.

“How are you?” He questions her in a tone of concern.

Kyle knows that Shannay must be in a pretty bad place right now what with her dearly belovered sister getting murdered, and her newly found business getting destroyed before her two very own eyes. Shannay shakes her head in response to Kyle’s question to her.

“It doesn’t matter how I am finding Lily that’s all that matters,” she tells him in response to his question.

Seconds later the front door of the Kettle’s new home opens, and Hannah Kevins makes her way into the house. Hannah has the toggle Jonah in her arms, and she’s leading the dog Shadow by his lead into the house. Hannah has been doing a little favour for Steve by taking both Shadow and Jonah out for a few hours, so that Shannay could have some space to grieve over the death of her sister. Hannah looks in trouble at Tracy.

“Who are you?” She questions her.

Steve takes a look from Tracy to Hannah.

“This lady Miss Beaker is the only woman who can help us to find my Lily!” Kettle informs Kevins in response to her question to Beaker.

Tracy takes a look back at Steve.

“We need to spilt up into two different teams to track your daughter down,” she tells him.

Steve nods his head in agreement to what Tracy has just said to him. Steve then takes a look at Kyle.

“Would you like to come with me and Shannay mate while your children go with Tracy?” He questions him.

Kyle nods his head in response to his friend’s question. Kyle then smiles from both Razz to Hannah.

“Stay safe with Tracy my children!” He begs them both in a tone of mercy.

Kyle then pulls his only two children into a loving hug.

“Your mother would be so proud of you both,” he tells them.

Kyle then turns back to face Steve.

“Come on mate families precious, and that’s why I’m agreeing to help you find your daughter!” He informs him.

Tracy rounds on Kyle.

“I’ll protect your children for you!” She promises him.

Kyle pats Tracy on her arm in response to her promise.

“Keep yourself safe while you’re at it pet!” He commands her in response to her promise.

Kyle then watches as Tracy, Razz and Hannah all disappear out of the Kettle’s front door away from him. Kyle takes a look down at both Jonah and Shadow in the house. Jonah is now playing with a ball on the floor before his mum, dad and guest. Shadow the dog is standing guard over the little toggle Jonah, wishing to protect him from harm. Kyle takes a look straight before him at Steve, and he shakes his head at him.

“Neither Shadow nor Jonah can join us on our search for Lily!” Kyle tells Steve.

Steve knows that his mate speaks the truth, but he also knows that there’s no one who can look after either of them if he himself, Kyle and Shannay all go out on a search for Lily. Shannay turns to face Steve there and then in the hallway of their home.

“I’ll stay home and take care of Jonah and Shadow!” She informs him.

Steve nods his head in agreement to Shannay’s information, because Steve knows that if Razz indeed speaks the truth, and there really is a wicked witch known as Cora who has kidnapped his little girl then he wants Shannay to stay away from Cora for her own safety. Steve pulls Shannay into a loving hug.

“Don’t worry I’ll bring Lily safely home to you!” He makes a promise to her.

Shannay sincerely wishes that her one true love Steve does in fact bring his daughter Lily safely home to her. Steve then takes a look down at his son Jonah with his two loving eyes.

“Don’t worry my son I’ll bring your big sister safely home to you!” He makes a vow to her.

Steve then nods his head at his dog Shadow before leaving his family home with his mate Kyle. Steve has now finally begun to search for his daughter Lily.


Chapter three

Headteacher Michael Byrne makes his way into his office in his RC primary school Saint Michaels in North Shields in Tyne and Wear. Michael finds his office deserted when he arrives there. Michael takes a seat behind his desk in his office, and he begins to slowly read over a report on his new member of staff that’s taking over from his teacher Tracy Beaker in year three. Byrne nods his head in approval at the report. There’s a loud knock on the door of the headmaster’s office.

“ENTER!” Michael calls out to the person at the opposite end of the door.

The door of the office then opens to reveal Michael’s secretary standing behind the door. Michael nods his head in a greeting at his secretary.

“What can I do for you Mrs Blank?” He questions her.

The secretary proceeds then to make her way into her headmaster’s office. There’s a moment of silence, the only sound that can be heard is the sound of a young lad in year six at the school kicking his football hard against the wall outside Mr Byrne’s office. Molly Blank clears her throat.

“I have feelings for you Mr Byrne!” She declares to her headmaster.

Michael’s left shocked by what Molly has just said to him.

“Excuse me?” He questions her in response to what she has just said to him.

Molly winks lovingly at Byrne.

“From the minute I started working at your school I’ve had romantic positive feelings towards you!” She informs him.

