Chapter 4: The Adventure Draws to a close 2014 edition series 4 episode 3

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

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The Adventure Draws to a Close

(2014 EDITION)

Series 4 episode 3

Chapter 1

Matthew Seed’s time machine house number 2 Ross way suddenly appears out of nowhere in the grounds of Nottingham castle in the year 1194. Shannay Ravens who is currently the owner of the house has travelled back in time in it by using the super computer called Mr Seed up in the loft there. Shannay hasn’t come to Nottingham alone, no she has come with her two prisoners’ who are both Tracy Beaker and her own sister who is Kerry Ravens. Shannay wanders out of the front door of Matthew’s house into the grounds of Nottingham castle. There she finds two men standing together. The two men both appear as if they have just fought in a great big fierce battle together. One man is firmly holding onto a bow and arrow. The arrow is placed securely onto the bow. The two men appear not to have noticed Shannay watching the both of them.

The man who is holding firmly onto both the bow and arrow appears to be rather struggling to hold onto the both of them. He appears to be in great pain. The man who is standing just beside him takes a look in concern at him. This man can only be the man who’s in pain little brother.

“Can you do this?” He questions him sounding rather concerned about him.

The other man is determined to fire his arrow from his bow, and hence why he nods his head in response to the other man’s question to him.

“Off course I can I am Robin Hood!” The man promises the other man in response to his question to him.

Shannay then realises while she is standing just outside Matthew Seed’s house in the grounds of Nottingham castle, watching these two brothers, and spying the man who is just about to fire the arrow off his bow, that just whoever is in this castle right now must only be an enemy to the two men. Shannay knows of the hope that Robin Hood brings to England, and she doesn’t want him to stop anyone from bringing pain to this country. Robin finally pulls onto his bow in the direction of an open window in the castle. An fierce arrow then shoots off his bow, and it is speeding rather quickly now in the direction of the open window. Shannay knows that now is the time to act.

Chapter 2

Shannay Ravens while standing watching the arrow shoot through the air in the grounds of Nottingham castle, uses her powerful magical powers to make it suddenly disappear. Only now does the dying Robin Hood and his younger brother Archer notice the strange lady who is now in their presence just outside their enemies castle.

Why is Robin Hood dying? He’s dying from a poisonous battle wound that is found in his neck, and it is from where his enemy Isabella of Gisborne only just lashed out and stabbed him with the sharp poisonous blade of her sword.

Robin Hood is now rounding in anger on this mysterious woman who is all of a sudden standing before him in the grounds of Nottingham castle. Robin exchanges troubled looks with his brother Archer.

“Where did she come from?” Hood questions his younger brother.

Robin takes a look back over at Shannay with suspicion in his two eyes. Archer has noticed Matthew’s house before his older brother had the chance too.

“She seems to have arrived in that thing!” Archer takes to explaining to Robin as he points over in the direction of Matthew’s house with one of his fingers from his hand.

Robin all of a sudden experiences a sheer pain coming from the wound on his neck. Robin grits his teeth in pain. Robin is dying quickly!

“Archer deal with her Vaisey and Isabella won’t be together with the Byzantium fire for long, and so I really need to fire an arrow off my bow now before it’s too late to do so!” He shouts out to his brother explaining to him.

While Robin ready’s another arrow onto his bow ready to fire Archer rounds on Shannay.

“Who are you?” He starts off by questioning her.

Shannay smiles coldly back at Archer as she uses her enchanted powers to make both the bow and arrow vanish out of Robin’s hands, and they both appear in her own hands.

“I’m an enemy to your brother over there!” Shannay snaps out at Archer coldly in response to what he has just questioned her about.

Robin knows now simply that he’s failed, because there’s no way that he can kill both the Sheriff’s Vaisey and Isabella inside the castle now, not without the use of his faithful bow. Robin is clutching the deep bloody wound on his neck in pain now. He takes a look up at Shannay with mercy in his eyes shaking his head at her.

“I’m sorry but unfortunately I just can’t afford anymore enemies not now that I’m seconds away from death!” Robin tells Shannay simply.

