Chapter 3: The Adventure Draws to a close series 4 episode 2

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

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The Adventure Draws to a Close

(2014 EDITION)

Series 4 Episode 2

Chapter 1

The happily newly married couple both Mrs Lily and Mr Razz Kevins, as well as both their current travelling companion’s Matthew Seed and Ryan Robertson all appear from their journey across realms by using their magic bean in a place called Sherwood Forest which is in the Enchanted Forest. Before giving Matthew this magic bean back in the museum of Lily Kettle in Liverpool city Ood Sigma enchanted this bean so that it can travel in time.

There are actually two different Sherwood Forests one in earth, and that’s where Shannay Ravens has travelled back in time inside Matthew Seed’s time machine house number 2 Ross way to, and one in the Enchanted Forest where Lily Kevins and her friends have just arrived in.

Lily smiles over at Razz as they rise to their feet up from the ground that they appeared laying down on in the forest.

“Looks like we made it then, here we are in Sherwood Forest!” Mrs Kevins tells her brand new husband in a tone of utter happiness.

Razz winks lovingly at Lily.

“Our honeymoon may begin then weren’t you in fact talking about coming here for our honeymoon?” He says to her.

Lily shakes her head back at Razz.

“No time for our honeymoon just yet darling, we’ve got to find Shannay!” She informs him in an urgent tone.

The sun is shining brightly down on the four of them from behind the trees in the forest. Matthew smiles at Lily. He is just about to ask where they go next when suddenly a creature that looks an awful lot like a wounded child struggles up to them in the forest. Lily exchanges troubled looks with Razz before turning rather troublingly to face the little girl with burnt red coloured eyes.

“Who are you?” Mrs Kevins demands an answer from the strange little girl.

Who what appears to be just a little girl takes a look back at Lily in response to her demanding question to her.

“I am one who sees all things even what is yet to pass!” The seer explains to Lily.

What this stranger has just explained to his leader greatly interest’s Ryan. Ryan remembers back to what the crystal ball that he now has in his possession the first and last time he properly looked at it. Ryan takes a look at Lily. He is terrified by what he saw a glimpse of the future her dead body. Ryan really doesn’t want Lily to die, because after all he thinks of her as the nicest person who he has ever met, and that is just for one very simple reason, because she forgave him from his crimes against her. Lily, Razz and Matthew are also left rather interested by what the seer has just told them. Before she can stop her from the seer grabs Lily firmly by her right arm with one hand, and with her other hand the seer with one finger from that hand reaches out and touches Lily’s palm of her hand. The seer smiles at Lily.

“You are with child! You have been with child for one month now!” She explains to her in an informing tone.

Lily firmly pulls away and removes her arm from the seer’s hand. The seer then turns to face Razz.

“The child is yours!” She tells him.

Both Lily and Razz shake their heads in shock. Neither of them are ready to become parent’s just yet. The seer then takes a look over at Matthew.

“Your magic bean that the Sigma Ood gave you did in fact bring you to Sherwood Forest, but it is the wrong place! There’s two Sherwood Forest’s one which we are in right now that is in the Enchanted Forest, and the other where the friend of yours who you are in search of has gone to which is in the realm of earth!” She explains to both him and the others.

Everyone is now left rather annoyed by what the strange seer has just explained to them all that they are in the wrong place, and the portal has now closed. The seer then takes another look back at Lily as she rounds on her.

“Be warned for the day is fast approaching, and I don’t mean the day in which you deliver your child!” The seer warns Lily.

Ryan thinks that he knows the day in which the seer is talking about, and he hopes more than anything else that’s on his mind at this current moment in time that it won’t come to pass. The seer then takes a look directly at Ryan.

“Be strong for your friends are going to need you now more than ever before, and keep that ball close to you!” She tells him.

The seer then simply vanishes out of sight.


Chapter 2

Everyone just stands there frozen still in Sherwood Forest after the seer has disappeared for a couple of minutes, just taken in everything that she has told them about. Lily Kevins takes a look of suspicion over at the man who once kidnapped her who she is standing near to inside this forest. Before she can stop herself Lily launches herself in anger at Ryan Robertson. Lily grabs Ryan firmly by the neck, and she knocks him roughly into a tree in the forest. Both Razz Kevins and Matthew Seed just stand watching in horror as Lily rounds on her friend Ryan like this. Lily is shaking with anger right now, and she is making Ryan feel both very uncomfortable and scared.

“WHAT BALL WAS SHE TALKING ABOUT?” Mrs Kevins rages out at Mr Robertson.

