Chapter 1: The Ongoing Adventure 2014 EDITION Third Special Episode The wedding?

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

Reads: 416

The Ongoing Adventure

(2014 EDITION)

Third Special Episode

The wedding?

Chapter 1

Lily Kettle is just about to get married to the young man who she proposed to a couple of months ago. Lily is still holding her enemy Shannay Ravens prisoner inside her friend Matthew Seed’s time machine house number 2 Ross way.

Over the last couple of months Steve Kettle has really adjusted to just what has been going on in his eldest daughter’s life while he was dead to the people who he loves, and he has grown closer to Kerry Ravens with him by sharing a lot in common with her, and that is by the fact that they have both just apparently returned to the land of the living from the land of the dead.

Number 2 Ross way house the time machine is now placed surely on a field in Living village. Lily Kettle makes her way into the kitchen in the house there, and there she finds her fiancée Razz Kevins. Razz is alone in the kitchen doing a quick little favour for his new friend Matthew by washing up the unclean plates, knives, and forks that are scattered around his kitchen. Lily takes to standing just by the door in the room smiling in happiness across the kitchen over at her future husband. Razz seems to be very busy, but however he places the wet cloth down on Matthew’s kitchen bench, and he turns to face his one true love. Lily winks over cheekily at her fella.

“That’s what I like to see you lending in a little helping hand,” she says to him.

Razz takes a look back at Lily in response to what she has just said to him.

“Yeah well I’m doing a little favour for Matthew, meaning I clean up his kitchen for a week and he supplies all the beer at my stag do!” Razz explains to Lily in response to what she has just said to him.

Razz places a glass inside a cupboard at the far corner of his new friend’s kitchen.

“That’s a little bit harsh on you making Matthew buy all the beer at your stag do!” Lily complains to her future husband.

Razz smiles back at his future wife in response to what she has just said to him.

“Ah don’t worry love I’m not planning on having a heavy drinking night that night, because after all it’s the night before our wedding, and I want to be up and alert to make you completely mine the next day,” Razz says to Lily crossing the kitchen in Matthew’s house now over to her.

When he is standing directly before her facing her in the kitchen Mr Kevins proceeds to pull Miss Kettle into a loving warm hug. Razz places his hands upon Lily’s hips as he shares a kiss of true love with her. Lily places her hands gently in around her soon to be husband.

“I’m already starting to think about honeymoon destinations for us to go to after our wedding ceremony, and it really takes to helping us that our new mate Matty’s house is a time machine,” Lily explains to Razz.

Mr Kevins shakes his head back at his fiancée.

“Oh just listen to you Miss adventurer!” He laughs at her as he begins to gently stroke her long dark blonde coloured hair.

Lily winks over at Razz.

“I’m being serious!” She tells him by reminding him of her honesty.

Razz folds his arms.

“Like where were you thinking of love Neverland?” He questions his lass.

Lily continues to stand there facing her future husband inside her friend’s kitchen.

“Actually I was thinking more along the lines of Sherwood forest, because I’ve always wanted to meet Maid Marion and Robin Hood,” Lily takes to telling Razz in response to his question that he’s just asked her.

Suddenly however before Razz can make a response to his fiancée’s words to him they both take to hearing a terrible clashing coming a short distance away from them in Matthew’s house, and it is sounding as though it is coming from his garage. Lily fears the worst at once that her prisoner has escaped from her, and maybe actually she is right too. Lily urgently then takes to hurrying on throughout Matthew’s kitchen in his house out into the utility room in his house. Lily quickly moves on through that room where the dog Milo’s basket is placed down. Lily flies across the room, and over to the far end door of the utility. Lily hastily pulls open the door, and she legs it speeding into Matthew’s garage. She is then left horrified there to discover that the garage door at the backend of the garage has been blasted open, and Lily suspects it being due to her enemy Shannay’s powerful dark magic, and Lily also takes to finding that there is no Shannay in this garage anymore. It has now become very clear indeed that Lily was right to suspect that Shannay had escaped from her.

Chapter 2

It is the first of November 2014. Right now Steve Kettle is sat down on a bar stool by a bar in the local pub in the village along with his mate Kyle Kevins, who is also sat down upon a bar stool there. The two men are drinking two pints of beer together. Kyle smiles at Steve.

“Do you know that I would have taken Lily in as my own little girl if you never had returned to life from the dead? I would have done it off course in your honour. I have already asked Lily what subject it is that she would be interested in studying at university.” He tells him.

Kyle takes a sip from his glass of beer. Steve is now feeling quite proud of Kyle, and really happy with him in response to what he has just taken to telling him about. Steve nods his head back at Kyle.

“I’m pleased that you found that Razz was alive again,” he says to him.

Kyle nods his head in response to what Steve has just said to him. After all it was the happiest day by far in Kyle’s life when he discovered much to his surprise that at least one of his children had returned to life from the dead. Kyle takes to patting Steve gently on his back.

“We’re practically family now,” he tells him sounding really delighted that their children are getting married to one another.

Steve takes to nodding his head in response to what Kyle has just told him about.

