Chapter 18: The Final Part of the Adventure series 4 episode 16

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

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The Final Part of the Adventure

(2014 EDITION)

Series 4 Episode 16

Chapter 1

Sheriff Emma Swan angrily gets out of her yellow bug now in the town of Forks in the United States of America. Heavy rain is coming pounding down at her from the high heavens. Emma is just so incredibly angry right now. Emma kicks out at her yellow bug in anger now. Inside her bug however Ryan Robertson is still sitting in the front seat playing out some banging music on her car radio. Lily Kevins, Matthew Seed and Mackenzie Nelly are still all sat in the back seats of her bug together. Emma rests her head upon the top of her car in anger now, and she allows the rain to come pouring down onto her head. It is making her hair just so incredibly wet now.

“Excuse me are you alright there? Are you lost at all?” A voice of a woman coming from behind Emma questions her all of a sudden.

This voice makes Emma nearly jump out of her skin with shock, because she believed herself very much to be alone. Emma turns round to find herself facing a brown haired youngish lady. This woman appears to be just over five foot in her height. This lady surprisingly has gold coloured eyes. The woman takes a look at Lily with suspicion in her two eyes.

“Worried that the vampire’s are going to get you are you?” She demands an answer quickly from her.

What this woman has just questioned her about really takes to turning Emma’s blood cold. Emma is shivering with not the coldness of the air around her but with fear now. Emma takes a look back at the lady in response to what she has just questioned her about.

“What are you? Are you a vampire?” The Sheriff of Storybrooke questions this woman who is standing just before her in the pouring rain in the town of Forks.

Emma is shocked to discover that this woman has pale coloured skin, but however she is even more horrified to find this woman nodding her head in response to the questions that she has just asked her about. Matthew Seed now takes to departing from the sheriff’s yellow bug. Matthew takes a look from Emma who is his new friend over to this rather strange looking lady. The woman with pale skin takes a look from Emma to Matthew.

“My time as a human is over!” She informs them both.

Both Matthew and Emma are left terrified off course now by what this woman has just informed them both about. The lady now takes to backing herself away from both Mr Seed and Sheriff Swan in fear now. The lady shakes her head from both Matthew to Emma.

“Got to get myself away from the two of you now before I unfortunately do something to one of you that I later regret doing, for example sinking my teeth deep into one of your necks!” She warns them both within a tone of sharp coldness.

Sheriff Swan takes now to withdrawing a gun from her jacket, and she aims it over now directly at the vampire lady.

“Ah don’t come any closer!” Emma warns the woman who is a vampire.

The woman smiles at Emma.

“Please get back into your car now I don’t want to hurt you, but I will! You should know when to walk away!” She frets to harm her.

Matthew steps closer now to face this pale skinned lady with sympathy shown clearly towards her within his two eyes.

“Who are you? Do you have a name? Please we mean no harm to you our car has just broken down! My name’s Matthew and this is Emma!” Matthew explains to the vampire woman.

She takes a look back at him in response to what he has just explained to her about.

“My name is Bella, Isabella Cullen!” The vampire lady tells Matthew in response to what he has just explained to her about.

Bella was as a human female exceptionally clumsy, but however this has now very much changed due to her transforming into a vampire girl. Bella is quite quiet and she has a very kind heart. Bella is compassionate and she is very caring towards others. It is very surprising that Bella is out in this weather, because she doesn’t at all like wet climates. Bella wouldn’t really have bitten into either Matthew or Emma before, but however she just wanted to have a bit of fun for once by fretting to, because after all Bella as a vampire really dislikes the idea of feeding upon human’s.

Now that she is a vampire Bella Cullen has a much clearer view of the world around her. Bella has a lot of self-control now that she is a vampire. Bella also has the ability to put up a mental shield around her, and this shield allows protection over both herself and the people around her against superhuman powers that affect the mind.


Chapter 2

Bella Cullen shakes her head at both Matthew Seed and Emma Swan while she begins to smile at them both, while she is facing them both in the town of Forks.

