Chapter 16: The Final Part of the Adventure series 4 episode 14

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

Reads: 235

The Finale Part of the Adventure

(2014 EDITION)

Series 4 Episode 14

Chapter 1

The evil cold hearted witch who is off course none other than Shannay Ravens, is currently stood inside her time machine loft within her new house which is called 2 Ross way.

“Computer what is the stasis of what’s going on aboard the Fury aircraft?” Miss Ravens questions her computer who is none other than her very own Mr Seed.

The face of Mr Garry Seed takes a look back at his new mistress Miss Shannay Ravens in response to what she has just questioned him about.

“My readings of that aircraft ship indicate to me that Director Phil Coulson is in the process of activating a bomb in order to blow his Fury aircraft up!” Mr Seed explains to his mistress in response to what she has just questioned him about.

Shannay now knows that she really has absolutely no time at all to waste, because she really needs to get her mind controlled servant off that aircraft right now.

“Well don’t just smile over at me there Mr Seed beam Razz Kevins directly off that ship and into this house right now!” Shannay instructs her super computer.

Seconds later Mr Seed uses his super power to make Razz Kevins appear out of nowhere before his mistress Shannay up in the loft. Shannay smiles coldly over at Razz.

“Lucky for you that I managed to beam you off that aircraft when I did, because if I had been delayed bringing you here a second longer then you would be a pile of burned ashes floating through the air! How was your encounter with your dear old dad?” She snarls out at him.

Razz takes a look back at Shannay in response to what she has just snarled out at him about.

“Unfortunately for him my dad’s loyal to Lily, and so therefore he is an enemy to us both, and I will make this promise to you my mistress Shannay that I will stop at nothing to kill my dad, because after all he’s as a dead man already to me! I’m sorry to report that all the Cybermen soldier’s that you sent out onto that aircraft with me have all now been destroyed!” Razz explains to Shannay.

Miss Ravens knows that she has done well to turn a good man against his both his friends and loved ones. Shannay takes a seat down inside her time machine control room facing Razz.

“Fear not my love, for there are after all a lot more Cybermen at my command then just those field troops that I sent out to invade that aircraft, and it’s perfectly good that you now wish to murder your dad!” Miss Ravens tells Mr Kevins.

Shannay doesn’t actually love Razz at all, because she truly believes that he truly isn’t a good looking man, and so she has never really been able to see in him just what her young enemy sees in him. Shannay knows that if Razz was within his right mind then he would be an enemy to her, and not to the people who he loves both his dad and his wife.


Chapter 2

Shannay Ravens is sat down on a chair taking a look up with her two eyes at her mind controlled servant inside her house’s control room. Shannay rises to her feet up from where she has been sitting down on her chair. Shannay is rather troubled right now.

“Did you manage to get a better understanding while being on that aircraft just who we are up against? Who is siding with your dad and Steve Kettle?” She interrogates her servant.

Razz stands taking a look back at Shannay in the control room in number 2 Ross way house in response to what she has just questioned him about.

“I regret to inform you my mistress that both my dad and Steve have allied themselves with the group known as the Avengers!” Razz explains to Shannay in response to what she has just interrogated him about.

It is clear by just taking a look at her face that Razz knows that Shannay really has no idea at all just what the group known as the Avengers is. Shannay folds her arms.

“The forces in this group maybe powerful, but I truly believe that every single life form has their enemies!” She tells both herself and Razz.

Shannay then focuses all her attention upon Mr Seed as she turns her attention to face the screen.

“Computer look into for me just who the enemy of the group known as the Avengers is!” Shannay commands her super computer called Garry.

Mr Seed smiles back at Miss Ravens in response to what she has just commanded him about.

“Yes my mistress!” Garry tells Shannay in response to what she has just commanded him about.

Seconds later an image of a male who is dressed like a powerful God appears on the super computer screen inside the time machine control room. This male God has dark black longish coloured hair.

“This man’s name is Loki, and he is the brother of the demigod Thor! Loki is as how I have learned from a reliable data source the greatest enemy to the group known as the Avengers! Loki is currently in the far off realm of Asgard!” The voice of Garry Seed explains to his mistress Shannay while he continues to display the image of the God Loki upon his computer screen.

Shannay smiles coldly over at her ally Razz.

“I say that we ally ourselves with that demigod!” She informs him.

There’s a moment of silence while Razz nods his head in agreement in response to what his mistress has just informed him about.

“Mr Seed take us to Asgard!” Miss Ravens takes to issuing a command out to her computer screen.

Shannay is ready now to face Loki in the high hope of joining forces with him.