“Yeah never thought that I’d see the day where Lily married Razz,” Mr Kettle says in happiness to Mr Kevins.

After all back when Steve was temporally killed a couple of years ago Razz had also been murdered and was dead and gone. Suddenly both Lily Kettle and Razz Kevins race into the open pub door frantically before their two dad’s. Lily urgently turns to face Steve.

“SHANNAY’S ESCAPED FROM US!” She screams out at him in an urgent tone of panic causing attention to herself within the pub.

Eyes roll out from every corner and every single seat in the pub in response to what Lily has screamed out at her father. Steve places one of his fingers down upon his lip to silence his daughter before she can scream out again. Steve smiles at Lily.

“Ok, don’t worry, because if she comes for you I’ll kill her!” He promises her in a truthful tone.

Steve would happily spend the remainder of his days locked up as a prisoner for his daughter, because Mr Kettle is now worried that if he kills Shannay the police will come for him. Steve raises to his feet up from his stool that he’s been sitting on, and he stands directly facing Lily now in the pub.

“Don’t worry about Shannay my girl!” Steve gives his daughter a strict instruction.

Steve then takes a look from Lily to Razz.

“You two just concentrate on your upcoming wedding, and I myself will go and find Shannay!” He tells them both while pulling them both into a loving hug.

Steve is now ready to protect both his daughter Lily and his future son in law Razz from his onetime lover Shannay.

Chapter 3

Shannay Ravens appears out of nowhere by the magical waterfall one a Caribbean red hot island, and she takes to looking down at the deep misty grey coloured waters in that waterfall. Shannay then takes to using her magical powers to dry up the waters that are inside the waterfall, and the reason that she has done this is to stop any more past heroes in the history of the earth coming here to help Lily Kettle in her ongoing battle against her, but however just as she is doing this one last dead body appears within the waters of the magical waterfall, and the enchanted waters takes to bringing this man back to life from the dead.

“One last hero comes to call!” Shannay cries out in a tone of cold sharp anger.

While he is laying down flat on his back in the magical waterfall this man’s two eyes flash open bringing life back into his old corpse body. Once the man has opened up his two blue coloured eyes, he takes to looking up in horror at his new stranger to him Shannay. Shannay smiles coldly down at the man who has only just returned to life again from the dead.

“Get out of there!” Miss Ravens takes to snarling out in blood thirsty anger at the man with brown hair.

In response to hearing her snarl to him this English man takes to retreating rather quickly up and out of the waters inside the magical waterfall. The man now stands by the shore of the magical waterfall, and he takes to watching with amazement as Shannay continues to use her powerful enchanted abilities to dry up the water out of the waterfall. Just hard rock and dried up parts of the earth remains left behind now from where the water was inside the magical waterfall. The man rolls his eyes in astonishment over at Shannay.

“Wow do you have dark magic or something?” He takes to questioning her sounding amazed by what he has just seen from her.

Shannay rounds in anger on the man.

“Name?” She demands from him.

The man shrugs his shoulders in response to what he has just heard this strange lady demanding from him.

“Who wishes to know who I am? Listen lady before I tell you my name how about first you tell me yours!” The man yells out at Shannay.

Shannay smiles coldly back at the man.

“Well I’m your worst nightmare and don’t get too used to being alive again, because I’ll soon have you just where you belong and that is the land of the dead!” She warns him.

Shannay takes to using a mind control spell upon this man.

“And you’re Mr Allen A Dale!” She informs him.

This man called Allen is left shocked now to discover that this woman suddenly knows what his name is. Allen smiles coldly at the monster lady.

“Who is definitely not at your service!” He tells her in response to what she has just informed him about.

Due to her having just used a mind control spell upon his head Shannay now knows all about Allen, for example she now knows that he used to be one of Robin Hood’s many outlaws back in Sherwood forest. Shannay also now knows that Allen has only just returned to life again from the dead, after dying at the hands of a devil Sheriff called Vaisey in the year eleven ninety four back in Sherwood forest, while being the exact same age that he appears to be right now, and that is the age of thirty.

Before escaping herself from being made imprisoned in the garage back at Matthew Seed’s time machine house, Shannay Ravens overheard Lily Kettle her enemy discussing with her other enemy Razz Kevins that she wants their honeymoon to be in Sherwood forest, and so now Shannay believes standing before him on this Caribbean island that Allen A Dale can come in useful to her.

Shannay Ravens winks over happily at Allen A Dale while standing before him on this Caribbean island.

“Actually what say instead of killing you I be so kind as to escort you back to your home camp in the company of your friends back in Sherwood forest?” Miss Ravens takes to questioning the outlaw.

Allen is suddenly left shocked by what Shannay has just questioned him about.

“I’m not being funny whatever your name is but why on earth would I want to go home?” The outlaw takes to asking the witch.

Shannay smiles coldly back at Allen in response to what he has just asked her about.

“My name’s Lily, and the reason to why I’m going to take you home is for you to be with your friends, and to continue to fight your battle against greed, corruption and evil with them!” Miss Ravens lies to the outlaw in response to what he has just asked her about.

