Chapter 19: The Final Part of the Adventure series 4 episode 17

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

Reads: 233

The Final Part of the Adventure

(2014 EDITION)

Series 4 Episode 17

Chapter 1

Both Shannay Ravens and her faithful mind controlled servant Razz Kevins are still being held prisoner inside a prison cell within the great city of Asgard. They are both prisoner’s to the great God of Asgard Loki. Shannay smiles coldly at Razz while she is standing directly before him within their prison cell.

“I’m getting sick now of being trapped up inside this tight space just like a smelly rat, and so now it is time for us to escape out of this cell!” Shannay explains to Razz.

Mr Kevins has a funny feeling to how Miss Ravens is going to be able to get them both out of this prison cell. Shannay closes her eyes now, and she concentrates all her magical powers on blasting open the door of the prison cell. The prison cell door suddenly blasts widely open. Shannay grabs Razz firmly by the arm as he makes to leave the cell.

“We’ve got to find Loki!” Shannay tells Razz sounding determined now to track down her enemy God.

Razz takes a look back at his mistress in response to what she has just angrily told him about, and he isn’t really surprised to find her shaking her head in anger at him.

“I’ve got to kill him!” Shannay informs Razz within a tone of sharp coldness.

Razz nods his head back in understanding to his mistress in response to what she has just informed him about. Razz smiles coldly back at his leader now in response to what she has just informed him about.

“Well let’s get the mouse caught in the trap now shall we?” Razz tells Shannay in response to what she has just informed him about.

Miss Ravens now takes to grabbing Mr Kevins firmly by the arm, and she leads him along with her out of her prison cell.

“Well I am impressed, but really if it were that easy for you to escape from your cell then you could have just asked me for the keys!” Loki who has been lurking just outside the prison cell snaps out at the two of his enemies, as they head away from their cell together.

Shannay slaps Razz hard across his head now.

“Return to the house now I’ll deal with this!” She commands him making him be aware that she can manage on her own without his help and support.

Razz now takes to hurrying off down the prison cell corridor away from both his mistress Shannay and his brand new enemy Loki. Shannay now turns round and she takes a look back at the demigod.

“You’ve picked yourself the wrong kind of enemy to have through me!” Miss Ravens warns the demigod within a tone of sharp cold anger.

Loki sighs.

“Have I really, because it seems to be that I still hold the upper hand over you witch! You forget that I have perhaps a little bit more power than you, because I am after all a God, and you yourself are just a simple witch!” He hisses over at his enemy.

Shannay then uses her enchanted powers to send a ball of fire zooming rapidly towards the direction of Loki, and it hits him full on in his stomach. This ball of fire takes to burning Loki’s insides out. Loki roars out in agony when he dies, and Shannay watches as he falls over onto the ground of his mighty city Asgard and dies.

“So long demigod!” Shannay snaps out sharply at the dead man.

She now knows that she really needs to get herself out of Asgard right now.

Chapter 2

Shannay Ravens takes now to returning to her time machine house which is number 2 Ross way in the main hall in the mighty city of Asgard, and up inside the control room there she finds herself facing both her faithful ally Razz Kevins and also a strange man. The mysterious man takes a look over at Shannay.

“Just beamed myself into your space house hope you don’t mind! My name is the Master, and if you’ll agree to it I’d very much like to join forces with you!” He tells her.

Razz takes a look over at his mistress, and when he makes eye contact with her he exchanges troubled looks with her.

“I just found him inside here when I returned in here!” Razz explains to Shannay.

Shannay rounds on the man now.

“Join forces with me how about no! You see I have my man who I need right here with me, and he is Mr Razz Kevins off course, and so I would rather not join forces with such a low life such as you!” She snaps out sharply at him in response to what she has just told him about.

The Master had actually just joined forces himself along with the powerful Dalek race, and so he learned from them that they were all now within a powerful alliance with this wicked witch called Shannay. The Master is however feeling disappointed now by learning that this lady who is known as Shannay doesn’t wish to join forces with him. The Master then simply proceeds to use a teleport device to beam himself out of the time machine house with. He failed within his mission to join forces with the wicked witch.

Chapter 3

Shannay Ravens continues to stand facing her faithful ally Razz Kevins up inside the time machine control room loft, inside the time travelling house which is number 2 Ross way.

“We must now lead an army to invade our dear old home village of Living!” She tells him.

Razz smiles coldly back at his mistress Shannay in response to what she has just told him about.

“There we both must murder Lily within cold blood!” Razz explains to Shannay.

Miss Ravens knows that her enemy Mrs Kevins is in for rather a big shock when she comes to learn that her husband no longer loves her, and Shannay is rather hoping that this harsh fact will completely destroy her enemy Lily. Shannay turns her attention now in order to address her super computer who is Mr Seed up inside the loft.