Michael shakes his head at his secretary in response to her information.

“You only started working as my secretary yesterday Mrs Blank, and I have no feelings whatsoever towards you none unless you count a professional relationship me as your headmaster and you as my secretary as a relationship. I’m sorry Mrs Blank, but my hearts in an odd place right now, because this lady who I have feelings for has only just stopped working at my school.” Mr Byrne tells Molly in response to her information.

It now seems that Michael had feelings towards Tracy. Mr Byrne gestures towards the door, he’s now risen from his chair, and Michael’s now begun to round on Molly.

“I’m sorry Mrs Blank but if you’d mind leaving my office I’m expecting a visit from a parent any minute now!” He informs her.

Mrs Blank then takes a step out of My Byrne’s office in response to his information. Molly is feeling quite disappointed that Michael doesn’t have feelings for her in the same way that she has feelings for him. It’s true Michael’s expecting a visit from a mother of a child in year three Mrs Rose Kelly. Mr Byrne previously taught Rose’sson Denzel Kelly back in Waterloo Road in Scotland, but Denzel was sadly unfortunately killed in a truck accident. Michael now has Rose’s youngest son Prince Kelly in his year three group at his school. Mr Byrne is fully aware that Mrs Kelly is an alcoholic, Rose has always been an alcoholic, she tried to stop being an alcoholic back when she was a dinner lady in the Waterloo Road School in Rochdale, but when Rose unfortunately lost two of her children to death she became a hard headed drinker again. Rose’s only daughter Sambuca Kelly died of cancer back in late twenty twelve, and Denzel died from a road accident in the same year twenty twelve. Rose now has unfortunately been left with only three children, at one time she was the mother of five children. Rose’s second oldest son Earl Kelly is in jail for murder, he murdered his girlfriend Maxine Barlow when she dumped him, and Rose’s oldest son Marley Kelly is now working as a bouncer in a nightclub in London. Rose is living alone with her son Prince in North Shields, they moved down here together from living in Rochdale after Denzel tried to move down to Scotland with the man he saw as a father figure to him Tom Clarkson. There’s a knock on Mr Byrne’s office door, and Michael allows Rose to make her way into his office. Rose has a bottle of beer in her hand. Michael grabs the bottle of alcohol roughly out of Kelly’s hand, and he rounds in anger on her.

“Do you really think this is what Denzel would have wanted and never mind his sister Sambuca to see you converting back into the hard headed drinker that you once were?” Byrne snaps out sharply at Kelly in a tone of anger.

Rose tries to grab the bottle of beer out of Michael’s hand, but Byrne refuses to let Kelly take it from him. Michael places the bottle of alcohol firmly on his desk.

“Take a seat down Mrs Kelly aren’t you here to talk about your Prince?” Mr Byrne tells Rose.

Kelly then takes a seat down on a chair directly facing Byrne’s desk. Michael takes a seat on his chair that he was sat on earlier behind his desk directly facing Rose. Byrne coughs to clear his throat.

“I’d like you to remove your son Prince from Saint Michaels Mrs Kelly!” Mr Byrne informs Rose.

Rose hasn’t taken in what Michael has just told her, because she is completely off her face. Michael can tell that Rose isn’t listening to him. Michael shakes his head in anger at Rose.

“I met you once before Mrs Kelly back in Rochdale when we met to discuss your son moving down to Scotland with me, and do you know what I thought of you last time we met I thought I strongly thought there’s a woman capable of change, but just look at you now. You converted Mrs Kelly into the woman you were before you moved with your children to Waterloo Road.” He tells her.

Rose suddenly bursts into tears of both pain and sadness in response to Michael’s words to her.

“I LOST ALL MY CHILDREN!” Rose yells out at Michael in a tone of sharp disgust.

There’s a loud knock on Mr Byrne’s office door. Michael is losing patience now.

“WAIT!” He thunders out at the person who’s stood knocking outside his office door.

Michael smiles at Rose.

“Well that’s not strictly true is it you haven’t lost all your children have you? You still have your son Prince! I wish I could help you with your son I really do, but unfortunately I can’t, because like I said before I’d like you to remove your son Prince from Saint Michaels. Prince is a danger to the other kids in this school, he bullies others! He smokes on corridors! Yeah Rose your seven year old SON SMOKES!” Michael bellows out at Mrs Kelly in a tone of sharp anger.