Just as Lily was starting to trust Ryan she now strongly suspects that he’s hiding something from her. Razz who has never really known whether or not he can trust Ryan doesn’t know what to do right now. Matthew is rounding on Lily.

“Leave him alone!” He snaps out at her.

Lily turns to face Matthew in anger while still holding on firmly to Ryan’s throat.

“He’s hiding something from us!” Mrs Kevins explains herself to Mr Seed her current companion.

Matthew realises something to his shock as he himself now takes to rounding on Ryan.

“You took something from that museum back in Liverpool city didn’t you?” Mr Seed questions Mr Robertson demanding him for an answer.

Ryan realises now that the only way he can save his own life for the people who he would go to the end of the world for is if he was to be both open and truthful to them. Ryan pushes Lily roughly away from him. He hasn’t pushed her like that since they were back in the Forbidden forest in the grounds of Hogwarts castle together. Ryan clutches his hands over his now rather swore neck in pain.

“I have this ball with me!” Ryan gasps out at his friends.

Lily folds her arms in anger.

“What ball?” She snaps out at Ryan.

Mr Robertson then proceeds to withdraw the crystal ball from his jacket pocket, and he shows it to both Mr and Mrs Kevins and to Matthew. Ryan shakes his head down in sadness at the ball.

“I just saw something terrible in this ball!” He informs his friends in sadness.

Lily suddenly realises why Ryan didn’t want to tell them about this crystal ball. Lily places her hand gently upon Ryan’s shoulder.

“Did you not tell us about this ball to protect us against something?” She questions him suddenly sounding rather concerned about him.

Ryan nods his head back truthfully at Lily in response to her question to him.

“Yeah to protect you from something see for yourself!” He informs her as he hands the ball over to her.

Lily takes a look down at the crystal ball, and it shows her a glimpse of Razz with a baby girl. Lily smiles at the crystal in sadness, because she is shocked to see just how unhappy her husband is appearing to her in this image. Lily knows that neither she nor Razz wishes to become parents, and so for that reason when her baby is born Lily’s going to put it up for adoption. Lily hands the ball back over to Ryan.

“Razz and I can’t become parents!” She informs him.

In response to what Lily has just informed Ryan about Razz knows that he just really can’t become a father, because after all he just really doesn’t want to have kids. Ryan now learns that the crystal ball didn’t show Mrs Kevins the same thing that it showed him. Ryan takes another look down at the crystal ball, and there he sees Shannay and Lily with swords placed deep into one another’s chests.

“Ryan you look as white as a sheet of paper!” Mrs Kevins explains to her friend.

It is true Ryan is appearing to look as if he has just seen a ghost staring back at him, and I wonder why. Ryan chooses to not tell neither Lily nor the others about what the crystal ball has just displayed for him, because he knows somehow that it was just him who was meant to see what he has seen in the ball.

Chapter 3

Lily Kevins is still dressed in the light green barber jacket, dark brown leggings, and dark black T-shirt that she got married in back in Living village. Razz her husband is wearing black jeans, a jackjones jacket and a brown top that he got married in. Ryan Robertson is wearing a dark black leather jacket, dark green top and brown chords that he was wearing back in Living village. Matthew is wearing a dark black Denham jacket, a dark grey coca cola T-shirt and a pair of light blue jeans, and all our character’s are now thinking that they really should change their clothes, because if they were to meet someone in this forest then they may draw attention to themselves by wearing clothes that are not off this world.

Lily, Razz, Matthew and Ryan move side by side through a place in the enchanted forest called King Midas’ Kingdom. Lily withdraws her mobile phone from her jacket pocket, and she tries to phone her dad on it. Lily is feeling just so incredibly worried about Steve, Poppy and Rosie, because after all when she left Living village those beasts that come to invade it. Lily wasn’t too happy about leaving her father behind in Living, but she knows that he really needed to find both Poppy and Rosie there, and anyway besides Lily knows much better than to argue with Steve. Lily smiles over at Razz as they continue to journey on through this rather strange land along with both their companions Matthew and Ryan.

“Worried about Kyle?” Mrs Kevins takes to questioning her dear husband.

Razz shrugs his shoulders in response to Lily’s question to him.

“My dad can handle himself pretty well in a fight, and besides your dad tough Steve will look after him!” Mr Kevins tells his seventeen year old wife in response to what she has just questioned him about.

Suddenly Ryan who still has his mind fixed on the glimpses that he saw through the crystal ball is pointed out to the path ahead of them by Matthew. Matthew is pointing the golden path that rests before their eyes out to his new mate Ryan. Both Lily and Razz have also noticed the path ahead. Lily turns to face the others.