“Garry send a single out to both the Dalek’s and to the Cybermen telling them that the time has come to head into battle!” She commands him.

Mr Seed then proceeds to use his systems to send the single’s out to both the Dalek’s and to the Cybermen in response to what his mistress has just commanded him about.

“Lily’s death will soon occur my faithful ally!” Shannay gives Razz her word.

Shannay knows that her enemy Lily will soon pay for ruining her life, because she will soon go down within flames of rather harsh fire. Shannay knows that she herself is about to head into the finale battle against her enemy when she returns back home to Living village. Shannay clears her throat.

“Mr Seed once you have done that beam Commander Bane of the fifteenth Sontaron battle fleet up into my loft!” She orders her super computer for him to do her bidding once again.

A Cyberman trooper once told his new mistress Shannay all about this Sontaron commander, and apparently according to this Cyberman soldier this Sontaron general is ruthless to the very core. Shannay knows that if she is to succeed in destroying not only her old home place Living village, but also her greatest foe Lily Kevins then she really needs this Sontaron commander by her side. Razz himself is still dressed up as the rather aggressive looking bandit that he dressed himself up as back in the enchanted forest. Shannay now takes another look back at him.

“You’ll do my faithful servant for battle!” Shannay promises Razz liking the way he is looking at this precise moment in time.

Shannay shakes her head.

“Lily won’t even hear us coming!” She hisses out excitedly.

It would seem now that everything if not quite a lot of things that Shannay has performed against Lily has been for an utter purpose.

Chapter 4

All thanks to Mr Seed’s super power with him now being a computer, the Sontaron commander who is referred to as Bane is beamed into the time travelling house loft, and he appears just before both Shannay Ravens and Razz Kevins there. Shannay smiles coldly over at the Sontaron commander. She believes that his head looks very much like a baked potato. Shannay quite admires however the great big gun that this Sontaron is carrying in his hands, but however she does know that she really needs to explain just who she is and what she wants from him before unfortunately her head gets blasted right off her shoulders by him. The commander really has no idea at all just where he is right now. The commander however suddenly notices must to his amusement two people standing before him. The Sontaron actually surprisingly seems to be overjoyed t find both this human female and this human male standing before him within this control room. Bane licks his lips hungrily now.

“Target practice has found its way to me once again!” He snaps out at both Shannay and Razz.

Commander Bane now takes to readying up his gun. Shannay takes a look over at Razz. She herself appears to not be in the slightest little bit scared, but however Shannay is actually amused by the look of terror that is shown clearly upon her servant’s face now. Shannay takes to sniggering out at Razz sounding harsh now.

“Really I would have thought somehow that you would have had a little bit more faith in me now!” She sniggers out at him sounding cold.

Shannay takes a look back at her new Sontaron acutance and she uses her enchanted powers to make his gun go disappearing vanishing out of his hands. Bane is horrified now when he discovers much to his very horror that he is actually up against a witch. Bane backs away from this witch lady now in fear of getting killed by her, but however Shannay rounds on him. Shannay makes it so that she is face to face with the Sontaron before she reveals to him that she actually wishes to be his ally.

“There really is no need for you to fear me, because if you accept my offer that I’m about to give you about me creating an alliance with you, then I have something that I really need you to do for me!” Shannay explains to the Sontaron commander.

General Bane spits out at Shannay in disgust now.

“I would rather die than join forces with a human female such as you despite even if she is a sorceress!” He snarls out at her.

Shannay strokes the sontaron’s face now with her hand.

“I could lead you into battle! Think about all the blood and pain that you could cause to people, and also reflect your mind on all the times that the sontaron’s have failed to win a battle, and allow me to promise this to you that if you willingly join me in the blood of war then I shall allow you to share my feeling of happiness over our soon to be joint victory!” Miss Ravens explains to the Sontaron general.

Bane realises that he is now without the use of his gun, and that he is now temporally trapped inside this time machine house that he has just been beamed up into the loft in. Bane takes a look back at this strange mad human female in response to what she has just explained to him about.

“Very well then one war it will be that we shall fight together, but know this human female and know it to be completely true that I do not trust you at all! Now what is it that you wish me to do for you?” Bane explains to Shannay sharply while questioning her about what his future orders that he’s going to receive from her are going to be.

Shannay is now feeling happy that she has successfully managed to persuade this bloodthirsty Sontaron to joined forces with her. Shannay claps her two hands joyfully together as she continues to happily address her new found ally.

“Right General there’s an army of beings who have successfully now managed to join forces with my enemies and they call themselves the Avengers! I really need you to deal with this group for me, meaning both you and your fellow sontaron’s! You’ll find the four of them down on earth in a place called Liverpool city, they should be in the museum that shares the exact same title as my enemy called Lily Kettle there, and I need you to capture them there, and what I really need you to do is just to get them successfully out of the way so that I can deal with my enemies without having to worry about facing them!” Shannay talks through her plan of attack against the group known as the Avengers to the being who she is just about to send out in order to attack them.

