Chapter 15: The Final Part of the Adventure series 4 episode 13

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

Reads: 236

The Final Part of the Adventure

(2014 EDITION)

Series 4 Episode 13

Chapter 1

Tracy Beaker has now been led into the outlaw’s camp in Sherwood Forest by the deceased Robin Hood’s gang of men who are made up by his brother Archer, his friend Brother Tuck, his friend Little John, his old girlfriend Kate and his old servant Much.

The outlaw’s camp is made up out of several rooms that include the kitchen, the treasury and also the sleeping quarters. This camp has been hidden away by a mechanism device, and this was done by none other than Will Scarlet before his path separated from the path of Robin Hood. There’s a wall of leaves that are attached onto a wooden frame, and it covers the only entrance to the hideout, and this entrance can only be opened up by a hidden away switch that is found in a nearby rock in the forest to the camp.

Tracy is joining the little band of heroic outlaw’s in paying tribute to their deceased leader and friend Robin Hood. Robin’s body is burning in flames of fire before their very eyes in the camp. By growing up in what she refers to as the real world, as a little girl Tracy had heard many different tales about the heroic outlaw called Robin Hood, and so she now shares in the tears that his old men are sharing out grieving over his death. Tracy is however also crying now, because other than being upset about the death of Robin she is also feeling saddened over being separated from her loved ones both Lily and Kyle Kevins.

Tracy Beaker loves the Kevins family very much, and so she is hoping more than anything else that is on her mind at this moment in time that they are all alright right now.

Chapter 2

Suddenly an army of creatures with skull like appearances come bursting their way into the outlaw camp in Sherwood Forest. These funny looking creatures have skinny faces. Tracy Beaker knows that she’s got to be just as brave as what her one true love Kyle would be right now in the face of danger. Brother Tuck is looking alarmed by the sudden appearance of these creatures in his camp.

“AH UTTER WITCHCRAFT!” The warrior monk cries out within a tone of alarm at the monsters with skinny faces.

Both Kate and Much are now screaming out in terror while facing the skull appeared daemons. Tracy rounds bravely in anger upon one of the creatures.

“Identify to me just who you and your people are creature!” She commands it.

Another creature firmly takes to grabbing Tracy firmly from behind now. The creature that Tracy is facing however closes in on her, and it looks directly at her.

“My people and I are the Sycorax, and we believe in both magic and also witchcraft!” The beast explains to Miss Beaker.

Tracy tries to struggle her arms that the Sycorax who is standing behind her from his hands, but however she is unable to.

“Get your hands off me, because I wish to challenge your bloodthirsty leader in combat!” Tracy hisses out at the Sycorax who currently has her restrained.

The leader of this Sycorax tribe then rounds in anger on Tracy.

“So be it then release her my man!” The Sycorax leader commands his soldier.

The Sycorax who has Tracy restrained now takes to aggressively pushing her away from him. A sword is then shoved into Tracy’s hand by a Sycorax solider. The Sycorax leader is carrying his sword firmly in his hand.

“TRACY BE CAREFUL BECAUSE HE’LL KILL YOU!” Kate screams out at her friend in a warning tone of panic about her.

Tracy is pleased that her new found friend has so little faith in her, not. Tracy bravely steps towards the mighty Sycorax leader, and the next thing that she knows is that he has lashed out at her with his fierce looking sword. The sword strikes Tracy, and she screams out in pain when it does, but however the blow of the sword fortunately doesn’t cause any real harm to Miss Beaker. The sword just cuts into Tracy’s skin a little bit, and it makes her bleed, but however Tracy is determined not to give up fighting now. Tracy lashes out at the Sycorax with anger with her own sword, and that’s when her sword meets with his sword in combat.

Tracy Beaker is a girl with a wild imagination. She is very much like a modern world heroine. Tracy’s personality is both bossy and also rebellious. Tracy is a very much like person and she is also creative. We have however already learned this all throughout our many different adventures with her this year.

Blow after blow that the Sycorax leader launches at her Tracy manages to block using her sword, but finally so it seems Tracy actually gets hold of the advantage herself, and she strikes forward clutching her sword out directly before her. Tracy sinks the blade of her deadly sword deep into the Sycorax leader’s chest. Tracy then kicks the Sycorax firmly onto the ground of the outlaw’s camp. The dying Sycorax leader now takes a look up in anger at Tracy.

“The mighty race of Sycorax have now gained the ability to look into the future, and we have now managed to gain a much clear image of it, and so I now know that your best friend is going to die on Christmas day!” He warns her hissing out at her within a cold dark tone before he dies right before her two very own eyes.

Tracy is feeling sad now that she has just committed a crime by killing something, but however she is also feeling happy right now, because she really does understand that she had no other choice but to kill him in order to protect her friend’s who are the Outlaw’s.