Archer quickly withdraws his sword from where it’s fixed securely onto his back, and he points the blade of it in anger towards the direction of Shannay.

“My brother is dying and he has a mission that he really must carry out now before it’s too late, and so GIVE HIM BACK HIS WEAPONS LADY!” Archer screams out in bloodthirsty anger at Shannay.

Miss Ravens simply shakes her head coldly in response to what the man has just screamed out at her, and she is refusing to give Robin Hood both his bow and arrow back to him. Shannay steps closer to face the dying Robin now, and when she is standing directly before him she decides to whisper something into his ear.

“Join me and I promise that I can save you,” Miss Ravens whispers out into Mr Robin Hood’s ear.

Unexpectedly Robin then shakes his head in response to what this strange lady has just whispered out to him. Robin just has no idea at all who this lady is, but however he does know that she’s up to no good, and just whatever her game is he is determined not to be a part of it. Robin knows that there’s a time for life and a time for death, and this is his time for death. Shannay then directs an arrow that is on the bow over at the master of the bow, and she proceeds to fire it off the bow when she is standing directly before him facing him. An arrow shoots through the air from the bow, and it lands deep into Robin Hood’s chest, slicing right through it.


Chapter 3

Robin Hood stands in the grounds of Nottingham castle looking down with fear in his two eyes at the arrow that is sunk right through his chest, and that is the very last thing that he sees. Robin crashes onto the ground of the courtyard of the castle dead. Archer takes a look down at his older brother’s dead body now with utter horror within his two eyes.

“ROBIN! NO! COME BACK TO ME MY BROTHER!” Archer roars out at the top of his voice down at his leader’s dead body.

Shannay throws the bow away from her, because it’s not much use to her now, not now that she has no other arrows to go with it. Robin Hood is dead, and he wasn’t supposed to die in this way! Robin was supposed to die after saying farewell to his brother Archer, his best friend Much and his people Little John, Brother Tuck and a girl called Kate in Sherwood Forest, and taking himself off to be alone when he dies in the forest, and just as he is about to die he is visited once again by his wife lady Marian, who died a year ago from now in the holy land after a man who loved her called Sir Guy of Gisborne realised that she couldn’t have her, because after all she was in love with Robin Hood and not him, and he stabbed her to death with his sword because of this, but however all this happened in an alternate reality to this one, but so far in the life of Robin Hood and his mates this reality has stayed the exact same as the other one until now. Archer and Shannay once again round in bloodthirsty anger on one another.

Shannay Ravens has only just killed again, and she’s determined that the next person who she kills will be her one true enemy Lily! Shannay circles Archer, and likewise he circles her.

“I want to know who you are!” Archer snaps out at Shannay as he lashes out in anger at her with the sharp blade of his sword.

The brother of Hood then takes to grabbing Miss Ravens sharply by the arm.

“And where you’re from!” Archer snarls out at Shannay.

Shannay then uses her dark magic to make Archer’s sword go flying out of his hand, and into her own hand. Shannay then takes to kicking Archer roughly off his feet after she has managed to steal his sword from him, and onto the hard concrete ground of the castle courtyard. Archer takes a look up in fear with his two eyes at Shannay who now has the sharp blade of the sword directed at his neck. Shannay is just about to strike Archer down further onto the ground as a dead man when suddenly she is knocked out by someone who is standing just behind her. Both Tracy Beaker and Kerry Ravens have managed to escape themselves from where they were being kept prisoner together in the garage in Matthew’s house, and now that they have both escaped from the house together Tracy has taken to hit Shannay hard across the head from behind with a great big hard rock. Shannay now collapses down unconscious onto the ground of the courtyard just beside where Archer is lying down. Kerry offers her gentle hand down for Archer to take.

“It’s alright I’m nothing like what my little sister is like I’m a friend to you!” She promises him sounding both kind and gentle as she takes hold of his hand.

Archer is feeling rather pleased by what Kerry has just promised him about as he is helped up onto his feet gently from the ground by her. Archer shakes his head at Kerry.

“I better be right about trusting you!” He snaps out at her.

Archer then smiles over at Tracy.

