The First Part of the Adventure (2014 edition) series one episode three

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

In the third part of the first series of the story Lily Kettle celebrates her 16th birthday in her new home. However some rather devastating news is just about to come her way.
Steve is determined to throw a surprise birthday party for his daughter, but can he keep that a secret from her for long?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The First Part of the Adventure (2014 edition) series one episode three

Submitted: July 27, 2015

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Submitted: July 27, 2015



The First Part of the Adventure

(2014 edition)

Series One Episode Three

Chapter one

Both Lily Kettle and Razz Kevins are stood directly facing one another in Lily’s bedroom, in her new home, in Living Village which is within Liverpool city. Suddenly they grab one another, and they pull one another into a loving embrace. They then take to sharing out a loving kiss together on the lips. Little Jonah Kettle then comes excitedly bursting into his big sister’s room along with their dog called Shadow. This dog sadly only has three legs.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY LILY!” Jonah cries out in a tone off happiness up at his big sister, while standing before her in her bedroom.

Lily and Razz then exchange looks off anger with one another, because after all they would much rather be alone together, and not in the company of both the three legged dog and the one year old toggle, but Lily respects Jonah for coming here to wish her a very happy birthday however, and for that reason she’s prepared to give him a little bit off attention. Today is Lily’s sixteenth birthday. Her dad Steve believes that she is growing up way too fast, and the reason to that is because she is now bringing boyfriends with her into their home. Razz winks down at Jonah with a smile.

“How are you doing today little man?” He questions him sounding kind.

Jonah is getting to quite like Razz now, but however he didn’t really approve of him at first, and the reason to that is because Jonah wanted his big sister Lily all to himself, he didn’t really want to be  sharing out time to be spent with her along with some boyfriend of her’s. Jonah smiles back up at Razz in response to his question to him.

“I’m feeling excited today, because today is the day off Lily’s surprised birthday party!” He shouts out at him in an informing tone in response to his question.

Lily then bursts out into giggles of great excitement in response to her little brother’s words. What Jonah has just informed Razz about has greatly excited Lily, and she now bends down, so that she can be face to face with Jonah. Lily gives her little brother a warm hearted smile.

“I don’t think that you were really meant to tell me that Jonah, and so if I were you I wouldn’t tell either my dad or your mum that you told me about that,” she says to him in response to what he has just shouted out at Razz.

Razz then shakes his head in response to what Lily has just said, and also nods his head in agreement to what she has just said to her little brother.

“Oh no, I don’t think he was either,” he says in agreement to what she has just said to her little brother.

Razz then begins to play with the dog Shadow. He gives him a great big starch on his tummy, and this is after Shadow has laid down on his back, and his panting excitedly up at Razz. Razz has come to quite love Shadow, all the years while he’s been living within this area he’s never seen a three legged dog before. Three legged dogs are quite rare, and the reason to that is because quite often vets believe that their no god without four legs, and so they’re just put to sleep, but Shadow had the whole force off Lily’s old home the Dumping Ground behind him, both supporting him, and also protecting him from being put down. Shadow briefly for a short time belonged to one of Lily’s old friend’s back at the Dumping Ground called Frank Matthews.  

Chapter two

Razz Kevins hands a birthday present over to Lily Kettle in the kitchen in the Kettle family’s new home in Living Village within the city of Liverpool.

“How do you know what I like? You’ve only known me for five minutes!” Lily questions Razz as she unwraps the birthday present to reveal a new pair off horse riding boots.

Lily is off course joking about saying that Razz has only known her for five minutes, because when in truth they have actually known each other for a couple of days now. Razz smiles back at his new girlfriend in response to her question that she has just asked him about.

“Hannah gave me an idea to what you might like,” he tells her truthfully in response to her question to him.

Lily then pulls Razz into a loving embrace in order to properly thank him.

“Thanks hun,” she says to him sounding happy with him for being such a good and well behaved boyfriend.

Razz then shares a loving kiss with Lily on the lips. Kerry then makes her way into the kitchen in her sister Shannay’s new home. Kerry is carrying a big present with her. Kerry gives both Lily and Razz a smile.

“Hey you two, how’s it going?” She questions them both, feeling rather embarrassed with herself for intruding in on the two of them while they were kissing one another, but however neither Razz or Lily seem to mind that Kerry has just interrupted their little romantic moment.

Razz nods his head back at Kerry in response to her question; he has known her for quite a few years now, because this house used to belong to her before the family that she is a part of the Kettle’s moved into it.

“I’m fine thanks, how are you?” Razz asks Kerry in response to her own question that she has just asked both him and Lily about.

Kerry smiles back at Razz in response to his question that he has just asked her about.

“I’m very well thank you for asking,” she says to him in response to his question in a big white lie.