Chapter 3

The Sycorax leader’s death has now taken to make the other Sycorax creatures that are standing within this camp just so incredibly angry. Tracy Beaker backs away into a corner of the camp now, and she allows the five outlaw’s to stand in for her while battling the Sycorax’. Tracy is now thinking over just what the Sycorax leader that she has just killed has told her about. Tracy knows that she only has one best mate, and that is none other than her old student Lily. Archer and the other outlaw’s are now battling against the Sycorax with everything that they have. Suddenly however three men appear out of nowhere before all the Sycorax’, all the outlaw’s and Tracy in the camp, and Tracy recognises one of the men almost immediately as her one true love Kyle Kevins. Kyle nods his head over at Tracy.

“Well aren’t you a sight for swore eyes love!” He tells her sounding both really happy and relieved to have discovered that he has finally found her.

Kyle is left shocked by the deep wound that Tracy now has on her chest from where the Sycorax leader struck her with his sword. Tracy takes a look down at her wound now.

“It’s nothing, merely a scratch, I’ll be fine love!” Tracy makes a promise to Kyle.

Mr Kevins takes a look round at the Sycorax both of his friend’s Tony Stark and Jack Harkness have begun to round on them together.

“Don’t tell me that the beastie boys didn’t do that to you love?” Kyle questions Tracy sounding really rather concerned about her.

Tracy shakes her head back at her boyfriend in response to what her boyfriend has just questioned her about.

“No their leader did this to me, but he’s dead now, because I killed him!” Tracy explains to Kyle in response to what he has just questioned her about.

Mr Kevins rounds on Miss Beaker.

“Stay out of this fight take it easy my love,” he begs her not to throw herself into the mouth of danger.

Tracy takes a seat down on a wooden chair in the camp. Kyle withdraws his sword from his belt, and he hurries across the camp to a Sycorax. The brave Kyle then begins to engage the bloodthirsty Sycorax in combat.

It would appear that Tony Stark has come to this camp without his Iron man suit of armour. Tony passes the device quickly over to Tracy.

“Keep that safe girl!” Mr Stark instructs Miss Beaker.

He has faith that she’ll be able to keep it perfectly safe for him, because Tony knows that it would very likely get damaged if he is battling against the Sycorax while holding it in his hands, and whereas it would less likely get damaged if Tracy is sitting on her chair while she is recovering from her fight in the camp.

Chapter 4

It would appear that Tony Stark has come to this Outlaw’s camp without his Iron man metal suit of armour. Tony quickly takes to withdrawing a gun from his jacket pocket, and he aims it over at a Sycorax. Tony then takes to pulling the trigger of his gun. A bullet then zooms off the end of the gun, it goes flying rapidly across the air, and it hits the Sycorax full on in his chest. Jack Harkness is now wrestling a Sycorax down to the ground. Meanwhile Kate takes to stabbing a Sycorax full on in his chest with the blade of her sword. Jack is now struggling on the ground of the outlaw’s camp along with his Sycorax opponent. Jack punches the Sycorax full on in his chest. While the Sycorax is struggling with Jack on the ground little John manages to sneak up on it, and the little bear lashes out at the beast with anger with his staff. John manages to knock the living day lights out of the Sycorax by using his staff. John then offers his hand down to Jack. The Captain takes hold of the outlaw’s hand, and John then takes to helping Jack up onto his feet from the ground of the camp. Jack smiles at John.

“No need to ask who you are, because judging by where I have just been sent to by my new friend Tony, and by taking in just what the size of you is I know that you can only be the one they call little John!” He tells him.

Jack has just come here from a world where the story of little John is quite famous. John’s friends refer to him as the little bear. John smiles back at Jack in response to what he has just told him about.

“Nice to meet you and welcome to our camp,” he says to him in response to what he has just told him about.

Both John and Jack then share out a firm handshake with one another. Together Tony, Jack, Kyle and the deceased Robin Hood’s gang of outlaw’s manages to take down and kill all the Sycorax’, but however they are unable to bring down just one of the Sycorax’, and so they all now take to closing in on him together. Tony aims his gun directly at the Sycorax now. Both Archer and Tuck take now to restraining the skull faced beast. Tony rounds on the monster.

“Who sent both you and your people here to invade this camp?” He demands an answer sharply from him.

There’s a moment of silence no one seems to have noticed both a man and a woman making their way suddenly into the camp. The woman has shoulder length blonde hair, and she appears to be a hostage to this mad man.

“I did Mr Stark!” The man explains to Tony as he makes his way further into the outlaw’s camp leading his blonde haired prisoner firmly by the arm.