“Thanks I believe that you’ve just saved my life,” he says to her.

Tracy takes a look down in sadness at the other man’s dead body.

“My only regret is that I wasn’t in time to save his too!” She tells the man who has just thanked her for saving him.

Archer takes a look of anger down at the Shannay who is laying just before where he is standing knocked out.

“My brother’s death is on her head and not yours!” Archer explains to Tracy talking about her enemy.

Tracy smiles at Archer.

“Don’t kill her!” She pleads with him as she watches while he picks his sword up out of Shannay’s drooped hands, and prepares to sink the blade of it down into her back.

Tracy is pleading Archer about this for his own sake and not Shannay’s. Tracy knows that once you’ve committed it there’s no going back from murder. Archer surprisingly listens to this woman who he has only just met called Tracy, and he does that for only one reason, and that is because she has just saved his life. Archer fixes his sword back onto his back before turning back to take a look at both at Tracy and Kerry.

“I do believe that I owe you an apology, because after all you have just saved my life again, and I do not even know your names!” He says to them both.

Archer believes that Tracy has just saved his life once again by talking him out of committing murder, because if he had done some then it would have ruined his life. Archer has just lost both his loving brother’s who he has just met both Guy and Robin, but he knows that to honour their names he must never murder again. Both Tracy and Kerry share out their names with Archer, and in return for them doing this he takes to sharing out his own title with them both.

Chapter 4

Archer Hood is now stood in the courtyard in the grounds of Nottingham castle with both Tracy Beaker and Kerry Ravens, taking a look down in sadness at his brother Robin’s dead body in sadness with them both.

“My brother was the one true hope of all of England, but his death shall not matter now, because the fight must go on! I must fight in my younger brother’s name now against both trinity and evil!” Archer tells both the two ladies who he has only just met, but who have both just taken to save his life already today twice.

Archer takes a look down at Shannay’s unconscious body with anger in his eyes before taking a look back at both Tracy and Kerry.

“We need to get away from here she won’t be knocked out for very long, and as for the Sheriff’s Isabella and the other one they’ll be coming out of the castle fairly soon to see to us! You both must come with me to join my brother’s men in their fight against the two vicious Sheriff’s and their powerful forces!” Archer explains to both of his new companions.

Tracy nods her head in agreement to what Archer has just explained to both her and to her friend Kerry, but however Kerry on the other hand turns to address her mate Tracy and not Archer. Kerry stands facing Tracy in the grounds of Nottingham castle smiling at her.

“You must go with this man to join his brother’s fellow men, but me on the other hand I must stay here to see to my sister when she wakes up!” She tells her.

Tracy hasn’t really known Kerry for very long, and therefore she doesn’t really know how to argue with her, so Tracy decides to just simply with what Kerry has just told her about. Tracy places her hand gently on Kerry’s arm while giving her a warm gentle smile.

“Good luck,” Miss Beaker says to Miss Ravens before turning back to face Archer.

Archer knows that he can’t just leave this stranger to him called Kerry unarmed and defenceless here. Tracy nods her head at her new companion.

“Let’s go!” She tells Archer.

However the man called Archer raises his hands to halt Tracy before she can run away from the grounds of this castle. Archer hands his sword over to Kerry.

“You know to use the sharp end right? Good luck Miss Ravens!” He says to her.

Kerry stands smiling at Archer.

“Look after my friend!” She commands him.

Archer smiles and nods his head in response to what Kerry has just commanded him about before racing just as fast as he can away from the castle, with Tracy running beside him.


Chapter 5

Both Archer Hood and Tracy Beaker hurry as fast as they possibly can away from Nottingham castle together side by side other to a large group of people, who are all gathered waited for the return of their fallen hero with longing in their hearts to see him again. The people from the nearby village’s Locksley, Nettleson and Clun are all looking rather troubled and confused when Archer makes a return trip to them without his dear brother Robin with a stranger lady. Archer takes a look over at his brother’s men who are Much, Little John, Brother Tuck and a girl called Kate, and he shakes his head in both pain and sadness at them all. Much turns to face Tracy.