The Sontaron then nods his head in understanding in response to what his new found ally has just talked through to him about.

“I’ll see to it!” Commander Bane vows to Shannay in response to what she has just talked through to him about.

Miss Ravens then proceeds to command her super computer called Mr Seed to beam the Sontaron out of the house, and back onto his spacecraft.

Chapter 5

Meanwhile back down on earth in Liverpool city off course, Lily Kevins has now been wheeled into the museum of Lily Kettle there by her new friend Tony Stark. Together they find all the Avengers who are Captain America, Thor and the Incredible Hulk waiting inside the museum for them. Lily also finds them standing with the Ood who is the keeper of this museum inside there. Tony smiles over at the Ood who is called Sigma off course.

“Hey quite a while of no see,” he says to him.

Sigma takes a look back at Tony in response to what he has just said to him.

“Yeah long time, and I am pleased to report that I have taken care of this museum for you just like how I promised you that I would,” Sigma explains to Tony in response to what he has just said to him about.

Lily’s troubled now and she is right to be so. Lily takes a look from Sigma to Tony.

“What the hell is going on?” She demands an answer quickly from them both.

Tony takes a look back at the handicapped young lady in response to what she has just questioned him about. Mr Stark gives Mrs Kevins a little smile.

“We’re responsible all of us who are stood before you today right now in this museum of Matthew Seed writing those adventure stories about you! We’re also responsible for putting those programmes about both you and some of your friends on the CBBC channel, and those programmes were both as I believe their names were Tracy Beaker returns and the Dumping Ground!” He finally explains to her.

Finally Lily has just learned some of the answers that she has been searching away for, but however there are still quite a lot of unanswered questions rested upon her mind that she really needs to be explained. Lily’s really troubled now.

“How did you know about me before you placed those ideas in Matty’s mind and set up those TV programmes about me?” She questions Mr Stark still sounding as troubled as what she actually is.

Tony now points the Ood museum manager out to Lily. Lily now takes a look back at Sigma with her two eyes. This is the first time that Lily herself has ever seen this Ood, but however she has heard a lot about him already from both her friends Ryan Robertson and Matthew Seed, because they both can still remember him from the day that they visited this museum together. Sigma now takes a look down at the disabled child.

“It is the power of the Ood to foresee all, and so before I came here back when I was amongst my fellow people back within my home which is the Ood sphere, I saw a vision of a baby being born, and the baby was you! It is uncommon for the mind of the Ood to foresee babies being born, and so I knew after seeing the vision of you that you were one special young lady! I then travelled back down to earth, and there within New York City I learned all about the group known as the Avengers! I then took to allying myself with this extraordinary group that is made up out of a man who is within a metal suit of armour, a super soldier, a demigod and a great big green beast, and then we all paid a little visit together to the UK. There while we were within the UK we read an article in a newspaper about a little girl who had just fallen off a roof, and we learned that the girl was you! I then gained the power to make myself invisible, and so after I had successfully managed to make myself invisible I then took to taking myself off to the Dumping Ground, and there I watched you grow up. I recorded with a video camera as you grew you! After I had watched you grow up I then picked a boy at random to create adventure stories up about you, and so Matthew Seed was the chosen young man who I chose to write the adventurous stories about you! I then came here to Liverpool city, and I found this knocked down warehouse that I then took to creating a museum all about you up inside! I then learned all about you from my ability to see all, and so I then finished this museum up with every single detail about you. I also learned that you had a twin who was as it turned out much more than a twin, because this twin was from another reality, and she was actually another version of you, as you are fully aware of that, because after all you actually met your twin within the never ending maze of Mzzuan!” He explains everything to her.

Lily now has the knowledge to all of the answers that she has been eagerly searching for to be fully explained to her. Lily now knows that she is one special young lady. Lily however now knows that it was only by chance that the boy who wrote the stories about her was Matthew. Tony folds his arms as he begins to pace up and down on his travels the inside of the museum.

“It was my plan to make you an Avenger, but however now that your handicapped it would be impossible for me to make you so!” Tony explains suddenly to Lily sounding harsh now while he is addressing her.

Lily shakes her head back at Tony.

“I am now unable to fight my own battles that I face throughout life never mind standing myself up to now somebody else’s!” She tells him truthfully in response to what he has just explained to her about.

Lily fears the moment when she will finally have to face up to her fear who is off course her enemy Shannay once again. Lily however knows now that it isn’t just Shannay who she must just be afraid of now, because off course Razz is now out there hungrily waiting to meet her. Captain Jack Harkness comes hurrying now into the museum.