Everyone inside the camp then jumps out of their skin with freight, because they have appeared not to have noticed either this man or his prisoner making their way into the outlaw’s camp. Tony then spins round on the spot that he’s standing on, and he points his gun directly over at the evil man.

“Who the hell are you?” Tony snaps out at the man demanding him to give him an answer.

There’s a moment of silence while Captain Jack appears to have noticed the girl now.

“Rose!” He cries out at her in a tone of shock.

Jack is surprised to find himself suddenly facing his old friend Rose Tyler inside this outlaw’s camp, and even more so he is left horrified to discover that she seems to be a prisoner to this man who he doesn’t at all recognise as being one of his own old enemies. Rose has got thick rope tied firmly around both her hands and mouth. She appears to be shivering with fear now. Jack rounds in anger on the man.

“Hey you! Listen to me, you better let her go now, understand?” He snarls angrily out at him in a tone of sharp fury.

The mad man smiles back at Jack in response to what he has just snarled out at him about.

“Oh come, come handsome Jack, is that any way to say hello to an old friend?” The insane man questions the man who can never die.

Jack takes to clenching both of his hands firmly into fists now.

“Who the hell are you?” He yells out at the mysterious man who has taken his old friend captive.

The man pushes Rose roughly away from him. Tony now quickly rushes up to Rose in the camp, and he quickly takes to untying the rope that has been bonded in on her. Meanwhile the man rounds on Jack.

“Actually I do believe that I’m a little bit hurt inside that you don’t remember me Captain, but off course you won’t remember me after all I have changed my face since the last time that you saw me!” He explains to him.

Jack’s now really rather troubled. Tony pulls Rose into a hug to comfort her. He has now finished untying the rope from her.

“Hey it’s alright don’t be scared now!” Mr Stark promises Miss Tyler.

Jack rounds on the man.

“Doctor! Are you the Doctor? But then again the Doctor must be corrupted if he was to kidnap Rose!” He shouts out at him.

The man smiles coldly back at the Captain in response to what he has just shouted out at him about.

“No I am certainly not the Doctor, but do not fear Captain, because after all you are getting much warmer with your guessing about just who I am, and the reason to that is because I am after all a time lord! Is the mystery about just who I am about to be exposed?” The man explains to Jack in response to what he has just shouted out at him about.

Captain Harkness has met another time lord other than the Doctor before, but that was a long time ago now. Rose takes a look over at her old friend Jack.

“His name is the Master!” She reveals to him.

Bingo Jack has now discovered just who this mad man is, and he knows that nobody in the universe is as mad as the cold hearted Master is.

Chapter 5

Captain Jack Harkness rounds in anger on the Master while still facing him inside the outlaw’s camp in Sherwood Forest. Meanwhile inside the camp Brother Tuck is now treating Tracy Beaker, because the battle wound on her chest has now become much worse. The warrior monk is now damping a white clean wet cloth over Tracy’s wound. Kyle Kevins is sat down by his girlfriend upon the ground of the camp, and he is holding her hand while Tuck cleans up her battle wound. Meanwhile Rose Tyler is explaining to Tony Stark inside the camp just how the Master was able to capture her. It seems that according to Rose the Master captured her while she was in the company of her friend’s August Wayne Booth, Neal Cassidy, Johnny Taylor, Liam O’Donovan, with Prince Caspian, Will Scarlet, Aslan and Razz Kevins in the magical cold frosty realm of Narnia. Jack is still aiming his gun directly at the Master.

“The only reason why I haven’t blown your head off yet is because I need you to explain to me why you captured Rose! Was it that you wanted to get to the Doctor through her?” He tells him in a questionable tone.

The Master takes a look back at Jack in response to what he has just told him about.

“It takes great courage to simply fretting to kill a time lord such as me, and so I congratulate you for that, but however you nailed it on the head Captain when you asked whether I was trying to get to the Doctor through Rose!” The Master explains to Jack in response to what he has just told him about.

The Captain shakes his head back at the time lord in response to what he has just explained to him about.

“Well you failed yourself in finding the Doctor then didn’t you, because you set out to find him, and unfortunately it seems that you managed to find me instead of him!” Jack shouts out at the Master in response to what he has just explained to him about.

The Master folds his arms now as he continues to face the Captain.

“Be warned handsome Jack that I shall continue to head out on my search for the Doctor!” He warns him in response to what he has just shouted out at him about.

Jack rounds on the Master.

“The Doctor once nothing but peace with you! You’re currently hunting down a man that wants nothing more than to be your ally! Listen there is great darkness out there lurking within the hidden darkest corners of the universe, and there are many frets out there to us all! You and the Doctor are the last of your people, and so therefore you really must come together joining forces in order for the time lord race to live on!” He tells him.