“I won’t really hurt either of you, but yeah I am a vampire, and the thing is that I’m very much proud to be one! I spent years upon years wishing to be one, and then I finally was bitten by my husband who is a vampire, and so therefore after he did this to me I became a vampire myself!” Bella explains to both Matthew and Emma.

They are still stood just by Emma’s yellow bug in the town. Both Ryan Robertson and Mackenzie Nelly take now to departing from the yellow bug together, and they are leaving their disabled friend Lily Kevins alone in that vehicle.

“Hey what’s going on Sheriff Swan?” Ryan questions Emma sounding curious.

Emma shrugs her shoulders back at the young man who she believes to be a clown in response to what he has just questioned her about.

“Nothing just some vampire lady called Bella!” Miss Swan explains to Mr Robertson in response to what he has just questioned her about.

Ryan takes a look over at Bella in response to what his new friend Emma has just explained to him about.

“Do me a favour and please don’t suck the life out of me!” Ryan begs Bella pleading with her rather stupidly.

Matthew rounds on his friend Ryan in response to what he has just begged Bella about not to do to him.

“Don’t be stupid she means us no harm!” Matthew snaps out at Ryan in response to what he has just pleaded with Mrs Cullen about what she is not to do to him.

Emma sighs. She is feeling frustrated now that she isn’t back on the road yet in her yellow bug. Emma rounds on Bella.

“Look all I need from you is directions on just how to get to the petrol station in this city!” She explains to her sounding like she is beginning to feel a little bit frustrated now.

Bella takes a look back at Emma in response to what she has just explained to her about. The rain is continuing to come pounding down upon them all. Bella takes a look back at Emma in response to what she has just explained to her about.

“Very well then I shall show you where the nearest petrol station to where we currently are in this city right now!” Mrs Cullen tells Mrs Swan in response to what she has just explained to her about.

Bella is ready now to help this gang of people leave Forks in any way that she can.

Chapter 3

Meanwhile back within Living village that is within Liverpool city in the country England five people suddenly appear out of nowhere there. They all appear outside a pub in the village. Captain Jack Harkness who is one of the members within this party of people is happy by where he has just appeared outside. The joyful Captain who has just become an agent of SHIELD claps his hands joyfully together.

“Oh I’m liking this!” Captain Harkness cries out in great delight as he takes a look over at the entrance to the pub.

Captain Jack is just about to head off into the entrance of the pub, when all of a sudden his leader who is the America billionaire called Tony Stark grabs him firmly by the arm, and this is in order for him to hold him back from entering his way into the pub. Mr Stark shakes his head at Captain Harkness.

“No! Don’t go getting any ideas about having a drink now, because I’m sure that there will be more than enough time for you to get a drink later, but my friend right now we really need to locate my fellow team members within this village!” He tells him while take a look at his gleeful face.

Kyle Kevins who is yet another member of this party of people along with his girlfriend Tracy Beaker takes a look at his leader, who is off course Mr Tony Stark.

“Where are your team members?” Mr Kevins questions Mr Stark out of curiosity.

The American billionaire takes a look back at the adventurer in response to his question that he’s just asked him about.

“Don’t worry they’ll soon find us!” Mr Stark promises Mr Kevins in response to his question that he’s just asked him about.

Tony is off course proven to be absolutely right when his fellow friend’s who are Steve Rodgers, Thor and Bruce Banner all take to spotting them all standing together just outside the pub, and making their way over to them to where they are standing together within the village. Mr Steve Kettle is among the avengers. Steve takes to sharing out a friendly hug with his friend Tracy Beaker when he finds her standing beside his friend Kyle in the village.

“It’s good to see you again,” Tracy tells Steve.

Mr Kettle pulls himself out of the embrace now that Miss Beaker has just trapped him within. Steve then nods his head back at Tracy in response to what she has just told him about.

“Likewise,” Steve says to Tracy in response to what she has just told him about.