“Who the hell are you? You’re not Robin! You’re not my master, because you’re a girl!” He cries out at her in a tone of alarm.

Archer turns to face Much.

“My brother’s dead!” He informs him sounding angry.

Much is left totally shocked by what this man who he hasn’t long known has just informed him about, and so is his friend’s Kate, Little John and Brother Tuck. Archer then places his arm gently around Tracy facing Kate.

“Our fight must go on without Robin now!” He explains to them both.

Kate doesn’t know how she’ll be able to both carry on in the world and fight without her dear and brave loved one called Robin Hood now. Archer turns to address both Tuck and John.

“Before he died Robin was unable to blow up the castle just like how he intended to do, and so both Vaisey and Isabella are still alive I’m afraid to say, and if things weren’t bad enough with them both remaining in the land of the living we have a new enemy called Shannay Ravens!” He explains in anger to them both.

Little John now takes to throwing his staff that he is carrying hard down onto the ground in disgust. Tuck folds his arms. He knows that he needs to act in the place of his deceased master Robin now leading the group.

“We must return to our camp in the forest!” The Brother of the church informs his fellow friend’s who are Archer, Kate, Much and Little John.

Everyone nods their heads in agreement to what Tuck has just informed them about. Tuck then smiles over at Tracy.

“You’re most welcome to join us in our fight off course,” he tells her.

Tracy is more than willing to do this, but however she is hoping one day to return to both of her loved ones who are Lily and Kyle. Brother Tuck then takes to leading his new gang that is made up out of Archer, John, Tuck, Kate and Tracy off into Sherwood Forest.

Chapter 6

A bald headed man now takes to stepping out of Nottingham castle into the bright shiny courtyard which is just outside it.

“Oh, la-di-dah!” The Sheriff of Nottingham who is otherwise referred to as Vaisey cries out to himself.

Vaisey is off course left astonished by many things that he finds meeting his eyes in the courtyard just outside his castle, and what amazes him is the house that seems to have just appeared out of nowhere, because he knows for a fine fact that it wasn’t here a minute ago, his enemy (Robin Hood’s) dead body, and the two strange women who have suddenly arrived out of nowhere it seems here in the grounds of his castle, and one of the women of which is laying unconscious on her body on the ground of the courtyard, while the other woman is standing over her holding a sword firmly in her hands. Vaisey is troubled over something that he knows really doesn’t matter now, because he knows that he’ll soon kill both ladies, what he’s troubled over is why hasn’t the woman who is holding the sword in her hands used it to kill the other woman, who he more than suspects has knocked her out.

“You!” Sheriff Vaisey snaps out at the strange lady who is standing before him in the courtyard off his castle with the sword in her hands.

Kerry Ravens now takes to jumping out of her skin with fright, because she appears not to have noticed that this strange little bald headed man who is dressed in a black cloak is now in her company. Kerry turns to face the little man, and she can make out by just taking that one little look at him that he is a cruel man, because after all he has the appearance of a greedy corrupted man.

“Sorry can I help you?” Kerry calls out to the man.

Vaisey nods his head in response to what this woman has just called out to him.

“Oh yes my dear you can come here to die!” He laughs coldly out at her.

Shannay then opens her eyes, and she quickly rises up into the air from the ground using her magical powers to do this with. Sheriff Vaisey is amazed by what he is seeing this woman doing.

“Oh my goody goody is this witchcraft that I’m seeing?” He shouts out at her in a tone of shock.

Shannay smiles coldly back at the Sheriff in response to what he has just shouted out at her.

“Hello baldy! Prepare to yourself to die by my hand!” Shannay warns Vaisey sounding both sharp and evil.

Shannay smiles down at Vaisey from where she is hovering herself in the air of the castle grounds before both him and her own sister Kerry. Shannay can see coldness staring back at her through this man’s two eyes, and he appears to have evil in his heart she can tell this by just simply looking at him. Vaisey stares coldly up at the lady in the air, and he laughs out at her sharply.