Shannay knows that it’s better for her to play her new acutance if she is to use another name on him, and whatever damage she could cause what better than to blame it all upon the name of her enemy Lily Kettle. Allen rounds in anger on Shannay.

“Listen Lily but I have no intention of going home to Robin and the others back in Sherwood forest neither now or ever, and the reason to that is because the last time I saw them all they believed once again that I was a traitor to the lot of them, and so for that very reason I’m better off alone without them in my life!” He explains to her.

Allen then begins to wander away from Shannay on the island.

“Now please leave me alone!” He calls sharply out at her.

Allen has spotted with his two blue eyes a rowing boat at the far end shore of the island, and so he is now making his way towards it. Shannay takes to following Allen on his journey through the red hot warm island. The outlaw soon turns round to face angrily the witch.

“Allen it’s twenty fourteen, and therefore you have no way of surviving yourself within this new world without me there to support you!” Shannay tells her new acutance who she is determined to turn into her new servant.

Allen is left shocked by what he has just heard Shannay telling him.

“Lily do you really mean well to me?” He questions her.

Shannay nods her head in response to what Allen has just questioned her about.

“Yes off course the name Lily Kettle means a success of life, and therefore I am there to offer help and support out to the people who I meet in my life, because I believe strongly in my name!” Shannay tells Allen in another little white lie.

In truth Shannay just simply believes the name of her enemy to be a right pain in the arse. Allen has now been convinced by Shannay, and so therefore he is now ready to place his trust in her. Allen smiles back at Shannay.

“Very well then if you’d be so kind I’d now really like you to help me,” he says to her.

Shannay then snaps her fingers towards the rowing boat.

“We won’t be using that my friend,” she explains to Allen.

Shannay then vanishes simply off the island with her new outlaw friend.

Chapter 4

Matthew Seed is now wandering through the streets of Liverpool city along with his new friend Ryan Robertson. Both lads have just been to the one stop in the city, and they have both just bought some fizzy drinks for themselves from there. Matthew has just bought himself a can of diet coke and Ryan has just bought himself a can of doctor pepper. Matthew takes a little sip from his can of diet coke.

“My friend Brett and I used to do this all the time,” he tells Ryan.

Matthew used to go everywhere with this old friend of his called Brett Laverick before Brett off course moved away and joined up the armed forces. Matthew really misses his friend Brett from time to time, because they really were the very best of friends to one another, but however Matthew is really happy now that he has made new friend’s with Ryan, Razz and Lily. Ryan smiles back in sadness at his new friend Matthew in response to what he has just heard from him.

“I’ve always been a lone wolf me,” Mr Robertson says to Mr Seed sounding really sad.

That is exactly what Matthew has felt like from time to time. Matthew smiles at Ryan.

“Don’t worry we’ve got each other now mate, and we’ve got Lily and Razz too,” he tells him sharing out a friendly man hug with him.

Ryan nods his head in agreement to what Matthew has just told him about.

“Lily’s amazing! I’m really glad that she was strong enough to forgive me for what I did to her!” Robertson explains to Seed sharing out his own feelings with him on Lily.

Matthew smiles back at Ryan in response to what he has just explained to him.

“I believe that Lily believes the exact same as me that some people are worth forgiving!” Mr Seed tells Mr Robertson.

Suddenly both Poppy and Rosie Kettle hurry up to them both on the street. Rosie takes a look with fear in her two eyes over at Matthew.

“Shannay’s escaped from your garage!” She explains to him with the hint of fear in the tone of her voice.

Matthew nods his head in response to what Rosie has just explained to him before rolling his eyes in anger at Ryan.

“Now we’re all in trouble!” Mr Seed moans out in anger complaining to Mr Robertson.

Ryan nods his head in agreement to what Matthew has just complained about to him. Matthew then takes to smiling from both Poppy to Rosie.

“Go and tend to the horses in Living Equestrian centre you’ll both be safe for the mean time in there!” He commands them both.

Both Rosie and Poppy then nod their heads in response to the command that Matthew’s just given to them, before proceeding to hurry down the street away from both him and Ryan. Ryan turns quickly back to face Matthew after the two girls have disappeared on away from them both up the street.

“We’ve got to find Lily!” He tells him in an urgent tone.

Matthew shakes his head back at Ryan in response to what he has just been told by him.

“There’s no time at all for us to waste!” Matthew shouts out in agreement to what Ryan has just told him as he takes to running on up the street with him by his side.

Chapter 5

Shannay Ravens now takes to reappearing back inside Matthew Seed’s house number 2 Ross way the time machine, along with her new companion the outlaw Allen A Dale. There are two people currently within the house, and they are both in the living room there. Both Shannay and Allen come across both Tracy Beaker and Kerry Ravens inside the living room in the house. Both Tracy and her new friend Kerry take to rounding in anger upon both Shannay and her new puppet Allen, when they find them standing before them in the sitting room.

“GET OUT OF HERE!” Kerry screams out at her sister in a tone of sharp anger.

Shannay stands before her sister in the living room in Matthew’s house smiling in coldness at her.

“Hey Kerry it’s great to see you too!” Shannay snaps out in blood cold anger at her sister while she stands facing her in this room.

