Chapter 10: The Great Adventure is Drawing to a Close series 4 episode 9

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

Reads: 267

The Great Adventure is Drawing to a close

(2014 EDITION)

Series 4 Episode 9

Chapter 1

The rowing boat that both Lily and Razz Kevins are sailing inside pulls up by a little shore that is by a beach in the kingdom of Midas. They jump out of their little vessel together. They then take to hurrying on jump the beach. It is freezing cold now in the enchanted forest, and it reminds both our travellers here from Living village that it was the month of November when they left their village.

Arriving up at a top of a hill that looks down over the beach that our heroes have just arrived on, both Lily and Razz take to heading along a road that follows on from the hill. They are both walking side by side along this road. This road isn’t like the average kind of road that you’d expect to find on the realm of earth, because this road isn’t bursting with cars. Lily smiles at Razz as she continues to walk by his side.

“I hope that Captain Hook doesn’t suspect that Mr Smee had any part to play with helping us escape from his vessel,” she says to him.

Razz nods his head in agreement in response to what his wife has just said to him. Razz takes a look at his wife.

“Let’s ask to spend the night at King Midas’ castle, and then there we will be able to talk through plans together about how best to leave the enchanted forest,” he tells her.

Lily agrees to what her new husband has just suggested to her about. It doesn’t take either Mr or Mrs Kevins long to make their way up to King Midas’ castle within the enchanted forest, and by the entrance to the castle there they are blocked by a fierce looking knight. This soldier looks as if he’s fought many fearsome battles within his time as a warrior. The knight stands smiling from Lily to Razz.

“Who dares to enter themselves into the kingdom of Midas?” He sharply questions them both.

Lily smiles back at the warrior in response to what he has just questioned both her and her husband about.

“Hi there my husband and I are looking for somewhere that is warm for us to spend the night in together, and we unfortunately don’t have any money to pay the king for his hospitality, but however we would be eternally grateful if he would be so kind as to welcome us into his home,” Lily explains to the knight.

The King himself then appears by his soldier’s side.

“Many thanks Fredric,” he says to him.

The King then reaches out and touches his man, and once he does this his general turns into a golden statue. King Midas isn’t a fool. He is in fact far from being a simple peasant fool, because King Midas knows that this knight of his has feelings of romance towards his daughter Abigail, and he knows that it’s up to himself to bring a stop to those feelings no matter what the cost, because King Midas knows that his daughter needs to marry into another kingdom. King Midas knows that Fredric is his most strongest warrior, but however he knows that losing him is a sacrifice that he is happy to make in order for his daughter’s wedding to King George’s son James to occur. Midas knows however that he’s going to have to lie to his daughter Abigail for the first time in forever, and tell her that while defending Midas himself from robbers Fredric was accidently touched by the king’s golden hand, and then he was transformed into a golden statue because of this. King Midas knows that his daughter knows off his curse. The King nods his head over at both Lily and her husband Razz.

“I know what you have just told my leading knight Fredric about, and my response to you coming knocking on my castle door seeking out shelter is yes off course you can spend the night within my palace, but however there is always a catch whenever anyone comes to ask anything from another person, and that catch is that there needs to be a deal that needs to be made. If you will lie to my daughter Princess Abigail, and tell her that you tried to rob from my kingdom then I shall give up a chamber in my castle for the two of you to spend the night in, and also you must tell nothing to my dear Abigail about what the two of you have just seen me do to her one true love Fredric!” He explains to them both.

Neither Lily nor Razz are left happy off course by what they have just seen this brutal king performing on his knight, but however they also know that they are out of choice for anywhere else to head to tonight, and so they take to nodding their heads in response to what the king has just explained to them about in agreement with him.

“You have yourself a deal your majesty my wife and I shall tell your daughter nothing about what we have just seen you perform on your man, and we’ll make it so that as far as she is concerned we’re just simple robbers who are trying to steal gold and jewels from your kingdom,” Razz agrees to making the deal with the king.

Lily nods her head in agreement to what her husband has just told the king about. King Midas smiles in response to what Razz has just told him about.

“I’ll now have one of my serving boys show you both to your chamber where you’ll be staying tonight within my castle,” the King explains to both Mr and Mrs Kevins.