“Hey guys!” He shouts out to everyone who is stood before him now inside the museum of Lily Kettle.

Jack now fixes his two eyes upon Sigma inside the museum.

“That’s an Ood!” He explains to himself.

Jack smiles over at both Tony and Steve Rodgers.

“I have just detected on my vortex manipulator that there is actually an army of sontaron’s heading here to attack us all!” He warns them both within a tone of mega fear.

Jack now takes to cracking his knuckles hard together.

“It’s time to go to war lads!” He tells the four Avengers who are stood before him now within this museum.

They are all left horrified now by what he has just told them about. Jack now turns his attention towards Lily now inside this museum.

“You must head home now and be with your dad!” He insists to her.

Lily nods her head in response to what the Captain has just insisted to her about as she begins to use both of her two hands to wheel herself out of her museum now.

Chapter 6

Commander Bane and his sontaron’s suddenly come bursting their way into the museum of Lily Kettle in Liverpool city, and there they find the Ood called Sigma, Captain Jack Harkness and the four Avengers stood before them inside the museum. All the Avengers are suited up for battle, and so that means that Bruce Banner has now transformed back into the great big green monster which is the Incredible Hulk. Tony Stark is now wearing his metal Iron man suit of armour. Steve Rodgers is now wearing his super soldier uniform with his face mask placed over his head, and he is holding his shield firmly in his hand. Thor is holding his hammer firmly in his hand. Jack is off course holding a great big machine gun in his two hands. The Sontaron’s are all carrying guns in their hands. Captain Harkness quickly turns to face the Ood who he is standing beside inside this museum who is called Sigma.

“Run!” Captain Jack urges the Ood rather quickly.

However the Captain has urged the Ood to run away far too late, and so a Sontaron has now fired his gun at Sigma in order to shoot him down with. Jack now takes to shooting down the potato head in return for how he has just shot down his new acutance. Captain America throws his shield over towards the direction of a Sontaron soldier, and the Sontaron catches the shield firmly within his two hands. The Sontaron then uses his gun to blast the shield down into a million tiny pieces. The battle has now begun but is it soon to end?

“NO!” Captain Rodgers now takes to screaming out in anger by the fact that his precious shield has now been destroyed by one of his new foes.

The Sontaron that has just used his gun to blast the captain’s shield into a million tiny pieces now takes to using his weapon to blast him down too. Captain Harkness uses his gun to shoot a Sontaron down with. Tony now takes a look down at his friend Steve’s dead body with terror shown clearly within his two eyes. A Sontaron now uses his gun to blow Iron man up. It is clear now that Commander Bane isn’t truly following out the orders that his new ally called Shannay Ravens gave out to him before he left her house, and the reason behind that is that the sontaron’s clearly find it a lot more fun to take lives in comparison to them taking prisoners. The Incredible Hulk throws a Sontaron soldier hard into a wall, and the soldier goes flying right through the wall after the beast has just done this to him. Two sontaron’s who have heard about this captain called Jack before know that he unfortunately can’t die, and so they have already taken to struggling his gun roughly out of his two hands. Now that Captain Jack has lost the hold of his gun his two Sontaron enemies are now taking to aggressively restraining him. The few sontaron’s now take to beaming themselves back up into space onto their space ship there along with their brand new captive called Captain Jack. Thor is now shot down dead, and so unfortunately is the Incredible Hulk after all the sontaron’s who are facing him come together in order to shoot him down. Sadly all the Avengers have now unfortunately been killed by the surprisingly still hungry sontaron’s, but however the sontaron’s now know that this now sadly isn’t their fight, and that they must now return back up onto their space and allow their new ally Shannay to deal with her enemies in peace without them intruding upon her revenge that she is just about to take upon them now.


Lily Kevins is now riding towards the entrance of her home village called Living inside her wheelchair. Lily is using both of her two hands to push the wheels of her wheelchair just as fast as she possibly can. Lily knows that it can’t have just been an odd coincidence that those sontaron’s came to this village today, and so she is now fearing the worst off course, and as we know she is right too, that her enemy called Shannay Ravens sent them all here in order to get her new allies the Avengers out of the way, because Lily believes that Shannay just wishes for a clear line up to her without any distractions at all getting in her way in order to kill her. Suddenly Lily sights them making their way marching towards where she is sat down inside her wheelchair just by the entrance to her home village. Lily can now see her great enemy Shannay, the man who betrayed her (Razz) and an army of what she doesn’t know to be both Cybermen and Dalek’s making their way quickly up to her. Lily knows that she just isn’t ready to face both her enemies and their what appears to be extremely powerful forces all on her own right now, but however there is no way that she believes that her friends will be able to get to her in the nick of time.

























Submitted: July 28, 2015

© Copyright 2022 Matthew Seed. All rights reserved.


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