Chapter 14: The Final Part of the Adventure series 4 episode 12

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

Reads: 229

The Finale Part of the Adventure

(2014 EDITION)

Series 4 Episode 12

Chapter 1

Both Iron man who really is the American billionaire called Tony Stark and his new pal Kyle Kevins appear out of nowhere inside the Stark tower in New York city. They both appear down in the laboratory in the tower. Iron man rushes over to his desk in his lab, and there laying on top of his desk he finds a device. Tony immediately begins to allow Javas his computer to remove all the pieces of armour that are dressed in around him from him. Kyle sinks down onto the floor of the lab. Tony takes a quick look over at him with concern in his eyes. Mr Stark can’t even begin to imagine just what Mr Kevins must be going through right now.

“Do you know in the end it is only the ones who really betray us who end up betraying themselves?” Tony explains to Kyle while taking a look over at his devastated face.

Mr Kevins knows that he’s going to have time to grave and come to terms over his son’s devastating betrayal to him later. Kyle takes to struggling up onto his two feet from where he was sunk down onto the ground of the laboratory. Kyle wipes the tears of sadness away from his two wet tearful eyes.

“I’m just really upset for Lily!” Kyle tells Tony in response to what he has just explained to him about.

Mr Stark is now working away finishing building the device that is placed down upon his desk.

“Don’t worry yourself man, because we’re going to find her!” Tony makes a promise to Kyle in response to what he has just told him about.

Tony Stark very much like Steve Rodgers is just over six foot in his height. Unfortunately without his suit of armour Tony has no powers, but however he does have a modified techno-organic virus extremis, but however this is currently both inaccessible and also inoperable. Tony is a genius. Tony folds his arms as he takes a walk over to face Kyle in his lab.

“Would you like us first to travel back in time to both track down and to find ourselves your friend Tracy Beaker?” He questions him.

It is very clear now that Tony is thinking back to the conversation that Kyle shared out with his enemy son Razz before they left the Fury aircraft together. Kyle smiles back at Tony in response to what he has just questioned him about.

“Oh yes, because after all Tracy is much more than just a friend to me!” Mr Kevins explains to Mr Stark in response to what he has just questioned him about.

Tony both nods his head and smiles back at Kyle in response to what he has just explained to him about.

“I understand man, because after all we all have someone in our lives who we all love way more than all the others!” Tony tells Kyle in response to what he has just explained to him about.

Just then a woman with light orange hair makes her way into the lab. Tony snaps his fingers over towards the direction that the lady is in who has just made her way into his lab.

“That’s my own girl mate Miss Pepper Potts!” Tony explains to Kyle.

Kyle nods his head back at Pepper in response to what Tony has just explained to him.

“I wish that I could tell you Miss Potts that it’s really very nice to meet you, but unfortunately I’m having a really bad day!” Mr Kevins explains to Miss Pepper Potts.

Tony smiles over at Pepper his girlfriend.

“That’s only just about to get better for him, because we’re going to find his friends for him!” He tells her.

Pepper smiles over at Kyle.

“Yeah well I’m getting sick of seeing Colonel Rhodes around here in this tower, and so it’s pretty good of seeing you instead of him,” she says to him.

Tony is left troubled now by what Pepper has just told Kyle, but however before he can question her about it a man then comes breaking into his laboratory.

Chapter 2

Tony Stark is left both shocked and surprised by the way in which this man has just broken into his laboratory. Tony rounds on Pepper Potts who is still stood with both him and his new found friend Kyle Kevins in his lab.

“How come that man managed to break in here? I thought that you were going to place a tight security lock in around this tower!” Tony complains to his girlfriend.

Pepper pulls a face back at Tony in response to what he has just complained to her about.

“I don’t know about you honey, but I myself have been rather busy over the last couple of weeks and months funding money into Stark-

However Pepper is interrupted by the mad man who has just broken his way into the lab. The man appears to be dressed wearing a World War 2 soldier’s uniform. The man nods his head over at Tony.

“Hello there I’m Captain Jack Harkness and who are you?” He questions him.

Tony rounds in anger on Jack in response to what he has just questioned him about.

“I’m the man who is just about to blast your head clean off your shoulders, unless you tell me why you are here, and you have five seconds to explain!” Mr Stark snaps out in a tone of anger over at Captain Harkness.

Jack shrugs his shoulders and he smiles back over at Tony.

“I’ve come here for that time travelling teleport device that you have placed upon your desk!” Captain Harkness explains to Mr Stark in response to what he has just snapped out to him about.

Both Tony and Kyle are left horrified by what Jack has just explained to them both about. Tony grabs a gun from his desk, and he quickly takes to aiming it over at Captain Jack. Mr Stark then shakes his head over in denial to Captain Harkness.

“Never going to happen, because I need that teleport device to find a special little girl who really needs to be found!” He tells him sharply in response to what he has just explained to him about.

Jack is however prepared to stop at absolutely nothing to collect that time travelling teleport device from this laboratory, and the reason to that is because he wishes to use it to travel back in time to save his friend Ianto Jones before he can die. The Captain shakes his head at Stark has aimed at him.

