Chapter 22: The Final Part of the Adventure series 4 episode 20

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

Reads: 232


(2014 EDITION)

Chapter 1

It is Christmas day and Lily Kevins has only just given birth to her daughter who she can’t decide just what to name yet. She gave birth to it 12:00 am on Christmas Eve night, but however on Christmas day morning. Lily Kevins is now sat down inside her wheelchair. She is pushing her way in her chair down her garden path. Ryan Robertson suddenly comes running out of the Kettle’s family home after his best mate Lily.

Hey where you off to? Mr Robertson questions Mrs Kevins sounding rather concerned about her.

Lily spins her chair round in response to what Ryan has just questioned her about, and she faces him in response to what he has just questioned her about. Lily has just left her little baby girl sleeping soundly within its cot. Lily’s dad Steve managed to buy the cot before his daughter gave birth to her baby last night. Lily appears to be really sad right now even though this is one of the happiest moments in her life. Lily shakes her head at her best friend Ryan.

“I’m not an idiot I know why Kyle hasn’t come home yet, and I know that it is because Razz killed him last night! I want to go out there and confront both Shannay and Razz on my own before they kill anyone else! They’re here for me after all! Look Ryan I don’t care that I’m a cripple but why should that stop me from being a hero? I need to face up to my daemons tonight despite it being my first Christmas day with my daughter, because now that my baby is born I just can’t risk its father coming after it, and so now that it is born I really need to face both him and Shannay!” Mrs Kevins explains to Mr Robertson.

Ryan smiles back in sadness at Lily in response to what she has just explained to him about.

“Lily just forget about them, and now use your magic to grow your missing limps back into place, and then just walk away from them, and allow them to come after and to terrorise someone else now, because despite how you feel I truly believe that you owe it to yourself now to live a normal life! Lily Steve once told me that the two of you moved away to Living village to have a fresh start each, a fresh start, a new beginning for the both of you, and instead of having a happily brand new beginning you’ve had a harsh one, you’ve actually unfortunately had terrifying one, and I am very much to blame for some of the terrors that you’ve had to face while you’ve been down here!” Ryan tells his best mate now just trying to persuade her to have that fresh start that she’s always deserved to have while she’s been living here down within this village.

Lily smiles back at Ryan in sadness in response to what he has just told her about.

“I will confess to you now mate that I actually now just wish that Razz had remained dead when he died back when Cora killed him within this village, all that long time ago!” Lily makes a confession to Ryan.

Mr Robertson shakes his head back at Mrs Kevins, while standing before her, with him facing her in her garden in response to what she has just confessed to him about.

“No I honestly don’t think that you do wish that Razz had stayed dead back when he had both suffered and died by that wicked witches hands, because just look at all the good times that the two of you shared together after he awoke you from your second sleeping curse! Remember how you told me that you both shared some adventures together within that enchanted realm called Narnia, before heading off to that far off distant realm called Arendelle together! Lily remember the day that you told me about both you and Razz going after that evil wicked witch called Morgana in this city, and then the sorcerer called Merlin using his magic to turn her into a little baby girl so that she could have a chance to a brand new fresh start in life! Lily remember back to just how worried and concerned Razz was when I popped into your life, and so he set off in order to face me and rescue you back when I kidnapped you! Lily remember the day that you and Razz got married here in Living village!” Ryan reminds Lily about all the good times that she’s actually shared out with her husband since he’s been back to life again.

It is clear now that Ryan is aware of all the adventures that Lily had before she met him, because she has clearly told him about them all. Ryan takes a look at Lily with mercy shown clearly within his two eyes.

“Have that fresh start that you truly deserve in life!” He pleads with her.

Lily knows that a fresh start in life while becoming a mother to a child truly sounds absolutely wonderful, but however she also knows that she’s got to face up to her nightmares today on Christmas day. Lily now takes to spinning her wheelchair that she’s riding inside round away from facing her best mate Ryan, and without saying a single word to him she wheels her chair down and onto the street away from him, but however Ryan knows that if there’s no way that he can stop Lily from facing both Shannay and Razz then there’s absolutely no way at all that he’s going to let her face them alone.

Chapter 2

Lily Kevins now takes to stopping riding in her disabled wheelchair, and she is doing this directly before where her enemy who is off course Shannay Ravens is standing on a main road in Living village. Ryan Robertson who hasn’t been noticed following her by Lily Kevins yet hides behind a tree now watching as Lily faces her daemon. Lily smiles over at Shannay.

“Merry Christmas, our first one in Living village!” She tells her.

Shannay takes a look back sharply at Lily in response to what she has just told her about.

“Be quiet!” Shannay snaps out sharply at Lily in response to what she has just told her about.

Lily is a little disappointed to recognise that Shannay isn’t at all within the Christmas cheer. Shannay is armed holding a sword in one hand and a gun in the other. Lily shakes her head over at Shannay.

“As you can clearly see if you haven’t gone blind since the last time I saw you, which I am wondering that you might have done since you are currently standing facing me on a main road, that I am in no fit state to fight you, but however I have come here with just the high hope of trying to make peace with you!” She explains to her.