Kerry rounds in anger on Shannay.

“Do I look to be in a gaming mood?” She snarls out at her.

Shannay spits out at her sister in anger.

“Why join forces with Lily when she isn’t your family I am?” She whispers out at her questioning her determined not to have let Allen overhear her.

Luckily for Shannay Allen hasn’t heard what she has just whispered out to her sister, and so he still believes that her name is Lily. Allen is a little confused to have found Shannay sharing out this little confrontation of anger with this stranger inside this strange room, and he can’t understand why this strange lady called Tracy is now rounding in anger upon him. Tracy rounds on Allen.

“Shannay is no angel believe me sir when I tell you that! You shouldn’t side with a monster like Shannay!” She snaps coldly out at him.

Allen simply stands in the living room smiling at Tracy.

“Who’s Shannay? Lucky for you then Miss that I came here with Lily!” He tells her questioning her.

Both Tracy and Kerry then come to learn that Shannay has rather stupidly come to introducing herself to Allen as Lily.

“I’m not being funny but who the hell is Shannay?” Allen takes now to questioning the three women who are standing before him in this rather odd looking room Kerry, Tracy and off course Shannay herself.

Kerry turns to face Allen.

“She is!” She snaps out sharply out at him as she takes to snapping her fingers in disgust at her sister.

Allen is shocked now as he takes a look from Kerry over to Shannay. Allen’s troubled as he shrugs his shoulders with confusion.

“So then who the hell is Lily?” He takes to continue to question everyone.

Shannay smiles coldly back at Allen in response to what he has just questioned her about.

“Someone who you’ll never meet!” Miss Ravens promises the outlaw in response to his question to her.

Allen then rounds in anger on Shannay.

“Shut your mouth! Shut the hell up!” He snaps out sharply at her.

It appears that now that he has discovered that she has been lying to him Allen is really angry with Shannay. Kerry smiles over at Allen.

“Lily is someone who you really must have the good fortune to meet, because after all she’ll really need you to tell her just what Shannay’s plans are,” she explains to him.

Shannay uses her dark enchanted powers to make big stronger sliver coloured metal chains appear suddenly out of nowhere around both Tracy and Kerry imprisoning them both. Tracy is in pain now, because Shannay is using her powerful dark magic to cause a great amount of pain to her. Tracy takes a look over at Allen who is standing facing her with sadness in his eyes. Allen is left really sad right now by the pain and suffering that Shannay is taking to inflict upon both Tracy and her own sister Kerry. Tracy manages however through her agony that she is experiencing to smile over at Allen.

“Go and find Lily!” Miss Beaker yells out in a commanding tone of pain at the new stranger in her life.

Allen doesn’t need to be told twice, because he has just simply learned that this Lily lady must be the only one who can stop this cold hearted lady Shannay from causing the pain that she is. Allen takes to hurrying as fast as he can out of the living room before Shannay can stop him from doing so, but however it seems now that Shannay has in fact intending to let Allen get away from her presence, because after all she hasn’t moved a single muscle since he fled from the room. Shannay and her two prisoners hear the front door of Matthew’s house both open and slam shut. Shannay can then see through the living room window in the time machine house as Allen takes to hurrying on his way through Matthew’s garden. Shannay then crosses the room over to standing directly before Tracy there.

“Well now time for me to get to work I think my pet!” Miss Ravens snarls out at Miss Beaker as she takes to slapping her full on across her face.

Tracy proceeds to spit out in anger at her new captive in response to how she has just received a slap from her. Shannay uses her dark powers to send Tracy flying off her feet with the thick metal chains still wrapped tightly in around her. Shannay smiles coldly over at Kerry.

“You should have stuck with me sis!” She snaps out coldly at her.

Kerry simply smiles back at Shannay in response to what she has just snapped out at her.

“My loyalty is to Lily there is nothing that you can do to change that!” Kerry tells Shannay in a truthful tone making her be aware of her one true fact.

Shannay shrugs her shoulders back at her sister in response to what she has just heard from her.

“We shall see about that, but I want you to know sis that I’m not going to hurt you, because I care about you too much for that!” Shannay informs Kerry as she storms angrily out of the sitting room away from her.

Once Shannay has left the room Kerry takes a look down at Tracy is laid down upon the floor imprisoned within her chains.

“These chains are just too tight for either of us to get out of; it’s all up to Allen now to warn Lily!” The good Miss Ravens explains to her new friend Miss Beaker.

Tracy hopes beyond everything else in the world right now that this new strange man called Allen won’t fail her to warn Lily.


Chapter 6

Finally they find them. At what seems to be at long last both Matthew Seed and his new friend Ryan Robertson locate both Lily Kettle and Razz Kevins in the woods in Living village. Ryan races frantically up to both Lily and her future husband with his current companion Matthew by his side. Ryan takes a look desperately at Lily.

“Shannay’s escaped from his garage!” He informs her sounding terrified pointing over at Matthew while speaking to her.

Lily folds her arms as she faces her mate Ryan.

“Yeah I know, but thanks for coming to find me to tell me this!” Miss Kettle tells Mr Robertson.

Ryan smiles at Lily.