Steve takes a look back over at his mate Kyle. He is appearing to be really rather troubled right now.

“Any sign of Lily yet?” Steve questions Kyle longing for him to give him the answer that he is highly hoping to receive from him, but however unfortunately off course Kyle shakes his head back at Steve in response to what he has just questioned him about.

Captain Rodgers now takes to addressing Mr Stark.

“I am sad to report to you that both Agent Natasha Romanoff and Director Phil Coulson fell in the battle aboard the Fury aircraft!” He explains to him sounding really saddened right now.

Tony now bows his head down in sadness, and he allows himself to have a few minutes of silence to himself in order to think over the deaths of his two friends’. Tony takes a look down at his time travelling teleport device, and he finds himself seeing something that he has longed for to see upon the small tiny screen of his device. Tony quickly takes a look round at both Steve Kettle and Kyle.

“I know where Lily is!” He informs them both all of a sudden.

Mr Tony Stark knows now just exactly where he is able to locate Mrs Lily Kevins in planet earth.

Chapter 4

Both Steve Kettle and Kyle Kevins take now to rounding on Tony Stark where they are standing before him outside the pub in Living village.

“Where is she?” They both take to demanding the exact same answer from him together now.

Tony steps forward closer now to face Lily’s dad.

“I programmed my time travelling teleport device in order to detect just wherever Lily is, and it appears that according to my device her location is now within the city of Forks in Washington DC!” He explains to him sounding really pleased with himself that he is now able to find Lily within her current location.

Tony takes now to throwing his time travelling teleport device down onto the ground out of his two hands, because he knows now that he is unfortunately unable to use it. Tony now turns to face his attention towards Captain Jack Harkness.

“I require your vortex manipulator device if it works as a teleport!” He tells him.

Jack nods his head back over at Tony now in response to what he has just told him about.

“Yeah off course my vortex manipulator works as a teleport device, where do you wish to use it to take you too?” Mr Harkness asks Mr Stark in response to what he has just told him about.

Tony is walking now towards the direction that Jack is stood in.

“I wish to use your vortex manipulator device, or whatever you call it, to travel to Forks in the USA with!” He explains to him in response to what he has just asked him about.

Captain Jack nods his head back at Tony Stark in response to what he has just explained to him about.

“Very well then I’m coming with you to Forks!” Jack tells Tony in response to what he has just explained to him about.

Lily’s dad Steve now steps forward to face both the new agent of SHIELD and the Avenger now.

“I’m going to go with you both to find my daughter!” Steve says to both Jack and to Tony.

Captain Jack nods his head back at Mr Kettle in response to what he has just said to him about. Captain Harkness now takes to programming his vortex manipulator device to act as a teleport, and this is in order to take both him and his two new friends to where they need to be in the USA. Suddenly Jack has programmed his device, and all of a sudden Captain Jack, Steve and Tony all vanish out of Living village. The three of them are now teleporting off to the city of Forks in the USA.

Chapter 5

Ryan Robertson is now pushing his best friend Lily Kevins’ wheelchair while following his two friend’s both Matthew Seed and Mackenzie Nelly, as well as his new acutances both Sheriff Emma Swan and Mrs Bella Cullen through the city of Forks that is within the United States of America. Suddenly three men who are none other than the brand new agent of SHIELD Captain Jack Harkness, Mr Tony Stark who is the America billionaire and Mr Steve Kettle who is Lily’s father off course appear before where they are travelling together in the city. They appear before them within the rainy high street in the rather lively busy city. There are people all around where they have just appeared before them undertaking their Christmas shopping.

Both Lily Kevins and her two friends Matthew Seed and Ryan Robertson are left surprised to find that Steve Kettle has just appeared before them in this city, along with two strange unrecognisable men to them. Steve is left absolutely horrified to discover that his little girl is paralysed when he all of a sudden appears before her within the city of Forks. Steve takes a look down at the disabled Lily with real concern fixed into his two eyes.