“Lower that sir or else you’ll have a waste of bullets on your hands, because you see Mr Stark I am unable to die!” He explains to him.

Tony shrugs his shoulders in response to what this strange man has just explained to him about.

“Yeah well we’ll see about that shall we?” Tony snaps out at Jack as he uses his gun to shoot him down by pulling the trigger of it.

A bullet from Tony’ gun hits Jack full on in his neck, and then that makes the Captain fall face forward to his death. Tony smiles over at Pepper.

“Call the cops!” He issues her out an order to follow out.

Pepper pulls a face back at her fella in response to what he has just ordered her to carry out.

“Tony he’s dead!” Pepper tells her boyfriend in response to what he has just ordered her to do.

Tony strokes his chin. It is very much clear that he truly believes what this man called Captain Jack just told him that he can never die.

“Hey Tony!” Kyle calls out to his friend.

Tony looks to what Kyle is pointing out to him. Tony realises that Kyle is brining the matter of the Captain coming back to life from the dead before his attention now. Tony rounds on Pepper.

“All I’m saying is that he’s dead no more and so call the police love!” Tony commands his girlfriend.

Jack has now risen back up onto his feet from where he was lay dead down upon the ground.

“Pepper!” Tony urges his lass.

Pepper takes now to hurrying as fast as she can out of the laboratory in order to go and call the police. Jack smiles back at Tony.

“Not to fear sir I shall deal with her in a moment!” He tells him in response to what he has just urged him about.

Tony makes now to argue back with Jack in response to what he has just told him about, but however before he actually can argue back with him Jack takes to withdrawing a small device from his jacket. Jack then presses a button on the device that he is now holding, and once he has done this gas immediately begins to fill up the lab. Jack presses both of his hands now over both his mouth and nose, and this is as to protect himself against being gassed to death. However the gas manages to knock both Tony and Kyle unconscious.

Once both Tony Stark and his new friend who is Kyle Kevins off course are knocked out by the smell of gas that has now filled up the laboratory, Captain Jack Harkness dives over to Mr Stark’s desk in the lab, and he quickly picks the time travelling teleport device up from there. Jack then races on past both the knocked out Tony and Kyle out of the lab. It doesn’t take Jack long to reach the top of the stairs in the Stark tower, and now he makes ready to depart himself from the tower, but however he soon finds his path blocked off by an army of Iron man suits. They must have teleported themselves out of the lab downstairs in order to come here to stop Jack from escaping from their master’s house. The Iron man suits now take to closing in on around Captain Jack the con man. Jack smiles back at all the various different Iron man mark suits that are closing in on him ready to attack him now.

“Hey guys how about you spare my life now, and I just leave from your master’s tower along with this very handy device, that I have just stolen from him, and I make a promise to you all that you never ever have to see my beautiful face ever again!” The Captain tries to bargain with the Iron man mark suits.

It would appear that Captain Jack is quite the charmer. The Iron man suits are all now making ready their guns now. Jack fears that he may have to die yet again now, but he assures himself that it will only be very brief when he falls asleep, because after all it always is, but however the Captain’s worst fear at this moment in time is when he returns to life from the dead once again he’ll find himself locked up inside a dirty rotten trampy prison cell. The Captain doesn’t like the idea that he may be forced to eat rotten bread tonight, and only one horrible looking cold desert. Jack closes his eyes now, and he prepares to get killed once again, but then something suddenly happens, and that is that he all of a sudden remembers that he has his most faithful vortex manipulator attached onto his wrist. Jack proceeds to widely open up his two eyes now.

“Yeah looks like there’s a way out of this situation where my head once more gets blasted from my shoulders after all boys!” Jack cries out at the Iron man suits of armour.

The Captain then quickly takes to powering up his vortex manipulator before proceeding to vanish out of the Stark tower.

Chapter 3

Captain Jack Harkness appears within Tyne square now in New York City. He has just managed to save his own life once again, and Jack knows that he has been very successful with stealing from Mr Tony Stark now.

Captain Jack Harkness is wilfully enigmatic. Captain Jack is a mysterious time traveller. We have already come to learn that he is a man who appears that he can never die. Jack automatically takes to flirting his way with people, and he couldn’t care less whether the people who he flirts with are human, alien or robots. Jack’s also a good drinker. This Captain always carries a sense of both adventure and humour around with him on his many different travels.

The gadget that Captain Jack Harkness has just used in order to escape himself from the Stark tower is as how we have learned called his vortex manipulator. A vortex manipulator is a form of basic time travel. The great Doctor laughs this device off as a very simple space hopper. The prime task of the vortex manipulator is to guide it’s carrier throughout both space and time, and this is while it passes its way through the time vortex.

Captain Jack Harkness is left not very surprised to find the world around him full of life. Tyne square in New York City is just as busy as the immortal Captain expected it to be. It has been quite a long time now since Captain Harkness stepped himself into New York city, and he didn’t except to find himself caught up in there today. There are cries of carol singers coming from all around where the Captain is standing alone on top of a park bench in the city. Jack can see people all around him with great big heavy shopping bags bursting with Christmas presents inside of them. Jack smiles to himself. Christmas time again, he thinks to himself.