Chapter 3

The time travelling house number 2 Ross way appears out of nowhere in the great hall in the mighty realm of Asgard.

The city of Asgard is a collection of elaborate buildings and also intricate spires. Large structures that seem to have been built into the rocks, and that have sweeping terraces top many of the cliffs here in Asgard. Surrounding the great God Odin’s palace here in this realm there are gleaming pyramids, statues with columns.

The notable brifrost bridge in Asgard gives out passage to all the nine realms, but however it can only be opened up by its guardian Hiemdall.

Both Miss Shannay Ravens and Mr Razz Kevins then depart from their time travelling house in the great hall there. Both Shannay and Razz can see a man, the man who Mr Seed displayed an image of on their computer screen, sat down before them on a mighty throne at the far end of this hall. The man rises to his feet up from where he was sat down upon his throne in this hall. The man then begins to cross the hall over to where both Shannay and Razz are stood together facing him in the hall. The man smiles coldly from Razz to Shannay.

“Can I help you?” He takes to questioning them both sounding rather troubled.

Shannay ignores the question that who she now knows to be Loki has just fired off at her. Shannay then takes to rounding on this demigod.

“Listen closely to me demigod when I tell you that both you and I share with one another now a common enemy, who goes by the name of Thor, because he has allied himself with some enemies of mine, and as well as believing that the enemy of my enemy is my friend I also believe that the friend of my enemy is my enemy!” She tells him.

Loki rounds on Shannay in response to what she has just told him about.

“You have a very poor lack of common history of my brother don’t you, because he is after all my brother, and so why would you come here claiming to be an enemy of my brother, and wishing to join forces with me against him when you should know that he’s mine alone to kill! I have no room in my life for both friends and allies, and so I hence forth forbid either you or your curly haired friend over there from ever leaving Asgard! Hench forth from this moment on I curse both you and your friend to live out the remainder of your days as my prisoner’s!” Loki places a sentence down upon Shannay in response to what she has just told him about.

Loki then orders his guards in to come and lock both Shannay and Razz up inside a prison cell in his city of Asgard.

Chapter 4

Meanwhile back to the adventurous tale of our main character Lily Kevins. Well she is still one of the many new passengers’ who are currently aboard Colonel John Sheppard’s puddle jumper.

A puddle jumper is something that was created by the ancients within the mighty city of Atlantis. It is a form of a spacecraft. Colonel John Sheppard’s puddle jumper that he is currently flying is right now sailing across the USA skies.

Lily Kevins is sat down on her brand new wheelchair in the back room of the spacecraft. Lily has unfortunately now lost her left ear in a fierce sword fight battle against her great enemy Shannay Ravens, and she has also got her left leg cut off in a mighty battle against the sith lord Darth Vader before he died. Lily currently is unaware that her husband who she loves very much who goes by the name of Razz Kevins has now turned against her, and is now being mind controlled by her evil enemy Shannay. Lily’s friend Ryan Robertson is sat down upon a little stool facing her in the back room of the puddle jumper. Lily shakes her head over at Ryan.

“I can’t believe that it was only yesterday morning that I wasn’t disabled!” She moans out to him.

Ryan takes a look back in sadness at his good friend in response to what she has just moaned out to him about.

“Oh Lily!” He says to her within a tone of sadness.

Lily knows that her precious life has just turned into a real nightmare. Ryan smiles in sadness over at his friend while sitting facing her in the back room of the puddle jumper.

“I’m going to look after you!” Ryan promises his friend.

Lily smiles back at Ryan in response to what he has just promised her about.

“I’m very fortunate to have such good friend’s as you!” Lily tells her pal Ryan in response to what he has just promised her about.

Lily thinks back now to the very first time that she met Ryan. She had travelled to Kings cross train station in the city of London, and there she had encounted him within platform nine and three quarters. Lily and Ryan hadn’t gotten off to a good start with their now firm friendship, because when she first met him Lily was kidnapped by Ryan, and she was taken as his prisoner aboard the Hogwarts express. Lily and Ryan had fought against one another from day one of their friendship with one another, but Lily and Ryan soon started to become friends when Lily used her time machine to go back in time to save his life after he committed suicide and died. Ryan had committed suicide after learning just who he was being controlled by to go against Lily, and it turns out that he was being controlled by his future self.

“We will find Razz together!” Ryan makes another promise to his mate.

Lily takes a look back at Ryan in response to what he has just promised her about.

“You’ve changed do you know? Your now no longer that mad man who I met so long ago who kidnapped me in order to try and turn me against my husband!” Lily tells Ryan honestly in response to what he has just further promised her about.

Ryan takes Lily now gently by her right hand.

“Some people are worth changing for,” he says to her in response to what she has just told him about.