Razz then looks from Kerry to Lily.

“I’ll give you two a moment alone,” he tells them both.

Kerry smiles in response to what Razz has just told her, because she wants a moment alone with Lily to tell her something really important. Razz disappears out of the kitchen into the deserted back garden of the house. Kerry turns back to face Lily in the kitchen in her old home.

“You alright Aunty Kerry?” Miss Kettle questions Miss Ravens.

Kerry smiles in sadness in response to Lily’s question to her.

“Sorry Lily but I’m not your Aunty yet, and sadly I’ll never will be, because do you want to know the reason to why I sold this house to your dad and Shannay? Well it’s because my days are running short now, they are numbered, and the reason to that is because I’m suffering from cancer! Specifically breast cancer, and sadly my illness will only get worse for me over time, and unfortunately it won’t start to get better! I’m dying Lily, but I’ve come here to tell you that I’m so proud of you, and I want you to always remember that! I’ve only met you a couple of times, but if I was still to be alive when your dad and my sister get married which I unfortunately won’t be then I’d be much more than happy to call you my niece, because that’s what I already see you as love!” She informs her in response to her question.

Lily’s left utterly shocked by Kerry’s words that she has just informed her about, and much more precisely she’s left horrified by her breast cancer that she is unfortunately suffering from! There’s a moment of silence while Lily really struggles to take in what her friend has just told her about on the day of her birthday. Tears of sadness start to rush down Lily’s face from her once again tearful eyes. Finally Lily has the strength again to speak to Kerry.

“Does Shannay know that you have cancer?” She questions her in response to her information sounding incredibly concerned about her now.

Kerry nods her head in response to Lily’s question that she has just asked her about.

“Yeah I’ve already told both her and your dad Steve, and they offered to me to tell you themselves about my deadly condition, but I thought that maybe it were better for me to tell you in person,” she says in response to her question that she has just asked her concerning about.

Lily is in full tears now; she can’t stop herself from crying. Kerry then places the present that she’s brought for Lily on the kitchen bench, and she then proceeds to pull Lily into a loving hug to comfort her.

“Do not pity me Lily, I’ve had a good life, I’ve spent my life well working in that café’,” Kerry says to the young lady that she loves very much deep down in her heart as a niece.

Lily wipes the tears of sadness away from her wet tearful eyes.

“Sorry Kerry, I really am I know that you didn’t want to see me in this state, but let’s just say that your news came as a bit of a shock to me, and it wasn’t what I was expecting on a day like this when I’m just so happy,” Lily says to Kerry in response to her words that she has just said to her about.

Kerry regrets now having told Lily that she’s dying on the day of her birthday, but she knows that she couldn’t keep this news from her any longer, because it was wrong for her too. Lily then remembers that Kerry has placed a birthday present from her to her on the kitchen bench. Lily smiles from Kerry to the present.

“Do you mind if I open that?” She questions her after noticing the present.

Kerry shakes her head in response to Lily’s question that she has just asked her about.

“No not at all it’s addressed to you after all,” she tells her in response to her question.

Following Kerry’s words Lily picks up the present from the kitchen bench, and she proceeds to unwrap it. It’s a new DVD player. Lily looks down in sadness not happiness surprisingly at the DVD player. Lily is so unhappy with this present, because she knows that she unfortunately can’t use it, because Lily doesn’t have a TV to go with this DVD player. Lily decides to put on a smile which she does, and Lily also decides not to tell Kerry that she unfortunately can’t use the present that she’s just given to her.

“Happy birthday love,” Kerry says to the young lady who’s like a new found niece to her.

Lily smiles back at Kerry in response to the birthday wish that she’s just received from her.

“Thank you Aunty Kerry,” Lily tells her in response to what Miss Ravens has just said to her.

Lily then shares another loving hug with Kerry.

Chapter three

After saying happy birthday to Lily Kettle and given her her birthday present Kerry Ravens heads for the bus stop in Living village. Kerry is aware that she’ll soon be dead, her time is running short, and she’ll soon be standing in her grave. In her own special way Kerry has said farewell to her family members, and now Kerry wishes to head away on a bus to a forest to die alone there, and that is exactly what she’s going to do. Kerry waits at the bus stop in Living village for the bus to arrive. Finally at long last Kerry’s bus pulls into the bus stop, and Kerry boards the bus there. Kerry pays the fair to the driver, and she takes a seat on a passenger seat on the bus. The bus then pulls away from the bus stop. Kerry is already out of breath from her walk here from Lily’s house, and she’s feeling exhausted.

Meanwhile, Lily Kettle heads away from her house in the street Elmtree Lane with her new boyfriend Razz Kevins. Lily and Razz are holding hands together. Razz is shocked to discover that Lily’s appearing to be really upset when he takes a good long look at her. Razz is troubled.