Rose begins to cry silently into her rough hands. Rose is dressed in baggy clothes. Too Michael Rose sinks, and she appears not to have a decent wash in days. Mr Byrne can tell that Mrs Kelly had been smoking before making her way into his office, because he can actually smell the smoke on her. Michael takes a look at the woman of a wreck who’s sat before him in his office. Michael takes a good long hard look at Rose, and he can see that she needs her young son to have a good education. Mr Byrne then proceeds to shake his head at Mrs Kelly.

“Forget about what I told you before Rose Prince stays here at Saint Michaels, but I will be keeping a close eye on him!” He tells her.

Michael then rises to his feet up off his chair, and he crosses his office over to Rose. Mr Byrne takes a look down at Mrs Kelly.

“Get yourself to a meeting to discuss your alcoholism!” He commands her sharply.

Michael snaps his fingers towards the door of his office.

“Leave me now, and come back to see me once you’ve sobered up!” Michael commands Rose.

Kelly struggles to her feet up off her chair, and she is still in bits crying ever so endlessly when she hurries out of Mr Byrne’s office. Michael thinks about what his old deputy head back at Waterloo Road School in Scotland Tom Clarkson would have thought about Rose converting back into her old ways of life. Michael knows that it’s up to him however to help Rose and not Tom, because Mr Clarkson after all is unfortunately dead. Michael knows that he needs to get in touch with Mr Marley Kelly, and to inform him of his mum’s ways of life. Michael grabs his office phone, and he begins to call Marley on it.

Chapter four

Prince Kelly is stood in the school playground at Saint Michaels RC primary school. Prince is dressed like a thug. Even though he is only seven years old Prince has already really experienced the true darkness of life. Prince knows a big brother of his to be locked up in prison for twenty five years Earl Kelly, because Earl murdered his girlfriend in cold blood when she dumped him Maxine Barlow. Earl has been in prison now for six years, and he has another nineteen years to serve inside. Prince is aware that his mam once had a daughter, and that he himself once had a big sister looking after him called Sambuca Kelly, but Prince knows that he lost his sister Sam back in the year twenty twelve, and it’s now the year twenty fourteen, so Prince has had no Sam in his life for two years now. Prince knows that he also had a big brother called Denzel, and he remembers him quite clearly, but Prince knows that he lost Den later in the year twenty twelve. Prince has heard rumours that his headmaster Mr Byrne (Michael) is trying to get him kicked out of the school. Although he constantly complains about coming here to Saint Michaels Prince deep down loves the school more than words could possible say, because Prince hates being at home with his mum. Rose Kelly doesn’t treat him like a really son. Rose keeps telling Prince that she was sick of kids by the time he came along, and that he was an accident. Prince knows that if he’s about to get kicked out of the only place that keeps him sane, and that he doesn’t like being at home alone with a mother who he believes hates him then the only thing left for Prince to do is to run away.

Prince Kelly hurries as fast as he can over to the main school gate leading out into the car park. Prince can see the metal chain wrapped tightly around the school gate with the padlock securely placed on the gate. Prince knows that there’s no way at all for him to break that pad lock, but on the other hand there is a way for him to climb over the gate, and that is just exactly what he’s planning to do. It doesn’t take the young Kelly long to climb over the gate. On the other side of the gate facing the car park the young Prince breaks into a run. For a seven year old school boy Prince is actually surprisingly quite fast.

Michael Byrne has managed to get in touch with Marley Kelly on his office phone, and Mr Byrne has agreed for My Kelly to come down here to Saint Michaels School for him to discuss Prince with him. Marley has agreed to come down to the school from where he lives in London later in the week, but right now Mr Byrne hasn’t noticed yet that Prince (the young kid) that he’s concerned about has actually run away from his school. Michael is stood in his office talking to Molly Blank.

“I think that it might be a bit awkward for you continuing to work here at Saint Michaels with me as your boss!” He informs her.

Michael gives Molly a little smile.

“You’re a very good member of staff, but I understand if you feel uncomfortable working here when you say you have feelings for me,” he tells her.

There’s a loud knock on My Byrne’s office door. Michael sighs, he’s getting rather tired with the amount of visitors he’s getting today, but Michael knows that he needs to accept that that’s what makes a headteacher discussing things with people.

“ENTER!” Mr Byrne calls out to the person who is stood outside his office door.

Just as the door opens, and just as Josh Stevenson is about to make his way into Mr Byrne’s office Mrs Blank grabs Mr Byrne, and she kisses him lovingly on the lips. Michael then pushes Molly roughly away from him after she kisses him. Michael shakes his head in disgust at Molly.

“Get out! GET THE BLOODY HELL OUT OF MY SCHOOL!” He thunders out at her in a bellowing tone.

Mr Byrne rounds in anger on Mrs Blank.