He then takes to leading them both into his palace.

Chapter 2

A serving boy leads both Mrs Lily and Mr Razz Kevins into rather a small chamber within King Midas’ castle. They both find a lovely warm double bed waiting for them both within what they refer to as a bedroom, because after all neither one of them is rightfully from the enchanted forest, and so neither one of them believe to speaking the language of what is spoken here to one another. King Midas has silenced his serving boy about keeping it quiet that these two people are in fact not simple robbers. The serving boy turns to face the newly married couple inside the chamber that they have just rented out together.

“Well if either one of you needs anything you know to come and find me in the castle,” he lets them both know.

Both Lily and Razz then take to thank the serving boy for the kind hospitality that he is displaying out to them both. The serving boy tells both Mr and Mrs Kevins that it’s the least that he can do before leaving the chamber. After the serving boy has made his way out of the chamber Lily turns to face her husband.

“I’m rather enjoying our little honeymoon,” she tells him.

Razz smiles back at his wife in response to what she has just told him about.

“Well we didn’t really have much of a wedding did we?” Razz says to Lily in response to what she has just told him about.

Mrs Kevins shakes her head in response to what her husband has just told her about.

“No but we never had time for the normal kind of wedding did we?” Lily questions Razz in response to what he has just said to her about.

Razz smiles in sadness in response to what Lily has just questioned him about.

“That’s my fault I never should have let Shannay get away with bullying you in the way that she did,” he tells her.

Lily doesn’t think that Razz should blame himself for the war that is now occurring between both herself and Shannay, because she herself certainly doesn’t blame him at all in the slightest for it, and she is after all completely right too. Lily knows however that all this is her fault. All the people who have died and lost their lives have died and lost their lives because of her, because Lily blames herself for sharing out Shannay’s secret with her own best mate Carman all that long time ago. Razz and Lily pull one another into a loving hug.

“I know the real reason to why neither one of us wishes to become a parent, and that is because we are full of both dread and fear that we won’t be able to protect our child from Shannay,” Mr Kevins explains to his dear wife.

Lily knows that her husband speaks the truth when he explains this to her. Lily shakes her head at Razz.

“I know that it sounds crazy, but I am actually hoping for a miscarriage!” She tells him.

Razz is surprisingly not at all surprised by what his wife has just told him about. Razz kisses Lily lovingly upon her head.

“Use your magic to kill our child before either she or he is born into this world that is full of danger round every single corner!” He commands her.

Lily nods her head in response to what her husband has just commanded her about, but however deep down Lily truly knows that she just doesn’t have the stomach to destroy her dear little one before it is born. Lily smiles lovingly back at Razz.

“But for now let us rest,” she tells him.

Lily then offers her hand out for Razz to take hold off, he takes hold off it, and then she proceeds to lead him over to the double bed in the chamber.

Chapter 3

Lily Kevins is woken up within the early hours of the morning while being inside the chamber that she is sharing for the night with her husband Razz. Lily knows for a fact when she opens up her two eyes that she is still within King Midas’ castle in the enchanted forest, but however she had hoped while falling asleep that night that when she woke up in the morning she would awaken to find herself back within Living village along with both her family and friends. The reason to why Lily has suddenly awoke like this is because she can hear a voice calling her name throughout the darkness of the chamber. The voice managed to speak out to her over her husband’s loud snoring. Lily knows that however she can’t just yell out hello and who’s there, because that’ll wake her husband up, and Lily knows better than to wake a man while he’s sleeping. Lily however uses her magical powers to lit up a candle in the chamber. The candle is just rested upon the bedside table that Lily is laying down next to on the bed in the chamber. Luckily when the candle lights up the light from it doesn’t wake the sleeping Razz up. Lily takes a seat up in her bed.

There seems to be no one at all around her other than her sleeping husband who could be speaking out to her, but however surprisingly Lily Kevins then realises that the voice is speaking out to her from her golden ring.

“Lily,” the one ring of power that is placed down upon the bedside table whispers out to Lily through the dimly lit up chamber.