“Oh yes I am bald aren’t I oh dear that’s a little pity for me losing all of my hair, but you see my dear killing is my job, and now if you would be so kind as to land on your feet directly before me, use your magical powers to give me all your qualities instead of you processing them yourself, and let me kill you just for the fun of it you know!” Vaisey snarls up in anger at Shannay who currently has the high ground above him.

However the Sheriff has realised that it is he himself who is currently the one in danger, and not this unknown woman to him. Shannay surprisingly obeys the Sheriff about one thing that he has told her to do, and she lands flat on her feet directly facing him just outside the main entrance of Nottingham castle. Shannay pats the little man hard on his bald head.

“Join me!” She commands him.

Vaisey backs away from the girl with magic in fear now. Shannay smiles over at the Sheriff.

“There is no need for you to fear me after all I mean you no harm!” She tells him.

Kerry takes a look over at Vaisey quickly.

“Don’t believe a single word that my sister tells you!” She calls across to him in a commanding tone.

Vaisey glares angrily back at Kerry in response to what she has just called out to him about.

“Missy you will speak when spoken to!” He hisses over at her in a tone of both fear and anger.

Vaisey then turns back to face Shannay.

“Join you, alright then I will but before I do you need to do one quick thing for me, and that is to kill your sister!” He tells her in a demand.

For a few seconds Shannay actually considers what Vaisey has just told her about before shaking her head at him.

“I can’t, she’s the only thing in this whole wide universe who I love deep down in my heart! Everyone has someone who they adore even villains like us!” Shannay explains to Vaisey in response to what he has just told her about.

Perhaps Shannay isn’t all bad, but she is still determined to destroy the life of the young lady who ruined her life Lily Kettle when she eventually catches up with her. Shannay believes that Lily ruined her life, because she was just started to get over that terrible thing that she did by trying her best to kill her own little brother when Lily deliberately told her best mate Carman about it, and that betrayal that Lily made to Shannay destroyed Shannay’s chance of a happily ever after with Lily’s dad Steve, and every single time that Shannay has murdered since Lily revealed her secret she has imagined herself killing Lily. Kerry has always loved Shannay who she has always known by that title as her own sister, but however now that Shannay is turning on a lovely little girl who Kerry thinks the world about (Lily) her thoughts on her are changing, and they are now becoming much more darker. Vaisey quickly takes to withdrawing his sword from his cloak. The Sheriff smiles coldly at Shannay.

“Oh well if you won’t kill her then maybe I will!” He tells her in a promise.

Vaisey is just about to walk away from Shannay over to her sister Kerry in order to kill her, when suddenly Shannay grabs him firmly by the arm to hold him back from doing so. Shannay smiles at the Sheriff.

“Spare her life and I promise that’ll I’ll allow you to help me to kill a great and powerful little enemy of mine!” She informs him in a promise.

Vaisey takes Shannay’s promise to him, and he proceeds to sink his sword back onto his belt before shaking his head in disgust.

“Family!” Vaisey snaps out in anger not really knowing why people constantly fight for it.

Shannay is promising Vaisey for him to help her to kill Lily.

Chapter 7

Shannay Ravens shares a firm handshake with Sheriff Vaisey just outside the main entrance of Nottingham castle. Kerry Ravens rushes quickly into Matthew Seed’s time machine house that is in the courtyard of the castle, just as the second Sheriff of Nottingham castle called Isabella appears herself to both the stranger to her Shannay and also the man to who she has just agreed to fight alongside Vaisey, out of their castle. Isabella takes a look from Shannay to her Sheriff with suspicion in her two eyes.

“Everything alright my lord?” Isabella questions Vaisey sounding troubled about what’s going on.

Vaisey smiles back at his deceased enemy’s sister in response to what she has just questioned him about.

“Oh yes my dear this woman is our new ally, and we’re to join her in her fight against one of her enemy’s!” Vaisey explains the situation to Isabelle in response to what she has just questioned him about.

Isabella and Shannay exchange cold smiles with one another.

“I take it that we’re to go with you into your little house now!” Vaisey says to Shannay while he points over at Matthew’s house.