“Love what’s wrong? What’s the matter?” He questions Lily.

Lily looks back at Razz in response to his question, and when she sees his face smiling back at her she bursts into great big tears of sadness.

“Kerry’s got cancer, and she’ll soon be dead!” Lily cries back at Razz in tears of sadness in response to his questions.

Razz and Lily then stop stone dead in their tracks together, and they turn to face one another. Razz then pulls Lily into a loving embrace to comfort her from crying. Lily then cries silently into Razz’s open arms.

“Ah Lily I’m so sorry,” Kevins says to Kettle in response to the news that she’s just given him.

Razz then gives Lily a loving kiss on her head, because he loves her to bits.

“Did Kerry tell you that she had cancer when I left the kitchen?” Razz questions Lily.

Kettle then nods her head in response to Kevins’ question.

“Yeah she did, and what makes it sadder is that she bought me this DVD player for my birthday, but I cannot unfortunately use it because I don’t have a TV to go with it,” she tells him in response to his question.

Razz then takes a look at Lily directly in her eyes.

“Do not fear my love I’ll find you a telly to go with your DVD player,” he makes a promise to her.

Razz then places his arm gently around Lily.

“Come now we must go to your dad’s café’,” he tells her.

Razz then leads and helps Lily his new found lover gently down the street.

Chapter four

A bus stops at a bus stop near to a dark forest, and Kerry Ravens departs from it there. Kerry is ready to meet her end in the dark forest. Kerry is ready to die. Kerry makes her way away from the bus over to the dark forest. She then bravely enters the black, dark green and misty brown forest. Kerry wanders feeling quite brave for miles and miles into the quite large spooky forest. Finally after walking for an hour the middle aged lady aged fifty sinks down onto a large log in the forest. Kerry lays down on the log, and she begins to close her eye lids. All of a sudden Kerry can hear a sharp bat zooming above her and hooting madly at her, and this makes Kerry snap her eyes sharply open. Kerry gazes up at the dark black bat with fear in her dying eyes. The bat takes a look down at the dying lady, and suddenly it transforms into an old man. The old man falls down from the air, and he manages to land safely on his two feet just before where Kerry is laying dying on the big fat log. The man nods his head at Kerry.

“I’ve been watching you for a while Miss, you’ve been asleep for nearly thirty minutes,” he tells her.

Yeah Kerry is off course amazed by what she has just seen a bat transforming into an old man who is off course much older than her, but also fit and well, but Kerry is much more amazed at the man telling her that she has been asleep for nearly thirty minutes when she thought herself that she had just rested her eyes for not even three minutes.

“Thirty minutes you say! And why were you watching me for that long?” The dying Kerry Ravens bravely demands an old man that she been perving on her for the last half an hour it appears.

The man leans closer to Kerry to face her.

“I’ve been protecting you from the dangers that surround this forest!” He informs her.

Kerry suddenly feels a sharp pain coming from her chest, and this leads her to make a sharp jolt backwards stumbling into the log.

“You alright Miss? Did I get here too late to protect you?” The old man questions the dying middle aged lady.

Kerry tries to round in anger on the old man in response to his question.

“What I need protecting from my good sir is death nothing more nothing less! So unless you can protect me from death then piss off or I’ll use my last dying moment to kill you!” She warns him sharply in response to his question.

Kerry then goes to faint, but she falls into the old man’s arms. The old man then uses something that could only have been the powerful thing in this universe known as magic to cure Kerry from death, and he sends away her cancer from her. Kerry Ravens is now no longer dying thanks to this old man who’s now her hero, and she’s now no longer suffering from any form of cancer. Kerry is now a healed woman. Ravens is now aware that she’s no longer got cancer, and that she’s no longer dying. Kerry then rounds on the old man instead of thanking him.

“How the hell did you do that? How the bloody hell were you able to save me from death?” She demands answers from him sharply.

There’s a moment of silence. The old man then shakes his head at Kerry; he’s not prepared to answer her questions.

“Let’s just say that you’re welcome!” The old man snaps out at Ravens in response to her questions.

The old man suddenly vanishes on the spot in front of Kerry. Kerry Ravens then faints in astonishment in response to the old man’s magical actions.

Chapter five

Lily Kettle and Razz Kevins make their way into Steve Kettle’s new café’ together. When they arrive there they find a large crowd of excited people waiting for them there, cries of, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY LILY,” greet Lily when she makes her way into her family café’. All the people in the café’ are wearing party hats on their heads, and their all holding party poppers in their hands. Shannay is stood in the centre of the crowd of people holding a big birthday cake in her two hands. The icing on the cake is off Lily standing with both Steve and Shannay holding hands happily with them both. Lily can see her dad standing behind the counter in the café’ munching his way through a rice crispy cake. Lily shakes her head in disgust at Steve when she sees him standing before her enjoying himself.