“I will get you sacked for this!” He warns her.

Michael grabs Molly firmly by the arm, and he throws her roughly out of his office door. Michael then turns to face Josh.

“Sorry about that! I’m having one hell of a day!” He apologises to him.

Michael stands facing his deceased colleague’s son in his office.

“What can I do for you?” Mr Byrne questions Mr Stevenson.

Josh rounds on Michael in response to his question.

“I’m worried about Tracy! Where do you think she would have gone?” He informs him in a tone of interrogation.

Michael smiles at Josh in response to his information.

“Take my advice on board my son forget about Tracy Beaker,” he tells him in response to his information.

Michael’s troubled.

“Anyway I thought you were gay?” He questions Josh.

Stevenson smiles at Byrne in response to his question.

“Tracy’s the girl who turned me straight!” He informs him in response to his question.

Michael rounds on Josh in response to his question.

“I had feelings also for Tracy!” He tells him in response to his question.

All of a sudden Josh can feel his fist crushing itself hard into Michael’s face. Stevenson is now aware that he’s just punched Byrne hard in the face. Michael chooses not to punch Josh, because the memory of his deceased friend Tom Clarkson is stopping him from punching him. Michael now has a red mark on his face from where Josh just punched him. Josh goes to punch Michael again, but this time Byrne grabs Stevenson hard by the fists to stop him from punching him. Michael gives Josh a smile.

“We must find Tracy! You’re right you must find her but so must I!” He informs him.

Both Michael and Josh can suddenly hear the school bell ringing for the end of the day. Byrne looks out of his window at all the young people leaving his school. Michael knows that he’s about to abandon many lives for the sake of one girl. Michael takes a look back at Josh with mercy in his two eyes, he’s still holding on firmly to his fists.

“Give me till the end of the school week then you and I will set out to find Tracy together!” Michael informs Josh in a tone of mercy.

Byrne knows that he can’t just abandon the Kelly’s. Michael knows that he must wait a few days until Marley Kelly comes to the school before he sets out on the search for Tracy Beaker with his mate Josh. Half an hour has past now since the school bell rang, all of a sudden Rose Kelly storms sharply into Mr Byrne’s office, and surprisingly she actually seems to be sober. Rose took Michael’s advice on board, and after leaving his office and the school she went home had a big drink of water, had a lovely bath, and had half an hour sleep, but when she returned to the school to pick the son she loves up Rose was left with a big shock. Rose appears to be looking rather horrified at Mr Byrne. Josh gives Rose a smile, because he recognises her as his deceased mate Sambuca Kelly’s mum.

“Oh hello again,” Josh says happily to Rose.

Kelly then raises one of her hands to silence Stevenson in case he decides to speak again. Rose stands directly facing Michael inside his office in Saint Michaels RC primary school.

“Where the bloody hell is my son?” Mrs Kelly demands an answer sharply from Mr Byrne.

Michael’s left troubled by Rose’s question.

“What do you mean where’s your son isn’t he in the school yard?” He questions her in response to her question.

Rose then shakes her head in response to Mr Byrne’s question to her. Michael turns to face Josh who is still stood with both himself and Rose inside his office.

“It now seems that Prince Kelly’s gone missing!” Mr Byrne informs Mr Stevenson sounding frightened.

Michael gives Rose a smile of reassurance.

“Don’t worry yourself I’ll find him!” He makes a vow to her.

Michael turns to face Josh.

“Get on the phone to the police lad report the disappearance to them!” He commands him.

Josh nods his head in response to Michael’s command. Josh picks up Byrne’s phone in response to his command, and he begins to call the police on it. Michael heads out of his office, determined to track the young Prince Kelly down.

Chapter five

Prince Kelly is storming down a street in North Shields near to Saint Thomas More RC Academy. Prince has travelled down a few streets away from Saint Michaels RC primary school now. All of a sudden Prince is approached by a young lady dressed all in white; the young lady’s skin is completely white. Prince takes a look at the young lady, and when he takes a look at her he is completely taken in by her beauty that he believes that he’s staring at an angel. It seems that this young lady has just descended down from heaven. Prince can see that this young lady has the same eyes as his mum Rose. The young lady stands directly facing the young lad on the street.

“Hello, do not be afraid of me I am a friend to you! Actually I’m much more than a friend to you if truth be told, hello Prince I am your sister Sambuca!” She informs him.

It seems that Sambuca Kelly has just returned to life from the dead, and our Prince Kelly is left completely horrified by this!



© Copyright 2020 Matthew Seed. All rights reserved.


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