“Anyone wish to continue the path ahead could be dangerous? Should we try and find another path to follow on through this rather strange realm?” She questions them.

Razz smiles at Lily.

“Come on love your not resisting yourself by backing away from an adventure are you?” He asks her.

It appears that Razz really wants to follow the golden path. It has started to rain now in the enchanted forest. None of their jackets have hoods on them, and the rain is pounding down on them now. It’s going to be quite hard and difficult for them to try and find a different path to follow on through in all of this rain. Lily grabs Razz firmly by the arm, and she actually turns out to be the one to lead him onto the golden coloured path. It’s not just the colour gold it’s really gold. Ryan halts in his journey just before the path, and he turns to face the other three.

“I don’t care if it’s raining let’s try and get some of this gold up from the ground, and then we could all be rich when we go home!” Ryan explains to his fellow friends.

While the other two lads are considering Ryan’s words Lily however firmly believes that they should resist temptation. Lily knows that she has everything that she desires, and that is a loving brave heroic husband, a father back home who she would fight for until the end of the world. Lily smiles at Razz.

“Well now that we’re married your decisions just so happen to be my decisions, and I’m deciding that no we shouldn’t steal the gold from this path!” She tells him firmly.

Razz listen carefully to what Lily has just told him, and he then knows her to be right. Razz turns to face both Matthew and Ryan.

“Come on men leave the gold alone!” He instructs them both.

Surprisingly both Matthew and Ryan decide to listen to Razz, and so our four travellers continue on their way down the golden path. Lily is in the lead of the little party. All of our companion’s from Living village are currently unarmed and defenceless.

Chapter 4

Lily Kevins is walking side by side now with her friend Ryan Robertson, down the golden road, that is leading into King Midas’ kingdom here in the enchanted forest. Both Matthew Seed and Lily’s husband Razz are walking side by side just behind them. Lily smiles at Ryan.

“If that ball is scaring you would you like me to keep it for you mate?” She questions him.

Razz wonders what it would be like if Lily processed the ball and not him. Razz isn’t too sure whether the crystal ball would show Lily the exact same thing that it displayed for him, because it didn’t show her the same thing that it showed him last time she held it. Ryan however shakes his head back at Lily in response to her question to him.

“No I believe that I need to have the ball with me and no one else!” Mr Robertson explains to Mrs Kevins in response to the question that she’s just asked him about.

Ryan believes that he and only he can change Lily’s death. Lily smiles back at Ryan in response to what he has just told her about.

“Well if you ever change your mind Ryan you know that you can always give it to me, because after all since you found it in my museum the ball does actually belong to me!” Mrs Kevins tells Mr Robertson in response to what he has just explained to her.

Lily can actually remember the first ever time that she visited her museum in Liverpool city. Lily had been kidnapped by a man called Gareth Andrews, (who turned out to be none other than the vicious pirate Captain Hook in disguise), and he took her to the museum, and he showed her a movie of a different life that she could have had in another reality. Lily was terrified the day that she spent with Gareth (Killian) inside the museum, and the day that she had with him there still gives her creeps to this day. Lily smiles at the other man who once abducted her Ryan as she continues to head down the golden path with him.

“For now however the ball is all yours!” Mrs Kevins promises Mr Robertson.

Deep down Lily would only have that ball to offer support out to Ryan with his fear of it, but however she actually doesn’t want anything to do with that museum, and she would happily burn it down in a second.

Chapter 5

They are reaching the end of their journey together on the golden coloured road, and at the end of the road they see a beautiful looking palace not too far away from them here in the enchanted forest meeting their eyes. Lily Kevins however knows that the palace is too far away from them for both her and her friends to head over to tonight. Lily smiles at her companions Razz, Ryan and Matthew.

“We need to find somewhere in the woods to spend the night in tonight!” She explains to them all.

Everyone agrees with what Lily their leader has just explained to them as they all head off into the woods together. After not travelling in the woods for very long they find a quiet peaceful part of the wood to spend the night in together. The spot that they have just chosen to spend the night in is surrounded by quite a lot of firewood, and it’s quite a spaced out little part of the wood. Razz and Ryan both get down to work on collecting up firewood within the wood, and after they have both collected them up, and placed them down on a pile on top of one another in the wood, Lily uses her powerful enchanted powers to light up a little camp fire on top of them. Lily takes a seat down on a log facing the camp fire. Razz comes a takes a seat down beside her facing her. Razz shakes his head at Lily.

“Use your magic to kill it before it’s born!” He commands her.

Lily pulls a face back at Razz in response to what he has just commanded her about.

“It’s a baby not an it!” She snaps out at him in response to what he has just commanded her about.

Razz is confused.