“I wish to protect you against her!” He explains to her.

Razz turns to face Matthew.

“Shannay has the power to kill us all!” He informs him.

Matthew can see the sun shining brightly down at them all from the red hot sky. It’s sunny in November, and that could prove to be an advantage for them. Matthew smiles back at Razz in response to what he has just informed him about.

“Well there’s always hope mate,” Mr Seed says to Mr Kevins.

Razz takes to nodding his head in response to what Matthew has just said to him hoping beyond all else that he proves to be right. Razz turns back to face Lily.

“What’s the best way of attack for us all to go up against Shannay?” He questions her.

Lily takes a look back at Razz in response to his question to her.

“We all need to split up!” She informs him in response to his question to her.

Lily turns to face Ryan.

“I want you and Matthew to go back to the place in Liverpool where you very first saw me, the museum of me, because maybe Shannay wants to go there to try and find out just what my weakness is. I’ve known Shannay for quite a few years now, and I know what your all thinking, Lily she’s bound to know what your weakness is by now, but maybe I’ve got a weakness that even I don’t know about yet, and that museum is after all jammed full of different kinds of facts and figures about me!” She informs him and the two others.

Ryan nods his head in response to what Lily has just informed him about.

“Consider it done!” Mr Robertson tells Miss Kettle in response to what she has just informed him about.

Both Matthew and Ryan then take to hurrying off down the street after hearing what Lily has just informed them both about. Razz is troubled.

“Where are we going?” He questions Lily.

Miss Kettle smiles back at her future husband in response to what he has just questioned her about.

“Matthew’s house, because we need to monitor that house to see if Shannay wishes to take over it, and if she does then we must stop her!” Lily explains to her loved one.

The soon to be newly married couple then take to heading off further into the wood.

Chapter 7

Allen A Dale is now hurrying on through the streets of Living village. He comes across two men on the street labelled Elmtree lane in the village. Allen smiles from one man to another.

“Excuse me gents just wondering whether either of you know a lady called Lily don’t know what her surname is, but I’ve heard that she is one lady who I really must have the good fortune to meet!” He informs him.

The man rounds on Allen in response to the information that he has just received from him.

“There’s only one little girl called Lily so far as I’m aware living in this village, and that is my daughter Lily Kettle! Now what do you want with her?” Steve snaps out sharply at Allen.

The outlaw has managed to find the father of the girl who he needs. Allen smiles at the other man.

“Ah lucky findings,” he says to him.

Kyle nods his head from Allen over to the direction of Steve.

“Just answer his question!” Mr Kevins commands the outlaw.

Allen smiles back at Steve.

“Well it turns out that your daughter sir is the only one who can stop this evil lady called Shannay, and so I need to find Lily to tell her something important!” He informs him.

Steve now realises something in response to what Allen has just informed him about. Steve smiles at Allen.

“You wish to save my daughter don’t you?” He questions him.

Allen shakes his head in response to Steve’s question to him.

“No I wish to save myself!” He informs him in response to the question that he’s just received from him.

Steve’s troubled as he continues to face Allen.

“So you’re worried that Shannay’s going to kill you then?” He continues to question him.

Allen nods his head in response to what he has just been questioned by this stranger to him.

“Well yeah I am sir, because I’m not being funny but I’ve actually already died once before, and I have no intention of doing the exact same ever again!” The outlaw tells Steve honestly in response to his question to him.

Steve smiles over at Kyle.

“We share a common enemy with this man!” He informs him.

Kyle smiles in response to what Steve has just informed him about. Kyle is happy knowing that Steve is thinking the same as what he himself is believing. Steve takes a look back at Allen.

“If Shannay wishes to kill you then that makes her your enemy, and you may have already guessed that because my daughter is the only one who can defeat her Shannay is also my foe as well as yours! Man I believe in the old saying the enemy of my enemy is my friend, and so with Shannay being your enemy then that makes you my friend!” He informs him.

Steve smiles at Allen.

“I’ll now help you to find my Lily!” He promises him.

Allen is now ready to put both his face and trust into this stranger to him. Allen then shares out a firm handshake with Steve as they take to introducing themselves to one another, and then Kyle also joins in with his friend Steve on telling Allen his name.

Chapter 8

Shannay Ravens makes her way up into Matthew Seed’s loft in his house number 2 Ross way the time machine in Living village. This is the first time that Shannay has been up to this extraordinary loft that is lined up with different consoles and controls, very much unlike her enemy Lily Kettle. Shannay can see the great big computer at the far end of the loft with the face of Matthew’s dad Garry Seed on it.

“Mr Seed I need you!” Shannay informs Garry the computer screen.

Garry takes a look back at this new intruder inside his loft in response to the information that she has just given to him.

“I’m sorry stonking lass but I’m afraid that I only take orders from my family members!” Garry the computer screen explains to Shannay in response to the information that she has just given to him.

Shannay is left angry by what the computer screen has just explained to her. Shannay however takes to using her powerful magic to make Garry the computer screen obey her.

“Let me repeat what I have just said to you I NEED YOU MR SEED!” Shannay sings out in anger at the computer.