“Oh my little what on earth happened to you?” Mr Kettle commands an answer from Lily sounding genuinely concerned about her.

Lily knows that it must be hard for her dad now viewing her in the right state that she has become. Lily knows however that she must be brave now when addressing her papa. Lily shakes her head back at Steve in response to what he has just questioned her about.

“Ah it doesn’t matter, because what’s done is done, and I’m just really happy to be seeing you again now dad!” Lily tells Steve in response to what he has just questioned her about.

Steve is left horrified to find that his eldest daughter’s left leg is no longer attached onto her body, and that her left ear is no longer placed upon her head. Steve takes now to backing away from Lily in the fear of how her appearance has been destroyed. Lily smiles in sadness over at her father’s shocked face.

“Dad I’m all the better now by seeing you!” Lily explains to Steve in response to what he has just told her about.

Steve rounds now on Ryan in the high street in the city of Forks.

“What the hell happened to her?” He demands an answer quickly from him.

Ryan takes a look back at Steve in response to what he has just asked him about. Ryan can tell now by the look in Steve’s eyes that he suspects that he himself had something to do with how his daughter is now horribly paralysed. Ryan shakes his head back at Steve in response to what he has just questioned him about.

“This wasn’t me; I swear on my life that it wasn’t! Yeah I may have hurt your daughter physically in the past, but nowadays I truly wish to protect her!” Ryan takes now to explaining to Steve just how he would no longer hurt his daughter.

Steve folds his arms, and he takes a look back at Ryan in response to what he has just explained to him about. Steve realises something all of a sudden, and he jumps right into the very wrong assumption. Steve nods his head back in anger towards Lily.

“This was RAZZ WASN’T IT? HE DID THIS TO YOU DIDN’T HE?” He screams out at her now within a tone of sharp anger.

Both Ryan and Lily are shocked now by the assumption that it seems that Steve has just quickly jumped to. Lily shakes her head back at her dad quickly in response to what he has just screamed out at her about. Lily can’t actually quite believe that her dad is blaming her husband of abusing her. Lily herself personally believes that her loving husband Razz would never lay down a single hand upon her hair.

“Have you gone mad dad while our pathways have been separated from one another? Are you seriously accusing Razz of abusing me? Razz and I love each other much more than life itself and so neither of us would ever hurt one another!” Lily yells out at her dad in a sharp tone of anger.

Matthew Seed can now sense that issues are heating up between both daughter and father, and so he quickly turns to face Tony, Jack, Emma and Bella.

“Thanks all but I’m sad to say that your services are no longer required,” he apologises to them all.

Emma sighs out in frustration in response to what her acutance has just apologised to her about. Emma pulls a face of frustration at Matthew.

“Really? Oh now I’m going to have to drive my bug right back to Storybrooke!” She complains to him.

He smiles back at her in response to what she has just complained to him about.

“Thanks Emma for everything, and I wish you a very safe drive home!” Matthew says to the Sheriff in response to what she has just complained to him about.

Emma rounds on Matthew in response to what he has just said to her about.

“I wish that I could say don’t mention it, but due to you just dropping me like this instead I’ll say good ridings to you Mr Seed!” Sheriff Swan yells out in anger at Matthew as she storms moodily away from both him and the others down the high street.

Bella takes a look back at Matthew.

“See ya,” she says to him as she gives him a friendly wave of wishing him a farewell.

Bella then takes off racing just like the wind down the high street. She is determined to get safely home to her vampire husband Edward, her half vampire and half human daughter Renesmee and to her werewolf friend Jacob Black. Matthew takes a look at both Tony and Jack. He is discovering now that they are both shaking her heads in refusing to head away from both him and his friends. Mr Stark gives Matthew a smile.

“My agent over here and I are going to ensure that both you and your friends return safely home from here to Living village!” He explains to him.