Lily off course nearly jumps out of her skin with horror when she realises that the ring is speaking out to her, because after all it never has done before. Lily decides not to reach out and touch the ring right now, because she is afraid that will just cause even more danger for her, but however Lily just remains sitting up in her bed taking a look down at her now dangerous procession.

“Pick me up,” the ring hisses out at Lily within a commanding tone, and surprisingly she obeys it.

Lily can’t actually believe now that she is in fact holding the ring. Lily takes a look down at the ring with fear within her two eyes, staring down at it in complete and utter horror.

“Come with me,” the ring snarls out at its current bearer.

Before she knows what’s happening Lily vanishes from the spot that she’s laying on along with her ring. Razz wakes up just in the nick of time to watch as his wife disappears away from him. Razz is off course left totally horrified by what he has just witnessed with his two eyes.

“LILY!” Razz screams out in horror.

The serving boy who showed both him and his wife into the chamber earlier now takes to returning to the room. The serving boy takes a look down at Razz who is sitting up now in his bed with concern in his two eyes.

“Everything alright sir?” The servant questions Razz sounding rather concerned about him.

Razz quickly gets out of the bed, and he rounds in anger upon the serving boy.

“No! Not at all is everything alright! I demand an audience with your king!” Razz snaps out at the servant with terror in the tone of his voice.

Chapter 4

The King is woken up within his chamber, and he makes his way down to the main hall in his castle. There Midas finds both the serving boy of his as well as Razz Kevins. Both Prince James and Princess Abigail are also in the chamber. Midas takes a look at his daughter with concern in his eyes.

“My dearest Abigail I can explain to you this man-

The King is astounded by the way by which is daughter is smiling at him.

“Is not the man who robbed from us!” The Princess Abigail finishes the sentence that she believes her father was in the process of telling her about.

Razz had already explained to the princess that he was just a simple friend of her father’s, and he was sorry to hear about the men who had robbed from their palace. Razz had already assured Princess Abigail however that he wasn’t one of the men who had stolen from the castle. Razz hasn’t turned to bring his matter before the king yet, because right now he is staring at something that is making his blood turn cold. Razz is staring stone still at a golden statue of his friend Matthew Seed that is stood just before him within the hall.

“How the hell did this happen?” Razz snaps out in anger at the king without taking a look at his direction in the hall.

King Midas is left shocked by what his guest is snapping out at him.

“This man was just so unlucky enough to get caught by my cursed hand!” The King explains himself to Razz.

Mr Kevins then rounds in anger upon Midas.

“Well this man’s my friend, and I suggest to you your majesty that you find a way of returning him to his usual appearance, or you’ll see another side to me that you really won’t like, and if you don’t like me now you really won’t like me after I lose my temper with you! Lily’s disappeared! WHERE IS SHE?” He shouts out at him roaring out the last bit at him.

Prince James who is the son of King George has now taken to withdrawing his sword, and he lashes it out in anger towards the direction in the hall that Razz is currently in.

“At ease James!” King Midas instructs who he believes to be his future son in law.

The Prince then lowers his sword in response to who he believes to be his future father in law has just instructed him about. Neither James himself nor does King Midas knows that he is pretty soon going to be brought down within battle against a beast called Behemoth. King Midas rounds in anger on Razz.

“Only the dark one has power strong enough to restore cursed objects and people to their natural state!” He explains to him.

Razz is a little troubled to wonder who in the enchanted forest the dark one is in response to what the king has just explained to him about. Princess Abigail shakes her head in response to what her father the king has just explained to Razz about.

“No father the water from Lake Nostos also has magic that is strong enough within it to restore cursed objects to their natural state!” Abigail informs Midas.

Razz then rounds on the Princess in response to what she has just informed her father about.

“Please take me there, to the lake, I beg off you!” Razz commands Abigail.

King Midas rounds on the young man who has just commanded his daughter to help him in his quest to save his friend. The King stands facing Razz within the great hall in his castle.

“You have my apology’s Mr Kevins, but unfortunately I require my daughter Abigail here with me in my palace, but however you may take my serving boy with you! Also I will give both you and my servant horses that you can use to get yourselves to the lake on, and I will also hand a flask over to you that you can use to collect water from the lake in!” He explains to him.