The Master smiles back at Jack in response to what he has just told him about.

“The drumming Captain! The drums are still calling out to me, and just as long as they are continuing to beat there’s still hope for me that my fellow race shall return, but however hasn’t the Doctor lived long enough now?” He questions him in response to what he has just told him about.

Jack rounds once more in great anger upon the Master.

“I’m not going to let you kill the Doctor!” He frets him to stand in his way of getting his prey.

The Master then launches himself onto Jack, and he struggles the vortex manipulator device from his wrist. The Master is now holding the Captain’s vortex manipulator device firmly in his two hands. The Master smiles back coldly at Jack, and he laughs at him. The Master is happy by the way that he has just stolen from the Captain.

“So long Captain! No doubt we shall be seeing each other once again!” The Master sings out at Jack.

He then smiles coldly over at Rose.

“The Doctor loves playing with Earth girls! Good ridings Miss Tyler!” He snaps out sharply at her.

Rose takes a look back at the Master in response to what he has just snapped out at her about.

“You’re insane!” Rose tells the Master in a truthful tone.

The time lord nods his head back in agreement to Miss Tyler in response to what she has just told him about.

“Well that fits, because insane is actually my middle name!” The Master explains to Rose in response to what she has just told him about.

The Master then takes a look over at Tony.

“Come and catch me Mr Stark for I am a terrorist! Actually I am way worse then what I have just told you that I am!” He cries out at him.

Mr Stark then makes a dive over at the evil time lord, but however before he can the Master uses his vortex manipulator device to send himself away, vanishing out of the outlaw’s camp in Sherwood Forest.

Chapter 6

Captain Jack Harkness pulls Rose Marion Tyler into a friendly hug inside the outlaw’s camp in Sherwood Forest.

“You’re safe now!” He promises her.

Rose is a very brave character, as this was seen when she was kidnapped by the Master. She is both sweet and is also kind towards people. Jack takes a look back over at Tony Stark.

“Where now?” He questions him.

Tony takes a look back at Jack in response to what he has just questioned him about.

“We continue our search for Miss Lily Kevins Captain!” Mr Stark explains to Captain Harkness in response to what he has just questioned him about.

Tracy Beaker is left shocked by what Tony has just explained to Jack about. Tracy then pulls a face at her boyfriend Kyle Kevins.

“Please don’t tell me that you’ve lost her again!” She snaps out angrily at him.

Kyle nods his head back in sadness at Tracy in response to what she has just snapped out at him about.

“Yeah sorry I’m afraid so and what’s more Razz has unfortunately now become a servant to Shannay and has turned against her!” Kyle tells Tracy in response to what she has just snapped out at him about.

Tracy can’t actually quite believe now what her boyfriend has just told her about.

“What but they’ve only just got married!” Tracy moans out at Kyle in response to what he has just told her about.

She seems rather upset now knowing that her good friend Lily isn’t quite receiving her happily ever after. Tony approaches both Kyle and Tracy now inside the outlaw’s camp, and he takes a look at them both.

“Hey I’m sorry you two, but unfortunately I am unable to use my device to send us all off to Conruscant to track Lily down there!” Tony explains to both Tracy and Kyle in a tone of sadness.

Mr Stark is left sad off course to discover that he has just failed his two friends. Both Captain Jack and Rose approach the three of them in the camp now. Jack has just overheard what Tony has just explained to both Kyle and Tracy about. Kyle directly turns to face Tony now inside the camp.

“I say that we now return to Living village and join forces with Steve Kettle there!” He says to him.

Tracy nods her head in agreement in response to what Kyle has just said to Tony about. Jack smiles at Tony.

“We go to this village!” He tells him firmly.

Tony smiles in response to what his new friend Jack has just told him about.

“Living village it is then!” Mr Stark agrees with Captain Harkness in response to what he has just told him about.

Tony now takes to powering up his time travelling teleport device once again. Kyle lays his hand down gently upon his girlfriend’s shoulder.

“Are you not going to say farewell to your new found friends before we leave?” He asks her.

Tracy shakes her head back at Kyle in response to what he has just asked her about.

“No they’ll cop without me!” Tracy promises Kyle in response to what he has just asked her about.

Jack smiles at Rose.

“It’s time for us to both head into somewhere new,” he tells her sounding happy to be with her.

Jack has always found Rose quite attractive. Tony then uses his teleport device to send himself, Captain Harkness, Miss Tyler, Miss Beaker and Mr Kevins all off to Living village in the year twenty fourteen, and away from Sherwood forest in the year eleven ninety four.

To be continued!
































Submitted: July 28, 2015

© Copyright 2022 Matthew Seed. All rights reserved.


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