Matthew nods his head in understanding to what Tony has just explained to him about. Matthew takes a look down at his vodaphone that he is holding securely in his hand. Matthew realises that today’s date by taking a look down at the phone is the fifteenth of December twenty fourteen, and so that means that it isn’t too long until Christmas now. Matthew takes a look at Ryan, Mackenzie, Tony and Jack.

“Come on guys let’s go and do some Christmas shopping and give both Lily and Steve some space together!” He tells them all.

Matthew wishes to live a normal life as much as it is possible for him to, because after all he is going to find it quite hard to do now that he has gotten himself caught up within the many different adventures of his fictional character, who he wrote about, who is off course Lily Kevins. Matthew is therefore happy to find his four friends nodding their heads in agreement to what he has just told them about. Matthew makes his way into a HMV store in the high street along with his two friends Ryan and Mackenzie, and this is while both Jack and Tony head to a bar down the street to have a drink together. Matthew’s favourite store in the whole wide world is HMV, because he used to visit the one up in Northumberland street in Newcastle along with his Grandma Minnie while he was growing up, and there along with her he bought himself just so many DVD’S. Lily is left pleased that her friend Matthew has sorted out for both her and her dad to have some space together while facing one another on this high street, for them to discuss just what happened to her, and why she is unable to ever walk again. Steve is also happy by the way that his new friend Matthew gave both him and his daughter Lily some peace and quiet together, because he really needs to tell her something really important about her husband Razz before they return to Living village, and she faces his dad Kyle there.

Chapter 6

Darkness has now fallen in around where both Steve and Lily Kevins are facing one another in the high street in Forks city, but however there street is being lit up with light at the moment by some dimply lit up street lights, and also by some bright shiny Christmas lights. The world is full of Christmas life where both the father and daughter are facing one another on this high street down. There’s a man dressed up as Santa Clause on the other side of the road to where they are facing one another on the street together. The man dressed up as Father Christmas is shouting loud and cheerfully merry Christmas to everyone who passes him on his street. There are some people walking down the street past where both Lily is sat down in her wheelchair, and where her dad is stood facing her singing their way away to some Christmas carols. Steve is staring directly at his little girl.

“Lilo I’m very sorry to have to tell you this but unfortunately our much loved one Razz has joined forces with our enemy Shannay! He is conspiring with her against you now!” Steve explains to his daughter within sadness.

Lily laughs in response to what her dad has just told her about, because she truly believes now that he is just playing a one nil joke on her, but however the look of serious within Steve’s two eyes soon proves to Lily that he isn’t being funny at all with her. Steve kneels down before his little girl’s wheelchair, directly facing her now on the ground of the lively public street. Steve nods his head at his eighteen year old daughter.

“I’m being truthful with you Lil! I really wouldn’t lie to you about something like this, because believe me no one wants you and Razz to be happy with one another as much as I do, and I truly believed that the two of you were happy with one another, but then unfortunately both Kyle and I had to go and meet Razz aboard this aircraft that we were onboard, and then he began to fight with the two of us there! Razz explained to both me and to Kyle that he was now loyal forever more to Shannay, and he punched me in my face!” Steve tells Lily sounding really angry now by how Razz is breaking her heart.

Tears of sadness now begin to fill up Lily’s two eyes. Lily can’t actually quite believe now that Razz is working with Shannay against her. Lily knows that whether he’s doing it willingly or not that she’ll never ever be able to put her trust into Razz again now. Lily is now in full tears of devastation now, because she loved Razz with all of her heart, but now that she is finding out much to her horror that he is betraying her the heart of her’s is now breaking down, and it is now being destroyed in what seems to be harsh flames of fire. Lily is angry by the way in which the man who she married, and a little part of her was hoping who would become the father of her unborn child lashed out and punched her father full on hard in his face. Lily is now shaking with fear, sadness and anger now, because she doesn’t even know for herself just which emotion it is that she is experiencing right now this very second. Steve takes Lily gently by her two hands.