Razz is left surprised by how much the King has just offered out to him for him to take from him. Razz smiles back at King Midas.

“You have my deepest thanks for what you are going to do for me your majesty, and I will forever be in your dept, and I can see that you’re both a fair and just king,” he tells him.

King Midas rises up his hand to silence Razz before he can speak again.

“No thanks necessary young man, and I don’t either expect or want anything in return from you, because after all I owe you just so much, because I feel responsible for the situation that you’re now in! It was after all by my hand that your friend turned into a golden statue, and it was under my roof in my castle that your wife vanished.” He explains to him in response to what he has just told him about.

Without saying another word to Razz King Midas then turns to address his serving boy.

“Fetch both yourself and Razz a horse each from the stable yard that is found in the courtyard of my castle, and then have the cook look you out a water flask to take with you to the lake!” He demands him to obey him.

The serving boy then nods his head in understanding to what his King has just demanded him about before disappearing out of the great hall. Razz actually has come to quite look up to and he has a lot of respect now for King Midas.


Chapter 5

Razz Kevins finds the serving boy saddling two horses up in the courtyard of his king Midas’ castle. Razz smiles over at the serving boy.

“Thank you I know that you’re not helping me out of choice, but many thanks anywhere,” he says to him.

The serving boy smiles back at Razz in response to what he has just thanked him about.

“Hey even if my King hadn’t given me the commands back there then I would have still gone with you, because you seem like both a fair and just man after all my good man,” the serving boy tells Razz.

The serving boy now finishes saddling the two horses up. Razz also struggles up onto the back of the second horse. The serving boy smiles over at Razz.

“We need to leave,” he says to him in an urgent tone.

Razz nods his head in understanding to what the serving boy has just said to him about. Razz knows that every second he wastes on this quest is a second that his dear loving wife could possibly be within grave danger. The two young men then take to trotting their horses out of the courtyard and away from King Midas’ castle together.

“It’s about a day’s ride to Lake Nostos!” The serving boy explains to Razz as he rides through a forest on the back of his horse.

Razz knows that a day to be apart from her will feel like a century to be apart from his loving Lily, but however Razz just knows that wherever she is Razz is just going to have to have faith that Lily will be able to take care of herself. Razz knows that Lily’s been within her fair share of dangerous times in her life so far, because after all it wasn’t exactly a walk in the park when she first met their friend Ryan, and Lily’s also been in quite a lot of battles now against Shannay, and Razz off course remembers back to the trouble that his wife had with that wicked witch who was called Morgana Pendragon. Razz smiles at the serving boy in response to what he has just explained to him about.

“Well then if it is a day’s ride to the lake then I’d very much like to know just who I’m riding with,” Razz says in response to the serving boy.

The serving boy nods his head in understanding to what Razz has just said to him about.

“Sorry yeah you’re right I really should tell you my name, well it’s Jason Ballings,” the serving boy tells Razz.

Mr Kevins knows that he himself has a rather decent name, but however he actually quite likes his new companion’s name. Razz smiles at Jason.

“Nice to meet you Jay,” he says to him rather kindly.

Jason smiles back at Razz in response to what he has just said to him.

“It’s Jason, and it’s quite nice to meet you too sir,” Jason tells Razz in response to what he has just said to him.

Razz is troubled.

“What is it like being a servant Jason?” He takes to questioning his new companion.

Jason smiles in sadness in response to what Razz has just questioned him about.

“Well it’s not particularly pleasant, but however it is the life that I’m in, and there’s nothing at all that I can do about that,” Mr Ballings explains to Mr Kevins in response to what he has just explained to him about.

Razz feels that it is up to him to help Jason be free from being a slave in any way at all that he can. Razz suddenly has an idea on just how he can help his new companion to be free from the life that he is in as a servant.

“What if I was to buy you from Midas? Then instead of you becoming a servant to me I could make you a free man,” Razz suggests to Jason.

Not unexpectedly the serving boy quite agrees with what Mr Kevins has just suggested to him about.

“Why thank you sir that would really save my life, because although my life isn’t in danger I’m not really living at the moment, and the reason to that is because that I’m not living as a free man, but know this sir I will forever be as your friend in response to what you are about to do for me!” Jason explains to Razz.