If Matthew was here now then this moment would have reminded him an awful lot of when his mum Kathy was doing the degree, and she kept every single night screaming her head off at the computer screen saying I need you Garry. Shannay has now used her dark powers to force Mr Seed into obeying her. Garry’s troubled.

“Very well then where is it that you’d like me to take you too?” He asks Shannay.

Miss Ravens then takes to explaining the computer man to take her to Sherwood Forest. Garry used to tell his son Matthew time and time again that he was not Mr bloody Google, but however here is face is displayed upon a computer screen very much like what Google usually is. Mr Seed then uses his time machine to take Shannay back in time to Sherwood Forest. The time machine number 2 Ross way takes to flying away out of Living village. Shannay has just stolen Matthew’s time house that comes in very handy indeed to her enemy Lily.

Chapter 9

Steve Kettle makes his way into a warm cosy little cafe’ in the village followed closely by both Kyle Kevins and Allen A Dale, and inside the cafe’ he finds both his daughter Lily and her soon to be husband Razz. On his way here from Elmtree lane the street where he lives Steve sent a little text to his daughter on his mobile phone telling her to meet him in here. Steve smiles over at his eldest daughter inside the village cafe’.

“Hey Lily!” Steve cries out in happiness over to his daughter there.

Lily proceeds to hand a cup of coffee each over to her dad Steve and her friend Kyle.

“I’ve just bought you both them!” Miss Kettle explains to her loved ones before turning to face Allen inside the cafe’.

Both Steve and Kyle receive the cuppa’s gratefully from their loved one. Lily smiles at Allen.

“Poor man you are having come to have met Shannay!” She tells him.

Allen winks at Lily.

“Oh yeah I can see that a powerful alliance can be made between the two of us,” he says to her.

Steve explained everything to Lily in the text that he sent to her before. Lily folds her arms.

“Allen why does Shannay want to go to Sherwood Forest?” She questions her new friend.

Lily believes the same as her father that the enemy of her enemy is her friend, and so that makes Allen her new friend. It is however Razz who responds to Lily and not Allen. Razz turns to face Lily in response to what she has just questioned Allen about.

“Shannay must have overheard us talking to one another in the kitchen back at Matthew’s house, about wanting to go on our honeymoon to Sherwood Forest!” Mr Kevins explains to Miss Kettle.

Lily nods her head in understanding to the explanation that Razz has just given to her. Allen seems to be a little bit annoyed right now.

“I’m not being funny, but I’ve just risked my life to flee from Shannay to come here to tell you some news that you already knew about!” The outlaw makes a complaint to Miss Kettle.

Kyle folds his arms.

“Maybe you haven’t had a wasted journey my friend,” he says to Allen as he turns to face him.

The outlaw is rather troubled now.

“What do you mean?” He takes to questioning Kyle as he turns back to face him in response to what he has just said to him.

Kyle smiles back at Allen.

“Tracy told me that her and Kerry were going to be spending the day at Matthew’s house, and so they should both still be there!” He tells him.

Allen shrugs his shoulders.

“Fair point that you have just made to me actually my friend, because before I fled from that strange shelter the woman who is called Shannay took to capturing two other women, and one of those ladies sent me out here to warn you Lily!” Allen shares out his news with Kyle, Steve, Lily and Razz.

Steve, Kyle, Lily and Razz realise by the way in which Allen has just referred to them that he doesn’t know the names of either Tracy or Kerry. Lily takes a sip from her cup of coffee before turning to face both Steve and Razz.

“We really need to return ourselves to number 2 Ross way!” She informs them both.

Steve, Razz and Kyle all take to nodding their heads in response to what Lily has just informed them about. Allen shrugs his shoulders as he turns back to face Lily.

“I’ve told you everything that I needed to tell you, and now I’ll be off from you!” He explains to her.

Lily makes to object in response to what Allen has just explained to her, but however before she can her dad turns to face her. Steve gives his daughter a little smile.

“Love we can’t force this man to stay with us if he doesn’t wish to,” he tells her.

Lily knows that her father speaks the truth. Lily then gives Allen a little smile.

“Good luck in settling yourself into this new world,” she says to him.

Allen then realises that he has no way of surviving on his own within this new world not throughout someone else there to support him in it. Allen folds his arms. Lily and the others are now making themselves ready to leave the cafe’. Allen then turns back to face Lily however before she leaves from there.

“Actually girl how about I make a quick deal with you?” The outlaw takes to questioning Miss Kettle.

Lily’s left troubled by what Allen has just questioned her about.

“What sort of deal?” She asks him as she turns herself back to face him.

Allen smiles back at Lily in response to what she has just asked him about.

“The kind where you offer me companionship on the condition that I help you to deal with your mean enemy Shannay!” The outlaw explains himself to Miss Kettle in response to what she has just asked him about.

Lily smiles back at Allen as she grabs him firmly by the hand.

“Very well then you have yourself a deal mate,” she says to him as she takes to shaking hands with him.

Allen then takes to following Lily out of the cafe’.