Lily winks at Ryan.

“Do you know that I can still remember the day when you kissed me,” she tells him in response to what he has just said to her about.

It had been while he had been tormenting her, and he had brought himself upon her in order to forcefully kiss her. Ryan shakes his head back at Lily in response to what she has just told him about.

“You made me into a much better man my friend,” Ryan explains to Lily in response to what she has just told him about.

Lily smiles back at Ryan in response to what he has just explained to her about.

“I quite liked the day that you kissed me,” Lily reveals to Ryan in response to what he has just explained to her about.

Ryan looks at Lily mercifully in the eyes.

“Use your magic to grow both your left ear and your left leg back!” He pleads with her.

Lily has actually already tried to do this, but unfortunately she was unable to. Lily shakes her head back in sadness at Ryan in response to what he has just pleaded with her about.

“I cannot for my powers seem to have weakened due to what happened to me!” Lily explains in sadness to Ryan in response to what he has just pleaded with her about.

Ryan is very sorry to hear what Lily has just explained to him about. Mr Robertson smiled back at Mrs Kevins in response to what she has just explained to him about.

“Well don’t worry yourself my friend, because I’m going to look after you now!” Ryan promises Lily.

Matthew Seed makes his way now through into the back room in the puddle jumper, and he faces his two friend’s there. Matthew takes a look directly over at Ryan.

“I want to know what you were telling Mackenzie about when we found her that you’ve seen visions of the future!” He tells him.

Matthew is clearly thinking back to when both him and Ryan were comforting their new friend Mackenzie when she was in tears back in the Jedi temple. Ryan is left shocked to discover that Matthew his mate is now on his case. Matthew quickly turns to face Lily.

“He’s up to something!” He warns her.

Lily knows that if Ryan does prove out to be up to some game then there’s no way at all that she is any fit state to battle against him. Lily then quickly takes a look over at Ryan.

“You once told me that you know how I’m going to die!” She reminds him sounding shocked.

Ryan closes his eyes. He really isn’t meaning to upset his friend Lily like this. Ryan knows that the moment has come that he has most feared. Ryan opens up his two eyes, and he takes a look directly over at his disabled friend Lily.

“Yeah I do unfortunately know how you’re going to go down my friend, because there was this crystal ball that I was in procession of for a short time, and it’s one that you yourself have seen before! That ball showed me a glimpse of Shannay murdering you while using both a sword and a gun!” Mr Robertson explains to Mrs Kevins sounding really upset in response to what she has just reminded him about.

Lily is left absolutely shocked by what her friend has just reminded her about. Lily knows that Ryan was wrong to have kept this from her. Lily takes to feeling her chest with her two hands now, and she can feel her unborn child kicking her from within her chest. Lily is really frightened now to think that this baby is either going to die before it is born, or that it is going to grow up without knowing it’s mother, because Lily has suddenly made the decision that she actually wishes to keep her child when it is born into the universe now. Lily points to her missing left ear.

“Sorry with just having one ear now I must check did you really say that you’ve seen a prophecy of Shannay killing me in cold blood?” She questions Ryan sounding rather concerned, but however she isn’t concerned about herself like how she really should be, no she is in fact concerned about her unborn baby.

However Lily’s worst fears are soon realised when she sees Ryan nodding his head in response to her question to him. Ryan smiles over at Lily.

“I will protect you!” He tells her in a truthful vow.

Lily is feeling confident now that her life shall be saved in response to what her good friend Ryan has just told her about. Ryan continues to smile at Lily.

“If not I shall raise your child in your name along with Razz off course,” he says to her in response to what she has just told him about.

Ryan and Lily exchange a sad little smile with one another now. Lily soon may not be here in the land of the living if this prophecy of her death comes to pass.

Chapter 5

Meanwhile in the main part of Colonel John Sheppard’s puddle jump, the Colonel is in the company of his three new friend’s who are Mackenzie Nelly, Billton Charlton and Jason Ballings there. Mackenzie is a young lady from none other than the Jedi temple. She is a former Jedi knight. Jason has just got caught up in an adventure that led him away from his home in the enchanted forest, and brought him into the company of Mrs Lily Kevins. Billton is now a good friend of Ryan’s and Billton actually used to call Ryan his King back when he used to serve in his army in middle earth. Jason is sat down next to Mackenzie in the puddle jumper.

“I’m looking forward to getting to know you,” he says to her.

Mackenzie smiles back at Jason in response to what he has just said to her about.

“As am I you,” Mackenzie tells Jason in response to what he has just said to her about.

Jason shakes his head over at Mackenzie.