Mr Kevins knows now that he might have just made a friend for life with this serving boy who he is determined to set free.

Chapter 6

The two horses at long last after riding together for a whole day pull to a stop just on the shore of Lake Nostos, and that’s when their two rider’s depart from their backs together. Razz is over the moon that he has managed to make it to the lake. Jason smiles over at Razz.

“We left the castle together as strangers to one another, and we arrive here as friends to one another,” he tells him.

Razz nods his head in agreement to what Jason has just told him about, because he knows that he speaks the truth. Jason then passes the flask over to Razz, and Razz proceeds to make his way towards the lake with it held firmly in his hands. Suddenly a pale blonde hair coloured lady rises up out of the waters of the lake. Both Razz and his new friend Jason are left completely shocked by the sudden appearance of this lady.

“What the hell?” Razz cries out in shock at the woman who has just risen up out of the lake.

The pale blonde haired lady smiles at Razz.

“Hello darling,” she speaks to him with the voice of his wife Lily.

The lady then takes the form of Lily. Razz is immediately fooled that this woman really is his wife.

“Why the hell have you come down here love?” Razz snaps out at Lily in a tone of anger at her.

However Razz can’t shake the feeling that something is off with Lily while she is standing facing him in the lake, because after all who Razz knows that he shouldn’t believe is Lily is still standing facing him in the lake, and Razz knows that Lily really doesn’t like water. This lady who is taking the appearance of Lily has black coloured eyes. Razz shakes his head at the lady.

“No! NO! YOU ARE NOT HER! YOU AREN’T MY WIFE! YOU LADY ARE A SIREN!” He screams out at her in a tone of anger.

The lady then takes the form of a young man. The young man then turns to take a look at Jason who is now standing beside Razz taking a look out at him in the river. The young man smiles at Razz.

“Do you believe that I’m a siren brother?” He questions him.

Jason shakes his head in sadness at the beast.

“I don’t know whether you’re a siren or not lady, but I do however know that there’s no way at all in the enchanted forest that you could possibly be my brother, because we went our separate ways a long time ago, and I know that I’m never ever going to see him again!” He yells out at it.

Razz grabs Jason firmly by the arm.

“Yeah you’re absolutely right not to be fooled by this creature mate, now let’s collect the water and get ourselves back to King Midas’ castle!” He tells him sounding firm.

Jason nods his head in response to what Razz has just told him about before turning his back on the beast. Razz bends down, and he fills some water up into the flask that he has brought with him from King Midas’ palace. Razz turns to face Jason after filling the bottle up.

“Now let’s go and find Matthew!” He urges him.

Both Razz and Jason mount up back onto their horses, and they gallop away from the lake together. When they are quite some distance from the lake together Razz turns to face Jason, while riding beside him on his horse. Razz is feeling really rather troubled right now.

“So what happened to your brother then my friend?” He asks Jason.

Mr Ballings takes a look back at Mr Kevins in response to what he has just asked him about.

“Well when I was very young maybe about ten years old my mother sold me into slavery, and I’ve never seen my brother since my mother did this to me, and I also haven’t seen my mother,” Jason explains to Razz.

Mr Kevins hates to hear the stories about people who have had a bad life.

Chapter 7

Both Razz Kevins and Jason Ballings comes bursting into the great hall in King Midas’ castle together, and there they find both King Midas and the golden statue that is Matthew Seed together. Razz is carrying the flask filled up with magical water securely in his hands. Razz smiles at the King.

“I wish to buy Jason from you!” He tells him.

Midas smiles back at Razz in his great hall in response to what he has just told him about.

“You may have him for free after all he is only just cluttering up my castle now,” the King explains to Razz in response to what he has just told him about.

Razz nods his head in response to what Midas has just explained to him about.

“I wouldn’t ask for anything more,” he tells him in response to what he has just explained to him about.

Razz now stands before the golden statue who is his friend in the great hall. Razz then takes to sprinkling some of the water from the flask over Matthew.

“For it to be affective you must use all the water from your flask my son!” King Midas explains to Razz.