Chapter 10

Both Matthew Seed and Ryan Robertson arrive inside the museum of Lily Kettle in Liverpool city. The museum seems to be completely deserted. Ryan and Matthew take to wandering up to the reception inside the museum together, and there they find a rather strange looking creature taking a look back at them. The receptionist inside this museum seems to be an alien from out of space. The receptionist takes to smiling from one young man to the other.

“May I be of assistance to you?” He questions them both.

Ryan’s left totally shocked by the rather creepy appearance of the alien receptionist.

“What on earth are you?” He snaps out at it in a tone of shock.

Matthew folds his arms as he takes a look back at Ryan in response to what he has just snapped out at the alien.

“It’s an Ood! I know what this creature is because I saw it a couple of times on Doctor who!” Matthew explains to his new mate.

Mr Seed turns back to face the Ood inside his friend’s museum that doesn’t belong to her.

“Have you seen a woman with light brown skin and long dark black curly hair anywhere inside this museum?” Matthew questions the alien who has most likely he supposes come here from the Ood sphere.

The Ood shakes his head truthfully in response to what this young man has just questioned him about. Ryan crosses the museum away from Matthew now, because he has just found his own face starring back at him from a nearby wall to him within this corridor of the museum. Ryan takes to reading the writing that is just by his face in the museum, and it reads Ryan kidnapped Lily and he took her into the world of Harry Potter. There’s a bench below the picture of Ryan’s face in the museum with a crystal ball placed down upon it. Ryan doesn’t even know why he does this, but however for no reason that he can think of he bends down and he picks up the crystal ball from the table, maybe he was in fact destined to pick it up. The minute Ryan looks at the crystal ball he can see an image of Lily Kettle who appears to be in the near future laying dead in the very centre of Living village. The vision that the crystal has just displayed out to Ryan quickly takes to vanishing out of his sight. Seconds later Matthew returns to Ryan’s side in the museum, and he takes a look at him with worry in his two eyes.

“Are you alright mate? You look as white as a sheet!” Mr Seed cries out at Mr Robertson in a tone of shock sounding rather concerned about him.

Ryan chooses not to tell Matthew about what he’s just seen in the crystal ball, because he’s worried that he’ll just laugh at him if he does for being as mad as a hatter. Ryan shrugs his shoulders in response to what Matthew has just cried out at him.

“I just thought that we would have found and captured Shannay by now!” He tells him in a truthful tone in response to what he has just cried out at him.

Ryan actually had hoped that they would have found and brought Shannay mercifully before Lily by now. The Ood takes a look from Mr Seed to Mr Robertson.

“I am called Ood Sigma and I have something to give a Mr Matthew Seed!” The Ood explains to Matthew as he turns to address him.

Sigma is speaking through this white glowing ball that he is holding in his left hand, and it light ups when he speaks. The white ball is wired with white wire to these red coloured tentacles that are dangling from the Ood’s face. Matthew is left shocked that the Ood knows his name. The Sigma then proceeds to hand a small green coloured bean over to Matthew. Matthew is left rather intrigued by the gift that he has just received from the Ood.

“Thanks I think,” Matthew says to Sigma sounding like he is not too sure whether he should be grateful.

Matthew takes to pocketing the green bean before turning to face Ryan.

“Shannay’s clearly not here so let’s go!” He tells him.

Ryan nods his head in agreement in response to what Matthew has just told him. Ryan is still holding the crystal ball. Matthew wanders away from both the Ood and his friend inside the museum of Lily Kettle. Sigma turns back to face Ryan.

“Keep it and remember that this ball only speaks the truth!” He commands him.

Ryan nods his head in understanding to what Sigma has just commanded him about. Ryan is left horrified now to learn that his mate Lily is unfortunately soon going to die.

Chapter 11

Lily Kettle, her fiancée Razz Kevins, her dad Steve Kettle, her future father in law Kyle Kevins, and her new companion Allen A Dale all make their way towards the small field in Living village that Matthew Seed’s time machine house was placed on, and they all take to discovering much to their horrors that the house is no longer there. Lily takes a look over at Razz, Steve and Kyle with a look of shock on her face.

“Shannay!” She tells them all sounding disgusted.

Razz folds his arms in anger.

“She stole Matthew’s house!” He snaps out in a tone of fury to represent his furious face.

Steve rounds on Allen.

“Looks like you got yourself to us far too late!” He tells him sounding angry with him.

Before Allen can however rise to what Steve has just told him fearing that his new group of companion’s don’t trust him, Kyle turns to face his friend Mr Kettle.

“It’s not the man’s fault Steve!” Kyle tells his friend in a truthful promise.

Lily is lost now about what to do. Steve smiles at his daughter.

“The wedding must still happen love!” He tells her in an urgent tone.

Razz turns to face Lily.

“Your father’s right together we’re stronger!” He says to her.

Lily knows that marriage is something that both she and Razz must now enter into. Lily knows that getting married to Razz means a great deal more than just a piece of paper to her. Kyle turns to face Razz.

“You have my blessing son!” He promises him.

Steve then turns to face his Lily.

“As you have mine!” He tells her.

Suddenly both Matthew Seed and Ryan Robertson hurry up to them all where they are stood together just by the field. Matthew is left horrified to discover much to his horror that his house has disappeared. Lily takes a look at Matthew.