“We were always careful how can this have happened?” He asks Lily.

Ryan approaches them.

“Maybe you were drunk one night and had yourself some fun with your lady friend mate!” He tells Razz as he has overheard the conversation that he has just shared out with Lily.

Lily pulls a face back at Ryan in response to what he has just told her husband, but however Razz on the other hand just laughs off what Ryan has just told him.

“We’re having a private conversation my husband and I, and we don’t need anyone interrupting it thank you, so go and make yourself useful by going and finding us all some food to have tonight!” Lily snaps out sharply at Ryan ordering him about once again.

Before Ryan can however head off away from them both Razz raises up his hand to prevent him from walking away from them. Razz rises to his feet up from the log that he’s been sitting on in the wood, and he smiles at Ryan.

“Come on man we’ll go and hunt down some food for us all to have together!” Mr Kevins tells Mr Robertson before turning back to face his wife.

Razz shakes his head at Lily.

“I don’t want a child so use your magic to kill it before it’s born!” He demands her before heading off further into the wood with Ryan by his side.

Chapter 6

A small brown coloured rabbit is scurrying himself along the wood in the enchanted forest. Suddenly out of nowhere he is jumped on by a human. Ryan Robertson after climbing up a tree has just jumped down from it onto the little animal in the forest. When he lands on it the weight of Ryan instantly kills the rabbit. Mr Robertson has just managed to find and capture the first prey for both him and his friends to eat.

Razz Kevins is racing through the wood now as fast as he can. Suddenly he spots something that he was looking for. Razz spots with his two blue coloured eyes a rabbit standing still in the middle of the wood. The rabbit has his two eyes pricked up listening for the sound of hunters who are a danger to it in the wood. Razz smiles delightfully over at the rabbit as he moves quickly up to it. All of a sudden the rabbit spies Razz making his way up to it in the forest. Razz is too quick for the rabbit, and the poor little thing doesn’t have the chance to scurry away from him. Razz is now face to face with the rabbit in the wood, and he takes to kicking its head straight off. The rabbit’s head flies from its body across the air, and it lands flat on the ground of the wood upon a pile of wet mud.

Ryan and Razz return both the rabbit’s that they have just caught and killed back to Lily who is still sitting next to the camp fire in the wood along with her friend Matthew. The two boys take to dumping the animal’s that they have just caught and killed down on the ground of the desert just before Matthew, before heading off back into the wood. Lily turns to face Matthew.

“Cook them!” She commands him.

Matthew is now both ready and willing to obey Lily, because after all she is his leader.

Ryan bravely corners a wild fox in the wood. The fox runs a mile away from the lad however, and so he is unable to capture it for dinner.

Razz Kevins is now running away in fear in the dark wood. It is now nightfall, and so the wood (this whole part of the enchanted forest) has now become very dark indeed. A pack of wild wolf’s have managed to sight Razz in the wood, and they have now begun to chase him through it. Luckily however Razz manages to outrun the wolves down a cliff in the wood, and from there Razz safely manages to return to both Lily and Matthew in the wood by their camp fire. Ryan returns to them rather quickly in the wood where they are.

Chapter 7

Matthew Seed manages to cook the two rabbit’s over the little camp fire where both he and his friends are sitting round in the wood. Lily Kevins is sitting side by side with her husband Razz by the fire in the wood. The little group of people from Living village eat their dinner together in the wood after Matthew has served some rabbit out to them all. The adventurer’s talk over what to do next, and they all decide together that the next morning they really should take a trip over to that palace together.

Both Lily and Razz Kevins fall asleep laying down on the ground of the wood by their camp fire hand in hand side by side. Matthew falls asleep where he is sitting on a log in the wood, and Ryan just stays up all night twiggling with his thumbs, sitting down on the ground of the forest staring into space, watching as the stars twinkle up in the night sky.

Suddenly in the early hours of the next morning Ryan Robertson stands up quickly from where he’s been sitting on the ground of the wood all night, because he has just heard voices, and it can’t be the voices of his dear friend’s Lily, Matthew and Razz, because they are all fast asleep.

“Guys wake UP!” Ryan urges his friends quickly.

Both Lily and Razz Kevins and Matthew Seed suddenly sit up from where they have been sleeping in the wood with their eyes wide awake. Lily quickly looks across their part of the wood over at Ryan.

“What is it?” She questions him sounding troubled.

Ryan takes a look back frantically back at Lily in response to her question to him.

“Company!” He warns her in response to her question to him.

Ryan knows that both he and his friends are no longer alone in this wood. Lily is left shocked by what Ryan has just warned her about. Suddenly they are ambushed where the early morning sun is shining down where they are in the wood. Bandits charge out at them from different part of the wood ready to attack them.