“Come now we must return together to Living village, because there are people there who just think the world of you Lilo, and they are Kyle, who I am very pleased to say is remaining perfectly loyal to you, and also Tracy, who sees you as her own little sister! Come on now my sweet let’s go and find them together!” He explains to her.

Lily has missed her dad Steve and her two friends’s both Kyle and Tracy it seems more than life itself while she has been away from them, and she is now determined to happily be reunited with them all. Tony Stark, Jack Harkness, Mackenzie Nelly, Matthew Seed and Ryan Robertson take now to returning to where they are on the street together, and unfortunately none of them have bought any Christmas presents, and this was because that none of them had hold of any money, and also because even if they had money the prices of products within this city are just way too expensive. Steve turns to face Tony. Mackenzie is quite coming to like this new world that she has caught herself up within now.

“Right Mr Stark take us home!” He instructs him.

Tony nods his head in response to what Steve has just instructed him about. Tony now turns to face his mate Jack.

“Right Mr Harkness take us away from here!” He commands him.

Captain Harkness now programs his vortex manipulator device in order to send them all back to Living village.


All thanks to Captain Jack Harkness’ vortex manipulator device both him and his friends who are Mr Tony Stark, Mr Steve Kettle, Mr Ryan Robertson, Mr Matthew Seed, Mrs Lily Kevins and Mrs Mackenzie Nelly have all been directly sent back to Living village, but however Mackenzie is just entering her way into this village for what seems to be the first time in forever. They all appear before both their two friends who are Kyle Kevins and Tracy Beaker in the village as well as the group known as the Avengers who are made up out of Captain America, the Incredible Hulk and Thor. Steve pushes his daughter’s wheelchair that she is riding inside over to where both his friends Kyle and Tracy are stood before him in the village. Lily smiles happily from her friend Kyle over to her pal Tracy.

“Hey you two long time no see!” She cries out at them both within a tone of excitement to be reunited with them both like this.

However though both Kyle and Tracy themselves are shocked to find that their friend Lily is now paralysed with missing both a left leg and a left ear. Kyle takes a look down at Lily with both shock and sadness in his eyes.

“Hey love aren’t you a sight for swore eyes!” He tells her sounding shocked to find her in this state.

Lily pulls a face back at Kyle in response to what he has just told her about.

“The only thing swore about me at the moment is my heart now that it has been broken by your bloody son!” Lily complains to Kyle in response to what he has just told her about.

Tracy smiles down in sadness at Lily.

“Falling from another rooftop again have you?” She questions her within a tone of horror.

Tracy is remembering back to the time that Lily fell off the Dumping Ground roof at Elmtree house. This was after the Perry family wished to foster her along with both of her sister’s Poppy and Rosie, but Lily however was terrified that she would mess things up for both Rosie and Poppy without really meaning too, and so she ran to the very top of the roof to talk to Tracy herself. Tracy was currently up on top of the roof organising a little protest in order to claim that Elmtree house should remain open, and this was after the council wished to close it down. Unfortunately Lily then fell of the roof, and she was hospitalised, but however Lily managed to fortunately survive from her fall, but however she was temporally wheelchair bound. Lily shakes her head back at Tracy in response to what she has just questioned her about.

“No I wish that the case was just as simple as me falling from another roof, but no it wasn’t that, because unfortunately unlike that time I fell off the roof my leg isn’t going to get better this time as you can see!” Lily tells Tracy sounding devastated in response to what she has just questioned her about.

Lily is happy despite everything meaning with her leg getting chopped off, her ear getting cut off and discovering that her husband Razz sadly no longer loves her to be back home within Living village. Tony Stark now turns to face her.

“Mrs Kevins please may I now have a little moment of your time?” Tony questions Lily.

She nods her head in response to what he has just questioned her about. Tony sadly now knows that he is unfortunately now unable to make Lily his Avenger, but however he does know that he’s got quite a lot of things to explain to her about.

To be continued!





























Submitted: July 28, 2015

© Copyright 2022 Matthew Seed. All rights reserved.


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