Mr Kevins then takes to using all the water that is within the flask to break his friend’s curse. The curse immediately breaks after Razz has poured the water over Matthew, and now the two young men stand facing one another inside the great hall. Matthew smiles at Razz.

“What took you so long mate? I knew that you would be coming for me, but really the timing of your rescue is appalling!” He snaps out at him.

Razz shrugs his shoulders at Matthew.

“Ah no bother for the rescue my friend any time!” He grits his teeth out in anger at him.

Razz is left angry by the way by which Matthew has just greeted him. Matthew takes a look round at his surroundings.

“Where the hell are Ryan and Lily?” He demands an answer from his friend Razz.

Mr Kevins smiles back at Mr Seed in response to the question that he has just demanded an answer from him about.

“That’s a very good question mate we now need to see someone called the dark one,” Razz explains to Matthew.

Mr Seed smiles in response to what Mr Kevins has just explained to him about.

“Where on earth, no wait where are we right now? The enchanted forest are we going to find him?” Matthew questions Razz.

King Midas now turns to address the two young men.

“In his castle off course is where you are going to find him in gentlemen!” He explains to them both.

Jason smiles over at Matthew.

“I’m pleased that your curse is now broken,” he says to him.

Jason is just so pleased that Razz has his friend back, and now Jason knows that he’s really got to help Razz in getting his wife back. King Midas stands directly facing Razz in the main hall in his castle.

“Rumplestilitskin’s castle is about an hour’s ride from here! I’ll give you a map so you know how to travel there,” he tells him.

Razz smiles back at King Midas in response to what he has just told him about.

“Why thank you your majesty you’re very good to me,” Razz tells the King.

Mr Kevins is left pleased by the way that this King is treating him very much like an honoured guest.

Chapter 8

Finally after riding on horseback for about an honour from King Midas’ castle Razz Kevins, Matthew Seed and Jason Ballings all arrive at the dark one’s castle together. This castle is mainly referred to as the dark castle. The three young men come bursting into the main hall in the castle together, and there they find the dark one himself, Rumplestiltskin sitting down by a table in the hall munching away on his evening meal.

“It’s not nice to intrude somewhere where you’re not welcome dearies!” Rumplestiltskin snaps out when he takes a look up at the three young lads who have just broken into his castle from his plate of food.

The dark one has brown coloured hair, and he has amber coloured eyes. This beast of a man is two hundred and ninety nine years old.

“Tick-tock dearies, tick-tock! Time is running short, and I’m in rather a hurry to finish eating my evening meal in peace, and so tell me now quickly what do you want?” The dark one hisses out at the three young men from where he is sat in his hall eating his food.

Razz decides to speak out to this creature of a man. Razz clears his throat.

“Rumplestiltskin my friends and I have come here to your castle in the need of your help, because my wife Lily has gone missing, and I really require some magical assistance in finding her!” He explains to the man whose home he has just entered.

Rumplestiltskin now takes to rising up onto his feet from the chair that he’s just been sitting eating his evening meal on.

“Well don’t you know young man all magic comes with a price!” Rumplestiltskin warns Razz.

Mr Kevins is troubled, because there doesn’t ever seem to be any prices that need to be paid when Lily performs her magical powers. Matthew turns to face the dark one.

“I’ll pay the price of magic in the place of my friend sir!” He promises him.

Razz is left surprised by what Matthew has just decided to do for him. Rumplestiltskin claps his hands excitedly together.

“Excellent dearies now let’s begin!” He shouts out in excitement.

Razz shakes his head at both Matthew and Rumplestiltskin.

“No stop both of you no deals are going to be made here today!” He tells them both firmly.

Rumplestiltskin looks both very sad and disappointed now.

“Why on ever not deary?” He questions Razz.

Mr Kevins now rounds in anger on the dark one.

“Because a deal of any kind is an extremely dangerous thing to make!” He explains to him.

Razz then turns to face both Matthew and Jason in the great hall in the dark one’s castle. In this main hall there is both a candelabra and a clock. There is also a very large spinning wheel in the hall. Both Matthew and Razz know from reading the fairytale of Rumplestiltskin that he uses that wheel to spin straw into gold.