Mrs Ravens nods her head in response to what the first Sheriff has just said to her. Shannay isn’t worried in the slightest about how Kerry has just rushed herself into her enemy’s house, because she has enchanted the super computer called Mr Seed up in the loft there so that he will only obey her wishes from now on, and no one else’s.

“Yes time to go!” Shannay explains to both Vaisey and Isabella as she leads them over to Matthew’s house across the court yard.

They all make their way into the house together. Shannay isn’t bothered in the slightest about abandoning her enemy who she brought here called Tracy here, because after all Shannay knows that she needs to make Tracy pay for knocking her out earlier on.

Chapter 8

The time machine house which is called number 2 Ross way has now taken off into time, and vanished from the grounds of Nottingham castle. Seconds later it re-appears inside a Dalek space ship. Inside the time machine house Shannay is stood in the hallway there along with both Sheriff Vaisey and Sheriff Isabella. The two Sheriff’s are left amazed by the detail that has gone into designing this hallway. Vaisey takes a look over at Shannay.

“I take it that you come from a world of madness where nothing is impossible!” He cries out at her.

Shannay nods her head in response to what the little man has just cried out at her. Shannay smiles from the looks of amazement that are staring back at her on both Vaisey and Isabella’s faces.

“Oh my dear’s you haven’t seen anything yet!” Mrs Ravens makes a promise to both of the Sheriff’s of Nottingham.

Shannay then raises her hands out before both of her new acutances.

“Stay inside this little house while I go and sort something out!” She commands them both before departing herself from number 2 Ross way house.

Shannay has just stepped foot out of the house into the ship’s control room. Before making the house appear out of nowhere in this room Shannay used her magical powers to make it smaller within its size, and when she leaves the ship in it she’ll take to using her enchanted powers to make it appear to be the exact same size that it was before. There appears to be an awful lot of Dalek’s gathered before Shannay in this ship’s control room. The leader of the Dalek tribe spins round on the spot where it is placed on to face her angrily.

“What is your name human female and what is your business here on this ship of the Dalek Empire?” The leading Dalek croaks out at Shannay in a tone of sharp anger.

Shannay has come onto this ship with a very important intention. Shannay knows that the Dalek’s are the most powerful and mighty race in the whole wide universe, because while she was in prison all those long years ago now she met a fellow time traveller who went by the name of Captain Jack Harckness, and he told her stories of the adventures that he had experienced while battling the beastly Dalek’s with his good friend the time lord called the Doctor. Shannay smiles coldly at the powerful red and blue coloured metal Dalek, who is stood directly before her where she has just arrived in her new little house aboard his space ship.

“My name is Shannay Ravens, and I have something very important that I need you and your forces to do for me Dalek!” Shannay explains to the monster in response to what it has only just croaked out at her.

The Dalek is left just so incredibly disgusted by what Shannay has just explained to him about.

“Dalek’s do not serve human females! Now prepare to be exterminated! EXTERMINATE!” The deadly life form snarls out at the human in a tone of sharp disgust.

Shannay raises up her two hands to halt the beast before it can strike her down.

“I’m going to take over the universe, and I’m willing to do it along with you if you’ll agree to my proposal of me creating an alliance with you!” Shannay explains to the beast in response to what it has just snarled out at her.

The Dalek shakes his head in response to what the human female has just explained to him about.

“Dalek’s work alone! EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE!” The Dalek leader shouts out at Shannay.

Mrs Ravens shrugs her shoulders. She wasn’t going to do what she is just about to do now, but however the Dalek has given her no choice. Shannay then uses her powerful magical powers to make the blue and red coloured Dalek blow up on the spot where it is standing on.

“Don’t mess with the woman who is just about to become the great and powerful mighty Queen of the universe!” Shannay warns with anger in the sharp tone of her voice all the other Dalek’s who are gathered before her in this ship’s control room now.

Shannay then gives the command out to the Dalek forces to invade Living village on the date that she describes to them, which is the date that she has only just left it, and they wouldn’t dare disobey her. Shannay Ravens is now in high command of the Dalek forces.

To be continued









Submitted: July 28, 2015

© Copyright 2022 Matthew Seed. All rights reserved.


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