“It comes round quicker ever year!” The Captain tells himself.

Perhaps Captain Jack Harkness will be able to use his brand new time travelling teleport device to travel back in time to be with his loved ones for Christmas, because after all he doesn’t really like the thought of being alone on Christmas day once again.

Jack takes a jump down from the park bench, and that’s when he begins singing quietly to himself.

“Sleigh bells ring are you listening? In the rain snow is-

Jack is interrupted from singing his Christmas carol to himself, because he has suddenly sighted both Mr Tony Stark and Mr Kyle Kevins angrily making their way up to him in the square. Luckily it appears that Tony hasn’t come here to Tyne square to face the Captain with his army of metal suits, but however he has come here to face him with something far worse than them. Jack can see now Tony leading an army of angry looking police coppers up to him in the square.

Chapter 4

Captain Jack Harkness takes off running as fast as he possibly can, making his way further into Tyne square. Coppers suddenly take to surrounding him in the middle of the square, and they are all armed with guns. The coppers all take to directing their guns directly at the Captain. Jack is surrounded by cops now. There appears to be no escape at all for him now. All the coppers take to loading up their guns now, and they all aim them directly at Captain Jack. Tony Stark then wanders up to them, and he raises his two hands up in the air while taking a look over addressing the coppers.

“At ease men don’t kill this man, because after all he didn’t kill anyone! However take him away and lock him up in a cell, probably one in area fifty one since he can never die, and to stop him from causing further trouble.” Tony commands his men.

The coppers then all take to nodding their heads in response to what Mr Stark has just commanded them about. Tony then rounds on Jack.

“I could have easily have brought you down myself pal in a jiffy, but however I see no reason for me to get my hands dirty when I have the whole of the USA by my side willing to back me up! Be warned however if you are ever to break into my tower or gas me again then I will blast your head right from your shoulders!” He warns him.

Tony then smiles over at the coppers who are at his command.

“Be warned because next time Iron man shall be dealing with this bad boy himself!” He explains to them all.

Tony rounds once more on Jack.

“Now give me my device back like a good little boy!” He tells him.

Jack then proceeds to pass the time travelling teleport device in sadness over to Tony.

“Very well then go on then have it Mr Stark, because after all what’s the point in going back in time to save my friend’s lives when they’re all probably going to die in the exact same way as they did before in another part of the future!” Captain Harkness says to Iron man.

Tony smiles at Jack.

“No one deserves to die, and so for that reason I’m sorry about your friends, but listen to me mate it’s just wrong, and perhaps a little bit disrespectful to bring the dead back to life!” He tells him.

Jack takes a look at Tony with mercy in his eyes, and he nods his head in understanding to what he has just told him about.

“Please sir I really don’t wish to be locked up inside a secure cell in area fifty one!” Jack pleads with Tony.

Kyle takes a look at Tony.

“This man appears to be genuinely sorry for how he stole from you my friend,” he tells him.

Tony nods his head in agreement to what Kyle has just told him about. Tony waves his cop’s away from him.

“Let this man go!” He instructs them.

The police coppers then all take to wandering away from Captain Jack in response to what Mr Stark has just instructed them about. Jack smiles at Tony.

“Thanks I’d like to get to know you a little bit more now sir for how you have just stopped me from getting arrested,” he informs him.

Tony folds his arms as he continues to face the Captain.

“Well Jack that isn’t such a bad idea now really I don’t think that it is, because I believe that SHIELD could really do with a soldier such as you? What do you say I introduce you to my friend Captain America, and you join forces with him?” He questions him.

Jack nods his head in agreement to what Tony has just questioned him about.

“Yeah thanks Mr Stark I’d like that very much to be a part of a brand new organisation!” Mr Harkness explains to Mr Stark in response to what he has just questioned him about.

Captain Jack Harkness is now both ready and willing to become a secret agent of SHIELD.

Chapter 5

Kyle Kevins, Tony Stark and Jack Harkness are all stood facing one another in Tyne square in the city of New York. Tony is holding the time travelling teleport device firmly in his two hands. Tony then takes a look over at Jack.

“Would you like to travel back in time with me and my friend Kyle over here to Sherwood Forest in order to find Miss Tracy Beaker there?” He questions him.

Jack smiles back at Tony in response to what he has just questioned him about.

“Consider it to me my very first SHIELD mission!” Jack tells Tony in response to what he has just questioned him about.

Tony pats Jack firmly on his arm in response to what he has just told him about.

“Time to travel back in time I think boys!” Mr Stark says to both Mr Kevins and Mr Harkness.


Kyle is happy by the fact that he is just about to continue out on his search to track down his loved ones both Tracy and Lily. Tony is now powering up the time travelling teleport device. The device has now been powered up. Tony, Jack and Kyle all now take to placing their hands upon it, and suddenly they are all blasted back in time to Sherwood Forest.

To be continued!





















Submitted: July 28, 2015

© Copyright 2022 Matthew Seed. All rights reserved.


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