Shannay shakes head back coldly at Lily in response to what she has just explained to her about.

“Never going to happen sorry Lily! I’m never ever going to make peace with you now and forget about all the differences that we have with each other! Too much has happened to make me ever consider making peace with you, because you see that you have made my life a living hell ever since we came to live within this village together! My sister Kerry has died twice while we’ve been here inside Living village! Steve no longer wishes to marry me now, and that is down to you! The moment has come now for you to pay for everything that you have done to me!” Shannay snarls out at Lily within cold sharp anger.

It is very clear now that Shannay is aware that her sister Kerry died when her time machine house was blown up along with her enemy Matthew Seed. Lily is left really saddened now that both her and Shannay have reached a certain point that they are unable to get themselves back from. Lily smiles in sadness over at her foe.

“If you wish to kill me then do it, because as you can see there is nothing that I can do now in order to protect myself against you!” Lily whispers out at Shannay sounding really devastated now.

Miss Ravens nods her head back at Mrs Kevins in response to what she has just whispered out to her about.

“Oh I would very much like to kill you but not alone you see I want you to die painfully!” Shannay explains to Lily in response to what she has just whispered out to her about.

Razz now appears by his mistress Shannay’s side. He is armed with a gun, and he seems pretty determined now to play out a part within his wife’s death. Razz smiles coldly over at Lily. Lily wishes more than anything else in the world that she was now able to tell Razz that they share a child together, but unfortunately she knows that if she does tell him about this then he’ll surely come after it in order to kill it, and so Lily chooses not to tell Razz about their newborn baby daughter. Lily is unable to notice what the hidden away Ryan is able to notice two Dalek’s coming sneaking up behind Lily now, but however Lily herself does notice two Cybermen appearing on either side of her now. Lily fixes her eyes directly upon Shannay now.

“This is just between me and you to sort this out! Nothing and no one else needs to get involved, because as you can see I have come to see you alone without any backup, and so I’d like you very much to command your forces to leave us alone!” She snaps out at her wishing to instruct her.

Unfortunately however Shannay ignores what Lily has just snapped out at her about, and so she refuses to command her forces to leave both her and her enemy in peace. Two Dementor’s now take to appearing in the sky now above Lily’s head. Shannay launches herself at Lily, and she stabs her with her sword while she shoots her with her gun. At the exact same time while Shannay uses her weapons to kill Lily, Razz uses his gun to shoot her down with, the Dalek’s use their guns to shoot her down with, the Cybermen use their guns to shoot her down with, and the Dementor’s take to sucking the very life out of her. With all these weapons blasting in her direction the earth breaks up around Lily, and she very sadly falls through the earth to her death.


Chapter 3

Lily Kevins is now dead! Ryan Robertson has just watched while Shannay Ravens killed her along with her soldier’s. Ryan was watching his best mate Lily being killed while hiding behind a tree watching as she died. Ryan had to place his hand over his mouth as to not to let himself be heard by either Shannay or Razz when he screamed out in terror. Shannay now takes to commanding her Dalek’s, Cybermen and Dementor’s to fly off into space away from her, and they all now obey her in doing this. Shannay now turns back to face Razz one last time.

“It is time now to wake you up!” She informs him.

Shannay now takes to banishing all the darkness out and away from Razz’s heart, and waking up the real him. Razz suddenly realises much to his horror just what has gone on and happened. Razz is shocked now to discover that Shannay used her dark powers to turn him against his wife, and that she used her curse that she placed over him to make him murder both his dad and wife in cold blood. Razz doesn’t wish now to waste his breath by saying anything to Shannay, and so he now takes to rounding in anger on her. Both Shannay and Razz take to stabbing each other with their swords killing one another off.


Many years later Ryan Robertson who is living within the Kevins old family home now with his own family who are his wife Mackenzie and his daughter Lily. Lily isn’t really his daughter, because she’s actually Lily’s daughter, but Ryan took her in the day that her parents died, and he named her Lily in tribute to her mum. Lily the eighteen year old young lady is now stood directly facing her papa Ryan in the kitchen in their family home.

“Father I know that you are not my real dad, and so it’s about high time that I learned the truth from you about just what exactly happened to my parents,” Lily Robertson explains to Ryan.

He takes a look back at her now in response to what she has just explained to him about. Ryan now takes to pulling Lily into a loving hug.

“All that you my little sweet girl need to know is that your mother was the bravest person that I have and ever will meet! She was just like you a gift from God, and she changed my life around for the better! I miss her more and more as each day passes, but I very much like to remember her by raising you up as my own daughter,” He tells her truthfully in response to what she has just explained to him about.

Lily knows that her papa Ryan has just left her with a lot more unanswered questions. Lily fears that she will never be able to learn the truth from her dad about what happened to her parents. All that Lily knows is that her parents both died on the day that she was born, and she very unfortunately doesn’t know what either of their names were.

The final end of the Adventure!  







Submitted: July 28, 2015

© Copyright 2022 Matthew Seed. All rights reserved.


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