“Come on lads we’ll find another way of tracking Lily down without relying upon this crocodile’s help!” Razz tells both Matthew and Jason.

Suddenly however before the three lads can make their way out of the hall, a blue police box appears out of nowhere directly before both themselves and Rumplestiltskin there.

“What the hell is going on now?” The dark one shouts out in a tone of shock.

There he was before having a nice quiet evening. The police box doors open up, and a man wearing a dark blue coloured bow tie appears out of the box. The man smiles about at everyone who is standing before him facing him in this hall.

“Why hello there my name is the Doctor, and I’m looking for someone called Lily Kevins!” The mad man explains to everyone who is standing facing him in the hall.

Rumplestiltskin rounds on the Doctor.

“Go away you’re not welcome here!” He snaps out at him telling him in a firm tone.

Rumplestiltskin then uses a hand gesture to try to shoe the Doctor away from him. The Doctor examines the dark one with great interest with his two eyes.

“Whoa you’re a funny looking creature aren’t you?” The Doctor calls out in shock at the crocodile looking man.

Rumplestiltskin pretends to be looking insulted by what the time lord has just called out at him.

“Oh my, oh my, what a horrible thing to say!” Rumplestiltskin snaps out at the Doctor.

The time lord rounds on the dark one.

“I’m not leaving here until I find Lily!” He explains to him.

Razz then rounds on the Doctor.

“How do you know about Lily?” He demands an answer quickly from him.

Razz is left shocked to have learned that this man has come here looking for his wife. The Doctor takes a look back at Razz in response to the question that he has just demanded an answer from him about. The Doctor can see sear concern staring back at him through Razz’s eyes.

“You’re Lily’s husband aren’t you?” The Doctor commands an answer from Razz.

Mr Kevins then takes to nodding his head in response to the time lord’s question to him.

“Yeah I am but how do you know about her?” Razz urges the Doctor to answer him.

Without responding to him the Doctor clicks his fingers from Razz to his police box.

“Get in there!” The Doctor commands Razz.

Matthew rounds on Razz.

“What if this proves to be a trick of the dark one’s?” He warns him.

Razz rounds back on Matthew in response to what he has just warned him about.

“Regardless I need to know how this man knows Lily,” he explains to him in response to what he has just warned him about.

Razz smiles from Matthew to Jason.

“You two don’t have to follow me into danger!” He promises them both.

Matthew smiles back at Razz in response to what he has just promised him about.

“By sticking with you I stand a very good chance of getting home, and so I’m staying with you! Where you go I go too!” Matthew tells Razz in response to what he has just promised him about.

Matthew knows that Razz is just as equally as determined as he himself is by returning to earth, and so therefore he knows that if he sticks with him he’ll be able to get back to earth, and once at earth he’ll be able to find his house that he loves very much deep down in his heart. Jason then smiles at Razz.

“I’m forever your friend now because of how you freed me from a lifetime of slavery!” He explains to him.

The Doctor is losing his patience now with Razz.

“I SAID GET INTO MY TARDIS!” He bellows out at him sounding frustrated.

Razz then takes to heading into the police box along with his two friends Matthew and Jason. The Doctor smiles back at Rumplestiltskin.

“I like the look of your main hall dark one, beware of Captain Hook!” He warns him before heading back into his Tardis.

Rumplestiltskin is left slightly troubled by what the Doctor has just warned him about.


The Doctor is now standing in the control room in his Tardis along with his new crew of passengers who are the three hobbits from middle earth who are Samwise Gamgee, Peregrin Took and Meriadoc Brandybuck and the three young men who he has just picked up from the enchanted forest who are Matthew Seed, Razz Kevins and Jason Ballings.

“Right now my brand new army of people time to track down Lily Kevins!” He explains to them all.

The Doctor so it seems is still determined to track Lily down, and to make her pay for the crimes that she has committed against time. The Doctor now takes to crossing his Tardis console room over to the computer in there. The Doctor now takes to looking something up on his computer, and the Doctor learns from doing some research on his computer that the young lady who he is looking for Lily Kevins is now in middle earth.

To be continued!








































Submitted: July 28, 2015

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