“Don’t worry I’ll get it back for you!” She makes a vow to him.

Matthew takes a look back at Lily.

“I take it that it was Shannay who took it,” he tells her.

Lily nods her head in response to what Matthew has just told her.

“I suppose so yeah,” she says in agreement to him.

Steve turns to face both Lily and Razz.

“No offense guys but you’re going to have to make your vows to one another here and now rather quickly, and you’re just going to have to give one another the rings on a later date!” He explains to them both in an urgent tone.

It is clear that Steve is fearing that they are all running short of time, because every single second that they waste here Shannay maybe causing great deal amounts of trouble elsewhere. Lily turns to face Razz.

“You know I mean all the wedding promises and vows to you which is why I’m not going to say them, but instead of going through promising you about all of them I’m now just going to say that I do!” She informs him in an honest tone.

Lily then grabs Razz and she kisses him lovingly on the lips.

“Oh yes I do!” Lily tells her man.

Steve clears his throat.

“I consent and gladly give my daughter to you Razz!” He informs his new son in law.

Steve then grabs Lily firmly by the hand, and he places it into one of Razz’s hands. Razz holds onto Lily’s hand tightly terrified of letting her go.

“OH YES I DO!” Razz shouts out at the very top of his truthful voice at Lily.

Kyle turns to face Lily.

“I consent and gladly give my son to you Lily!” He informs his new daughter in law.

Lily smiles lovingly at Razz.

“We’re married now!” She informs him.

Both Lily and Razz hold one another both lovingly and firmly in their arms.


Matthew Seed stands facing his new friend Lily Kettle on the small field in Living village, and he shows her the green bean.

“What is this do you now mate? This Ood called Sigma gave me it back in your museum!” Matthew explains to Lily as he shows her the small green coloured bean.

The new Mrs Kevins is left surprised by the very sight of the bean that is placed before her in her new mate’s hand. Lily Kevins smiles at Matthew Seed.

“It’s a magic bean, which is otherwise known as a portal between worlds!” She informs him.

Matthew’s left troubled by Lily’s information to him.

“Ok what does that mean to us?” He questions her in response to the information that she has just given to him.

Lily smiles back at Matthew in response to what he has just questioned her about.

“It means that we can get to Sherwood Forest! It means that we can get your house back from Shannay!” Mrs Kevins tells Mr Seed in response to what he has just questioned her about.

Kyle appears by Lily’s side now just as she is handed the magic bean over by Matthew. Kyle smiles at Lily.

“Oh good a magic bean that is exactly what we need right now!” He cries out at her sounding excited.

Lily nods her head in agreement to what Kyle has just cried out at her as she turns back to face him.

“Well we have no time at all to lose we’ve got to find Shannay!” Lily informs her new father in law in an urgent tone.

Suddenly however, when she takes a look up into the sky just for a moment, Lily can see space ships appearing all over the high point of planet earth. Seconds later what appears to be human size peppershaker’s start to appear off the many ships that have just appeared in the skies above Living village. Lily shakes her head at Matthew, Ryan, Razz, Kyle and Steve.

“There’s nothing we can do we’ve got to get away from this village right now!” She explains to them all in a frantic tone.

Everyone apart from Steve then take to nodding their heads in response to what Lily has just explained to them all, but however Steve knows that Lily has just forgotten one very important detail. Steve rounds on his eldest daughter.

“We can’t just leave without your sister’s! We’ve got to find Poppy and Rosie!” He tells her in a determined tone to get her to listen to him.

Lily listens with a feeling of regret in her heart to what her dad has just told her. Steve smiles at Lily.

“You use that bean love!” He commands her.

Steve then pulls Lily into a loving hug.

“I’ve got to find your sister’s and get them home to Matt and Christie, but you’ve got to find Shannay!” He informs her.

Lily knows better than to argue with her dad as she launches the magic bean out of her hand, and it lands on the ground of the green field. When the bean lands on the ground of the green field it opens up a portal there. Kyle turns to face Razz when the portal is opened up by Lily.

“You go on with your new wife son I’ve got to stay here and help the village’s here with their fight against these monsters!” Mr Kevins tells his only child as he quickly pulls him into a loving hug.

Razz nods his head in understanding to what Kyle his dad has just told him before proceeding to hurry over to the open portal along with Lily, Matthew and Ryan, and they all take to dividing into the open portal together. Just then before he can join them in going through the portal a Dalek appears on the field just before Allen facing him ready to strike him down there.

“EXTERMINATE!” The Dalek calls out at the scared stiff man who it is facing here today on this field.

A beam shoots out of the Dalek’s gun that is placed onto its casing, and it hits the man full on in the chest sending him flying backwards completely dead. The menacing Dalek has just taken the time to finish Allen off. Steve and Kyle both turn to round on the killing machine together.

“Fight until we can’t fight anymore my friend!” Mr Kettle tells Mr Kevins determined to stand with him here today in their battle against their new enemy.

The Dalek turns to face both Steve and Kyle making itself ready to kill them both.












Submitted: July 28, 2015

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