Chapter 8

Bandits in our world are called robbers. They are also referred to as outlaws or gangsters. Bandits are people who either cheat or exploit other people.

A quick reminder to the read Lily and Razz Kevins, Matthew Seed and Ryan Robertson are all unarmed and defenceless. Do you think that they really stand a chance of not getting captured in this situation? Two bandits go for both Lily and her husband Razz while the others go for both Matthew and Ryan. The bandit who comes closest to him in order to attack him, Matthew lashes out and punches full on in the face. The bandits are all armed with swords. A bandit spits out at Lily hating her instantly by just taking one little look at her, and in response to him doing that to her Lily slaps the bandit full on hard across his face, but in response to her doing that to him the bandit just launches himself at her, and he quickly takes to capturing her, tying her hands together with thick rope.

“LILY!” Razz screams out in panic when he comes to learn that his wife has been both overpowered and captured by the bandit.

Razz is too distracted by the sight of his dear wife being held firmly by a savage outlaw to pay any attention to the bandit who is now creeping up on him. The bandit lashes out and punches Razz full on in the face breaking his nose. Razz snarls out in anger when his nose gets broken by his enemy bandit.

“RAZZ!” Lily yells out in fear when she watches as the bandit overpowers her husband like this.

Lily’s own enemy bandit however quickly takes to placing his hand firmly over her mouth before she can speak again.

Ryan Robertson is pushed roughly over by a fierce looking bandit in the dark wood, and the bandit is just about to strike him down with his sword, when from where he is laying down on the ground Ryan kicks the bandit roughly in the nuts. With his friend’s lives in danger Ryan is now taking to fighting rather dirty. In pain the bandit drops his sword out of his hands, and Ryan makes a dive for it grabbing it with both of his hands. The bandit is now shocked by what has just happened.

“Uh oh!” He moans out in both anger and terror as Ryan quickly jumps to his feet up from the ground, and he sinks the sharp blade of his sword deep into the bandit’s chest.

The other bandit’s quickly take to typing both Matthew and Razz’s hands firmly together with rope, and they also proceed to tie their three new prisoner’s Lily, Matthew and Razz to a tree in the wood, before turning in anger to face the dangerous Ryan with a sword.

“GO ON RYAN SAVE US ALL!” Lily screams out at her friend encouraging him on.

The bandit’s all close in on the Ryan who is feeling brave together. Ryan shakes his head over at Lily.

“Don’t worry your story won’t end here!” He promises her knowing himself to be correct.

Ryan knows just how Lily’s story will end, because after all he has already taken to have a glimpse of her final chapter. Ryan is soon overpowered by his enemy bandit’s as they all take to diving in on him together, and he is quickly captured by them just like all his friend’s have already been.


Lily and Razz Kevins, Ryan Robertson and Matthew Seed are all tied now to the same tree in the wood in the enchanted forest, and they are all watching with fear in their eyes at their enemy bandits who they are all now at the mercy of. Lily and her friends are all tied to different places on the tree.

“What are they waiting for do you think? Why don’t they just kill us now and be done with it?” Ryan questions his three mates.

Ryan knows that all but one of both he and his fellow friends are all very likely to meet their end here today, but Ryan is forgetting that Lily saw a glimpse of Razz in the crystal ball looking very sad indeed holding a beautiful looking baby girl dearly in his arms.

“Ryan don’t worry remember you told me that my story wasn’t going to end here today, and if I survive I’ll damn well save the lives of all of you while I’m at it!” Lily explains to her friends in response to Ryan’s question.

Suddenly a wagon pulls up before them in the wood, and a both a man and a woman jump down from the wagon in the wood. The man nods his head over at his fellow bandits.

“Hello gents name’s Tristan and here’s my dear wife Isolde!” He explains to them.

Tristan then nods his head over at his prisoner’s who are still tied to the tree firmly in the wood.

“I’m here to collect you all for you all to be sold onto others for profit!” Tristan tells both Lily and her three people.

A bandit now takes to roughly untying both Lily and her friends from the tree. Bandits then take to leading Lily, Razz, Ryan and Matthew firmly by their arms over to the wagon, and there the bandit’s unfriendly heave the adventurers from Living village up onto the wagon. The bandit’s then jump aboard the wagon themselves. Lily knows that both Tristan and Isolde are slave traders by learning just what their intentions are, and she also now has come to learn that both she and her friends are going to be sold as slaves in the enchanted forest.













Submitted: July 28, 2015

© Copyright 2022 Matthew Seed. All rights reserved.


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