Razz then tries to pull Lily into another loving hug.

“Come now don’t be like that Kerry would want you to celebrate your birthday wouldn’t she?” He says to her.

Lily then pushes Razz roughly away from her, and she storms hurryingly out of the café’. Razz then makes his way over to stand with both his dad Kyle and his sister Hannah in the café’. Hannah exchanges troubled looks with her dad before turning to face her brother.

“What’s wrong with Lily Razz?” Hannah questions him.

Razz then takes a look back at his little sister in response to her question.

“Lily’s just heard some terrible news that’s all!” He tells her in response to her question.

Shannay disappears out of the café’ to see Lily whose now sitting cross legged on the park bench outside crying her eyes out. Shannay takes a look down at the young lady who will soon be like a daughter to her in the freezing cold night.

“You must be freezing cold because I am love!” Shannay tells Lily.

Kettle then takes a look up at the lady who will soon be her mum with anger in her eyes.

“You of all people I don’t expect to see celebrating on a dark night like this!” Lily snaps out in a sharp tone of anger at Shannay.

Shannay then sinks down on her bottom to sit next to Lily on the hard street. Shannay gives Lily a little smile.

“I know you didn’t really know her that well, but I just want you to know that you meant the world to Kerry,” she tells her.

Lily’s left totally shocked by Shannay’s words to her.

“Meant! What do mean by meant? Kerry’s not dead yet!” She snaps out in a reminding tone demanding her for an answer.

Shannay takes a look at Lily with sadness in her eyes.

“Kerry told me that she was to make this finale day on Jehovah’s earth,” she tells her in a tone of sadness.

Shannay then pulls Lily into a loving hug.

“We’re all here tonight because of my sister Kerry me, you, your dad, Shadow and Jonah, she brought us all here to Living village, we’re celebrating tonight because of Kerry,” she says to her.

Shannay and Lily then take a look at the café’ together.

“We should make that place work in memory of my dear sister,” Shannay tells Lily.

Shannay rises to her feet, she takes Lily by the hand and Shannay helps Lily to her feet. Shannay then places her arm both gently and lovingly around Lily.

“Kerry would want you to celebrate on the night of your birthday,” she says to her.

Lily then smiles back at Shannay in response to what she has just said to her.

“Then let’s celebrate in memory of Kerry,” she tells her.

Lily then follows Shannay back into the café’.

Chapter six

A woman dressed in a dark black cape with long straight dark black hair and a sharp pointy nose is leaning down over the unconsise Kerry Raven, taking a good look down at her in the dark dangerous forest.

“Wake now my dear! Rise from the blankness of your mind!” The mysterious woman tells Kerry.

Ravens then struggles to open her eyes in response to what the mysterious lady has just said to her. Kerry gazes up at the mysterious scary looking lady, and from the first impression that Ravens has of this unknown lady is that she is a witch.

“Who the hell are you?” The now cured Kerry demands an answer sharply from the mysterious stranger.

The stranger is now face to face with Kerry.

“There is no need for you to fear me darling,” she tells her.

Kerry’s troubled.

“Who are you?” She repeats her question to this woman.

The mysterious stranger begins to walk circles around Kerry.

“My name is Cora! Lady Cora you can call me for I am your new mistress!” She informs her.

Kerry’s troubled.

“Mistress! What do you mean by that?” She commands an answer from Cora.

Cora laughs coldly at Kerry in response to her question.

“I mean by the tone of that my darling is that you’re now mine!” She informs her sharply in response to her question.

Kerry then shakes her head in dismissal at Cora.

“I’m sorry my friend but I better be going!” she tells her in an urgent tone.

Kerry then tries to head away from Cora, but Cora grabs Kerry firmly by the arm to stop her from going any further away from her. Cora then looks directly at Kerry.

“You’re here alive and well today snivelling cow because of me! Who do you think sent that man Emrys here to cure you from death it was me dear I did! You owe your life, and Emrys owes me his that’s why he serves me!” She informs her.

Cora then uses her dark magic to put a dark curse on over Kerry placing her under her own command. Kerry is now forced duty bound to serve Cora because of magic. Kerry’s troubled.

“What would you like me to do?” She questions Cora.

Cora the wicked witch takes a look back at her new apprentice Kerry in response to her question.

“Find and bring me Daniel Kevins!” She commands her in response to her question.

Kerry nods her head in response to her new mistress’s command; she is now ready to obey her wishes to the best of her ability. Kerry Ravens is now determined to find Daniel Kevins.

To be continued!


© Copyright 2020 Matthew Seed. All rights reserved.


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