“I can’t believe that I’m no longer a serving boy!” He explains to him.

Billton is sat down next to Jason in the puddle jumper.

“Good fortune comes to the very best of us,” he tells him.

Jason takes a look back at Billton in response to what he has just told him about.

“So what’s your story then Billton?” Jason questions his new acutance.

Charlton takes a look back at Ballings in response to what he has just questioned him about.

“My story is an interesting one, well because you see I come from a place called the kingdom of Gondor, and that is within the realm of middle earth! I used to fight alongside none other than Ryan himself in battle, because you see he was my King!” Billton explains to Jason in response to what he has just questioned him about.

The colonel’s spacecraft continues to make its way across the skies of the USA. Suddenly something goes wrong with the way that Colonel Sheppard is flying his puddle jumper.

“Whoa breaking news guys we’re just about to crash land!” The Colonel cries out at his three passengers who are Jason, Mackenzie and Billton within a frightened tone.

The spacecraft seems to be falling rapidly out of the sky now. It goes falling quickly down to earth.

“OH WHAT ON EARTH IS HAPPENING COLONEL?” Mackenzie screams out within a rather terrified tone.

John tries to control the engines of his puddle jumper.

“There’s a fault with the engines of our spacecraft! They all seem to be really rather badly damaged, and so I’m going to have no other choice but to make an emergency landing now before it’s too late!” He cries out at his crew members while explaining to them.

Down and down the puddle jumper goes, dropping, falling out of the clear blue sky.

Chapter 6

Colonel John Sheppard’s puddle jumper falls down into a gushing river in a small town, and no one is left harmed in anyway by the emergency landing that the Colonel has had to perform onto his spacecraft.

Everyone now takes to departing from the Colonel’s puddle jumper. Ryan Robertson pushes Lily Kevins’ wheelchair that she’s securely sitting on out of the back door of the spacecraft. He is heading on after both his four friend’s who are Matthew Seed, Billton Charlton, Mackenzie Nelly and Jason Ballings and the Colonel out of the puddle jumper. They are all stood within deep water in a small river in the town.

“Well come on than team let’s head away from here!” Colonel Sheppard instructs the others.

Ryan then takes to pushing Lily’s wheelchair out of the river and onto a shore that lies just beyond the river. Lily knows that Ryan is doing just what he promised her that he would do, and that is by him offering her out the vital protection that she requires. Jason Ballings seems isn’t at all a good swimmer, and so his new friend Billton Charlton very nicely supports him out of the deep cold river. Matthew shakes his head at both Ryan and Lily.

“Where the hell are we now?” He questions them both.

Lily really has no idea at all just where both her and her many friends have come to now in their travels. Matthew turns to face Jason.

“Would you and Billton like to journey on with me in this place to see if we can get ourselves some kind of view of just where on earth we are?” He questions him.

Jason nods his head in response to what his new acutance Matthew has just questioned him about.

“Oh yes that sounds good then we’ll be able to know for sure about just where on earth we are!” Mr Ballings agrees with Mr Seed in response to what he has just questioned him about.

While the three boys Matthew, Jason and Billton journey on together past the river shore to see just where on earth they are now Colonel Sheppard takes a look back at Lily.

“We’re definitely on earth my dear, and the last time I checked the systems navigation system I learned that we are somewhere near to Bostom!” He explains to her.

Lily takes a look back at John in response to what he has just explained to her about.

“You should have gone with them Colonel!” Lily tells John in response to what he has just explained to her about.

Ryan shakes his head feeling really rather worried about his mate Matthew now.

“I really should have gone with them too!” Ryan tells the others in response to what Lily has just told John about.


The tree friend’s who are Matthew Seed, Jason Ballings and Billton Charlton all are now arriving at a mysterious bridge to where they have just landed in their Colonel’s spacecraft together. Matthew reads a sign on this bridge, and he learns from reading this sign that this bridge is referred to as the toll bridge. Suddenly a yellow coloured bug car drives past the three lads on this bridge. Matthew’s troubled.

“I know where we are my friends! This is a town called Storybrooke, and the reason to why I know that is because I have wrote about his town before in my stories!” He explains to the other two young men in a shocked tone.

Matthew can’t actually quite believe now just how his world of story writing is now transforming into the world of reality, because first he met the main character in his stories, and he managed to get himself caught up with her in her adventures, and that main character in his books is off course our Lily Kevins, and he also has suddenly found himself caught up within this town that he knows to be Storybrooke, and Matthew understands now that it’s only a matter of time before he meets a woman called Emma Swan who he has seen many times on TV in this town.






























Submitted: July 28, 2015

© Copyright 2022 Matthew Seed. All rights reserved.


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